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Penn Badgley to '90210' Girls: Eat A Cheeseburger!

Penn Badgley to '90210' Girls: Eat A Cheeseburger!

Gossip Girl hunk Penn Badgley heard that the blogosphere is abuzz about 90210‘s skinny starlets and how they are too thin for TV.

The 21-year-old actor told Popeater that he’s “never been proponent of the thin L.A. girls” and is glad that the females on his hit CW show “aren’t bone-thin.” (He’s currently romancing his on-and-off-screen girlfriend Blake Lively.)

Penn had some advice for the girls of 90210 (also a CW show): “I hope they eat a double cheeseburger or something.”

Sounds like there’s a feud brewing between the casts of 90210 and Gossip Girl!

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  • Sweettooth

    haha yeah true they need to eat.. a lot

  • sue

    no kidding. good advise. those chicks look like anorexic drug bunnies.

  • rhonda

    Hit tv show my ass! boy stop hating because they have the ratings you want!


  • katie

    he’s right!

    gossip girl is way better!

    they got 3.6 viewers last week!

  • katie

    3.6 million- my bad. ahha

  • T

    You tell them Penn!

  • Helena

    Well Taylor Momsen looks as equally thin as those girls…

  • Krizia

    OMG! The one in the middle… is just…. WAY yo unhealthy!
    That’s so random… the legs are just… OMG…
    Sad… very sad…

  • daisy

    Penn is so cute! And he’s so right! :) yay for him not supporting anorexic girls!!!

  • barron797

    Penn Badgley needs to eat a burger himself. He’s a little too skinny too.


    my god;.
    on riight they need a cheeseburger

  • Suzanne

    I HATE when people say that. Eating junk food to gain weight back is equally as unhealthy and it’s not going to solve anything. Maybe, at least one of them, is perhaps naturally that thin.

  • star7

    Um, The girls an GG are just as thin as the girls on 90210. Who is this Penn Badgley or whatever the heck his name is to tell them to eat a cheeseburger. He needs to tell his girlfriend to eat a burger.

  • T

    The difference between Taylor and them #7 is that Taylor’s only 15 and still growing into her body.

  • Tracy

    I fucking love shenea grims! Shes amazing and i
    effing love her! lmfao

  • pamea

    he is correct eat something please.

  • marc

    LOOL #7 taylor is just 15…….

    They should eat !

    2skinny for tv, now thats bad 4 your kids america.

  • Kimi

    Even though I don’t watch those shows..from the pictures of the cast of Gossip girls, the girls there actually have more meat then the girls in 90210.

    they could be naturally thin, but natural thin people don’t look that thin. Especially at that age.

    I wouldn’t say eat a cheeseburger, I’ll say eat a full meal steaks or something.

  • Tony

    I think Penn is right. Whether or not he should have said it, that’s another story.

    The girls do need to eat. It’s just not attractive. It’s especially stupid considering they’re all good looking. Being this thin makes gorgeous girls look terrible, ultra-skinny doesn’t look good on anyone.

    LMAO at people bragging GG gets 3. whatever viewers. Um, hello, that’s total shit. Yes, they got praised for it this week, but only because it’s much better than the 1. / 2. whatever a bunch of their season 1 episodes got.

    Shows like House, Bones, Ghost Whisperer, Smallville get like 10. something, or even more each episode.

    Which means, all the hype, gloss, attraction disolves when the average person actually sits down for an hour and watches it.

    Hey, hate me all you want. Comment back with “why are you commenting,” blah, blah. It still doesn’t change the fact the ratings are dreadful.

  • ana

    i agree that those girls are too thin but he souldn’t have said it it’s just wrong and rude!

  • iluvmiley

    how about they eat healthfully…i’m don’t think that eating a cheeseburger will help their problem. especially if their bodies aren’t used to that much fat all at once.

  • marc

    Fact is, its doing way better than 90210, And those other shows, arent relevant to the discussion so eat a.

    I hope 90 gets cancelled.


    Screw 90210!


  • yesenia

    he just can’t stand the compitition bleh you suck penn don’t be bullying no girls its not your place =P

  • CrazyDaisy

    90210 is so bad. The acting is horrible.

  • Oprah

    Penn Badgely usually sucks, but I agree with him: they’re horrifyingly skinny. Poor Jessica Stroup and AnnaLynne McCord….

  • K

    It’s easy for him to say that but would he ever consider dating anyone who didn’t look like a supermodel?

  • zeggy

    Penn is right although he could have been a bit more diplomatic.

    Blake and Leighton put those girls to shame, they’re beautiful and healthy.

  • gwen

    Blake Lively and Leighton Meester are thin, but they do not look like the 90210 girls. They look healthy.

    Taylor Momsen is a little scary skinny, but like others said, she’s only 15 so it’s possible she’s still just in the young awkward teenage body phase. The 90210 actresses are adults.

  • Jenny

    OMG SOMEONE Pleaseeeeeeeeee feed them

  • Melissa

    They are pretty darn thin.. but I think the girl that plays Silver is gorgeous and I love her characters style… yeahh she’s cool … skinny as hell but cool lol

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


    you ‘sound’ fat-n-ugly.


    stfu, if they nɛed to eat a cheeseburger, then they need to eat a cheɛseburger. why candy-coat it.. pʊssy!


    you stupid jīzz-filled-whorɛ. how you comparɛ a tweeny 15 y/o to adults. you should be beating by ā group of nʊt-sacks.

  • dialectic

    both shows suck but 90210 is worse i couldnt even make it through an episode….whats with all these attacks on skinny girls? would penn (is that his real name? why do his parents hate him?) make an annoucement that fat girls need to exercise? i doubt it…

  • clara

    number 3 ur a total idiot. Gossip Girl is still the highest rated show on the CW and the other night it pulled in the most viewers that she station has EVER had for any show. Since the premiere of 90210, its ratings have dropped by almost 2 million viewers. get your facts straight


    Gossip girl is better and always will be. 90210 = Horrible acting, Fake, Disgusting fashion, and Two anorexics.
    Gossip girl = Better actors, Hotter actors, HEALTHY actresses, AMAZING Style, and just way more popular. Sorry no one can top
    a Best seller made into a tv show. Not even “americas favorite zip-cod that defines a generation”

  • Tony



    Yes, you’re right. They are the highest, but highest meaning – the crappiest highest.

    The ratings for such a highly, highly, highly promoted show are dreadful. Just because they’re at the top, doesn’t mean the top is outstanding numbers.

    It just means the crap did better than the crappier.

  • Helena

    #14, what the hell are you talking about? Taylor was never that thin. Rent Paranoid Park and see what I’m talking about. Nothing to do with growth.

  • denise

    I agree with him. It’s good that a man in hollywood is speaking out against it. Although, he should speak to Taylor because she is thinner than all 3 of them!

  • Biggest jj fan (Michelle)

    Yeah they need to eat more. It’s very scary, like is this the assumption that people who live in Beverly Hills are supposed to be stick thin people? Well the girls on GG are thin too, but not as skinny as 90210. I say they all eat some hamburgers and bulk up a little. haha

  • anonymous

    it’s true that the girls do need to eat, but he should not have said that. it’s rude. but they do look unhealthy.

    not to be a b*tch or anything, but whoever says GG is the top rated show on the CW is completely wrong. Last year it was one of the lowest rated shows on the network. And the ratings it got Monday night weren’t the highest the network has ever gotten. 90210 premiered with almost 5 million, smallville one tree hill and americas next top model have all gotten over 4 million viewers numerous times, which is something GG has never even come close to doing.

  • .

    He is f*cking rude, if this girl have anorexia, he should show some respect, it is a difficult and painfull desease, i can tell that.

  • Lena

    wtf.. the girls of gg are not thin. blake and leighton are actually very healthy looking..

  • leighton and blake fan

    I like both Gossip Girl and 90210.But the 90210 girls do look skinny

  • WakeUpPeople

    So TRUE!!!

  • leighton and blake fan

    ugh sorry my comment double posted again

  • michelle

    its great being skinny and those girls look amazing..
    but dayummmm just EAT! your way tooo skinny..your not gonna b sooooo fat!

  • julie

    penn’s absolutely right. they are extremely skinny.GG girls are average girls, blake has a good healthy body.
    i think they should eat 2 cheeseburgers

  • Click

    I hope now 90210 is such a success they can afford a cheeseburger. lol

  • catherine

    no, but it is true though. I just watched the first episode of 90210 today because I heard it was really really really good. so i check it out, and the main female girl is extra thin. like, i really can’t believe they cast her. she’s a bad example for the me and my friends at school. but, the show is good though. and i can understand why penn is so upset. Gossip Girl is getting boring, and 90210 is on fire.

    I can’t wait for watch the 2,3, and 4 episodes later!

  • Jen

    Penn is so right! They need to eat!!