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Ashley Tisdale is Feinstein Fierce

Ashley Tisdale is Feinstein Fierce

Ashley Tisdale picks up some swag at the Nine West suite at the Kari Feinstein Emmy Style Lounge at a Sunset Plaza private residence on Thursday in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old singer/actress reprises her role as Sharpay in the upcoming feature film High School Musical: Senior Year. The movie’s costume designer Caroline Marx talked about what she will be wearing at East High when she hits the big screen in October. Marx shared, “[Sharpay's look is] very expensive, fashion forward, and over the top. 60% of her wardrobe I actually designed and had made. We kept away from [Sharpay's signature] bubble gum pink and used fuschia instead, which is a hot color this coming season. Ashley wanted a lot of crystals on her character’s clothing, so I added Swarovski crystals to some amazing dresses that were from Miss Sixty [and other clothing from Marc Jacobs, L.A.M.B., Dolce & Gabbana, Juicy Couture, and Betsey Johnson.]”

10+ pictures inside of Feinstein Fierce Ashley Tisdale

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ashley tisdale kari feinstein 01
ashley tisdale kari feinstein 02
ashley tisdale kari feinstein 03
ashley tisdale kari feinstein 04
ashley tisdale kari feinstein 05
ashley tisdale kari feinstein 06
ashley tisdale kari feinstein 07
ashley tisdale kari feinstein 08
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Photos: Chris Weeks/WireImage, INFdaily
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  • Daniella

    her outfits and those sunglasses just made me barf.

  • hater

    ew her boots=S
    she is so plain.. FUGLY

  • Oscar

    OmG!….Ashley Looks Fabulous, I love her…and a have a website about her ..pass

  • laura

    wow i almost had a heartattack!! shes NOT drinking coffe…wow! she must be feeling very out of her element.

    but she still looks fugly so thats saying something! girl has no style.

  • mikaela

    that’s great!
    but where the hell is ZAC AND VANESSA these days?!?!??!

  • lauren

    wtf does she need free clothes?!?! girl made 5 million dollars in the alst year, and shes going anf getting free clothes?!?! its not like she even has any style to begin with

  • katie

    5- zac and vanessa are off having sex. ashley looks dirty. thats why no1 would ever hookup with this talentless famewhore

  • tia

    post about her are so pointless lol. she never seems to be doing anything producitve with her life.

  • KAtie


  • charlotte

    ashley tisdale-=least talented person on disney

  • ryanne;Brasil

    she is PERFECT!
    love her!
    รต/ ;*

  • KAtie

    omg she is SO UGLY and plane
    she looks like a taxi, used and cheap
    is a real whore

  • Marie

    w h o r e

  • yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

    whyyyy is she putting herself out there. no one likes her….

  • cullen

    She just don’t have any sense of fashion.

  • Kada

    I like Ashley’s dress.

  • josie

    Where is Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus ??????????

  • josie

    yuuukk !!!!! Dirty shoes !!!!!! But she is pretty though

  • TR

    ew she cannot dress herself.

  • bean

    Why do people take pictures of her? HSM sucked, and that’s all she’s known for

  • TR

    scratch that. i meant, she has no sense of fashion.

    and i totally miss zanessa!!!!!!!!

  • yanina

    dont be so mean!, she looks cute :) i love her sunglasses

  • kira

    She’s so useless. The dress is okay but In the close ups of her face, she looks like an idiot.

  • candace

    hahahaha her life is so random and stupid. HSM sux ass. when will she dissapear?? shes like old anywayz..

  • Hollisterxgirlx

    I hate her!!! She is soooooo ugly!!! That’s why she wears sunglasses 100% of the time, to hide her hidious face!!!!

  • athena

    Ashley looks great! I love her style too. I wish I could have been the costumer on HSM1, 2 and 3.

    WHERE’S ZAC BEEN LATELY? HAVEN’T HEARD NUTHIN’ ABOUT HIS WEARABOUTS!!!! IS HE IN MEXICO WITH VANESSA…..IS HE OUT DOING SOME AUDITIONING? I KNOW, I KNOW….he and NESSA aren’t joined at the hip…well, one thing I have to say about Zac is when he wants to disappear, he sure knows how to do it…now, I expect to see lots of his face when he starts doing the rounds with HSM3, MAOW, and 17Again.

  • leighton and blake fan

    I like Ashley but this isn’t her best outfit she has worn

  • ew

    She looks bad when she smiles with teeth and in the main picture it looks like she has the legs of a 10 year old boy. Ugh gain weight or something.

  • super fan ashley

    She looks awesome, I love her fashion style, and people who are always criticize other people, is because they do not have style.

  • Hollisterxgirlx

    #26- He was recently with Vanessa in mexico and on the 15th him and Vanessa attended a bandslam recording…. I’ll give u the link laterz, I’m using my iphone now……. And him and Vanessa are reportably (sp?) moving into their house now!

  • Avril

    yes, ppl you have all the right to critizice her because
    you’re perfect, right?, come on Grow Up!!!!!!
    and if you have already grown up, then
    get a life or at least a work but don’t be so childish!!!!!!!!!
    se nota que son pendejos!!!!!!!
    y si son gente mayor, realmente no tienen nada que
    hacer y no tienen vida so I advise you to get a work
    or a life!!!!!!!

    Ash looks GREAT!!!!!!!!
    I love that JJ upload pics of her EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!
    and please stop asking about Zanessa!!!!!!!!
    Most of us are fed up with pics of them!!!!!!!!
    Ash is so much better!!!!!!!!!


  • mandy

    agh…im over her…
    wheres zac and vanessa ? D:

  • Hollisterxgirlx

    ^I meant #26

  • hali

    Poor girl. No one really cares about her or her HSM co-stars anymore. New fresh younger kids have taken over the spotlight and she and efron and hudgens will be names of the past soon.

    Maybe her buddies are off somewhere in Mexico trying to figure out how they can play high school roles forever because the offers for serious movies are not exactly coming their way.

  • zara

    love her outfit!!!!!!! she’s very stylish

  • evelyn

    She’s cute but such a spoiled brat. As for Zac and Vanessa moving in together, they must be crazy! So young and so stupid. wonder how long that will last.
    . Ah yes, that’s how we do things in Hollywood…..movies, sex, money, move in to shack up and have a kid. …….. the American dream……..did I forget messy divorce at 21?

  • zvfan

    oh hali-i think you need a hug.
    take the stick out.

  • Avril

    Latin America is the place where there are
    more fans of HSM than the rest of the world!!!!!!!
    and here (Latin America) most of the fans of HSM are
    more fans of Ash rather than Nessa or Zac!!!!!!!
    When they came here last year, there were 60.000 ppl or more
    watchin them!!!!!!!! most of those 60.000 (if it wasn’t all of them)
    were there just to see ASHLEY!!!!!!!!
    and the reaction of the audience was so much bigger
    when she was at stage than when the rest of the Wildcats were!!!!!!!
    so, here from Latin America, we want to say GO ASHLEY!!!!!!!


  • maha

    i love ashley’s look

  • kiki

    What’s with those horrible sunglasses they all wear? she looks cute but really who cares about her.

    FYI Efron may have been in Mexico but rumor has it he wants to buy his own house and NOT move in with miss slutgens.

  • ouch

    ughhhh…did she borrow these ugly shoes from Mary Poppins??

  • athena

    #30… Hollisterxgirlx, please do send me the link. Hmmm, moving in together…Zac’s only been at his Topanga apt. for a little more than two years…maybe not truly inhabiting it like he’d like too…Vanessa just moved out of her parents house…hmmmm, is she ready to have somebody else, love or not live in her space? Wow, I hope them moving in together is a big rumor…I don’t think it would be a good idea for them to live together. At least not now. Well, with both their careers going in different directions, it’s going to be interesting to see their relationship develop…Hopefully, it will get stronger. Well, I guess that would be moving in together then…well, maybe not.

  • athena

    Yeah, that leg picture isn’t her best angle…she has nice legs, but not here…that type of boot needs some more kind of accessorizing, like a high sock, stocking, leggings, long skirt, pants, something…it just unflattering…I still like how she looks…

  • Alison

    I don’t know why everyone is so mean. You don’t even know her. Not saying that I do,but I don’t think it’s fair to judge someone you don’t actually know.

    She’s cute and has cute style. I will admit that this outfit is not her best.

    And not matter how much money you make Free Clothes= AWESOME!

    And a big hey to BILL! (the man in Ashley’s Photo, he’s her manager and he’s GREAT!)

  • Stephie

    so beautiful !

  • Kalilah

    Her and Selena bored me to tears.
    Their posts never have any relevance.
    It’s just shopping, getting drinks, etc.

  • grape

    always pretty
    so lucky that Vanessa didn’t come out these days, i hate to see that nasty face
    love ASHLEY!
    plz don’t take pics of vanessa, useless person, can’t sing, can’t act, such a small dirty trash! ahahaha

  • ximenaa

    ii think she looks great! i love the outfit, well without the sweeter looks bad but she look great!

  • charlene

    allison how do you know her manager? anyway love love LOVE ashley. and sahe looks absolutly STUNNING here. that dress truly does her justice. i adore it. and the way she has her hair lovely MORE ASH PICS. LOVE YOU ASHLEY AND DID YOU GET MY FAN MAIL? lots of love Char

  • gracie

    WOOP love ashley, thanks for posting.