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'Revolutionary Road' Movie Poster Revealed

'Revolutionary Road' Movie Poster Revealed

Scope out the new movie poster for Revolutionary Road, the upcoming drama reuniting Titanic duo Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Titanic was the biggest film in box-office history back in 1997, so Leo and Kate have a lot to live up to!

According to USA Today, “Road tells the story of a young, successful couple living what appears to be a thriving life with their two children in 1950s Connecticut. But the mendacity of their suburban living sends them to France — and their relationship into a tailspin.”

The trailer debuts this Friday (tomorrow!) with Keira Knightley‘s The Duchess.

Movie tidbit: Pop singer Jesse McCartney‘s younger brother, Timmy, is said to star in Revolutionary Road, but his role in the film is still unknown.

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  • Janie

    YAY! I love these two! I cannot wait for this film!

  • jim

    Could have been better. Love Leonardo and Kate though.

  • Laureen

    Finally :) Love them both :)

  • Swagslag

    This is a fantastic book, a classic. I hope they don’t screw it up.

  • ti fan

    god i love them there both very hot snd cute!

  • KK

    can’t wait to see

  • KK

    can’t wait

  • katie

    im PUMPED !

  • mee

    yay, i’ve been waiting forever for this movie!
    but i don’t know if i like this movie poster. that doesn’t even look like kate winslet.

  • Lizz

    Im soo seing this movie =)

  • french

    they are so cute together

  • Stefanie

    omg I am excited!

  • Shar

    No offense, but I just saw the preview to this movie the other day, and it looked incredibly boring, I hope the movie is not, but it doesn’t look promising!!!

  • loli

    So weird to see there names together again in a poster, but it’s a really good weird! Great!

  • Lauren

    OMG, I loved them together in Titanic, it’s a classic!!
    It’s so weird seeing them in another movie together.

  • gina

    It is so great to see these two together again. They made Titanic what it was.

  • Creature from th Black Lagoon

    Timmy MCartney either plays Michael Wheeler, the Wheeler’s youngest child, or one of the Campell boys.

  • kim

    These two are ‘magic’ on screen together! Awesome poster! I have not seen two actors who play off as well since Hepburn and Tracy! I can’t wait for this one! They just look ‘right’ together. :)

  • kim

    @ 16

    I agree. I’ve seen both of them opposites lots of other more conventional types and they just look like a guy with a chick or a chick with a guy. But when they are together on screen each makes the other look special and brings out their unique qualities. I think that Leo’s ‘edge’ next to Kate’s refined and palpable intelligence makes him seem more deep and it also shows off her inner strengths as well.

    Honestly, not since Tracy and Hepburn has there been such a great film pairing. It’s good they don’t over do it either by being in movie after movie together.

  • Helena

    Nice and simple.

  • kim

    I love her vintage dress with the cutouts! :)

  • Gwen

    this pic is beautiful !!

  • Gwen

    this pic is beautiful !!

  • Miss::CulleN

    i don´t know if it´s boring, but i´m gonna see it anyway!! loveee kate, she´s one of my fav actress! And Leo is great too! Love him in ALL the scorsese´s movies!


  • the_boyfriend

    I’m really looking forward to seeing this, I hope it delivers.
    Great poster btw.

  • Jenny

    I want to see this movie

  • kat

    They shouldn’t be putting pressure on them to live up to Titanic. I’m sure it will be a good movie just the same.

  • Jeff

    “Titanic was the biggest film in box-office history back in 1997″

    Titanic still is the biggest film in box-office history.
    Love the poster btw!

  • emma

    Very beautiful poster! It seems to be a metaphor type poster because the movie is not “simple and sweet” like the poster is. If you guys have seen the trailer that came out its a strained and unhealthy marriage, & very intense.

    So I’m thinking that whoever designed the poster wanted to make it as a metaphor. Behind closed doors everything seems perfect but once we step inside it is far from perfect. The poster is like behind closed doors and when we see the movie we’ll see what’s inside.

  • emma

    I love Kate’s haircut by the way!! It’s so adorable, and the dress seems to be cute from what we can see.





    God bless Leo ‘n Kate
    I’m so exciting 4 one more ‘n the ‘duo’ 2gether again weeeee \o/

  • meg

    I’ve seen the preview and it looks amazing. Kate and Leo look like they give amazing performances. Their chemistry is amazing, without it Titanic would have just been another disaster movie. Love these two together. I especially love Kate Winslet, I think she is the most brilliant actress of her generation. Just so great. How amazing was she in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?

  • Ali

    I love this picture. So sweet! II love both of them. So hot together! :)


    They are so beautiful together. I love Leo and I love Kate. The best actor and actress of his and her generation. Titanic is the biggest movie ever!!!

  • elizabeth marinas

    i can’t wait until the movie comes out i love leo and kate they make a grat on screen couple i hope this movie is a grat box office movie

  • gaby

    cant w8!
    i lovee leonardo dicaprio<33
    i cried watching titanic
    if u wana talk bout this email me at


    leo is very best………..

  • JESS

    I saw this poster the other day & I really love it. It’s such a great poster of Leo & Kate for their new movie.

  • jennifer

    I just love this poster, it’s so sweet, so beautiful and I love Leo and Kate together, they are great. I saw the trailer and they look amazing,
    I can’t wait. They are cute here, I never thought in a better poster, this is perfect, LOVE THEM FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley griffith

    i can’t wait for the duchess come to texas ya ha ya’ll

  • alice


  • figen

    leo ve kate sizleri çok seviyorum ve birbirinize çok yakışıyosunuz sizi çokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk seviyorum