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John McCain Does The Rachael Ray Show

John McCain Does The Rachael Ray Show

Republician presidential hopeful John McCain and his wife Cindy McCain take over Rachael Ray’s kitchen with their top secret ribs recipe on an upcoming episode of The Rachael Ray Show. Here’s a preview of their interview:

McCain on his fave TV shows: “My hero is Jack Bauer of 24. You know I guess it’s coming back on. Jack Bauer you know he always escapes, and I never escape… You know what series I really liked recently was The Tudors. Did you see that?”

McCain’s love of grilling: “The longer you’re there on the grill the longer you’re there with your friends. It’s one of my main sources of enjoyment. We have a place up in northern Arizona and it’s beautiful up in the red rock country of northern Arizona and there is nothing I would rather do than have those ribs on a grill, have our friends with us, and our family around us.”

McCain’s White House make-over if elected: “Yes, we will have a grill and at Camp David we will have a grill, and I guarantee it that nobody but me is going to do the grilling. I want to assure you that. No one has ever done the grilling at my great expectations.” (Cindy adds:“It is not a grill democracy in our house if that’s what you’re wondering.”)

Cindy McCain on being happy with her husband’s VP pick: “I’m so glad though that Sarah Palin is on the ticket for this reason. I’m a huge Deadliest Catch fan and they [Sarah and husband Todd Palin] know them. I can’t wait, I want to meet the Deadliest Catch guys.”

Catch John and Cindy‘s full interview this Monday, September 22nd. To check showtimes, visit

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Photos: David M. Russell/CBS
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73 Responses to “John McCain Does The Rachael Ray Show”

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  1. 1
    gina Says:

    Wow. What Cindy says about his picking Sarah for VP is stupid. There are better reasons to pick a running mate when our country is at stake.

  2. 2
    andamentothat Says:

    finally the McCain’s got a friendly show to get on to, even though I think Rachel Ray is not a real cook and all … The View must have scarred them, it was totally unprofessional of the ladies esp Joy Behar..

    also, i thought rachel was camp Oprah, so this is a welcome CHANGE!

  3. 3
    ew Says:

    I think Cindy should cut her hair short like she did in the previous election. She looked so much more age appropriate and classy. This mess she has going on ages her even more than she already is. Gives her a Madonna wannabe look.

  4. 4
    Anja Says:

    who is this? ^^^^

  5. 5
    eh Says:

    how old is cindy McCain anyway?? it seem like she try so hard to turn back time

  6. 6
    JB Says:

    So baddd. I pray God they don’t get elected.

  7. 7
    M IN MINN Says:

    THAT’s why Cindy is glad he picked Palin? Because of the Deadliest Catch guys?

    What a stupid *****. How about begin glad that he picked someone who could do something good for this country?

    Oh yeah…that’s right…you can’t be glad about that because the Shrilla from Wasilla doesn’t have the brain God gave her anymore, and she’ll take this country down with her.

    Picking that twit was the most irresponsible move in the history of politics and the downfall of the republican party.

  8. 8
    yuk Says:

    they are such a joke of a couple. They are filthy rich and expect us to think they can relate to our needs and this economy fiasco created by the last eight years! As for the pick of Palin…..god help us if this ticket wins.

    also if McCain can’t handle the gals on the “View” without getting flustered how the heck can he run the country with all of the current problems.

  9. 9
    bejeebus Says:

    jesus, people…they are on a casual talk show not at a d@mn debate. let them just act like the normal and non-coniving people they are. you dems would find fault with anything you don’t like. so just stfu you bunch of b*tchy whiners. i’m so glad i don’t know any of you personally. you are so annoying and petty.

  10. 10
    ew Says:

    I’m democratic and not voting. I think we are screwed either way. Let the worst man win. Although I will say that if McCain gets elected and he kicks the bucket (which is a real possibility) then our country will be run by miss Pageant Princess. What a thought.

  11. 11
    hmm Says:

    Isn’t it funny that Republicans have no problem with McCain on this show but if Oprah had Obama or Biden on her show they would be picketing. (Andamenttothat) If McCain cannot answer the questions of the women on The View then what in the heck is he doing running for President? He should be able to articulate his point of view without getting apoplectic. I guess I’m old fashioned in believing that the guy running for the highest office in the land should be able to effectively defend his record and state his plans for the country without popping a blood vessel.

  12. 12
    JeanieBell Says:

    # 10
    you say you are a dem. and not voting?

    Well then you will be helping Dipstick and Lipstick get into office, then your nightmare will come true, if you look at McCain lately, he does not look well, she will be his replacement who knows nothing about policies, NOTHING!!

    So swallow your pride and do good for this country and vote for the Obama/Biden ticket, who has a lot of support in Washington, who will rally around them and get our great Country back to being honored and respected by all other Countries!!
    I beilieve he will have a fantastic administration, he is very smart and careful with his decisions, he will choose the right people to get us back on track.


  13. 13
    jessica Says:

    Go McCain/Palin, kick Obama’s stinky ass.

  14. 14
    McCain-Palin08 Says:

    GO MCCAIN-PALIN, let’s win it. Kick those left wing LIBERALS!!!!!

  15. 15
    bah Says:


    Go OBAMA

  16. 16
    Kate Says:

    You Dems are so scared!!!

    McCainiac!!! :-)

  17. 17

    Regardless of WHO you vote for, anyone who publically admits they aren’t voting this election deserves to be punched in the face.

    For serious.

    AND just to stay on topic, McCain looks hilariously uncomfortable in all of these stills.

  18. 18
    Alex Says:

    Boy, you do ***** yourself out when you campaign. This is just plain silly. There are more dignified ways to have fun, relax, be an everyday person without being put in this type of situation to win votes.

    Cindy is more often age appropriate than not. Her demeanor is one of calm and class. Hair and outfits are a distraction on her.

  19. 19
    ellena Says:

    First, let me say that “Just Jared” has THE best photos. Amazing stuff without much bias. So THANK YOU! For those of you who are unaware, you should check out the incredible charity work that Cindy McCain has done. She has a Masters in Special Education and has done as much as, if not more than, Angelina Jolie — of whom I am a great admirer. Mrs. McCain is quite admirable in her own right, who could have sat back on her laurels, but instead chose to get highly educated and do considerable and important charity work. Don’t underestimate this woman. She is quite interesting and complex. Learn more before passing judgment.

  20. 20
    ouch Says:

    JeanieBell– # 12,,,,agree!

    what are we in for if McCain/Palin gets voted? ahhhhhhhh….its a sad possibility bec the majority of Americans voted for Bush…and look what he got the U.S into!

    Too many stupid Americans I am afraid.

    I am American..but, am embarrassed to be one in this age.

  21. 21
    Vote for McCain Says:

    Americans need another 4 years of the reform Republican like McCain, who is serious and dedicated to his job and people to work along people and bring solidity to national security, international relations with the world, econony, energy and gas resources.
    Obama is just a Hollywood fame crazed guy with lots of talk but has no plans. Obama must be stupid to think tax cut alone will help the economy. He is using the Wall street crisis to lure people into his so called console arms. While he continues yaking about tax cut..blab..blab he goes out with those giant captitalists receiving money from them.
    When everyone is struggling to make ends meet he organized a fund raising with Hollywood celebrities in which each diner plate cost $30,000 dollars? And they collected $9 million dollars among themselves for his campaign? That clearly insults average Americans who are struggling with life and job. So all he does is socializing with the elites in Hollywood and Wall street to get fundings for his mouth. Americans must be blind to vote for the kind of guy like Obama.

    Americans need to open their eyes wide

  22. 22
    required Says:

    senility + dementia + old age = president palin.

  23. 23
    ouch Says:


    I think most people are interested in WHOM could be the next President of the U.S. not about their spouse.

    McCain has a horrible temper ( among other things) and I get chills ( only the scary kind) down my body when I see him on t.v.. It will be a U.S. nightmare if he gets elected along with Miss Alaska…..omg

  24. 24
    Obaman & Joe are shameless Says:

    Really Americans are going to vote for a someone to be a president who was a drug dealer? And the other one was in the senate for years, having nothing but doing shady business with giant banks?
    Joe Bidden is part of the loan sharks industry. He helped to finance those guys, his son works as a lobbyist. Also, Joe plagarized his speech when trying to run for presidential seat years ago.
    Those guys are the sneaky dirtiest people. They are shameless.
    If Americans want to go those paths, they can vote for them.

    Shameless Obama and Joe Bidden!

  25. 25
    JK Says:

    #16…damn right we’re scared. scared that another moron who has no idea what he’s even saying from minute-to-minute, who doesn’t even know who the prime minister of Spain is and flat out lies, then tries to deny it. of course we’d be scared that such an incompetent idiot was going to take office. our country is almost completely destroyed thanks to George Bush so i think we should all be scared that George Bush #2 has the potential to be elected.

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