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Jennifer Garner's Friendly Departure

Jennifer Garner's Friendly Departure

Jennifer Garner quickly makes an exit from a friend’s house in Hollywood on Wednesday.

On Sunday, Jen was spotted going to a house party in Beverly Hills, carrying Baby Einstein products.

Jen, 36, is expecting her second child with husband Ben Affleck, and is due this winter.

The former Alias star will begin promoting The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with Matthew McConaughey, early next year.

10+ more pics inside of Jennifer Garner‘s friendly departure…

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jennifer garner friends house 01
jennifer garner friends house 02
jennifer garner friends house 03
jennifer garner friends house 04
jennifer garner friends house 05
jennifer garner friends house 06
jennifer garner friends house 07
jennifer garner friends house 08
jennifer garner friends house 09
jennifer garner friends house 10

Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • dina

    She looks great!

  • Ally ==SO JEalous!

    Did you see her rock! Im jealous. Ben has good taste

  • Bubbaness

    Holy Moses, that ring is HUGE!

  • Athena

    Who is that guy? He looks as if I’ve seen another celebrity exiting his home…She does look great!

  • lisa

    And people criticize JLo for liking bling… that rock is just as big as JLo’s engagement ring from Ben! Personally, I don’t see the problem with liking expensive jewelry, I’m just saying, JLo and Jennifer Garner aren’t all that different.

  • mju8

    Has she done something to her lips?? I mean, lately that is.

  • Ha!

    JLo and Jennifer Garner couldn’t be any different if they tried. I think that Ben’s taste probably influenced the rock choice since he bought them.

  • pinkydoo

    That rock is huge. So are her lips. She always has these photographers right in the yard of her friend’s homes. I mean really! If I were her friend I would put a no tresspassing sign on my lawn.

  • well, well, well

    I’m sure she’s one of the sweetest people in the world, great wife and mother and all. But she’s really homely with no make-up and hot clothing. I swear I’m not trying to dog her but she’s just not a pretty girl at all. I have seen some pics of her where she looks great but when she is not on a red carpet or in a movie she is totally plain jane.

  • v

    Have yall seen her mom? Yikes! Somethin’ for Ben to look forward to!

  • to lisa

    people can say whatever they want, doesn’t mean they’e right ;)
    JenG never said she doesn’t like bling

    and to V Ben’s mom doesn’t look all that good either + as the years go by everyone looks worse thats where the personality keeks in.
    Jen looks like a great woman!

  • Kelly

    Unless i am not an ordinary woman but does she need such a huge ring? Engagement ring or gift anything that the ring is i personally would prefer a ring that has a simpler more smaller diamond it certainly says alot about her personality and Bens personality im not dodging them or anything and i understand people with money will spend alot on extravagant things but it sort of seems hypocritical when they are all this and that natural green etc etc and then she sports a ring like that? I mean as much as i wasnt keen on Jlo and her fur wearing clothing she didnt come across being all natural and simple she at least was honest u know.

  • hater

    its the house that zanessa visited after zac’s surgery on sunday

  • Rachel Messincourt

    Our Jenn-Jenn is getting big.

  • ally

    Posted the entire day and Jen only gets 14 comments! Compared to Nicole Kidman, who went up later and has over 50 comments! Even the hype is dying down!

    My only regret is that my earlier posts on other threads about how over-hyped this woman is only increased the number of comments she got (even if I clearly touched a nerve with her one obsessed fan/ possible Garner insider?).

    Her 15 minutes are nearly up…

    ROTFLMAO with glee!

  • Adoring Fan

    Poor ally #15 are secretly a Jen G lover? Why do you stalk her like the demented paparazza. They make their living doing that, what’s your excuse?

  • someone

    #2, just wondering, how can you say Ben has good taste based on these pics? You can’t see the ring clearly here at all. Here’s a better picture from the Stand Up to Cancer event. (btw, I was suprised she wore the ring to the SU2C event. She was wearing a tshirt, jeans, and lots of diamonds on her ears, wrists, neck, and fingers.)

  • someone
  • Adoring Fan

    She is so cute with her little baby bump. Wonder what she is having. I can’t wait to see if Violet gets a little sister or brother. Love the Garner-Affleck family.

  • Fluffy is still right, lol

    Ally, the comments dropped off because we discovered her game.

    It was Jennifer Garner, herself, posting under different aliases (yes, pun intended).

    The minute we brought up tracing IP addresses all of the foaming-at-the-mouth defensive posts stopped.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  • Fluffy is still right, lol

    Ally, the comments dropped off because we discovered her game.

    It was Jennifer Garner, herself, posting under different aliases (yes, pun intended).

    The minute we brought up tracing IP addresses all of the foaming-at-the-mouth defensive posts stopped.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  • http://Ha!Ha! FLUFFY

    I am Fluffy. It doesn’t really matter at this point. The fact is she feeds off of “us” for reasons only known to her otherwise she’d never post a response. We must have hit a nerve. Sorry Jen. Where is Ben? She wouldn’t even need us if Ben was actually there to “support” her.

  • bea

    She looks fantastic, and please let them in pace, they are a normal couple, and always are people asking, hey, Where is Ben ?? Please, the fact that Ben don’t appears with her in all pics don’t means that they aren’t together.
    I am hoping for to know if their baby will be a boy or another gir ???

  • kendra

    Check out Ted Casablanca….some interesting stuff there on everyone’s favorite “good girl.”

  • Jessica

    LOL @ the crazy nutters who think Jen comes on here to argue with them and to poor, little Ally. Jen has many fans nor just one. Keep telling yourself that, though… LMAO.

  • Jessica

    Fluffy posted under the user name Ben on the other post, using the same haha http. She’s so stupid she doesn’t even bother to change it under every account her sick mind makes. It is clear that Fluffy = Fluffy is right = Ally = obsessive stalker with no life. I also love how she comes on every Jen post, she would literally die without one just to troll. You can trace IP addresses the only thing Jared will find is that you keep making accounts. The fans brought up tracing IP addresses in the first place to ban YOU. Ally hasn’t touched a nerve with anyone, Jen has clearly touched her nerve, though. HA! Nicole Kidman is more famous than Garner. This site doesn’t equal all the hype in the world. Your regret should be that you don’t have a life beyond being a jealous, annoying twat. ROTFLMAO! with glee over what? She’ll always be more relevant and successful than you, loser. Keep laughing at how pathetic you are. LOL.

    Also LOL at the J-HO fans bringing her up because Ben dumped her fat ass.

  • Jessica

    And LOL @ “feeding off”. Nobody is feeding off of anybody except the nasty troll coming on here typing ridiculous amount of nasty comments about a complete stranger. You obviously “feed off of her” for only reasons that make sense in your twisted mind or else you wouldn’t come on every Jen post to type your same generic garbage. I’m flattered that you think I am Jen, though. LMFAO! What a nut-job.

  • Jessica

    …And you know where Ben is at all times and when he supports her? No, didn’t think so. It sounds like Ally is that person in that article posted by “…”, the fan who got denied. It makes perfect sense. LMAO! Pathetic. Nutters shouldn’t be allowed on this site, they’re soo pathetic that they think the actual celebs come on here. These celebs don’t even know of your existence and could care less about you or your nasty comments.

  • Ally is a Troll Ignore her.

    Ally = Fluffy = Fluffy Is Right = Fluffy is still right, lol = All other Negative comment makers.

    This crazy nutter has made already 15 accounts on here with the same “http”. She is so stupid that she doesn’t even realize that people can see that. This moron only posts here for attention. Everyone should just ignore her and she’ll get pissed and go away because she only posts to get a reaction from people. My friends who go on Perez and other sites have said that she use to on Perez and other sites, using the same name, but nobody cared about her stupid comments and ignored her so she obviously got mad and came here. Too bad there isn’t a way to report trolls on here, so she could take her useless spam elsewhere. Either way each time she comes to a Jen posts, typing the same comments, it only proves what a jealous, psychotic, obsessive-stalking twat she is.

  • Ally is a Troll Ignore her.

    And the Jen hits go up, which means even more photos of Jen. Lol. So, keep hating hater, it only adds to the posts of Jen. Lmao, what a loser.

  • Ally is a Troll Ignore her.

    And also Jen is more beautiful than any of you fug beasts. That’s why you type about people’s looks behind your computer monitor so nobody has to see your fugly faces. You wished you looked that good without make-up. And people don’t always grow up to look like their moms. I’ve never seen her mother but she probably is still better looking than any of you fugs. Lol.

  • Jessica Is Right

    Jessica and Ally is a Troll Ignore her are right. It is so obvious that Ally is all of those accounts. This person used the name “Fluffy is still right”, when nobody named Fluffy even commented on this article, yet. She’s such an idiot. She can’t even keep up with all her user names. Lol. Fail, troll! Go spam somewhere else. And Lmfao at the fact that she thinks Jen goes on here. I’m seriously cracking up at her stupidity. She’s too easy to make fun of.

  • http://Ha!Ha! FLUFFY

    Hah hah…all that typing….wow….you wasted all that time typing to some total stranger…..Hah hah….Seriously, you are the one with the problem…..Get a clue, we know its you and so does Ted. The more you pounce, the more you expose yourself. Im soooo scared of your bad *ss. Hardly!! Hah hah

    Ally, you go girl and say whatever you want. Its a free country!!

  • Jessica

    Hah ha ha, I didn’t post all that, idiot. There is ONE of you and many of us Garner fans that continue to laugh at your psycho ass. You’re the one typing pages and pages under 9 accounts. Talk about wasting time, but then again you obviously have lots of time on your hands.

    You’re talking about total strangers, we’re not typing about your personal life we’re only repeating what you have typed, unlike you who is typing about people’s personal lives of complete strangers. We’re not the ones with the problems. We’re fans looking up someone we like and making fun of you, loser. You’re the one looking up someone you don’t like day after day typing the same things.

    You need to get the clue because you’re typing crap and everyone is SICK of you. Who the heck is Ted? One of your multiple personalities? I laugh at how pathetic you are to think that we are all the same person and that we are Jen when we don’t even know her let alone are her.

    You’re probably J-LO or someone with some personal feud. You’re not fooling anyone, Ally. We caught you red-handed typing to one of your personalities that you hadn’t posted under yet! We all know you’re Ally. The more you pounce, since you’re the only one pouncing, the more you expose yourself because we’re only exposing the truth about YOU.

    Nobody was typing threats on here so your last sentence makes no sense. Then again you’re the coward typing negative comments about people. Nobody is scared of you pathetic ass. You think you’re a bad ass, but you’re only a dumbass. I’m hardly affected by anything you say. Hah Hah!

  • Jessica

    Oh, I figured out who Ted is and it has nothing to do with this article. You’re so stupid you didn’t even read it and the replies it got. Many people saw him nothing but an obsessive loser just like you. Wouldn’t be shocking if YOU were Ted. If anything it exposed who you are. The fan that got shot down. Ted is some loser paparazzi idiot who knows nothing about any of these celebs and types crap about them for attention and money. He is as pathetic as you are.

    Why are you saying “you go girl” to yourself? We all know you are Ally. It has nothing to do with a free country. You look up the same woman you don’t like everyday on here and type the same pathetic comments for attention. Nothing to congratulate for. It just shows how bitter, jealous and pathetic you are. So, yes you go girl indeed. Hah! Keep responding and showing what an idiot you are. Sheesh… what a pathetic moron.

  • Courtney

    She’s getting big!!


  • Jessica

    Oh… and no we didn’t stop typing after the IP address thing because WE brought it up in the first place. You didn’t respond to it after we brought it up because you’re the SAME person. Haha!

    You seriously sound beyond mentally-ill. You think celebs come on these sites to post. They have lives, unlike you and I’m sure most of them could care less what jealous haters think because at the end of the day, they’re still successful and relevant and you’re just an unknown loser on the internet typing crap about people who wouldn’t give you the time of day.

    Yes, Ally we all know who you are. Good job on exposing yourself. You’re a bitter paparazzi person who got shot down. You can go back to stalking people you obsessive psycho, you’re not fooling anyone we all know the truth.

    Also you say you’re not scared of someone on the “internet”. Get out for once and try saying that to someone’s face. Ha ha! Anyone’s more bad ass than your pathetic ass. You’re probably scared of everyone. You hardly come off as “hardcore”, though.

    Ha ha! You waste all this time looking up complete strangers and typing things about them that are lies. It only takes 1 second to type a comment. You just admitted you’re the same person because you typed “person” not people. Thanks for proving us right and exposing yourself. HA!

  • Ally is a Troll Ignore her.

    Hah hah…all that typing and coming on here everyday typing about the same person….wow….you wasted all that time typing about a total stranger…..Hah hah….Seriously, you are the one with the problem…..Get a clue, we know its you and that you’re Ted or someone associated with him. The more you pounce, the more you expose yourself. Im soooo scared of your bad *ss. Hardly!! Hah hah.

    Ally, you suck girl and say whatever you want. It only makes you look like an idiot. Its a free country!! So keep making yourself look pathetic and stupid!!

    I have been only going on this site for a few weeks now and only have been on three Jen posts, unlike YOU. Going through the archive you’ve gone through this site and many other sites typing the same generic crap. Get a life loser and stop exposing what a nutcase moron you are.

  • Marie Claire

    Enough with the arguing already! The haters are obviously jealous and obsessed with this woman. Who would bother to look at photographs of someone they don’t like and waste time posting comments? Obviously an obsessive stalker-type of person. The people arguing with them should just ignore them like everyone else does and not give them the attention — they obviously don’t get in real life and are crying for. If you don’t like her, don’t waste time looking at her, nobody is forcing you to and get a life. The arguing is stupid and pointless bickering. This woman couldn’t care less about any of you people, so you can keep typing nasty comments to get your jealousy out if it makes you feel better, but it’s just childish and pathetic. And after all your comments, she’s still the famous celebrity and you’re a nobody. And if you’re going to attempt to make more accounts, at least change your email address Ally. You’re just making yourself look stupid, which obviously isn’t hard for you. Oh — and don’t bother responding, I don’t waste time with morons like you.

  • Marie Claire

    To Fluffy: your comment shows what a hypocrite you are. It doesn’t take a long time to type comments, but it does take a while to continually look up a person and type comment after comment about her — a complete stranger. You obviously are wasting a lot of time and are the one with the problem. You’ve typed more than anyone has on every Jen post. You need to get the clue that nobody appreciates your negativity and you’re just proving people’s points that you are obsessed with Jen. ROFL @ you, thinking Jen posts here. Right, there alone… shows how crazy you are. You wish Jen would give you the time to argue with you. You obviously didn’t read the article about Ted because it had nothing to do with Jen responding to him. In fact in the comments everyone thought Ted was an obsessive loser, like you. Ted is another obsessive stalker-paparazzi whose life revolves around obsessing over complete strangers. At least he has an excuse for his obsession, it’s his job. You don’t. You’re just a no-life loser. Scared about what? You would get scared over comments on the internet? You obviously don’t get out much. You’re the one scaring people with your obsessive comments. You’re not a bad ass either, just a pitiful one. I guess anytime fans stick up for someone their a fan of you assume it’s the person because you’re use to nobody sticking up for you.

    Typing comments doesn’t have anything to do with it being a free country. It’s about you coming on here everyday typing about a complete stranger who you hate for no reason other than you’re a nobody loser who envies celebrities. So, yes you can continue to embarrass yourself. It’s for your amusement, anyways. LMAO.

  • Ignore the Haters

    I found an interesting quote from someone else on a thread about Vanessa Hudgens, who I’m not a fan of but agree fully with, on this site that pretty much sums up people like the haters on here.

    “…These haters come and go until something grabs their attention. Be steadfast and keep this thread positive. The hate posts normally in little clusters are most likely from the same person under different monikers or school pals out for some hate fun….” Just ignore the trolls and don’t give them the attention they want. Don’t waste posts on them. It’s too bad Jared doesn’t monitor the comments on here and ban trolls who use different accounts just to spam and type nasty comments.


    So Jennifer Garner just slipped with this comment. It takes one to know one when dealing with famous people. Your ugly personality is seeping out. Hah hah

    Your exact words were:

    And after all your comments, she’s still the famous celebrity and you’re a nobody.

    Everyone around you is a nobody unless you can USE them, isn’t that right Jennifer?? You used Scott. You used Michael. You are now using Ben but he will have the last laugh and USE you.

    You want to know why?! He’s hot and you’re well, NOT! QUITE!!


    Sorry to burst your bubble but Ally is not Fluffy.


    Sorry to burst your bubble but Ally is not Fluffy.

  • Fluffy is still right

    Newsflash! Fluffy is still right is not Ally nor Fluffy, I am my own person. This just goes to show how demented you are. That poor newborn who will not have a say about the mother and goodness knows that Ben is totally disinterested.

    Anywho, newsflash #2, you do not have to create an account to post here, DUH

    Plus, you cannot tell someone’s IP address by reading their post. It’s more involved than that. Double DUH. I mean your ignorance is unbelievable.

    Please think or at least do some research before you start spouting off about technical matters. Someone of us are tech savvy … and it appears that some of us are not. hahahaha

  • LOL

    Fluffy is still right = Fluffy. Your typing style is just a like and you always post after each other. Nobody would troll the same user kissing their ass. Also you wouldn’t know who is who just by their own word. You are Ally and Fluffy, we all know it. You’re the demented one thinking Jen herself posts here. It shows how demented YOU are to look up this woman constantly when you don’t even like her and type comments like you know her. You are sick.

    That newborn will be more than okay because Jen and Ben are looking fab. I feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with the likes of YOU because you are obviously crazy. You know nothing about Ben or Jen to say about their well-being, you obsessive stalker nutcase.

    Second, nobody said you could read IP addresses that way. Some of us more technical savvy people know how. Obviously you aren’t the technical savvy person here. Ha! I never said you had to create an account, I said you had to change your user name. Your ignorance is unbelievable because you’re the only ignorant one here.

    I know about technical matters, you take your own advice and do the research because I’m perfectly fine on computers, thanks. It seems some are and some are not, that being you. Hahahaha.

  • LOL

    LOL @ FLUFFY not using an email because it showed that she was in fact Ally. Sorry to burst your bubble, but everyone knows you’re that same troll who goes on every Jen/Ben post.

  • LOL

    LMAO @ Fluffy is still right trying to claim she is her own “person”. For someone who doesn’t even use her own user name and follows Fluffy around like a lost dog, you sure aren’t your own person.

  • LOL

    ROFL @ Fluffy. HAHAHA! You’re seriously nuts to think I’m Jennifer Garner. I seriously sent your comments to my friends who dealt with you on other sites and we’re all laughing our asses off, so thanks for that. I’m quite flattered, though. Not Jen, but it just shows how sick and demented you are. I’m a proud fan of hers and you haters make me even prouder to be a fan. You’re not famous so you wouldn’t know famous people. You’re a nobody on the internet, as we all are. You’re the person with the ugly personality who spends their days typing about a complete stranger on the internet. You can’t know about someone’s personality when you don’t even know them.

    Yes, Jen is famous. She is on this site and you are not. You look her up, therefore she is known.

    Why are you talking to me like I’m Jen? You crazy lunatic. LMAO! I didn’t know there was now internet access at the insane asylum.
    Everything about Jen you type is only your opinion because you can’t know what strangers do with their personal life. How do you know she uses people? You don’t.

    Who is Scott and Michael? I’m sorry, I’m a fan not an obsessed lunatic who looks up everyone associated with this woman. Each post you make further shows how nuts you are. You know everything about this woman, yet you claim you don’t like her. You address your comments to her, like she’s on here. I seriously feel sorry for you, you’re obviously not well. You should take your medication and call it a day, dear Fluffy or should I say Ally.

    You sound like an obsessed Ben fan, jealous because he wouldn’t be interested in a stalker. You can go back to peeping out of the bushes in front of their house now, you crazy nutcase. LMAO! And Jen is probably way better looking than you. Most stalker-type people who call people ugly on the internet are beyond fug. Bye, nutter. LMFAO! And you’re so crazy that you refer to yourself in third-person, just like your other personality Fluffy is right. Seriously, I don’t even know why I bother defended people I’m fans of when the haters are obviously insane.

    Ally = Fluffy = Fluffy is Still Right = All other negative comment makers, obsessive-stalker nutcase.