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Miley Cyrus' New Older Man

Miley Cyrus' New Older Man

Miley Cyrus has been dating 20-year-old Justin Gaston, an underwear model and aspiring country singer.

Miley and Justin were really playful with each other,” an eyewitness at the evangelical church tells OK!. “And for being with her parents, they were extremely touchy-feely. Miley had her hands on Justin‘s stomach. They definitely seemed like a couple. Her parents, Billy Ray and Tish, really gave them space.”

Billy Ray, who is a host on Nashville Star, reportedly took Gaston under his wing, eventually introducing him to Miley three months ago, in June.

Allen Osborne, Men’s Director at Vision Modeling, where Gaston is signed, said,
“He doesn’t drink. He doesn’t smoke. He’s a very up-and-up guy.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley’s new older man?

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  • kourtney

    oh gosh

    I bet they aren’t even really dating!

    I’m so happy I’m not a celebrity, because everyone knows my guy friends are just my guy friends.

  • kourtney

    oh gosh

    I bet they aren’t even really dating!

    I’m so happy I’m not a celebrity, because everyone knows my guy friends are just my guy friends.

  • star

    she’s ugly

  • yo

    dang what a s.k.a.n.k!

  • hhhhhhhhh

    i bet she’ll get pregnant in….
    3 months? (:

  • who cares

    who cares????
    She has been out of the news for awhile . . .it is all publicity.

  • Angie

    I’m happy for her, but isn’t he a litlle too oldfor her. Andshe cant reallydate a guy that age untill she’s 18. Oh Well, age isn’t nothing but a number I guess.

    I Love U MILES!
    J is soo much better looking than NICK.

  • real world

    Need to be with someone her own age before something serious hapeen to her.Hope they just friends

  • Nick

    i dont think its that bad wat shes 15 almost 16 and hes 20 its normal for people to fall in love with older people as u cant stop love and there is so nothing wrong with this and if its true she is dating him then good on her as he might be a good role model and help miley stay strong and all that stuff so yeah, rock on miley

  • tellin it like it is

    You know, I bet they aren’t even dating. Billy Ray is the host of Nashville Star, and that’s obviously how they know eachother. There is no way that Tish and Billy Ray would let their 15 year old daughter get involved with a 20 year old underwear model. I mean seriously people, be real here. Ever since Niley fizzled, Miley is close to a lot of guys, like that juice place guy, whoever that guy was in those provacative pictures of her, and CODY LINELY!!!

  • faith

    im happy for her if they are dating and if not.. thats ok. cuzz hes hot
    and does it matter how old he is?

  • shemp lugosi

    Nothing says “white trash” like putting your hand on your futurebabydaddy’s stomach during an evangelical church service!

  • maz

    see in england, that would be considered paedophilia. So wrong, get a guy your own age.

  • Lauren

    Sounds like they’re getting frisky. Are you allowed to have sex before marriage in the evangelical church?

  • James Mason Fan

    She should have stuck with Nick Jonas. This guy is too good looking. Would you be able to get your hands off him if he was your boyfriend?!

  • Haiko

    Age is a stupid number
    who really cares?
    If he understand her choice i’m happy for her (:

  • Kevin

    dude if he’d be 30 and she’d be 25 nobody would care

    :) they’re both hot, who cares :)!

  • kiki

    If they are happy, let’s just be happy for the two of them. Miley maybe introduced Justin to her parents. So what? It’s called “respect”. Isn’t it great if your parents would know who you are dating with?

    Miley is a good girl. If her pictures leaked out, I don’t care. Everybody makes mistakes. Miley is not a saint.

    But, I like her best with Nick J. :)

  • Sofia

    I find the guy cute in the medival time clothes in Taylor Swift’s Love story video. =D Though I find the outfit that he wore while going to the church a bit weird. Is a 20 year old guy really old for a 16 year old girl? Hah, weird. Ya, I bet my butt that he doesn’t drink and Miley is not trashy. They all do eventually. ( Drink, sex, drugs). This is hollywood, who are they kidding.

  • Kelli

    I think all of these girls are who res. She will be another Britney/Jamie Lynn/Parish/Nicole/Jessica-Ashlee Simpson. Hollywood is not a good place to raise kids, it just ruin them. This girl has been with guys since she was young.

  • julie

    i think hes hot!
    i mean, wouldnt u haha!?
    theyre probably just friends though..

  • benjamin

    ohh is it legal in california that 20 year old man dates 15 years old girl (almost 16) ? ;o strange

  • najd

    SO…let her alone..

  • lj

    There is a huge difference between a 15 year old and a 20 year old. This kid has too much, too young and her parents need to watch out for her!

  • stephanie

    He’s hot, way to go

  • mileyhater

    oh my focking god what a total slut i mean his like twenty and shes 15!
    and yes i do totally agree with the person who said she will be pregnant but i think it will be more than three months :P

    hate you miley

  • Kitty

    Ew. hes way to old for her. Hes hott yes. But 15 and 20. Big gap in age groups. Their at two different places in their life. I know when i was 15 i wouldn’t be dating someone that old. Once you hit 20 you’ll know thats sick.

  • helen

    every guy she is seen with, people say are dating

    its stupid
    if people did that for every guy i was seen with, i would apparently have like 100 boyfriends

  • annie

    i bet they are just friends. besides, i think we should leave her along ‘cuz everyone needs a private life.

  • Erin

    Dude whats with this girl? She can’t keep a guy for more than a week. What happened to Luke? Can’t this girl find a guy her own age? Seriously he is a 20 year old guy, who I’m pretty sure doesn’t have and effing purity ring. I’m sure he is a good guy and won’t pressure her, but come on hes gotta have sex sometime. I doubt this relationship will last long. If its even a “relationship”. They just want attention for their daughter. Seriously my mom would NEVER let me date a 20 year old guy, I’m only 16 and Miley is 15 a few months younger than me. Its just for attention. I don’t mean to sound like a jerk about it. I don’t hate Miley I just think its a little too much. She’s just a kid and she needs to start acting like one. Find friends her own age AND boys too!

  • andré

    he’s hot.
    go for it, miley.

  • swe3t23

    omg…Leave her alone…………can’t the girl have guys that are friends??

    They are probably not even dating.

    Stupid Media picking on a Miley

  • lonestar

    We have no idea if they are or are not dating. Talk about creating your
    own truth people. He is a hottie for sure. And Hollywood is no different than mainstream America — sex is out there and it is going on and there is only a small number of people that even believe in
    purity. They are ridiculed by a rabid media and public. In most high schools 15 year old girls are pretty active. But none of us know about
    Miley so give her and her family a break.

  • kara!

    umm i think he is WAY to old for her.
    i can’t believe Billy Ray is letting her date a 20 YEAR OLD!

  • anno

    this sounds like complete bull, and I can’t stand the girl. When I was 15 I dated a 22 year old. Guess what? he turned out to be a pedo.

  • Amy

    I don’t think they are dating. Her rep has come out and said they aren’t, and I don’t think the age difference would set well with anyone involved (Miley, the gu, or the parents.) I think they’re just friends.

  • k.c.

    i really hope this isn’t true. For all of you who say age is just a number does that mean you would let your 13 year old daughter date an 18 year old??

    in hollywood orotherwise, this is plain wrong!

  • sabrina

    he is freakin hot, but im not sure if i belive that they are dating you know.. if they are thats great for her, i dont care if he is 4-5 years older than her, as sombody else mentioned if she was 25 and he was 30 nobody would say anything..

  • Heavenly

    That’s the pic of her hand on his stomach. It looks like she was just joking around with him, maybe he was teasing him and she gave him a playful swat. I do that with my dad for crying out loud. It doesn’t look sexual to me at all.

  • DrZen

    i hope shes not datin him
    coz shes mine :)!!!!

    for more info on Zenons crazy antics for getting Miley watch The Zenon & Isaac Show on YouTube:
    (a new vid shud be up soon, with my song for Miley)

  • hailey

    i agree with:
    Kevin @ 09/17/2008 at 7:49 am

    dude if he’d be 30 and she’d be 25 nobody would care

    :) they’re both hot, who cares :)!

    becos thats totally true, if he was 30 and she was 25 no-one would care.
    i’m happy for her and tbh they seem like a really good couple (:

  • haha

    she’s really ugly!!

  • Kalilah

    I hope they aren’t dating, simply because if they are, that would effect
    Disneys ‘perfect little star”s image. I mean, if she wants to call herself a role model, she should date someone her age or be more secret about it…..

  • terinka

    he is very nice and sexy,Miley have good choosing!!They are very good couple!!!

  • Andrea

    wow! They are so not dating.. they are just really close friends.. i mean i act the same way around my guys friends like that but we don’t date! It’s just heavy flirting and closeness.. idk why people always have to take things the wrong way with her.. besides her parents slammed jesse mccartney cuz he was 2 old for her. so this is just a rumor for sure.

  • John

    I’m so hating that guy. Why would miley wanna date him? Ahh

  • julie

    she wears a purity ring – so its not like shes gona be doing anything with anyone anyway lol!!

  • julie

    also wat about hayden n milo!
    shes like 18 n hes 30 or somethin – noones bothered about that!

  • elizabeth

    i thought she was dating that cody boy…but dang this child is growing up way to fast! slow down miley!

  • haley

    come on! leave her alone?
    it’s her life. good for her if they’re dating.
    JJ this is so STUPID! … i love miley..
    but people should leave her alone.