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Jennifer Aniston Stands Up 2 Cancer

Jennifer Aniston Stands Up 2 Cancer

Jennifer Aniston indulges herself with a facial at the Cristina Radu European Skin Care spa in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Thursday.

“I customize each facial to the individual’s skin,” skin care specialist Cristina Radu has said.

The 39-year-old actress wore her support for cancer activism by wearing a “Stand Up 2 Cancer” tank top. For more details on this foundation, visit Jen also wore hid behind sunglasses and a baseball cap promoting the Chicago Cubs.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston standing up to cancer…

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jennifer aniston stand up to cancer 01
jennifer aniston stand up to cancer 02
jennifer aniston stand up to cancer 03
jennifer aniston stand up to cancer 04
jennifer aniston stand up to cancer 05
jennifer aniston stand up to cancer 06
jennifer aniston stand up to cancer 07
jennifer aniston stand up to cancer 08
jennifer aniston stand up to cancer 09
jennifer aniston stand up to cancer 10
jennifer aniston stand up to cancer 11
jennifer aniston stand up to cancer 12
jennifer aniston stand up to cancer 13
jennifer aniston stand up to cancer 14
jennifer aniston stand up to cancer 15
jennifer aniston stand up to cancer 16
jennifer aniston stand up to cancer 17

Photos: ODuran/Fame Pictures
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  • hello


  • jjoy

    oyyee….when will her ass and coochie show from mehijico (photoshoot for???) comes out jj???? :lol:

  • hmmm

    Her ass only looks good on those azz and coochie shows biknies. She has a Flat azz here.

  • jeronimo

    no comment!



  • donna

    the only reason she i s doing this is to show the public that she is just as concerned as brad & angie. I don’t recall her do any thing when she was with brad pitt or before

  • LT

    why did she go into a fur store? people should not wear murdered animals for fashion. hey, peta…

  • Dancer

    She stands up for cancer yet she smokes cancer sticks, weed, and rumor has it does blow. Not to mention she tans all the time. Can we say Lung Cancer and Skin Cancer Jen?

  • http://deleted missy

    stupid haters!

  • peter

    Jen, you l have a hot body, love you

  • Jay

    Rare and original fur!!!!! Nice and classy Jen, fur = murder!!! Now I think even less of her.

  • sunbake for cancer?

    good point dancer – she is kidding herself with all her sun exposure.

  • she loves the paps

    Thought she was so private!! Look how she is dressing, She is courting the paps, her pixs are everyday and everywhere. You fans don’t know her at all do you.

    She’s trolling for a new toyboy, got that bait exposed and hook waiting. Wonder who she will lure next!!! Maybe one of the Gossip boys?

    LOL. You go lady but better cover up that overtanned red wrinkling chest before you do. Your skin is looking like pleather!!

  • rien


    There are many kinds of Cancer. Lung Cancer and Skin Cancer is something you can avoid. But breast cancer, blood cancer, and many other cancer you just get.

    Just because Jen smokes doesn’t mean that automatically she will get cancer. And just because she loves enjoying the sun, doesn’t mean that she will get cancer either.

    Inform yourself before you make such a comment.

    For a person who has experience with such a disease, I know how it feels when nobody’s there to support you. When you have to choose between money or cancer treatment or educational needs. And a person whom you loved very much died because of it.

    So pay a respect and inform yourself!

  • Dancer

    You are right smoking ciggies and weed and tanning don’t guarentee cancer, but they increase the risk. The top three contributors to the risk of getting cancer are growing older, tobacco use and sun.

    Smokers are more likely than nonsmokers to develop cancer of the lung, larynx (voice box), mouth, esophagus, bladder, kidney, throat, stomach, pancreas, or cervix. They also are more likely to develop acute myeloid leukemia (cancer that starts in blood cells). (that is a direct quote from the National Cancer Institute)
    And on sun: It causes early aging of the skin and skin damage that can lead to skin cancer.
    So Rien, she is growing older, smoking ciggies and weed and tanning. I would say her risk factor to develop cancer are a lot higher than those of us who don’t smoke and don’t tan.

    Maybe you should inform yourself before you make asinine comments. And you aren’t the only one who has had first hand experience with cancer babe, those of us who have — generally don’t smoke, stay out in the sun, and do other things that would increase our risk factors.
    If Jen wants to smoke like a chimney and tan her skin into leather that is her right. She has enough money that we, as taxpayers, won’t have to pay for her treatment.

  • dits

    rien @ 09/19/2008 at 2:12 am
    Just because Jen smokes doesn’t mean that automatically she will get cancer. And just because she loves enjoying the sun, doesn’t mean that she will get cancer either.

    Inform yourself before you make such a comment.
    I think you should take your own advice, cause apparently you are in denial…

  • rien

    I have a brother who died because of blood cancer and you think I am in denial?

    Just like I said, Lung Cancer and Skin Cancer mostly you get by choice. Even sometimes a passive smoker can get it too.

    But there are many kinds of cancer. And if somebody try to raise money against this disease, at least what I can do is to say thank you. Because I have been there. I know and I can see how hard it was for my family to deal with a little amount of money that we have. Between choosing new books or new blood.

    I wonder, if it is somebody whom you adore raising money for the same reason, if you will write the same sentences.

  • jf

    fame whoring again?, boring, she always appear when there is too much attention on the Jolie/Pitt, the difference is, they actually do something to make the news, Jen, not so much, hypocrite, she smokes, and needs attention. who called the paps there?, how did they know where she was? hmmmm how giving of her to wear that shirt for cancer, i bet that alone raised a lot of money, and it also shows how much she cares about other people, and not the normal shallow dizzy,selfish Jen. good girl. that’s the least she could do after trying to get publicity and headlining the cancer program for her own media attention needs.

  • rien


    If you suffered under breast cancer, and you were undergoing chemo, you were allowed to enjoy the sun.

    With this limitation:

    * Stay out of direct sun from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
    * Use fresh sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher)–toss out last year’s supply.
    * Lather extra sunscreen on high, rounded skin: Nose, tops of ears, exposed scalp, shoulders, knees, and tops of feet.
    * Slide some lip balm with sunscreen on your lips. and keep the tube handy for reapplication.
    * Dress for protection: Wear a wide-brimmed hat; loose, long-sleeve top; flowing, long pants.
    * Drink plenty of water to keep your skin, and the rest of your body, hydrated.

  • Dancer

    Cancer is a terrible disease and it is nice that Jen is raising money for cancer awareness/cure. BUT all I’m saying is she smokes heavily, uses weed, and tans her skin regularly by sun and tanning beds. This seems to me to be a little hypocritical on her part.. Do as I say and not as I do. Plus it is easy for her to do this. I walked 26.2 miles with the Leukemia and Lymphoma society for blood cancers. It was really hard. My supporters and donors knew I didn’t smoke or stay out in the sun. I would have felt like a hypocrite if I had taken their money if I had indulged in behaviors that were high risk for cancer. My own opinion. Jen can do whatever she likes. But it would set a more positive example to her fans and others if she would stop smoking cigarettes, stop smoking marijuana and stay out of the sun.

  • Dancer

    What does your breast cancer post have to do with this discussion? Jen DOESN’T stay out of the sun.
    That is my point.

  • jf

    rien honey, you are not the only one that had someone close to them die of cancer, but if you are relying on this fake fame whoring person to help you out, you better think again, she only cares about herself and her career, why do you think so many people hate her, she needs to be front and center in charity function,( name only) but like she said about john Mayer, her wallet is nothing but empty when it comes to giving, maybe you should try brad/Ange, they are real concern people who actually talk the talk and walk the walk. not just wear the shirt for attention.

  • Orchid

    rien @ 09/19/2008 at 2:12 am
    You’re right that smoking doesn’t automatically cause cancer, but it does increase the risk.
    There are other things that smoking causes, like wrinkles, lines running between nose and mouth, yellow nails, etc .
    I see it in somebody I know. She lights her next cigarette with the one in her hand. She smokes throughout dinner! The drapes in her house smell of cigarettes, but I’m sure she doesn’t even notice it.

    If a smoker sees the ad that show the picture of a lung of a lung cancer victim, I’m sure he/she would stop immediately!

  • maria

    There we go again…..why can’t just people enjoy the pictures, if not, go to other pictures. What do you care if she sun bathes or smokes.? She is living her life! She is supporting a good cause because too many peopel are getting cancer nowadays, even children. You should see the St Jude Children Hospital that JA goes to and help supports before this Stand Up to Cancer. This support has nothing to do with Brad & Angelina. She has found something she is concerned about. At least she is not going with the fad of getting pregnant and having babies without being married. Also, why do haters bring up that she smokes marijuana? She admitted that before when she was younger but she was not an addict. Maybe, a lot of you are not informed well……There was an TV autobiography of Angelina: at 13 she was living with a b.f. because her mother prefers her to do that as she was wild, when she was in hi-school, she use to bring knives or sword and her classmates were afraid of her, also she admitted being into drugs, not just marijuana, also admitted having relationship with a girl — she is a bisexual then and how many times was he married before Brad, she also was not famous until Brad hitched w/ her? SO, WHO IS WORSE? So haters: before saying anything, know facts and know who is more admirable.

  • Orchid

    …that shows the picture…

  • Jay

    There are many kinds of Cancer. Lung Cancer and Skin Cancer is something you can avoid. But breast cancer, blood cancer, and many other cancer you just get.

    Just because Jen smokes doesn’t mean that automatically she will get cancer. And just because she loves enjoying the sun, doesn’t mean that she will get cancer either.

    Inform yourself before you make such a comment.

    Exactly!! Lung and skin cancer is something you can avoid, so shouldn’t Jen be doing her utmost to avoid getting this type of cancer?? She has much more of a chance getting it, than someone who avoids smoking and tanning. It seems a bit hypocritical of her to smoke and tan isn’t it? Cancer is cancer so Jen is the one who should be informed – it’s a case of people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

  • lulu

    # 14 rien @ 09/19/2008 at 2:12 am

    Oh please, stop twisting everythings just to make your idol look good , just like that she could sleep around, changing bedpartner one after another because they are not married ? A slut is a slut you can change the fact.

    No matter how you twist it Smoking and tanning increase the risk of cancer, and before she advocate this cause, she better stop those bad habit. She may not die of Lung ca but she’s probably gonna die from skin cancer !

    Ridiculous calling a chain smoker and habitual tanner to fight for cancer cause ?

  • lulu

    To Aniston fans, No matter how you love her but accept the reality smoking and tanning are carcinogenic.This 2 Cancer gonna kill her someday. take note female Lung cancer incidence is rising in a speed of >10- % per year, and it’s fatal , much harder to treat than male Lung ca.

    And since she’s campaigning for standup Cancer. Set a good example , Stop chain smoking and tanning.

  • ONTD

    she is really plain and unfortunate looking, brad did the right thing in dumping her.

  • lulu

    Orchid @ 09/19/2008 at 3:06 am

    If a smoker sees the ad that show the picture of a lung of a lung cancer victim, I’m sure he/she would stop immediately!
    I don’t think so. I’ve seen patient who has his larynx entirely removed but was still smoking. Oral cancer whose tongue has been partially removed was still smoking. some people just never learn.

    Smoking increased incidence of Lung, oral, larynx cancer.

  • No Tan Is a Safe Tan

    No Tan Is a Safe Tan
    By Amanda Gardner, HealthDay Reporter – Thu Sep 18, 4:01 PM PDT

    THURSDAY, Sept. 18 (HealthDay News) — Evidence is accumulating that there is no such thing as a “safe tan.”

    Ultraviolet rays, no matter where you get them from, cause skin cancer, and the purported health benefits of UV rays, such as vitamin D production, are overstated, if not downright wrong.

    So say a trio of papers published in the October issue of Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research.

    “There’s a lot of money to be made, and the tanning industry has been quite successful even in places like New Mexico and South America selling tanning as a safe alternative to outdoor sun. We’re trying to point out that it’s not the case,” said Marianne Berwick, author of one of the papers and a professor of internal medicine at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center in Albuquerque.

  • smith

    She is leaving a fur shop? WTF?? She is standing up to cancer yet she smokes like a chimney? Brad made the best move of his life leaving that hypocritical lunitic.

  • rien


    that’s exactly what I was saying. Smoking and enjoying the sun raises the risk, I agree. Though it doesn’t mean that she will automatically get it, if she takes a lot of precautions. Lung Cancer, can also be caused by asbestos and air pollution. I don’t know about other country, but asbestos is forbidden to be used in housing here. And air pollution….well, check the policy of your own government…then you will find out.

    I post about breast cancer and enjoying the sun only to say that even a person who suffered from breast cancer and was undergoing chemo was allowed to enjoy the sun. You know, Dancer, to inform myself about cancer, any kind of cancer, and how to deal with it….

    You know, until you are in this situation, you don’t know how good it feels to know that somebody else thinks about you (direct or indirectly). That’s why I don’t judge what she does. What she did to her body is her own business, but if she is willing to spend sometimes to raise money to help other people (or may be even gave her own money), I would not look for mistake that she makes. Because may be, if she reads a lot about the disease herself, and she will find out what is good and what is bad for her.

    If she said, “Don’t smoke” then I would say she is a hypocrite. But until now, she doesn’t loose a single word about it, except maybe “I try to stop. I do (I heard this kind of sentence from friends of mine in the Computer Club).”

    I think, it is very good for her (and for many people like me) if she stands up against cancer. And if she helped raising money, even very little, then I say thank you. I hope this money can help many people, especially the oncology department. Since until now, why our cells fight against us is not known yet.

    Btw Orchid, how are you? It is starting to get cold here. Autumn is coming. I have to start knitting again.

  • Katie

    I cant believe she loves furs!!!!

    this is horrible!

  • rien


    What did I twist? You live in a western world, I suppose, and you are not a member of a religions that forbids their member to have sexual relationship before marriage, are you?

    I believe in freedom. For me, and for others. If Jen slept with her boyfriend, like many others, I will not call it “sleeping around”. She has three boy-friends, in three years. It is not like she change her bed partner every night. And she doesn’t sleep with somebody else’s husband (like Sienna Miller for example), or a boyfriend of a pregnant woman (Claire Danes), or the adoptive father (can I say that?) like the wife of Woody Allen. Or the husband (or ex) of the best friend, like the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen. I forget her name.

    So, please. Don’t be so moralist. Or, if you believe in abstinence then I will respect you. But don’t expect other people to do the same.

  • Jay

    I like the way Jen’s fans explain away Jen’s actions as if she can do no wrong. Next we’ll be hearing that there’s nothing wrong with Jen being in a Fur shop either!

  • domino

    I don’t care about the other things said here, but the fur shop? JJ, get your info right. That’s a spa Jen goes to a lot. She doesn’t wear fur, never has. I’m pro-PETA and I don’t care who she is, if she wore fur I would HATE her guts, but she doesn’t. She’s an animal lover, unlike other people who pretend to be all about “save the children” and shit, but don’t even care about the animals.

  • Please

    She never gives her money to charity.She’ll wear the T-shirt s but not her money.

  • domino

    #38 Are you her accountant?! OMG how awesome! :D You know, since many celebs do give their money to charity, but some don’t like to make theirselves publicity about it. So my guess is you are her accountant, so you know where all her money goes. I mean, no one is stupid enough to take gossip as facts right? Cool job!

  • me

    i love how brangelina fans hate on the smoking but don’t give a shit about drug addic angelina. XD priceless!

  • LauraMay

    You know how it says “Reserved for Cristina Radu” where Jen has her car parked? That’s a skin care spa, not fur. You should get your facts right first.

  • rien

    Wrong Jay.

    I hope she stops buying fur. I don’t like the idea that animals die only because of their skin.

  • Sarah

    Dear Jared,

    You have two threads (that I know of) that claim Jennifer Aniston is visiting a fur shop. Jennifer does not wear fur. As you can see, the parking space where she leaves her car whenever she goes there says “Reserved for Cristina Radu”, as us fans of Jennifer know, that’s a skin care place Jennifer visits. She does NOT wear fur and some of us fans feel offended by this implication. If you could please correct those two posts about Jennifer, we would be very thankful.


  • anna

    Jen is an amazing person, and thats why a lot of people in the world love her

  • ONTD

    Poor maniston, rumor has it she was coked up at the TIFF, so sad

  • jyotsna

    she looks cool
    see how sarah palin email was hacked on

  • ONTD

    Well since she NEVER are going to have kids let her smoke way,lol.I wonder what fur coat she’s buying, peta is going to be upset.

  • ????

    Wasn’t her movie ,the management coming out today, oh that’s right it straight to dvd,lol.

  • :)

    ahh she is just too fine :) mmmmmmm
    Jennifer aniston wolf whistles

  • Elina

    Pffffffff how can you call her a loser???? She is rich and successful! She has all that you’ll never have. You are pathetic, but who cares after all