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Aubrey O'Day is a Complex Character

Aubrey O'Day is a Complex Character

Danity Kane member Aubrey O’Day is featured in the “Classy Issue” from Complex magazine’s latest. Here are some snippets from her revealing interview:

Do you feel at all responsible for building that sort of persona on Making the Band? You don’t build your persona on reality TV. They build your persona on reality TV. I just learned to stop wanting to control it. Hey, they need the bad girl of the group, and no one else is going to take that role.

So you stepped in. Out of this group of women, I am definitely the most daring. I would be the natural pick for the badass. This is the truth about me—I’m just really real. I have friends that are drag queens in sex shows, and I have friends that are very religious and conservative. I don’t judge people. The one thing that you could do to upset me is to be judgmental or make close-minded comments.

Speaking of the filthy industry, there have been rumors about you and Diddy. We recently interviewed Cassie, and the same rumors are dogging her. Oh, those are rumors?

How many Danity Kane albums are you locked in for? Seven, not including holiday and live albums. (Translation: Five more Danity Kane albums)

Check out Aubrey‘s full cover story at Warning: There’s a lot of sex talk…

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Photos: Miko Lim
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  • f.

    She means judgmental like when I say she seems like a skank, huh?


  • kristi

    Wow. What a ho

  • Shar

    Hmm, Classy Issue?? How ironic.

  • yuck

    Who is this ho and why does Jared think we care?

  • mischa

    Complex???? Lets see……

    1. Shes a whore
    2. Zero talent
    3. Cum dump for P. DooDoo
    4. Graduate of the Parasite Hilton school of publicity

    nah….just another waste product

  • Cuz

    #5: Because Jared knows people care enough to post comments!

  • Lolly


  • wendy

    Can we say slut.

  • mary

    wow, she’s going to go so far in her future. She’s such a classy little number, isn’t she. People will really take her seriously, and treat her with such respect. Wow, I bet her family is so proud.

  • vicki Pasadena, CA

    What, is the only kind of woman who is attractive to you look like a used up hooker? This girl and the “hottie” Megan Fox look like used up sluts. What is the world coming to.

  • Ladee

    Her band mates must be embarrassed.

  • Katie

    I don’t know what in the world fame has done to this chick – but she needs therapy. A lot of therapy. ASAP! She has messed herself up. Can you imagine what she’ll look like at 40?

  • Jenny

    damn look like one of them trailer trash cheaaaaap Ho ho

  • Stella

    Uhhh…ya sure people won’t get STDs just picking up the magazine? Honestly, if I was a boy I wouldn’t even touch her with a 10-foot pole.

  • dee

    UM OKKKKKKKKKK.. nobody really cares about this dumb blonde bimbo LOL.. nextttttttttt is right……

  • Kada

    Paris Hilton is classy compare to this skank.

  • Kada

    Please JJ let this be the last post on Aubrey.

  • just awful

    Who is this fool? Never heard of her or her band.

  • sarahi

    am i the only one who thinks she looks like courtney love there?

  • tina

    Her article made me throw up a little

  • Bee

    omg she looks like… you know…

  • omg

    classy? yukkkk!!

  • x`q

    She’s such a bitchh. She totally was a bitchh about the Cassie/ Diddy thing. screwed them over.

  • clara

    ummmm barf

  • Sarah

    WOAH…. nasty!

  • dialectic

    coke whore!

  • marieme

    What the hell happened to her?! I can’t believe the once sweet and talented Aubrey has turned into such cliche, slutty trash! Happy trash maybe – but trash nonetheless. She looks like hell and talks like a whore. How friggin’ sad.

  • joo

    She looks like she’s up for a major s..x movie..a wanna be Jenna Jameson

  • lola

    at least she has a backup career in P*rn once her reality “celebrity” status continues to sink. Seriously, this girl used to be so naturally pretty and now she looks like every other stripper working the lunch shift at the eager beaver in Toledo or Omaha. Great choices there, kid!

  • nina

    oh, oh….someone’s daddy didn’t give her enough attention when she was growing up…….

  • karolina

    why does she always look strung out on drugs in pictures lately? Is that the problem, or is that her “eff me” face she goes for? She just looks constipated.

  • tha

    Wow.. this girl is just so coherent with what she says and does..

    She starts off saying people perceive her as a ho and that guys are so stupid for thinking she’s that easy.. and then she goes on for the rest of the interview talking about sex! And then those pictures!

    And no, I’m not saying talking about sex makes you a slut.. there’s a line between discussing sex in a natural way (meaning it’s natural human behavior and it shouldn’t be taboo) and sharing personal details like what do you touch yourself to, dirty texting and having sex trough the backway! That’s feeding the reader’s exactly the type of ideas that turn sex into a whole different, wrong thing..
    Sex sells and they know it but this..
    No wonder it’s such an obsession.

  • tha

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention..


  • prostitute

    cheap hooker. good luck to the rest of the girls in the group. she makes them look terrible. and no aubrey, this type of exposure actually wont make you more famous. nice face work.

  • .:MEXICan-baby-giirl:.

    STUP1D WHOR3 & HO3

  • AAF4life

    litterally attention slut; plain ugly!!!

  • kinda hot

    diyamn! she looks f’in hot here! last i heard she was working with stylist girly kira plastinina on some fashion stuff .. check out her new site

  • city of lights:]

    what happened to the tlented aubryyyy
    wow she thinks she is all that
    cus the band is more papular now

  • cain

    Excuse me, but who is this? Is she an old porn star?

    (sure I know she’s from danity kane etc etc)

  • remember da truth

    She looks like Paris Hilton, which is fitting, since Paris is a pornography queen. Both are essentially pornography stars, and nothing else.

  • destiny

    i hate Aubrey O’Day!!! eeeewwwwww

  • Ty

    She’s had sooooo much work done that went badly. Its sad what a littke bit of fame can turn someone into. I honestly feel bad for her