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Sienna Miller: New Mystery Male!

Sienna Miller: New Mystery Male!

Sienna Miller and a new male friend hang out in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City on Wednesday. The twosome shopped at Face Stockholm, American Apparel and Barney’s Co-op. They were also spotted by the restaurant Balthazar, appropriately enough. (Sienna was also seen smoking a cancer stick.)

Earlier this week, one of her fansites threatened to shut down, saying:

“We do not know the whole story behind this affair, and some may argue it is not our place to judge BUT when Sienna can cavort so publicly and so shamelessly with this man who IS married and does have 4 children (including a baby only a few months old) with his wife, my respect for her goes out of the window.

“One minute she says she wants to be taken seriously as an actress and she’s sick of all the false stories about her in the press … and the next she’s topless on a beach with a married man’s hands all over her – come on Sienna, you know the paparazzi are going to be around. If she was serious about being taken seriously she would, well, not display herself so publicly like this. “

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  • zc

    i hate herrr

  • Natalie

    So the slut has found herself a new man. It shure didn’t take her long.

  • Greg

    But I love her.

  • Janie

    No matter what happened people need to leave her alone. No one deserves to have slut or whore written on their house. People can be just plain mean!

  • Janie

    No matter what happened people need to leave her alone. No one deserves to have slut or whore written on their house. People can be just plain mean!

  • lola

    I wonder what she must be thinking, now that even her fans are turning on her. I like Sienna and I do feel bad for her because her career has nothing to do with her personal life, but in reality that is not how the world works. The movie industry is based on image (look what happened to Meg Ryan’s career after her affair with Russell Crowe) and she has destroyed hers because she was so public about the relationship which was very stupid on her part.

  • idril

    I don’t like her at all but Come on! She can walk side by side with a man without sleeping with him or cheating on Getty!

  • Degzy

    O.M.G I love him, i’ve never felt like this before? Not this week i mean!

  • lolitha

    He is her step brother .. easy way to cheat the paprazzi !!1

  • .

    Sienna= slut
    Balthazar= smelly pig

  • sisak

    omg, he is ADORABLE!!!

  • lau

    is that niko?

  • He looks German, no?

  • hosi

    I don’t know what the big deal is. I mean he’s hot so what?!

  • Bill

    He looks like a REAL American Hero

  • janielle


  • erica

    Skank alert

  • erica

    s.k.a.n.k alert

  • ouch

    Janie- people being mean to s l u t t y Sienna?? oh, boo hoo…are u forgetting Sienna and Bathy started it! How dense are you?

    I guess the s l u t can’t be washed out of nasty Sienna

  • A


    An hour after meeting a bloke – “I think I’m in love.”

    A day later – “He’s my soulmate. This one’s for keeps.”

    A week later – “Setting up a love nest.”

    A month later – “Let’s get married.”

    Six months later – “Hmm I’m bored, who’s your friend?”

    Six months, one hour later – “I’m in love again…”

    ))))))) so true.

  • cien

    Whoever he is, he looks great in those skinny lady’s jeans he just bought at Barney’s Co-Op.

  • patty

    Actually that post by the fansite was made August 8…and the site is still up. So apparently the weirdo who runs it only wanted attention for herself, much like Sienna.

  • cool breeze

    IT”s never a dull moment with her.No suprise.

  • Funny


    Actually the girl said she wanted someone else to run the site. Someone qualified, and she was taking emails from people who wanted the job. She said if she didn’t find someone who she felt was qualified to take over, she’d have to shut it down completely. So she’s probably still looking. Give her time.

  • c2

    I thought that it was impossible for her to avoid the papz because they are always “stalking” her, and yet she managed to go several days without being seen/heard and to leave LA & arrive in NY without being photographed at an airport. Could it be that SM managed to “escape” the papz because she didn’t tip them off?

    Another staged photo-op. This is the second day that she has gone shopping and dining with a man that belongs to another woman. One of these men is dating CD, so why is SM out shopping with another woman’s boyfriend? Oh, I forgot, she is shopping with another woman’s boyfriend because she is “free-spirited”. At least she didn’t get naked or allow them to suck/grab her breast. She must be footing the bill for these shopping and dining excursions with these men as well. Why is that SM defenders always claim that every man is her step-brother?

    What is she trying to prove by bombarding the public with these shopping/dining trips? The married man must have gotten tired of her PR stunts and refused to participate in her staged photo-ops, so she decided to stage these photo-ops with men that wouldn’t be “embarassed” to be seen with her. Is she trying to make the married man jealous? Poor SM, the married man actually has to be “in love” with you in order to be jealous. BTW, has BG filed for a divorce/legal separation yet?

    We know about SM “private” life because she has made it her mission to expose everything about her relationships to the public. The public would leave SM alone when she stops playing the victim, stops trying to “upstage” RG/her kids, and stops staging photo-ops and tipping off the papz to make it appear that they are “stalking her”.

  • tasht

    Who really care if she is seen topless on the beach with her boyfriend!! she is allowed to…

  • k

    i thought she was cool but this indeed is not our place to judge, so cut the slut talk and just stop supporting her if u dont agree with her behavior

  • ktg

    For crying out loud, this is ridiculous. A woman goes about doing her thing and getting on with her life. A married man decides he wants a piece of that and who gets all the stick?!?! Him??? Of course not, lets not be silly. For god’s sake. To all the women out there, stop slagging off Sienna and start on Balthasar!! Show a bit of female solidarity – it’s not going to kill you!

  • missy

    She is getting exactly what she asked for, in my opinion.

  • ouch

    missy- exactly !

  • verde

    I assumed the guy was a bodyguard. At least she dropped the fake hands over her head, hide my face routine. That was baaaaaaad acting.

  • c2

    BG is SM boyfriend? Since BG is still married to RG and won’t get a divorce/legal separation that still makes him RG HUSBAND. Being a single woman/the one that didn’t take vows doesn’t give SM the right to disrespect someone else’s marriage. SHE DIDN”T SAY NO and so she is being held accountable for her role in the affair. SM was betrayed by her boyfriend, and here she is assisting/encouraging a married man in the betrayal of his wife/kids. Where was/is SM “female solidarity”?

    Only SM and her family are claiming that BG was separated and that his marriage was over when she jumped into his bed. BTW, BG was STILL MARRIED when SM posed naked/topless with him.

    SINCE SM DIDN’T TELL THE MARRIED MAN “NO”, “GO HOME TO YOUR WIFE”, OR “WAIT UNITL YOUR DIVORCE”, SHE IS EQUALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE AFFAIR and RG/HER KIDS PAIN. SM and BG are having different experiences with the media/public because BG has chosen to LAY LOW and KEEP SILENT; while SM has chosen to FLAUNT the affair. She does this by tipping off the papz, frequenting places heavily populated by papz, staging photo-ops with the married man, leaking PR stories about her adventures with the married man, spreading lies about RG/her marriage, orchestrating “personal attacks” to drum up sympathy, “sugarcoating” the affair to make into a “romance”, and playing the victim.

    SM complains about not having privacy and then pulls PR stunts like this to make herself relevant. As always SM defenders want people to feel sorry for SM while failing to show any sympathy/compassion for the REAL VICTIMS. Was it really necessary to leak photos of herself shopping/dining in NY (with other women’s boyfriends) just to draw attention to the fact that she is staying with the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN at his NY apartment? NO, absolutely not. SM seems to think that she is entitled to the married man so I guess it doesn’t matter who gets hurt while SM pursues her goal(a “rich” married man), right? WRONG. Where was/is SM “female solidarity”?

  • islandgrl

    Big whoop… she was topless. People act as if that alone is reason to judge her.. It quite common in other parts of the world to go topless without it being such a moral issue.

    As for the man issue… you only see pictures that over-paid stalkers take and read a lot of hearsay.

    Glass houses people… GLASS HOUSES!!!

  • maclukey

    the only thing bugging me about this whole situation is how the getty guy is getting no blame; he was married and went after a girl by telling her he was separated, seems pretty straight-forward. what i don’t get, is when she found out he wasn’t separated, why didn’t she dump his ass? and btw, bg is not rich at all, in fact his wife supported him until he got an acting job. yes his family has a fortune, but by the time it gets to him it will be next to nothing; his family is huge and they don’t want him to get anything…

  • c2

    Speaking of glass houses, why is SM always telling people to show respect when she WAS/STILL IS SLEEPING WITH ANOTHER WOMAN’S HUSBAND and shamelessly flaunting it every chance she gets? Why were SM and her family complaining, when RG/her kids had to leave their home/country because of the humilation of those “embarassing” photos and SM affair with her husband? Why do SM and her family complain about SM “pain”, while they completely ignore the pain SM caused the REAL VICTIMS? How are people being “unfair/disrespecting” SM, when she was the one that was unfair/disrespected another woman’s marriage by allowing the married man to suck/grab her breasts and posed topless/naked with him?

    SM is not a victim of “double standards” and SM is not getting blamed more than BG. NO ONE (except for SM/her family) is making excuses for BG , but there are ALWAYS 3-5 people making excuses for SM.
    The double standard is DIMINISHING/IGNORING SM ROLE IN THE AFFAIR because she is a single woman, while arguing that the married man should receive FULL blame and impying that SM is suffering more than the woman whose HUSBAND she is sleeping with.

    If you don’t understand why people would be outraged by SM antics with a married man, then it is because you have chosen to turn a blind eye to her actions. Did BG step-mother announce that he was leaving his country to [live with his mistress]? Did the ex-husband of BG ex-girlfriend make excuses for him by saying that he is a “free-spirit”? Did BG leak stories about house hunting with his mistress or wanting to live, marry, or have kids with SM? Did BG mother and “friends/pals” trash his marriage or speak ill of his wife? Did BG mother defend the affair by saying that she was proud that her son was cheating on his wife? Did BG fuel pregnancy rumors by staging a photo-op at a clinic? Did BG show off bruises from sex or draw attention to himself by wearing SM watch? SM is 26 years old, so her defenders/family need to stop making excuses for her so that she can start accepting responsibility for her wrong doings. SM knew full well that BG had a wife and 4 kids, so it was SM responsibility to REJECT the married man’s advances and to wait until the married man filed for a divorce.

    I know that BG is not rich and that his wife has been taking care of him; however, SM thinks that she snagged a “rich oil heir” and that she is going to get his “money” in the future. If he wasn’t an “oil heir” do you really think that SM would still be with BG and using these photo-ops/PR stories to “force” his wife into a divorce BG?

  • mia

    I just wanted to comment about that quote that says she is at fault for having a married man’s hands on her. True, she is to blame for 50% of that affair. He is responsible for the other 50%, but it sure doesn’t seem as if he’s being held accountable. The woman gets all the crap when we all know, it takes two.

  • twinkle

    She has fansites? What work has she done that is deserving of fans?

  • jazz

    I thought that the picture of Balty sucking on Sienna’s tit on a place somewhere in Italy was shocking enough until I run across some more pics of the two of them in a site called Balta or something.

    They were pictured sitting on a hammock with Sienna’s legs spread out on Balty’s lap and his hand clearly in her “cooch” while Sienna shrieks with laughter!

    Good grief. What a display of wantonness. They could at least repair to their room and not offent other people with this crap. I’m not exactly a prude but this is too much.

  • c2

    #36-Thank you for acknowleding that SM is EQUALLY responsible for the affair and RG/kids pain. How many times have you heard “SM didn’t do anything wrong because she is single/didn’t take vows/wasn’t the married one”? And now compare that to the number of times that you have heard “BG didn’t do anything wrong because… “? The estimated ratio for 1 day would be 50:1. It does take two, so why do people keep trying to let SM off the hook by diminishing/ignoring her role in this affair?

    SM could and still can AVOID this situation by:
    1) Stop sleeping with the MARRIED MAN until he has filed a divorce/at least until it is final. Maybe she is afraid that if she leaves the married man side for too long, that he may regret his actions with her and attempt to go back to his wife. That’s why she followed him to Italy/LA and is in LA/NY right now.

    2) Stop shamelessly flaunting the affair by pulling PR stunts like this or leaking PR stories about her adventures with the MARRIED MAN.

    3) Stop whining & complaining and take responsibility for her role in the affair. Who should I have sympathy for, the whining mistress who publicly displays everything about the affair or the REAL VICTIMS who are privately learning to cope with this change in their lives?

    4) Stop orchestrating “personal attacks” to drum up sympathy.

    5) Stop trying to upstage RG/kids. It was not necessary to expose the affair by leaking those “embarassing” photos to the public or fuel pregnancy rumors by staging photo-ops at a clinic. It was not necessary to stage shoping/dining photo-ops(with other women’sboyfriends) in NY to remind everyone that she “won” the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN(everytime people see her, they are going to wonder where BG is). Having her family trash RG marriage or speak ill of RG makes SM look vindictive.

    6) Stop courting attention by tipping off the papz & going to places heavily populated by them just to make it appear that they are “stalking” her. Notice the papz are only “stalking” SM when they are showing more interest in the welfare of RG/kids and are not gushing over SM/BG supposed “romance”. She manages to go days/weeks without being seen/heard, so it is not impossible for her to avoid the papz.

    7) Stop trying to “sugarcoat” the affair. BG is still MARRIED to RG and still won’t get a divorce/legal separation, so using “boyfriend, beau, dating, or romance” to describe the AFFAIR makes SM look insensitive.

    8) Learn how to exercise self-control around MARRIED/ENGAGED MEN, how to respect herself and other women, and build up her self-esteem so that she won’t have to keep competing with married women for their HUSBANDS.

  • jazz

    I’ve always known Sienna is trash years ago. I have friends in London who regularly came across her then and had ket me informed of her slutty ways. She calls it free spirite I call it a different name.

  • Zoe

    She’s a girl who CANNOT go without having some guy on her arm, even if the two relationships overlap each other or the guy IS in another relationship. The girl has “issues.”

    She gets the guys because they don’t have to work hard to sleep with her. She’s a ho with no moral compass.

  • pipinay

    FREE FU CK!!!!

  • A


    Most people, including some clinical professionals, fail even to consider that females might struggle with sexual addiction. The opposite condition-women who are sexually uninterested-is more of the expected problem. In error, sexual compulsivity is still largely considered a male phenomenon, much like alcoholism was initially thought to be exclusively a male disease. One woman who was attending an intensive workshop for female addicts is illusĀ­trative of this misconception. She had arrived early at the meeting site and sat quietly off to herself as others came in. That’s not unusual. Most of the attendees are initially terrified and withdrawn. But as each successive woman entered the room, this first participant’s eyes grew wider and wider. Soon tears were streaming down her face. Before the leader could even begin introducing the staff, this woman stood, addressed her sisters, and exclaimed,
    “For years I’ve thought I was the only female who struggled like this.
    I can’t believe I’m in a room with a dozen other women who admit to
    being sex addicts! Nobody talks about this sexual stuff going on
    with women. For the first time in my life, tonight I don’t feel all alone.
    Here, I belong.”

  • Pinky

    Sienna, go do us all a favour and move to China or some 3rd world country where we don’t have to see you anymore.



  • Rightbackatyou

    DITTO #44

  • Guz


  • aimee

    she is a pig and a whoore!!

  • stella

    And as usual the guy who is married who is cheating on is the weak and the victim and the girl the responsible for this. We have to stop with this mentality, he’s the one who has children and a wife, i don’t think she falls in love on expected with a married man for the pleasure of hurting people. On the contrary HE has choice, HE is the responsible, and it’s not because she’s famous that she has to dress as a nune to deserve the respect of the vultures which are the paparazzi or the public. It’s funny how people can judje a woman just because she’s free, independant and self confident.

  • what?

    so ,stella, being free, pretty, and confident means you do not have to give anyt thought to how your actions affect others? Good thing we’re not all “free” or the world would be even more messed up.

    Just because Balthazar is a pig does not absolve this free spirit. I beleive she knew that he was married and not only didn’t mind but TARGETED him BECAUSE he was married because she likes the thrill of taking attached men away from their current mates. It makes her fell strong an sexy.

    Even if she didn’t know then, she knows now and not only won’t back off but is having her PR work over time to make HER the VICTIM in this whole mess!! HER, not HIS WIFE. The crying, the press releases about how he was seperated and living on couches. blah blah blah….

    So take that free spirit crap and shove it. Truely free spirits accept the consequences for what they do. Sienna has done everything but that.

  • A

    the more free-spirited ladies we have, the more happy men on this planet will be. like pipinay said – FREEEEEEE F UUUUUUUUUCK!!! )))
    and then these ladies get all the blame. of course it’s fair, because it’s just the destiny of free-spirited ladies.
    isn’t it wonderful to be a man(especially a free-spirited one)? ))) scientists should make clones of free-spirited ladies as many as possible. so we can be even happier.