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Bar Refaeli - Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party 2008

Bar Refaeli - Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party 2008

Bar Refaeli is all smiles in an olive mini, at the 2008 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party on Thursday in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old Israeli model accessorized her look with Jimmy Choo “Antonia” suede boots and “Celia” clutch at the red carpet on the rooftop of The Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Up next for Bar? Co-hosting fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger‘s one-off TV special, Tommy Hilfiger Presents Ironic Iconic America, which will air next month on Bravo.

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli @ the 2008 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party…

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Credit: Axelle; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Ali

    It’s “Rafieli” but whatever. i dont care for her. :P

  • melmel

    MEHAMEMET!… shes gorgeous

  • Gracie

    She’s very pretty, but for some reason I don’t think she’s stunningly beautiful. She seems bland looking – but her body is awesome.


    U>G>L>Y dis b*tch ain’t got no alaby

  • Lizz

    She look lika a ugly cow , her face is very long my god!
    jared are a fan of her or what?? why are u posting about this user who have done nothing to be famous for, jeeeez she WAS Leonardo Dicaprios girlfriend, thats all.

    so why dont u post about all the other celebs gf?!

  • Gracie

    And Ali – according to Google and countless other sources Jared has spelt her name correctly.

  • Gracie

    Lizz – she’s a model. She was the first Israeli model to be in Sports Illustrated. She has her own career, just because you only heard of her due to her relationship with Leo does not make her a ‘nobody’.

  • anti-bar

    Bar is a spoiled brat who used Leo for fame! Talking about Leo the idiot has taken her back. They were together at Villa Last night. Leo has lost all my respect! I can’t believe how stupid he is! Leo better use three condomns because Bar will try to trap him! Leo needs psychological help fro being so confused about relationships!

  • me

    יואוווו אני פשוט שונאת אותה!! שתפסיק להידחף לכל מקוםםם

  • laura

    anti-bar – How do you know they were at Villa last night? Maybe they were there separately and just being civil to each other. Please tell me they are not back together.

  • Gracie

    How do you know what Leo is thinking? And when did this girl garner so much hate!?

  • Lizz

    Grace – pliz we all know how she got that job, and how she became a model its all because of Leonardo Dicaprio. Befor him she was nobody in Isreal and was trying to break out as a model, but when the paparazzi started to take pictures of them together and found out her name she became leonardo dicaprio’s girlfriend, and from that to Model, can you se the link how it started???

    Nobody in Israel – Leonardo dicaprio’s girlfirend -”famous” Model in usa.

  • french

    in tmz and x17 there are a video of Leo and this bitc*

    How Leo can be also stupid to return with this bitch who uses him?

  • french

    she’s the most uglier model in the world

  • guard

    She’s a pretty girl. She better than Leo for getting her a career posing. Sure, she’s better-looking and more feminine than Gisele, but she’s still a fame digger

  • James Mason Fan

    She reminds me of Giselle, which is interesting, since Leo dated her too.

  • James Mason Fan

    Why is it that though that Leonard DiCaprio always seem to choose dolls for his women? He really has a thing for beautiful women–obviously. On the downside though, models aren’t renouned for being the sharpest tools in the shed…which I know is just a generalization, but still. Actresses, on the other hand, have to be at least moderatly smart because they have to be able to read long, and complex scripts and understand them.

  • Julia

    Amazing as always

  • Maz

    It’s funny how stupid some of you girls sounds. How jealous are you? As a guy I can tell you that Bar is gorgeous. You girls need to grow up and stop hating. Lose a few pounds and make more of an effort in the morning, then you won’t have to criticize so much to make up for your own insecurities.

  • claire

    she’s so gorgeous!don”t understand why you hate her that much…

  • katie

    #20 : we hate her because she use Leo for is model career and sans him she’s nothing (Who knew her before being the girlfriend of Leo? Anybody or can be in her country but not somewhere else and Leo does not seem very happy with her (he smiles a lot when he is with his friends but with her he makes almost always a gloomy face (if he liked her more, he would cross more time with her, they did not see each other for at least 3 months its fact all the same a lot for a couple)

  • Italian esmeralda

    I can’t believe it. I will always love Leo as an actor, but I think that either he’s very much in love or is very very stupid. She’s using him for publicity, it’s pretty obvious.

    Ok, Leo, she is beautiful…What apart from that??? She seems so shallow and quite stupid, in interviews! I don’t want to be offensive, I’m so sorry, but she does, to me!

  • desdemona

    Leo is not in love with Bar or he would spend more time with her. Clearly he hooks up with her when it is convenient and for sex. Congratulations Bar, for landing a guy who treats you so well!

  • omg

    beautiful woman, but why do they all look like 45 when they’re 23 years old??

  • lilly

    I don`t think that all in all Bar is more attractive than Giselle. Leo is an on again / off again boyfriend ( same thing with Giselle and Bar ) and he wants someone who is fine with it. Giselle kicked him out after years of struggle and the reason why I have no respect for Bar whatsoever is because she is fine with it. As soon as articles appeared claiming that they are over all of a sudden she is back on his side. She needs Leo for her career and Leo needs someone young and low maintenance who is ready to put up with his games.
    Her only claim for fame is being Leo`s girlfriend and she seriously needs to stop tanning.

  • who am i?

    I was sooooo disappointed when I saw the x17 video of them leaving villa together. UGH! WTF is she doing at some “teen” party anyway? This fame wh*re will do anything for attention!!!

    And that one braid on the side of her head – looks really stupid!

  • who am i?

    anti-bar, you are so right! I have really lost respect for Leo.

  • jiggy

    She looks like Pocahantas in these pictures.

  • who am i?

    Just read this interview/article about Bar – it is from about a year ago, the last time they broke up. I can’t believe some of the harsh, awful things she says….it give you a real view of what a selfish, hard person she really is – I fail to see any attraction in her at all and can’t believe that Leo would associate with such a person!

  • kelly

    Seriously… The hate is ridiculous. She’s a true beauty.

  • who am i?

    LMAO jiggy – Pocahantas!!!

  • me

    לכל הישראלים שפה..
    שמתם לב איך שכל האמריקאים שאין להם מושג על בר מזיינים את השכל שהיא הייתה כלום בישראל!? כאילו… על מה לעזאזל הם מדברים?!!? היא הייתה ממש מוכרת בארץ… פשוט אין לי כוח להתחיל להסביר להם פה חחח
    בכל מקרה… אני שונאת את בר!!! היא פשוט יורקת לבאר שהיא שותה ממנה… כל הזמן מכפישה את ישראל.. יאללה שתישאר שם מי צריך אותה פה?!!?!? וגם ככה כולם שם שונאים אותה אז שתירקב שם

  • who am i?

    kelly, beauty is,in the end, a quality from within. Inside, she is a completely selfish b*tch who will use anyone to get what she wants. She used a sham marriage to get out of serving in the IDF, she really hit the jackpot when she caught Leo’s eye. He was totally her meal ticket, as far as fame outside of Israel goes. She was very famous on her own in Israel, that is true, but not noticed at all outside until she started being photographed with Leo. She is a pathetic person.

  • who am i?

    OMG, Lilly, we posted the same interview!!! LOL!

  • ihb

    Pocahantas, that`s really funny!!! Leo is a big disappointment and this girl is an empty shell.

  • anti-bar

    Please jiggy don’t insult Pocahantas! Bar is an idiot stuck-up bitch! Thanks all those who linked to that interview from “Israeli Insider.” It really shows what an evil person Bar is. She’s hated in Israel. Last night there was a party to honor Israel in Hollywood but of course Bar didn’t go because she’s too good to honor her homeland. There were going to be some A-list celebrities there too. The event was too good for Bar.

    Leo is stupid but he’ll dump her soon. There are many reports that he was flirting and probably sleeping with a lot of women the last few months. He just wants familiar sex and probably has other girls on the side.

    I think it’s funny how Bar fans, must be like two, are now saying that they never broke-up. Please! What kind of couple doesn’t see each other for three months? Leo dumped her but in a lapse of judgment or too much weed took her back. Bar better not be at the Emmy’s or I’ll throw a shoe at the television. Why was Bar there recieving free stuff anyway? Her only claim to fame is banging Leo!

  • ihb

    Bar is nothing without him and I guess that`s why she crawled back to Leo`s bed. And Leo was stupid enough to fall for her again. I always thought he was more intelligent than that but I assume I was wrong. Big letdown!

  • who am i?

    anti-bar! I need to talk to you about an exclusive little group we have going on popsugar….

  • who am i?

    go get a userid for popsugar and post it here and then i will contact you…

  • Gwen

    Stupid Leo …a big disappointment for me ! finaly, he’s so weak…

  • french

    He really has to feel very very alone to return with this whor*, but me waits to see of the other Leo’s and bar pics and to see if they are together (because it is all the same strange that Leo hid in the car a lot)

  • Beurk

    Yes, Leonardo Dicaprio is a great actor and nothing else.
    Stupid and ridiculous !
    He needs to loose weight, he’s becoming fat, he’s always drunk …
    He often look like a teenager with his cap ..
    What kind of girls want to have a bf like that ??

  • maya

    stam metumtemet se hoshevet se ohavim ota aval be’etzem kolammmmm sonim ota!!!!

  • jill


  • ^_^

    באמת שתישאר שם אנחנו לא צריכים אותה פהה
    אבל בכל זאת כיף לה שהיא שם עם כמה אנשים שהייתי רוצה להיות איתם :)

  • http://barrrryouramazing :]

    כן באמת אפילו שם שונאים אותה!
    ומה היא קשורה בכלל?כל מקום היא נדחפת

  • Naima

    Leo is such a moron what a waste of a good actor but a shallow, insecure man… She’s cold and average in the looks department, she must be ok with being a user and leo is ok with being used, they deserve each other.

  • Maz

    #21…you proved my point, a lot of you ladies hate Bar because she’s dating Leo and you’re not….petty.

  • Arroyo

    I think she’s beautiful, certainly better looking than DiCaprio.

    I have only one problem here – what the hell is she doing at a “teen party”? She’s 23 years old! That’s what 23 year old guys do – troll for 16 year chicks at a “teen party”.

  • Tiffany


    He looked so much happier with Gisele, and she is much prettier then Bar(bie) Rafaeli