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Selena Gomez is Slurpee Silly

Selena Gomez is Slurpee Silly

Selena Gomez stops off at a family-friendly Mexican restaurant in the heart of Rockridge in North Oakland, Calif., on Wednesday afternoon.

The 16-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place star and her mom, Mandy, grabbed food at Cactus Taqueria and later washed their lunch down with Slurpees from 7-11.

Yesterday, Selena‘s direct-to-DVD movie Another Cinderella Story hit stores.

“She’s a little different [from the original Cinderella] by the fact that she’s a dancer,” Selena told MTV about her character in the film. “I think that brings a whole new element to the movie. She’s an aspiring dancer, and she wants to go after her dreams. She sings as well. It’s her achieving her dreams in a different way.”

Selena added, “It’s crazy to see how big Disney can make people, and it’s wonderful. I feel blessed to be a part of the company, and they take care of their kids. I just think it has a good strong foundation to lean on.”

15+ pictures inside of Slurpee silly Selena Gomez

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selena gomez slurpee 01
selena gomez slurpee 02
selena gomez slurpee 03
selena gomez slurpee 04
selena gomez slurpee 05
selena gomez slurpee 06
selena gomez slurpee 07
selena gomez slurpee 08
selena gomez slurpee 09
selena gomez slurpee 10
selena gomez slurpee 11
selena gomez slurpee 12
selena gomez slurpee 13
selena gomez slurpee 14
selena gomez slurpee 15
selena gomez slurpee 16
selena gomez slurpee 17
selena gomez slurpee 18

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  • Helena

    Love her style:D

  • woo

    i used to live there, right down the street from Cactus! what’s Selena doing in Rockridge?

  • miley is trasssshhh! die miley

    well i wouldnt say this movie is original or wotever she is saying in interviews. its exactly like the first one! and the first one is awesome. this one is really lame(you can watch it online)

    oh and I hope she isint getting an ego. and she needs to realise that sure, disney makes ppl big fast, but just as fast people could care less about them. She will be famous until shes 18. then no1 will care about her

    hilary duff, raven, amanda bynes, olsen twins etc.

  • tracy

    her style she’s lways wearing a shirt with a slim jeans , it’s boring

  • tia

    her mom looks SO young! but then again, didnt she pull a jamie lynn and get pregnant at 16?

  • lauren

    4-I dont think its boring. Its down to earth,

  • amanda

    That’s her mom not a friend

  • angelie

    she’s cute & i like her style :)

  • Kira

    I loooove her sooo much!
    Nice outfit!

  • carebear333

    i love selena! shes so cool and laid back.
    and her hair always looks good.

  • emuwhee

    her new hair looks good…

  • Aj

    Shes so cute, i love her :)
    Go Seleneyyy :)


  • Aj

    Shes so cute, i love her :)
    Go Seleneyyy :)


  • koi

    Too bad Selena can’t sing or dance.

    Disney is a corporation that is all about manipulation and money. Nothing good about that.

  • robbie

    AHH! why is she in oakland?! she’s so near my house! haha!

  • vicky

    aww luv her…CUTE!!,,,haha papz moving off of MILEY and ONTO SELENA GOTTA LUV HER RITE!!!???

  • Krissy Misery Enternity

    ahhh gotta love sel gomez:)
    awesome outfit tho:P
    proves to show, that most celebs, don’t expose miley, and all those sluts.
    She dresses normally..and yes it’s boring, but atleast she’s one of us.
    hello? fashion sense much?- we dress like that too!
    ( so basically yur saying, our fashion tastes are boring, if there sorta compared to selena)

    haha, # 16- that’s hilarious!!!
    i bet they knew miley was the new bad brit., since brit got her old life back. + most ppl is sick & tired of her..and wut better way, to prove that, by showing sel, who’s like 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    + more 0000000000′s
    after the

    (L) SEL (L)

  • Nessy4ever

    hey #5 tia:
    what do u have against her mom?
    my mom got pregnant at 17 and she’s the best mom ever!
    btw I dont like selena

  • Ellen

    Why do all these Disney kids sound really..forced to say good stuff about Disney and the way they are treated etc. It’s obvious that they are censored.. hence Demi’s song Get Back being changed from “Kiss Me” to “Hold Me” .. it doesn’t even rhyme anymore!
    However, on a positive note she looks great as does her mum.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …rotflmao @ loving a 13 y/o stranger… a complete stranger! l

  • rita

    Hate heeeeeeeer
    More Miley :D


    aww she looks just like her mom [:

  • Non

    Selena Rocks ! Love Her Style Its So Down To Earth !
    Selena 4 Eva

  • djdh

    her mom is hot, & so is selena

  • Hollisterxgirlx


  • sarahsmith

    now she’s copying miley by doing the peace sign.
    little bitch

  • angelina

    ahh! i live like 20 mins from here :D

  • tia

    18- are u just trying to start something? i didnt say i have ANYTHING agaisnt her mom! dont try and start arguments.

  • ll

    She loves the papz attention so much. Well at least it’s pretty obvious she is not going to last.

  • Swagslag

    her mom is pretty young looking as well. I wouldn’t mind being int he middle of a pillow fight with those two.

  • Swagslag

    I mean because I like pillowfights you perverts.

  • Lindsay



  • michelle

    selena gomez is bombbbbbbbbbbb:)
    i loooovvvveeee her style!!!!!

  • michelle

    selena gomez is bombbbbbbbbbbb:)
    i loooovvvveeee her style!!!!!

  • Breanna


    Is that the only shirt she OWNS?!

  • peacvh

    For all of you ignorants saying she is copying Miley because of the peace sign,last time I heard Miley Cyrus did NOT invent the peace sign…

  • x`q

    are her jeans GREEN or am I color blind? and so many people do the peace sign so stop companing. dumb b itch.

  • constance

    yay! selena is way better than miley, i’m a big fan of selena,
    here in CHILE she has a lot of fans!!

  • Rachel

    ^Her jeans are navy from what i can see :S

  • lore

    yesterday, i saw her movie another cinderella story and i loved it :D

    selena you rock!

  • mz Sass

    What is with the peace sign??
    It’s annoying enough when Miley does it. Next she’ll be doing the pouty mouth.
    She wears the same top jeans and flats all the time.

  • .

    16&17 the paps never moved off of miley and 32&41 did miley buy the peace sign?NO and i bet everyone on myspace has at least one pic doing it…are we all copying miley? NO but i love miley and selena and demi all the same nessa is my fave

  • newport beach, 92660

    oh joy, it’s Selena Gomez….

    That supid biitchface just made my DAY!

    ohhh this is greaaaat….just greeeeaat!

    Seriously though, I hate this girl… you know you’re cool when you pose in front of 7-11 with your slurpee


    and did i mention her shittty tv show???

    Plus I bet that movie is crap too!

  • Anna

    get lost selenaaaaaaaa!

  • Anna

    get lost selenaaaaaaaa!

  • tasht

    Who cares if she is on the beach with her man..she is allowed to!

  • awwbluuuud

    that one picture in the store
    that guy is look at her ass =D

  • celina

    #26…miley didn’t fucking invent the peace sign,she didn’t make it up so anyone can do it ur the little b*tch.

  • aly

    all u f*cking sl*ts need to get off Selena’s case.
    #43…yea ugh…I bet your the crappy one here. Fucking little bitch. If you don;t like Selena get the hell out of here.
    I love Selena!

  • Vfan

    She looks nice and ya wow her mom is young.