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Tom Cruise: Katie Was Extraordinary!

Tom Cruise: Katie Was Extraordinary!

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise enjoy a celebratory dinner at Angus McIndoe restaurant after opening night of All My Sons in New York City on Thursday night.

After Katie‘s Broadway debut, Tom briefly stopped moving through a crowd at the theater to tell the Associated Press, “Did you see it? … It was extraordinary.”

There were roughly two dozen members of an anti-Scientology group that protested around the theater before the performance. The protesters held up sign saying “Scientology is a Cult,” “Free Katie,” and “Scientology Kills.”

“She was extraordinary!,” Tom gushed after watching the performance.

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103 Responses to “Tom Cruise: Katie Was Extraordinary!”

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  1. 1
    Alison b Says:


  2. 2
    erlyn Says:

    As I said on the last post about this…

    You know it is bad enough that TC would steal the thunder from his own wife, playing it up to the crowd like that. But that is just DOWN RIGHT RUDE to the other serious actors (like Dianne Wiest & John Lithgow). He really didn’t *have* to make such a big scene! GRRR Makes me dislike him more and more!

    FWIW, Katie looked adorable in her part (if a little too thin IMO), but as herself she just looked old, and a 2nd rate actress. :(

  3. 3
    Jennifer W Says:

    i love katie she is wonderful and im sure she did a great job

  4. 4
    the incredible edward! Says:

    Horrible shoes and horrible bag!

  5. 5
    hailie Says:

    she looks like an old lady

  6. 6
    Brad Says:

    Emma Watson @ Harper’s Bazaar Magazine MQ

  7. 7
    bobcat Says:

    This d*** is in a theatre with two of the most respected actors on Broadway and he stops the crowd to tell them that his wife was extraordinary? I like him less with each passing day. And, what’s worse, he has totally brainwashed her.

  8. 8
    larry's brother larry Says:

    I’m not surprised that Jesus of Scientology walked in at the last minute to steal the attention. Sounds exactly like something he would do.

  9. 9
    Julie Says:

    OMG!!! Check out picture #3. She looks like amazon lady!! Seriously!! LOL moment. Maybe she should wear a shorter heel when she is with him??? Hello…she is in flats all week long!! She looks like she is taking him to his first kindergarten class!

  10. 10
    Foxy Says:

    My goodness, she looks old, and he looks like a freak

  11. 11
    larry's brother larry Says:

    Wouldn’t it have been kind of him to tell the crowd that EVERYONE in the play did well? What does that mean, Katie was extraordinary? Does he mean she’s above and beyond the rest? He probably doesn’t even know what it means. Just makes him sound grand. I can’t believe how people buy into his act.

  12. 12
    dido Says:

    lovely couple and it is good they allways support each other

  13. 13
    Helena Says:

    There were roughly two dozen members of an anti-Scientology group that protested around the theater before the performance. The protesters held up sign saying “Scientology is a Cult,” “Free Katie,” and “Scientology Kills.”
    Haha, whoever did that rules. I hope she read it.

  14. 14
    sandy Says:

    Way to go Anonymous!!!!

  15. 15
    Tina Says:

    So she had actually lost weight for the role.

    I agree with those protestors, afterall more legitimate religions like Islam and Christianity have certainly never caused deaths!

  16. 16
    the truth is not here Says:

    #13 You can see all the posters at

    Obviously, doesn’t accept bribes to hide the truth!

  17. 17
    missp Says:

    I have always thought she was cute, but her recent hair style is horrible. Every recent picture she looks older and more plain. I’d fire the stylist!

  18. 18
    Anon Says:

    I don’t think Tom deliberately thought, “Oh, let me steal attention from the other actors!” I just think he was excited for his wife. I think she really needed to do this and do it well. John Lithgow and Katie went out and took pictures for the press earlier. The press focussed on Tom and Katie. I also think that the other actors are glad the play is getting attention and getting a good audience. We only know a tiny bit of what happened. Did you want Tom not to attend his wife’s opening? Should he have hid ? I don’t like Scientology. I think it’s weird. I think sometimes TC can act like a total jerk, OK? But there is no reason for all the hate. When I look back at some of the many movies I really have enjoyed, most of his movies are near the top of that list. You don’t have to like him, but acting so hateful about Katie and about TC is silly.

  19. 19
    andamentothat Says:

    If you think Katie looked stressed all those days due to her first performance on Broadway.. No, that was not it.. Was it because she missed Suri, yes but that was not the complete reason for her sullen look.. It was the thought of what Tom would do when he would come to see her performance.. “will he start jumping on the couch (or seat)”. “will he just grin like crazy and say things like amazing, extraordinary”.. Get a thesaurus Tom, there are other words to describe a performance.

    Dude whats with acting so immature.. i mean shaking hands with fans/friends causing the performance to start late.. what gives?

    Wait till Suri has her first soccer game.. he will scare all the other parents away with sideline coaching..

  20. 20
    wern Says:

    katie sucks juz like TC….n she looked old…..

  21. 21
    videodream Says:

    I agree with # 18 and #19. He is her husband. He would be so proud. Haters would always be haters. I watched Tom walked in on the last minute and there was nothing wrong with it. He was very gracious to everyone in the theatre. What do you want him to do? Watch backstage? Regardless, even if he sat down an hour early, people would still notice him. When he walked in on the last minute, he saw Hoffman and naturally, he had to say hi. He didn’t mean to steal the spotlight. He is the spotlight. He is Tom Cruise and that’s not his fault. People inside the theater actually applauded. There was nothing wrong with how he did it. He was a husband who watched his wife perform. What’s so werid about that? And people would still criticize him for every little thing that he does.

    I thought Katie did well. She’s quite thin but she’s gorgeous. Even without the makeup after, she’s really exquisite.

    I’m glad I watched it.

  22. 22
    helen Says:

    what the hell is she wearing????is she a widow or something???

    Free Katie

  23. 23
    Patty Says:

    They both scared me a lot! he is maniac and she is a robot already, poor Suri…

  24. 24
    Vania Says:

    I really think katie has a talent, i hope she did well at broadway, but why the hell is she married with Tom????that man took all her happiness and bright! i folowed katie since her earlier days and she is so different! she is not happy with him, that’s for sure!

  25. 25
    Heavenly Says:

    I don’t see what everyone is freaking out about in regards to Tom. So he said his wife was extraordinary and shook hands with people? Big deal! If I was in a performance my husband would comment on my performance not on the other actors, what is so weird about that? I think people are just looking for things to complain about. Look at the 3rd picture, look at how Katie is looking at Tom. That is the look of a woman in love. You can’t fake that. I think there relationship is fine.

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