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Katie Holmes: My Opening Night On Broadway

Katie Holmes: My Opening Night On Broadway

Katie Holmes is all smiles during the curtain call of the opening night of previews for her Broadway play All My Sons on Thursday at New York City’s Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre.

Before the show, the 29-year-old actress and costar John Lithgow stood outside the theater to take photographs for paparazzi and fans.

Husband Tom Cruise, of course, was there on opening night to lend his support.

On stage, Katie looked positively fantastic in that hair and dress! Reviews for the show should be up in the morning, so stay tuned…

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes’ opening night on Broadway…

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katie holmes opening night all my sons 01
katie holmes opening night all my sons 02
katie holmes opening night all my sons 03
katie holmes opening night all my sons 04
katie holmes opening night all my sons 05
katie holmes opening night all my sons 06
katie holmes opening night all my sons 07
katie holmes opening night all my sons 08
katie holmes opening night all my sons 09
katie holmes opening night all my sons 10

Credit: A Miller/WENN, Richie Buxo, Janet Mayer; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    She never stuck around to greet her fans! There werre hundreds of us there tonight!

  • lena

    WOW..congrats to everyone

  • 911

    cheers to a talented and beautiful
    young actress

  • sun


  • Dancer

    Thanks Jared for finally showing pics of the other cats members. Lithgow looks great as do the rest of the cast.

  • puppies

    This makes me miss WB’s DC and NBC’s 3rd Rock

    Thanks Jared

  • Dancer

    That should be cast members not cats members in my previous post.

  • jj fan

    I love Katie and this cast and I love All My Sons by Arthur Miller. This is his very first craft and so adored by fans and critics all over.
    Katie is so lucky to be part of this classic play.

  • anonymous

    She’s so pretty :)

  • tgif

    Yippeeee!!!!! Cant wait for the reviews too!!!!

  • mee

    im pumped === but I cant even watch this play.

  • begging

    JJ request: I appreciate the Katie photos but please post some of yummy Patrick Wilson.



  • hair

    huh….i figured the momsie hairdo was for the play – apparently not!

  • gina

    She looks better in character than she does as herself.

  • hmm

    #1 maybe she wanted to get away from the protesters. She looks nice.

  • athena

    She looks radiant….I can’t wait to see this play….I have to go out and get my ticket.

  • chessa

    When are you watching Jared? Katie is all grown up.

  • Just Jared

    I’m watching it tomorrow… Well, today. Friday.

  • shamu

    Way to go Katie and indeed she looks fantastic……dying to see Tom too.

  • di


  • jen

    I have to say the crowd was to much you couldn’t see her and a few people in the theatre were mean. however people shouldn’t bash tom cruise at all. he sat not in the front row but 10 rows back at least and by himself. i mean how cool is that. katie was fab. she was great and i’m so blessed to have been there. the outside mess was just to crazy for words.

  • videodream

    #1, she was avoiding the annoying protesters. they were there (probably because they don’t have a life and wanted to do something and bother other people) to “free katie”.

    i wouldn’t mind not being free if i was married to tom cruise. say what you want, tom cruise is still tom cruise.

    i love katie!! she’s such a class act!!

  • iron chef

    Staffers from OK magazine and from New York Daily News are raving about Katie Holmes. So many came to see Katie that even NY cops were there and they had signs that said “well done Katie”. More coolness.

  • Joey & Pacey fan

    I saw “All My Sons” tonight. I am a huge fan of Katie’s since she was on Dawson’s Creek and I really liked it. Katie was pretty good. I thought she looked beautiful although she is a little too skinny. She really projected her voice! All that hard work at rehearsals paid off. Everyone else was very good and Patrick Wilson is really hot.

    The theater was not full but it wasn’t bad. Not every seat was taken but it was pretty full. The whole cast got 2 standing ovations and two curtain calls, so you could tell people really liked the show.

    The only bad part was when that jerk Tom Cruise arrived. He got to the theater like 2 minutes before curtain time and made a big show of coming down the aisle after everybody else was already seated. He started shaking hands with his friends and talking to people and he delayed the start of the show which I thought was really rude and disrespectful to Katie. It was like he was trying to make it seem as if the whole thing was about him. What a jerk. I honestly can’t figure out what Katie sees in him. He’s a very small guy. Not just short. He’s small all over!

    I saw the protesters outside too. They were shouting “Free Katie” and some were wearing masks and weird makeup but otherwise they were peaceful and stayed inside the barracades. There musta been like 30 or 40. I walked right past them and they handed me some fliers and were nice. They weren’t nasty or anything. I bet Katie didnt even notice them with all the commotion. There were tons of photographers and fans so I doubt it was any big deal to her.

    I really wish Katie would get away from Tom. If it wasn’t for him the protestors wouldnt even be there. I am sure they were trying to make an impression with him more than her since he is the big scientology guy.

    It was a great night and it was really great to see Katie in person!!

  • anon

    I heart this girl and love her family!~

  • Dancer

    Tenth row is considered to be a much better seat than the first few rows.
    Just saying….

  • Joey & Pacey fan

    jen #21

    “he sat not in the front row but 10 rows back at least and by himself.”

    Tom was not by himself. He might have walked in alone but he was not alone when he was sitting down. There were a whole bunch of people with him. He was sitting next to a blond lady and a big guy with a moustache that were like in their 30′s for the woman and 40′s for the man. On the other side was a younger guy (20′s) with blond hair also and a younger girl with blonde hair too. They whispered back and forth alot and he kissed them hello when he came in. He also kissed other people hello in the same aisle. It was obvious they were friends of the Tom and Katies. It looked to me like he was friends with most of the 10th row and some of the people in front of him too.

  • love

    At least there’s a bit of glimmer of light in NY after all the scary and depressing news of Wall Street. Katie brings escapism to Broadway and Denim jeans Prps Founder also thanks Katie for the amazing sales that she factored in the same way with the eyeglasses of Alaska Governor Palin in such demand all over the world from a Japan company. [ source from Associated Press and CNN]

  • gia

    Joey and Pacey Fan, it sounds like you had a good time. I’m not surprised with Cruise’s behavior. He did something similar in 2005 during the Batman Begins premiere. He hogged all the attention and the brilliant cast and crew of Batman Begins(Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Chris Nolan) were practically ignored because Tom made it all about him. He’s the most ridiculously insecure actor in Hollywood, and that’s saying something. I really hope Katie wakes up and walks away from Cruise and his dangerous cult.

  • canon

    Its good Katie is back to her Indie roots and lucky for those that were able to watch her and this ubertalented cast and classic Broadway play by Miller.

    Katie looks so sweet and lovely. My thanks to JJ.

  • frances

    Katie is all aglow!

  • Megan fox rocks

    she’s so beautiful

  • patriot

    Katie is so lucky to be loved by this 20 protestors that they single her out to be free. So many women are abused by their bfs and husbands but no one cares for them? So many people are tied to scary religions and cults than Scientology but they dont matter only Katie Holmes?
    Women in Afghanistan,India,Pakistan,Iran are dying to be free but these 20 protestors only care for Katie Holmes. Women and children in Iraq are being used as bombs and no cares for their freedom but only Katie Holmes.

    What a twisted and backward goals and priorities.

  • KarenA

    She’s so pretty. I agree, Jared. That hair and dress are awesome. I hope the reviews are positive too. I think they will be. I know it! Go Katie! :)

  • dani

    You got to admit Katie is one fascinating lady. She’s a real sweetie,a promising talent in Hollywood, a hottie and nothing mean about her. Its nice to see her working again and i miss Tom as well. Enjoy the show,Jared. All the cast look amazing.

  • tom is a loser

    She is a zombie. Shame on Tom for taking a 20 something year old and making them look like a 45 year old hag.

  • Ryan

    OMG Katie looks absolutely beautiful!!!

    See this just shows she is a natural beauty, and really needs to grow her back!

    The cast including Katie Holmes and John Lithgow are fantastic

    She will be exeptional

  • gal

    altogether aaawwww

  • jesse

    If she just had her alittle longer she would like the old katie….normal pre scientoligy katie

  • puke and puke

    She can’t act her way out of a paper bag. Lucky for her she agreed to marry the gay tommygirl and he picked her parts for her.

  • zoe

    katie actually looks her age in the play! anyhow, she looks happy in the other photos so tht great. cant wait for the reviews.

  • the incredible edward!

    John Lithgow seems like a very nice man!

  • the incredible edward!

    John Lithgow seems like a very nice man!

  • ck

    “Reviews for the show should be up in the morning, so stay tuned…”

    There won’t be any official reviews til the play opens on Oct 16th.

  • Somebody needs a life

    It’s pretty silly that someone is so immature (and obviously psychologically disturbed) that they sit here all night pretending to be different people commenting on Katie’s performance. Get some help, please!

    Go get some sleep now. You didn’t fool anyone. You are quite funny!! LMAO You remind me of that pitiful character, Lydia in “To Die For”. Lydia didn’t have any friends or anyone that cared for her. She had no self-esteem and wanted the attention of someone (Nicole Kidman’s character) whom she considered famous.

    Katie Holmes is a joke. She can’t act and everyone knows that. End of story. Sorry you wasted your night, Idiot!

  • sandy

    Nothing like getting your morning off to a funny start!!! Of course Tiny Tom praises her “performance”. He’d be an idiot not to after buying her the part, spending a fortune on a place to live, flying them to/from LA, buying up over 2/3 of the tickets for the play. I think Tom praising the robots performance is exactly what we expected. LMAO!!!!!

  • Jean dimaria

    I think she looks great. I do worry about her looking too frail and sad lately but I think it is because she has been away from Suri from time to time to rehearse.

    She is a great actress and I hope we get some good details from you Jared. Have fun tonight!


    I saw the play too and I really like it. I was a bit late but when I arrived, most seats were full. I got to my seat and even though I love the play itself. I could not wait for Katie’s performance.. She was superb. I love her. She nailed her role which surprised me a bit.

  • erlyn

    You know it is bad enough that TC would steal the thunder from his own wife, playing it up to the crowd like that. But that is just DOWN RIGHT RUDE to the other serious actors (like Dianne Wiest & John Lithgow). He really didn’t *have* to make such a big scene! GRRR Makes me dislike him more and more!

    FWIW, Katie looked adorable in her part, but as herself she just looked old, and a 2nd rate actress. :(