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Tom Cruise: I Love All My Sons!

Tom Cruise: I Love All My Sons!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are spotted leaving her dress rehearsals for All My Sons in New York City.

The couple was all smiles as they held hands and waved to onlookers.

The 46-year-old actor brought baby Suri with him to New York City on Tuesday night.

Katie has been working 12-hour days in preparation for previews of All My Sons on September 18th.

10+ more pics inside of Tom Cruise loving All My Sons

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katie holmes tom cruise all my sons 01
katie holmes tom cruise all my sons 02
katie holmes tom cruise all my sons 03
katie holmes tom cruise all my sons 04
katie holmes tom cruise all my sons 05
katie holmes tom cruise all my sons 06
katie holmes tom cruise all my sons 07
katie holmes tom cruise all my sons 08
katie holmes tom cruise all my sons 09
katie holmes tom cruise all my sons 10

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  • dido

    a very beautiful couple and good luck katie with your all my sons

  • zoe

    someone looks happy…
    its good to see katie happy though and her outfit isnt disastorous. its kinda navy and cute.
    whats with photo #9 though? its not part of it…at least i hope not. he looks freaky with tht hair of his.

  • jules

    eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww check out his big alien veins in his steepuid dwarf head. RUN KATIE RUN

  • wtf

    katie – bipolar
    anyone ?

  • jules


  • jules

    Yes bipolar indeedy – both of them

  • freak show

    These are some of the worst pics of tom ever – not aging well at all
    And Katie looks clownish and her over excited demeanour is in extreme contrast to her sallow sour faced daily excursions.
    Something is definitely not right in these pictures.

  • chrichri

    Ewwww! Where is tom? He is definitely too thin now. His nose looks bigger than never!


    $cientology is a business
    that operates as a cult
    pretending to be a religion.



    Nice to see katie smiling and happy. She missed her baby daddy and little Suri. You can see she is now happy that they are around.

  • kay

    They are so cute together. Tom is lucky. Katie is very lucky too to have him.

  • the incredible edward!

    Everything in these photos is a disaster… her hair, her sunglasses, their awful jeans, his mug…*creepy*

  • sarisue

    That is the most horrifying picture I have ever seen.

  • sue

    that poor woman needs to eat, and i do mean eat. lots of food. she’s wasting away to a skeleton.

  • chadoet

    What’s with the sunglasses????!!!!!! Why does this creepy lady always wear that everytime??!! Does she know the difference between indoor & outdoor, day & night? she might be hiding something, maybe Tom has been punching her eyes! eeewwww…..

  • sarisue

    Tom looks freakishly thin in these photos as well. And he also looks to have aged ten years in a few weeks.

    And you can see hundreds of lines around Katie’s eyes through the bug glasses.

    Is Tom assisting her onto that curb? Doesn’t he realize it’s not that huge a step up for everyone, just him?

    Yeah, they both really seem really healthy and happy. <–sarcasm

  • julie

    Good thing she has her sunglasses on. That sun can be soooo bright indoors. And yes …#4 ….bipolar indeed

  • omg

    Kate looks horrible now. Thin is thin, but what she is is sicko in the head and a living skeleton. Good for her the show went well but she won’t enjoy much of any shows anymore, nor of her kid, if she doesn’t start to eat SOON.
    How can she expect anyone to believe she’s happy when she looks like this???

  • Denise

    Stop looking for stuff that isn’t there! Celebs wear sunglasses all the time because of the paparazzi’s camera flashes – it’s blinding. Camera angles and the proximity also distort features. Leave them alone. They are obviously in love and she is clearly happier when her family is around.

  • chadoet

    Looks older than her age!! Tried sooo hard to dress elegantly. Poor thing…. (BRANGELINA ROCKS!!!!)

  • danni

    kind of freaky……………………

  • very disturbing

    Oh please, two fake phonies, all staged, all PR, they are sickening.
    Maybe bipolar or just a nauseating drama queen who has taken it way too far.
    She smiles her fake smile but she looks like she’s dying inside and outside. She’s yellow, emaciated with sores over her lips. tc must have paid a pretty penny for them to put her in this play.

    I have the greatest respect for the OTHER three great actors that put up with all this bull shit.

  • abagail

    Tom paid her a bonus to be seen smiling after so many photos of her taken looking glum. She did this for the $$$$.

  • ased

    I get the joke in the caption now—Katie looks more like Tom’s son that his wife!

  • terrible

    so it’s fine for kh to ALWAYS wear sunglasses, poor thing, so “famous” the paps flashes are blinding her.

    So…..what about SURI? what is kh doing to protect her daughter’s eyes? NOTHING but push her without eye protection right into the cameras. Stupid, selfish lousy mother.

    I think the play should be protested because of the cult and because of the abuse of Suri.

  • ps

    beautiful couple!they look so happy together.Tom gets better looking as he age.More power to them!!!

  • athena

    Yeah, they look so happy together. I like the pic where Katy has her arm around Tom. They truly enjoy each others’ company. Great for them! I’m happy for them.

  • milla

    what smille
    arrived my god!!???

  • milla

    Nicole is most beautiful

  • Isabella

    has Tom never heard of anti perspirant………..look at the big old sweat stain as he is waving…………yuck!

  • Maria (Shorty)


  • Maria (Shorty)


  • snowglobe

    I am so tired of seeing her coming and going to rehearsel all the time, this has been going on for weeks! Good God I’m so sick of looking at the two of them!!!!! Every damn day, either her or him or both! Pls take pictures of somebody else!!!!! And you have to know Katie will suck ass bad in this play if she has to rehearse for six weeks and be photographed every day doing it. The backers have to make all their money back the first week because it won’t last much longer…unless Tom buys the house every night.

  • a total fan

    For weeks all we saw was Katie going to rehearsal and not once did she smile to the paps for her fans and now she is all smiles from ear to ear. Any why if it is so hot that Tom is sweating out his jacket is she wearing a long coat !

  • yuck

    Tom is sporting a Conan O’Brien hairdo!!! Hilarious!!!

  • fake

    Well, the two fakes are really piling the bullsh*t on thick. This just shows what idiots they really are. Look at the beard….ha ha…she’s such a terrible “actress”. Trying to make out like the happy couple. Losers!! LMAO

    Tom looks like he has a “social disease”????? He looks really sick.

  • Sarah

    I always suspected she was just Tom’s puppet, but that photo really proves it!

  • wendy

    Ew. He’s sweating through his jacket! Why doesn’t he just take it off?

    He’s really gross. Tom Cruise is the exception to the rule of most men aging well. He should really avoid any comparisons to Brad Pitt or George Clooney, because he looks like a little shriveled troll next to them.

  • m

    Amen #19.

    They look happy…truly happy. Hope the show is received well. Would you smile everyday if the paps were waiting everytime you walked out the door????

  • mary

    two revolting fools

  • ouch

    I think Katie has been wearing coats, sweaters to cover up her body because she is really too thin. It really shows in these photos. Wearing of sunglassess at night is to cover up something- she probably looks unhealthy and has fine lines around her eyes due to stress and possibly anorexia nervosa.

    Both of them look like they are under a lot of stress- even with those fake smiles.

    I don’t know- but, I get the creeps when I look at photos of them two. I just feel “disturbed”.

  • ouch

    oh- I forgot to mention- she has sores on her mouth/lips again.

    That signals something!

  • wtf

    why is tc’s nose so big, his teeth are off center, and NOW one eye goes this way, the other eye goes that way. plus he looks insane
    while kh stands there in her bathrobe laughing like a lunatic.

  • please leave new york

    wtf, in one photo tc is holding his arm up like heil hitler.
    I hate them, can’t they just leave for whatever planet will allow them in.

  • Anon

    Notice she only smiles when Tom is around. Even when she is supposedly out having fun with Suri (her daughter), she looks tortured and bored.

  • YoYo

    She’s wearing flats and he has on those shoes with the lifts in them, so he’s almost as tall as she is. Manly!

  • Anon

    Oh, and Tom loves all his kids equally, but only Suri gets to travel. We only see the other two when he trying to show the media he is a better father than Kidman is a mother (i.e. Mother’s Day weekend, and 4th of July weekend when Kidman was giving birth).

  • Heavenly

    Can you please stop using bipolar as an insult. People who have bipolar suffer from an illness just like someone with diabetes. You wouldn’t say, “Wow, she looks so diabetic!” would you? It is an insult to people who live with bipolar disorder to have the term tossed around so rudely.

  • Jess

    I never saw two people who look so insane in my entire life. If I saw Tom walking toward me on the street, I would run in the opposite direction. They look scary. Are they on drugs or something?

    I knew we would have pics of him laughing like the idiot he is today. Its the day the play opens. Gotta get out there and pimp out the play! They are the two biggest publicity whores on the planet and I can’t stand either of them.

  • Marta

    creepy couple