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Janet Jackson Rocks With You

Janet Jackson Rocks With You

Janet Jackson goes through several interesting costume choices on the first night of the Los Angeles leg of her Rock Witchu tour at the Staples Center on Wednesday night.

This is Janet‘s first tour in seven years and is in promotion of her latest album, Discipline. It appears that 42-year-old singer pulls up someone from the audience and simulates some very provocative moves on him. She sure teaches him a bit of discipline…

WHAT DO YOU THINK of all of Janet’s crazy concert costumes — HOT or NOT?

25+ pictures of Janet Jackson rocking with you…

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Credit: London Entertainment; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • bejeebus

    she needs to go ahead and put those bingo arms down….

  • kyana

    she always pulls some guy from the audience and dances on him

  • mike

    Love You Janet!

  • f.

    Weirdo just like her brother.

  • Ladee

    Janet’s the shit! Go janet, get it girl!

  • sillyme

    I’m sorry, but, at a certain age, women just need to stop this. Both she and Madonna look foolish up there. I’m not saying they should stop performing all together, but they both look like they’re desperately trying to keep up with the younger girls, and they really can’t.

  • Me

    Get ‘em girl … screw the haters!

  • Leane SHilling

    I saw Janet’s concert last night and thought she was amazing….After all these years, she’s still got it.
    I don’t know about the costume choices or her hair….but, that didn’t really matter. Her singing and dancing definitely made up for it.

  • Mizz m

    Lets face it … she has those outfits on because they’re supposed to hid all her FAT. She’s fat now.

  • Mizz m

    Lets face it … she has those outfits on because they’re supposed to hid all her FAT. She’s fat now.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..anyone who’s ever seen a janet performance knows she’s horrible.. a bunch of bad dancing and a whole lot of lip-syncing..

    the only time janet speaks is when she tells the crowd to ‘sing the songs’ (for her).

  • just awful

    She and Madonna are both a couple of washed-up lip-syncing fools. Janet uses all those silly costumes to take people’s attention off the bad singing and dancing going on.

  • cris

    her brother is a million times more talented than her or anyone else
    always has been always will be

  • kate

    Tired act.

  • matthew

    Don’t like the outfits but LOVE ME SOME JANET! Go on GRRRRL!

  • required

    no not rockin wit me sorry.
    welcome to the 80s.
    she should go arm wrestle with madonna.

  • Sonny

    I was at Staples last night and let me just tell you, this girl at age 42 still got it. Her dance moves, and her singing were phenomenal. Can’t go wrong going to this concert because she performed all her hit songs and the fans were just going wild. Simple an awesome show. Thanks Janet, we enjoyed the show.

  • gina

    I’ve always been a fan, but these costumes and her hair are just so strange!

  • Truth

    There are WAY TOO MANY haters in here.

    I was at Staples last night, and Janet was absolutely amazing. When you can keep an entire audience (and it was a packed house) on their feet for over two hours, you know you still have it. And Janet does. It was an amazing show by an amazing artist. Go on, girl!

  • shemp lugosi

    I pity the fool that looks like Mrs. T

  • Pinky

    LOL #20

    Ms. Jackson is obviously trying to save money on her tour so she pulled out her old costumes from the 80′s and squeezed herself into them.

  • ouch

    LOL #1

    noticed she needed to shave her armpits. ughhh

    costumes- not hot!

    too much like her weirdo macko jacko

  • Erin

    Janet is an amazing performer. She knows how to entertain an audience, and keep them pumped up and exited. I think she rocks!

    And the people on here who are calling her weird just like her brother, ya’ll are just sicko!
    Janet nor Michael is NOT weird!!! They’re both amazing and great people!!

  • angela

    Janet hasn’t worn normal clothes on tour since the Rhythm Nation tour! LOL. She looks great none the less. She looks just like she did in the Velvet Rope tour in a way, but no mohawk than.

  • Maria

    ROFL @ #20

  • harvey

    I’m not commenting on her ability at all, but I really think this look of hers is a major-turn off!

  • jla

    JANET JACKSON WAS FANASTIC!! I was at the show and it was energy and entertainment was packed from the beginning to the end!!

    Her hair was more than likely for dramatic “style” effect and more importantly so she doesnt get any hotter (well she’s always hot! haha) while dancing and stuff in comparison to having your hair down.


  • Lenny

    I think she’s one step above Britney as far as talent. They both don’t sing well and both are too heavy to dance like they did in there early youth. Wouldn’t buy any of her music, or Britney’s.

  • andamentothat

    the pics show that she is rocking her dance moves like way back when.. but the physical condition needs some looking into.. If she tried to get some muscle tone before the tour, she wouldnt appear this hideous.. And the costumes.. well, she got the keys to Liberace’s vault!!

  • cANDIE

    I say go girl!!! and for the person who commented on her age saying she should not be performing like that anymore, I find that a very stupid, bias comment! She has every right to perform however she wants and I don’t see it as her trying to keep up with the younger crowd at all, I just see it as J being J!!! by the way, I’m 24 and hope to God I can look like that and dance like that 20 years from now. anyone who says anything negative about her I think are just jealous!! Janet, YOU GO GIRL!!!!!


    I know that photo of Janet’s arms sagging like that is complete BULLSHIT! I saw the show in Oakland and that shit is false you people must think I’m crazy … Janet rocked the house like always and you people can’t stand it so go find someone else to pick on, cause we dont give a SHIT! LOVE YOU JANET, YOU ROCK THE ENTIRE WORLD!

  • cain

    I think madonna has done the costumes.

  • jay

    Janet when it comes to live performances, concerts etc. RULES!!!! She is an amazing talent to sing and dance the way she does. I agree the hair needs to grow on me but people forget she is playing a character on stage; the concert tells a story. Janet can do no wrong in my book, she blows the Madonna’s, Beyonce’s and Rihanna’s of the industry out of the water!!!! There is no comparison, JANET IS QUEEN!!!!!!

  • hmm

    The days of Janet going down to 110 pounds seems to be over. She’s not fat, but she’s not really sleek either. To perform in skimpy outfits and such, she should be no more than 120 pounds.

    Madonna is a bit too muscular, but her body is in superior form compared to Janet’s. Also Madonna never got fat again and her arms don’t look like chickens. Janet is too extreme with her weight loss. She loses it too quickly. She needs to just commit to being either thin, normal or heavy and stop with the rollercostering

  • cassandra