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Nicole Kidman is a Big Screen Wonder

Nicole Kidman is a Big Screen Wonder

Nicole Kidman is set to star and produce in a new action-adventure titled The Eighth Wonder.

The story revolves around an archeological discovery that leads to a race around the world. Simon Kinberg and Laurence Mark will be producing.

Even though Nic was named the most overpaid celebrity in Hollywood, Just Jared still thinks she’s worth seeing on the big screen!

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Nicole Kidman being called the most overpaid celebrity?

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  • ¬¬

    I think that is ridiculous
    Botox queen.

  • Celine dion

    You cannot erase a talent like Kidman’s. She also opts for daring movie projects and independent movies, therefore she doesn’t make the big summer blockbuster bucks everyone’s hoping for.

    I’m glad she’s still offered roles… and remember that a great actress like Katherine Hepburn was once dubbed as “box office poison”.



  • overpaid and undertalented

    AGREE! Nikkers is over paid for her so called talent and dwindling box office draw. she should quit the botox and learn how to act. failing that go home to hubby and baby and take a goddam break. she banged on about wanting a baby (ignoring the first two) for 10 years, now she has a real one, she is back on set in oz and now the uk in a matter of weeks. desperate. unhappy, untalented. botoxed to the brink. bet you’re sorry you asked hey jared? ;-)

  • dina

    She’s overrated!

  • Hedda

    I think some movie execs are behind that “list”. Of course they don’t want to pay more than they have to.

    Nicole is just as good of an actor as any of the other “movie stars”.

  • m

    I have never thought she is talented. She was merely pushed by her influencial ex-husuband who felt sorry for dumping her. After that period is over, she reveals herself nothing. I have never seen hear ‘acting.’

  • andamentothat

    Not sure if she is really worth the $ (especially in these hard times ) to watch her on the big screen.

  • Hugh jackwoman


  • Lola

    I agree. I think she’s a really good actress… She’s very talented. I can’t wait to see Australia and I sure hope they make a 2nd Golden Compass. I loved her in that movie

  • nda

    I think she’s a very talented actress..
    she’s always been an actress than a celebrity. That’s why she chose so many daring/indie movie than blockbuster/summer hit movies

    If her movies flop, it’s not only her fault. There were also other casts, directors, etc. But people always blame everything on her.
    That’s completely ridicoulus and nonsense…

    Also, if she got millions of dollars, it’s not her mistake right? I mean it’s the studio’s decision, she just asked you know… And who will refuse????

  • Mary E

    She has more money than she could ever spend in a life time,so why not take time off and be with her child. Is it greed or what? I just don’t understand people like her. I have to think long and hard before I spend money on any of these so called stars. What a game!!!!!!!

  • kym

    I like her and think she is very talented. The most over paid actor to me is her EX Tom Cruise and the most over paid actress would be Jennifer Aniston.

  • ouch

    agree with you kym!

    Nicole looks really pretty in the photo above.

  • I so agree with you jared!!!!

    she’s worth seeing on the big screen!

  • gypsy marie

    I think she is a terrible actor. I don’t see the appeal at all!

  • http://love45 arlene

    tengo tantas cosas que decir de todo esto que no se como empesar .nicole es una exelente actris con una gran belleza lo unico que pienso que perjudico su carrera fue el botox por que es buena actris eso si nadie duda. pero me da mucho sentimiento que una gran actris como es nicole pensara mas en verse joven que en la actuacion .nicole tiene un vicio que es muy dificil de curar y necesita ayuda no es una broma nicole no a tenido un familiar cercano .esposo ,madre padre, hermano ,amigo que de verdad se preocupe por ella y le diga cosas sinceramente importantes en la vida que no son necesariamente meterse botox para verse no se como por que deverian eliminar el botox es destructivo .ella es un gran ser humano se le nota cuando la miras pero es muy ignaorante y muy sana ella piensa que todo el mundo es su amigo pero nicole esta envuelta en mucho envidia y celos de todas clase desde profecionales hasta sentimentales.nicole era una de las mas perfecta belleza buen cutis,buen cuerpo , altura , buena actris, poseia todo pero la envidia de los demas la esta destruyendo .haora que tiene su hija deveria dedicarse a ella y irse de ese mundo de holiwood donde pasa todo esto y fue la que logro quien es nicole hoy en dia muy insegura de ella misma .y si quiere triunfar por ultima ves en holiwood que renencie al botox nunca lo necesito nicole era y es hermosa sin esa muy destructiva sustancia el botox.

  • ALEX

    Nicole Kidman is one of the best, so I also agree with u this time just jared

  • dido

    for god’ s sake please nicole stop acting and being botox queen

  • m

    Forber’s list was attacked by many people for its mistakes. The can’t calculate the excact result of the box office with how much actors are paid in movies.
    The list is totally faked, and it was another way to attack Nicole. After the botox this is a new boring way.

    Can anyone explain me if she was so overpaid why Fox will produce another big blockbuster with her as a protagonisti? It’s a paradox.

    Personally I think every actor is over paid, and I think every single dollar earned by Lindsay Lohan or Megan Fox is a scandal.
    Maybe Nicole is overpaid but she deserved every dollar she earned for the movie she did.

  • JoJo

    Wow! That’s funny! Two years ago people said Nicole was the greatest actress in the world, and now that she’s overpaid, she’s terrible..

    People are very strange..

    Nicole IS A GREAT ACTRESS because first of all she’s an artist. Who cares how much her movies did at box office?
    Many great movies flopped in movie’s history.

  • Ha!

    I think she is incredibly talented and incredibly underrated. I’ve never understood why she doesn’t make better movie choices. She has been excellent in almost everything she’s done, beginning with Dead Calm, way back when.

    She was completely stifled when she was married to Tom Cruise and blossomed after they divorced – her movies just don’t make a whole lot of money, which is not a reflection of her talent, btw. It’s all about marketing and story appeal. I think she is “tainted” because of her former marriage, which is really sad. Same thing is happening to Katie Holmes, who is FAR less talented than Nicole.

  • nfan

    nicole is great, and she deserves all the possible resperct in the world

  • Maria (Shorty)


  • Ha!

    The movies she makes that appeal to the commercial-driven audience with bad taste do better (i.e., Bewitched). Its the cerebral stories/films (a la, Margot at the Wedding, The Human Stain (EXCELLENT, btw), The Hours, The Invasion) that don’t do so well. Not surprising, not everyone wants to or is capable of using their brain when they’re at the theater

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    Who says she’s not a good actress, #6? Just that she doesn’t sell tickets.

    Don’t make conspiracies that aren’t there. The numbers speak for themselves.

  • dancer

    She is an incredible actress and if the studios want to pay her big bucks that is their problem.
    Why is it always her fault the movie flops? Women traditionally don’t carry movies–Julia Roberts was the exception as almost anything she was in would sell.
    Men carry movies. So why do we not blame Bewitched on Will Ferrall. Or the Interpreter on Sean Penn. Or Invasion on Daniel Craig?Or maybe all three had crappy scripts and she made a bad choice to star in them.
    Golden Compass by the way has made a small fortune world wide. So has Happy Feet–she voiced one of the characters. Most of her flicks have been smaller, indies.
    If you want to talk over paid no talent idiots: Montag, Paris Hilton. Kim Kardashian. Brooke Hogan. Not one of these women has any talent nor do they deserve the millions people shell out for them.
    It is a little unfair to judge the value of an artist, and Nicole is an artist and talented, on what they are paid alone. She has starred in many films that have received great critical acclaim and even some that made money: The Others, Moulin Rouge, the Hours. Birth is starting to appear on a few top 100 films of all time lists. She was fantastic in Margot at the Wedding.
    Personally I think this talented, thoughtful, intelligent, skilled actress deserves every penny of the money especially when no talents like Heidi Montag, Lauren Conrad et al command big bucks for being vapid, illiterate morons and for just showing up.

  • just don’t like her

    Nicole can’t act her way out of a paper sack. Yeah I know she won an Oscar but many believe it was a sympathy win. It’s always that same breathy voice and blank look and no forehead movement.

    Although I did like To Die For.. not much of a stretch since she was just playing a character much like herself.

  • mimi

    I think she is a superb actress, one of the best of the last decades . She just acts for the passion of acting, not to make commercial movies that do great at the box office. She challenges herself with more rich and complicated roles in independent films.
    I rather see all of her new movies than see Tom Cruise´s big box office films. He is a comercial actor, she is a true artist. That difference does exist between actors.
    Go nicole, can´t wait too see Australia, wich by the way is a beautiful country, I just spent my whole summer there. Amazing country

  • Eliza

    So because films aren’t box office blockbusters, the star gets blamed? Ridiculous.

    Nicole is a respected actress who will continue to be in demand because she works hard and lets the filmmakers create the movies they envision. They’re the ones in charge, and they shape the movies and her roles. I’ve never read of any director or producer claiming they didn’t get their money’s worth by paying Nicole big dollars.

    She also has worked for scale and relatively little money on off-beat projects because she’s a serious actress into her craft. She loves acting, and that’s why she continues to take roles that interest her. Her husband has his music. She has her acting. It’s not all about the money, so she’ll continue to work when she wants to regardless of the salary.

  • karen

    I am really looking forward to the release of Australia. I am planning on seeing it. Everything that I have heard, it sounds like a good movie and if it is not good, I have wasted $10.00 on alot worse things!!
    I have watched COLD MOUNTAIN a couple of times and even tho it did not do great at the boxoffice, I really liked it.

  • Ha!

    A “sympathy win”. Right. The Hours was incredibly touching and she did an excellent job.

  • fa_na_tic

    This is outrageous !! Nicole is an AMAZING actress, actualy an artist !

    I totally agree with Ha! ‘s point, regarding the movie taste of most of the movie goers. Light, simple movies make for big box office hits, and the dramatic genre, deep and complicated movies that give you much more than just a fun time, are unfortunately not that successful.

    Nicole, is very bold in her choices, her movies ranging from the comedy to drama and thriller. This only shows her huge talent !

  • karen

    also, if she does use botox, she certainly is not the only one in or out of the industry that does. If I had the money, I would might have something done about my “frown lines.” People can color their hair, tan, get perms or relaxers, wear makeup, etc. etc. etc. If is really up to each person what they do with their own faces or body’s.

  • karen

    Oops, sorry about the typo’s in #34. Am at work and was trying to hurry!!

  • diane

    I would not walk across the street to see a movie she is in she’s a has been YES she is over payed

  • dancer

    She is overpaid? She is talented and has paid her dues. What exactly would you call the money paid to no talent idiots like Spiedi, Paris HIlton, Brooke Hogan and all that ilk. Or how about all of those capitalizing on reality show appearances. With the exception of a few like American Idol–most of them have no talent. Trista and Ryan from the Bachelorette. Any of the Bachelors, the Survivors, the Great Racers. All getting paid for their 15 minutes of fame and trying to stretch it to 20.
    Nicole has worked as an actress since she was 17. She has made a lot of really great films. And she is a hard worker. You can find quotes from directors, her fellow actors about her. She is not a prima donna on the set. She shows up on time and works until the director says cut. She doesn’t do drugs like Lohan and her ilk. She doesn’t cause problems with attitude like Sharon Stone, Faye Dunaway and their kind. She is a professional. I would far rather see her get the money than these no talented idiots.
    You dn’t want to walk across the street–fine. Stay home. Your loss.

  • leslie

    I actually think Nicole Kidman is one of the most talented actresses working in Hollywood today. The problems with her are: 1) she’s messed with her face so much, it limits her ability to convey emotions, 2) she doesn’t pick projects that showcase her abilities (but then, Hollywood doesn’t produce too many big projects that require true acting skills), and 3) her demeanor is just unappealing. It’s too bad- look at her early work, she’s actually talented!

  • col

    leslie what are you saying?
    See Margot At The Wedding and then tell me if she can’t emotions…

    These type of posts are outrageous!

  • Ha!

    I’m so sick of hearing about Botox. Get a new argument, please?

  • Jobi

    I think Nicole is a good actress, better than some of the trash that is taking over Hollywood now! I agree with whomever said that they are all overpaid. However, Nicole has class and elegance that you don’t see much anymore. I wish people would get over the Botox. Heck what older person wouldn’t do it if they had the money? I personally don’t think she does Botox, I think she just has a darn good dermatologist!

  • 94friend

    I think she is a great actress.
    can’t wait to see australia, and moulin rouge was amazing.

    She has great talent, but she has just chosen the wrong movies to act in.

  • gina

    I read about this last week, and I was kind of shocked by it all. She’s a wonderful actress, and while some of her recent films haven’t done well she is still a talent. I’m looking forward to Australia with Hugh Jackman.

  • notbusy

    That Forbes list is a joke! Russel Crow was at the top of the most overpaid list last year and after like one movie, he’s now off that list. I compared Nicole’s box office to Jodie Foster and Sandra Bullock’s and Nicole’s movies have made as much or more than theirs. The Golden Compass made a small fortune worldwide in spite of that ridiculous way it was boycotted by Catholic church groups.

  • crazy daisy

    Talented actress, yes. Too much botox and collagen injections to her lips and face? HELL YES!

    Overpaid? You bet she is! Sorry, she’s not that good. Real grande dames like Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, etc., they’re worth that much because they’ve done their time in the trenches and proven that their art is mature. She keeps doing the same roles over and over and over again.

  • Ha!

    You ARE crazy, daisy. They are ALL overpaid. But you know what, if someone is willing to pay you, why the f*ck wouldn’t you take it? You’d be a fool.

    Twenty years from now, we’ll be talking about her the way you mention Dame Judi Dench and Helen Mirren. The roles Nicole Kidman plays are far from the same time and time again. You might be thinking of her ex, Tom Cruise, or several other Hollywood actors who are more concerned with making blockbusters.

    BTW, she is still amazingly beautiful.

  • Dice

    ”Just Jared still thinks she’s worth seeing on the big screen!”

    I AGREE!!

    I love Nicole Kidman, so I can’t wait for this film!

  • hostas

    Man, KIdman doesn’t know when to just walk away with an ounce of respect. She is going to milk her fame for everything it’s worth until she is the laughing stock in Hollywood.

    Walk away from your career Kidman – while you can still hold up that Botox-filled head of yours!

    What will the excuse be in the next year or so for why you are not spending time with your “biological” daughter? Are you going to blame the C of S on that too?

  • Lisa

    Another flop to add to her list. She is overpaid and it’s amazing that studios still waste their money on her. It’s also obvious that her career is more important to her than her family – especially her two older kids.

  • notbusy

    Nicole is with her baby everyday. There has been two new photos in just the past week of Nicole out with her baby while Keith is working in the states. Sunday Urban is one child that the c of s will never get their hands on. Go watch Tom’s Scientology videos online again if you’ve forgotten how over the top he is about his cult.