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'Heroes' Covers TV Guide

'Heroes' Covers TV Guide

Heroes star Hayden Panettiere, Masi Oka and Zachary Quinto take the cover of TV Guide‘s latest issue to promote the upcoming third season of their hit NBC drama, airing this Monday @ 9PM ET/PT.

SPOILER ALERT: Sylar goes on a mad rampage to get Claire’s brain. Peter comes back from the future to commit an inconceivable act of violence. And our planet is in danger of cracking in half. But right now, Hiro, the time-bending fan-geek played by Masi Oka, has a more immediate problem. A cute little blonde has knocked him on his ass. Literally.

“My character will finally meet his nemesis this year – the Joker to his Batman,” Masi tells TV Guide, who’s shooting a scene in which Hiro takes a sucker punch from Daphne, the new supersonic speedster played by Brea Grant (Friday Night Lights). “Daphne steals Hiro’s very destiny,” he says, “And that’s not OK, because it’s his destiny to save the world. Again. For the third time in three seasons.” He adds, “This show is getting to be like 24 – only Hiro has more than a day to work on the problem.”

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Series creator Tim Kring tells TV Guide, “We’re moving very quickly and revealing a lot of secrets and surprises on Night 1 – the kinds we would have saved until Episode 7 or 8 in the past.” Heroes returns September 22nd with the first two hours of a shock-a-minute volume called “Villains.” “These guys are the worst of the worst, with special abilities that make them too dangerous to ever again live in society,” he explains. Jamie Hector (The Wire) plays the group leader, Knox, who gains strength when he’s in the presence of fear. “As a young guy, he was basically good at heart but was raised by a murderous Los Angeles street gang,” Hector says. “He wants payback for being locked up and not considered a human being.”

In the season premiere, Sylar (Quinto) will lop off the top of Claire’s (Panettiere) skull to get at what’s inside. “Sylar has one fatal flaw,” Hayden reveals. “He can be hurt. He can die. So he goes after Claire, because she’s the one thing he wants to be – indestructible.”

Adds Zach, “The No. 1 question fans ask me is, ‘What does Sylar actually do with the brains of his victims after he absorbs their powers? Does he eat them?’ Well, you’re gonna get a little insight into that.” Viewers will also see a new and unexpected side of Sylar. “He’ll be called upon to cultivate different sides of his persona in order to survive. There’s a part of him that doesn’t want to be this sick, creepy guy. He wants to be special and good.”

“Claire gets to be more of an action hero,” says co-executive producer Jesse Alexander. “She already has the power to heal herself. Teach her how to use a baseball bat and you’ve got something pretty formidable.” It will come in handy, Kring adds, “because Claire and Elle (Kristen Bell) are once again on a collision course.”

“In the past, we’ve posited various theories,” says Kring. Do these powers have a basis in science? Are they evolutionary? A gift from God? And how are all these people connected? This season, we’re going to reframe those questions and take a turn that’s really unexpected.”

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    camila Says:

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    actually it’s the 3rd season of Heroes, not the 4rth…

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    Desert Says:

    I can’t wait!

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    Just Jared Says:

    Thanks, Cyril!

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    Hayden looks lovely, I love the dress. She looks much older than 19 though.

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    Cassie Says:

    Good Lord Zach Looks HOT!!! =D

    Can’t wait for the new season!!!

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    newport beach, 92660 Says:

    WHAAT??? Why didn’t they put Peter Petrelli on the cover? He’s practically the main guy… and THE hottest too…. followed by Zach! aaaahhh milo ventimiglia… SO HOT

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    vicks Says:

    wheres milo?? :(
    hes a hottie!

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    Nina Says:

    Hayden Hayden Hayden she looks so chubby(not in a good way) and old, she totally reminds me of Scarlett J. every time I see her on the news…

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    Nadja Says:

    Yay, I love Heroes!

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    leonor Says:

    i loooooooooove zachary quinto!!!

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    kendra Says:

    the one who plays sylar is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot.

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    kendra Says:

    also i can’t wait till the new season comes out.

    Love Kendra p.

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    peter 皮特

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    you are the best in the soap heroes

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