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Suri Cruise is in Helicopter Heaven

Suri Cruise is in Helicopter Heaven

Tom Cruise carries baby Suri, 2, into their waiting SUV after arriving by helicopter in New York City on Tuesday night.

How cute is Suri holding her pink stuffed animal bunny?

The 46-year-old actor is in town to support his wife, Katie Holmes, who is making her Broadway debut in the Arthur Miller play All My Sons at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater TOMORROW, September 18 (Thursday). The play will officially open on October 16 and run through January 11, 2009.

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  • Kim

    Suri’s so cute!

  • dancer

    Probably 99 percent of the celeb parents would have their child facing the other way.
    This is why people think the Cruises are pimping the child out for publicity.
    Tom looks awkward posing the child this way for the photo op.

  • cute

    Suri is just so gorgeous…so pretty and cheeky in such a cute way

  • coolie!

    YO! FIRST! :D

  • coolie!

    YO! FIRST! :D

  • the_boyfriend

    I wonder if Suri is going to the preview tomm?

  • still concerned mom1

    Why does he always carry poor little Suri like a sack of potatoes??? She sure doesn’t look like she feels very secure being held that way..

  • ps

    love this family!suri is priceless!!!!

  • Paige

    His little girl is adorable!

    And on a side note I’d much rather see his ads on here for Risky Business, then I would that creepy Kiera Knightly one.. it’s like she’s doing some sort of zombie walk :/

  • the incredible edward!

    At least she is wearing shoes!! Way to go Tom!

    have I ever told you I love your comments?

  • gabriela

    own, she is so cute!

  • Larice

    She certainly doesn’t look like she is in heaven; as usual she looks miserable.

  • lotsofcultticketsforsale

    Suri looks as depressed as kh except Suri looks more agitated, kh looks more pissed. tc looks scary.

  • anonymous

    tc carries Suri like a sack of potatoes because she is a THING to him, a pimp for the “family”. he looks so non-nurturing, have you ever seen him speak to Suri? no, he just puts her face out there for the flashbulbs
    despite her fear. he’s gross.

    just cause his father treated him like s..t he shouldn’t do this to Suri.

  • anonymous


  • 911

    happy to see Tom & Suri

  • manette

    Hot dad
    precious baby

    Thanks JJ and good luck Katie

  • :)


  • anon

    correct me if i’m wrong but kh has being in NY while her supposedly 2yr old has being in another city (hundreds/thousands away)? like i said correct me n not go luny e.g tomkat fans

  • susie

    Correction: tc is carrying Suri who will be 3 (three) years old in

    1. she is not a baby
    2. she is not 2 (two) years old
    3. we still don’t know whose daughter she is, just that tc is carrying
    her LIKE a baby

  • lena

    I love posts on them. Tom is a great dad and husband. And amazing actor and person too. What an adorable baby.

  • anon

    i meant hundreds/thousands of miles away

  • J

    She’s so cute but how come her and her mom never smile???

  • peace

    Its a pity to see some folks so jealous and not having any lives. They know nothing about this people yet they judge. They’re the ones that suck and Im scared for what’s coming to these kind of people because KARMA is real.

  • O

    I miss Tom. Suri is the precious baby ever!!!!

  • mandy

    SUSIE: suri’s 2 (two)! Her birthday is in april! Get you’re facts right before you post things like that!

    I was missing suri! She’s such a cutie!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    The child does not look like she’s in any kind of ‘Helicopter Heaven’. The child either woke up just before the plane landed or she’s just a very unhappy little girl. I have a question…..WHY ISN’T SHE WITH HER MUM? How come she’s been with Tom all this time? Can’t Katie read her lines with Suri around? THIS IS ONE STRANGE FAMILY!

  • tc fan

    Yay Princess Suri is Back!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iron chef

    Wow Katie will start her play already?
    Time surely flies and Suri is growing up too.

    Thanks Just Jared for shots of Cruise. He’s the best.

  • agi

    LUV THIS 2

  • ninja

    Im in heaven to see Tom
    and Suri…..

  • dido

    baby and daddy they are gorgeous ı really love them so much and susıe you are a moron ı am really sorry for you

  • Tina

    Amazing how much crap people say about them, and all the petty and baseless judgments. Why not look at your own (mostly) pathetic lives!

  • ouch

    Suri looks like a minature Katie- sour face and all.

  • ebmo

    # 12 Larice @ 09/17/2008 at 3:34 pm She certainly doesn’t look like she is in heaven; as usual she looks miserable.

    She always looks miserable

  • still concerned mom1

    Susie, I agree with you!! Suri is probably closer to 3 now-don’t believe the April birthdate thing at all. And I do not recall any pictures where Tom speaks to or hugs or even looks like he cares a bit for this poor little child.. Always carries her in like these pictures a very controlling way..

  • Anonymous and proud

    Suri is a beautiful little girl.

    Too bad her nutty parents are raising her in a distructive, dangerous cult.

  • Angie

    Cute kid! Why does Tom always look like a mad man with that insane smile?!?!?! Between his sourpuss, robot wife and his crazy look, they make the perfect wacky couple. I hope they stay together. Who else would want to be with either one of them! LMAO!!

  • parker

    Re:Its a pity to see some folks so jealous and not having any lives. They know nothing about this people yet they judge. They’re the ones that suck and Im scared for what’s coming to these kind of people because KARMA is real.

    So, “peace:” You have a problem when people talk down about your precious TomKat, but you don’t mind damning those people to hell. Now, if that isn’t good for a laugh, I don’t know what it. Watch out peace because if what you say is true, karma’s gonna bite you in the ass too.

  • kit

    Tom and Katie are a match made in heaven.

  • kit

    Oops, sorry, meant to say Tom and Katie are a match made in xenu.
    My bad.

  • wildcats

    very cute

  • Carlyle Queen

    I work at The Carlyle and Tom checked in by himself last nite. I wonder why he isn’t staying at the apartment Katie has in the West Village. This is what he did last time he was in town too. He stayed here without his “wife”.

    Either they are separated and keeping it quiet for PR reasons or they don’t like sleeping next to each other. Either way, it’s WEIRD.

  • defap

    love Suri and Tom. :)

  • Shante

    Amazing how much crap people say about them, and all the petty and baseless judgments. Why not look at your own (mostly) pathetic lives!


    WOW! Talk about a miserable human being!! Aren’t you making “petty and baseless judgements” on a bunch of people YOU don’t know? That makes you even MORE PATHETIC and without a life. If you don’t like the fact that people don’t have a fanatic attachment to this couple like you do, why don’t you go to a fansite instead of spewing your insanity here. This site is open to ALL, fan or not.

    In short, STFU you moron

  • Jennifer

    Poor Suri. She does look closer to three years old, who are they trying to fool?
    The cult Tom and Katie belong to is really hurting their careers.
    Tom should come out of the closet and Katie should stop being his beard.
    Their whole relationship is a sham.

  • AmazingGrace

    I don’t think Suri was born in April either. She’s older than they say she is! I think she was born in December or January also and so do alot of others. Remember the weird birth certificate with no real signature by her parents and no real signature from anyone at the hospital? Even the hospital said it was fake! What a coupla freaks to lie about a baby’s birth day to protect their PR.

    I wonder if she’s still sucking on that bottle at almost 3? Probably is cause her parents are lunatics who don’t believe in real medicine or taking their kid to a real doctor. Scientologists don’t believe in traditional medicine so when poor Suri’s teeth rot out of her head, I’m sure they’ll pray to Xenu.

    I feel sorry for Suri having these two morons for parents.

  • Anastasia

    EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Its crazy tom cruise!!!!!!!! Who wants to see pics of him! He’s a total loser. Kids cute tho.

  • Debba

    Why is it that Katie looks more masculine every passing day and Tom looks more feminine? Very weird.

  • http://google toni

    dolly Suri, cute! but she ‘ll look more cut with a smile!

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