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Jennifer Lopez Treats Herself To Saint Tropez

Jennifer Lopez Treats Herself To Saint Tropez

Jennifer Lopez goes shopping with a few male friends (including manager Benny Medina) in Saint-Tropez, France on Wednesday.

Later in the day, the 39-year-old triple threat helped husband Marc Anthony celebrate his 40th birthday aboard Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana‘s yacht . You can see Jenny from the Block poseing with one of the couple’s twin babies (Max or Emme).

Other pictures include Jennifer‘s big birthday bash for Marc at The Bowery Hotel in New York City on Sunday.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez treating herself to Saint Tropez…

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jennifer lopez saint tropez 01
jennifer lopez saint tropez 02
jennifer lopez saint tropez 03
jennifer lopez saint tropez 04
jennifer lopez saint tropez 05
jennifer lopez saint tropez 06
jennifer lopez saint tropez 07
jennifer lopez saint tropez 08
jennifer lopez saint tropez 09
jennifer lopez saint tropez 10
jennifer lopez saint tropez 11
jennifer lopez saint tropez 12
jennifer lopez saint tropez 13
jennifer lopez saint tropez 14
jennifer lopez saint tropez 15
jennifer lopez saint tropez 16
jennifer lopez saint tropez 17

Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Anthony Dixon/L. Gallo/WENN
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  • jesse

    I can’t stand her !

  • whatever

    First!!!! She’s Ugly!!!

  • whatever

    One of her thigh alone weights more than her husband…

  • jesse

    No actually I was first whatever ….lol someof you people I swear live for being first to comment on here lol …..get a life people who cares who’s first …second third !

  • whatever

    It’s just fun to be first………didn’t really care if i am or not….

  • andamentothat

    whats with this strange entourage? Who are these random people she is hanging out with? A few days after the triathlon and she looks like she gained some weight already.. her shirt dress looks trendy though.

  • matt_mak

    wow she looks pretty in the brown dress,very sexy

  • enoughalready

    #3 you crazy

  • gnmc


  • Karma

    Sunday NYC today Paris — no kids in sight — every mother should have this kind of luxury. She had the nerve to say she spends every spare minute with the kids. Wonder how many minutes she has to spare.

  • gina

    I just read about how she spends all her time with her kids, and I agree with the above comment. Wonder how true her statement was?

  • Alexz

    wow good to see how the rich actors and actresses are enjoying their life when the rest of us are bleeding out due to crappy economy.

  • billie

    god, she is so thick and she’s beginning to look like a tranny.

  • Kelly

    WOW the comments are insane…

    She looks pretty.

  • Kelly

    WOW the comments are insane…

    She looks pretty.

  • Mary

    He looks older then 40 and she came out and says she spends so much time with her kids? Sure she does. Nice stable environment moving them from LA to NYC to France …

  • Pinky

    She’s chunky. Guess all that training couldn’t get rid of thunder thighs?

  • Candy

    #10 and #11 it looks like she holding her baby in one of the pictures. Maybe they were actually there with their children. We see snap shots of a celebs life and somehow get the feeling that we know any and everything they do.

    #16. Don’t know if you’re a Jolie-Pitt fan, but haven’t they done the exact thing?

    It’s just crazy to me how easy it is to judge people from photographs.

  • bad

    She brought her kids as usual but of course JJ did not post the picture where she is holding her baby girl. There are plenty on other sites of her holding her baby, so people don’t go there saying she left the babies home…lol.

  • andamentothat

    just noticed one of the babies.. very cute..

  • unea23

    19# YOU´RE RIGHT!There´re several photos with the babys in the yacht,but people are so stupid and closed of mind…Probably there´re some people unsatisfied of theirs lives to think in such a dirty way.

  • unea23

    And the baby looks like a doll,very tender

  • teacup

    She looks amazing as always. And the twins are with them. This is a Woman that wanted nothing more then to have children. What makes you think that they are not with her. She doesn’t parade them around like other actors do. Where you see them day in and day out. Then they start complaining about the papparazi taaking pictures o f them. Jennifer knows it’s best to keep the cuties away from those maniacs…

  • jerzeegirl

    Whale? Where? She’s a 39 yr old woman who gave birth to twins less than a year ago & she just participated in a marathon. Can you say the same? She looks damn good. Thank goodness she’s not starving herself to become another hollywood head on a stick!!

  • xiopio

    #6 Stop making comments if you don’t know what you’re talking about.
    Those are not “random people” in her entourage; she’s with her friends Dolce and Gabbana, and her former manager Benny Medina; who’s been Mariah Carey’s manager for the past couple of years and now I think is back with La Lopez.

    Geez, give the girl a break!

    And for you haters her babies are with her, she just doesn’t want all of you crazies to see them. There’s a few pics of her with them inside of the yacht.

  • katie n

    I think many women commentators are just jealous of J Lo’s jet set life. Paris today, NY tomorrow… that is the way to live. She worked hard for it in her youth and glad to see that she is now enjoying life.

    Stop hating on her and wasting time on posting comments. Get to work and try to achieve something.

  • Seth

    The random people that someone was asking, cannot you see that they are the employees associated with the boat. They are there to assist and serve her.

  • ouch

    don’t respect her for very good reasons.

    actually, don’t give a crap about her.


  • my 2 cents…

    Yikes, rough crowd complaining about her weight. I think she looks great. She looks like a normal woman who gave birth to twins this year and not one who is back to her pre pregnancy weight in less than two weeks like some actresses who shall remain nameless.

  • Dancer

    Does anyone else see the irony here? She participates in a marathon and raises $127,000 for her cause and then turns around and flies the family to wherever to spend $800,000 on a birthday party for her husband (according to other sources). If she cared so much about her cause, why didn’t she skip the birthday party and give the 800,000 to the cause?

  • Raichill

    If you look at her legs, they aren’t fat. She has quite well-defined muscles in her thighs.

  • Annabella

    JLO babies are not cute in fact they are ugly. You need to have your vision check.

  • Jessica

    Annabella, you are horrible to call babies ugly. They are NOT ugly. You are the one needing the vision check and a personality check at that. You are most likely the one who is ugly to call babies ugly, while your hiding your face behind a computer monitor.

  • justaham

    I guess — gone are the crowds and fans that used to follow JHo wherever she goes. She had to hire the photgs to take pictures of her for publicity.

    She’s not fat nor ugly — she’s just someone who is now suffering the stigma of getting old in Hollywood. Too bad, she can’t not act even if her life depended on it. Merryl Streep must be in her 50s now, but she is still a very sought after movie star. Why??? Because she CAN act. All her recent movies were straight to DVDs. No wonder she’s not into any movies/films produced by other producers. She’s into films under her OWN productions only.

    The problem with JHo is that her off-reel diva life is annoying and that throws other people off. Like some other poster said, how can you donate $127K worth of her time/effort and then 5 hours later, spend almost a million dollars to celebrate her husband’s 40th birthday. Such decadence. To top it off, she cancelled her guest hosting for Project Runway a day before the show on TV due to foot injury, then turns around and do a marathon the following day. So unprofessional.

    I am sure that she loves her babies very much. But don’t tell the world that you spend every free minute you have with your babies, then be photograph in St. Tropez spending more money.


  • feita

    #34 -ClassLess,, I suppose you’re referring to yourself by calling her jho. First of all the money that was donated comes from Sponsers, she does all the running biking etc,,,(get it right). As far as her giving money to charity she doesn’t have to make it public, it’s no one’s business.
    If she wants to spend $800,00.00 or whatever the amount may have been on her husbands birthday, it’s her money and she can do whatever her little heart desires….. As far as Project Runway, her triatholon was far more important, because it was for a good cause. Make up your mind, you complain about the 127k that it wasn’t enough and then you wanted her to be at Project Runway.. You people no matter what Jennifer, does, you’re never happy. All you know to do is try to bring her down. But you know what it will never happen.

    You Go JLO. You are the BEST !!!

  • @$$M@N

    i would bend her over and watch her big @$$ wobble while i was banging the $h!t outta it

  • tylor

    reply to ‘ouch’ …. if you dont give a crap about the beautiful jennifer, then why were you looking on this site to see her photos!! saddo!!

  • Steve

    This is for “OUCH” What are those very good reasons?