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Rumer Willis Is Dark Copper Cute

Rumer Willis Is Dark Copper Cute

Rumer Willis gets her hair colored copper for the 2008 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party on Thursday in Los Angeles.

The 20-year-old House Bunny actress walked the red carpet on the rooftop of The Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Up next for Rumer? Cameos on Lifetime drama Army Wives and CBS police procedural series CSI: NY.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rumer’s new dark copper-colored hair — LOVE IT or HATE IT?

15+ pictures inside of Rumer Willis @ the 2008 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party…

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rumer willis copper hair 01
rumer willis copper hair 02
rumer willis copper hair 03
rumer willis copper hair 04
rumer willis copper hair 05
rumer willis copper hair 06
rumer willis copper hair 07
rumer willis copper hair 08
rumer willis copper hair 09
rumer willis copper hair 10
rumer willis copper hair 11
rumer willis copper hair 12
rumer willis copper hair 13
rumer willis copper hair 14
rumer willis copper hair 15
rumer willis copper hair 16
rumer willis copper hair 17

Photos: Michael Buckner/Getty, Jody Cortes/WENN
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  • Jewel

    i like that colorrrr

  • john

    The color is great..but not on her..I think its the face? Haha idk..I’ve always thought shed look good with red hair though..I guess not..and that’s not strawberry blonde either

  • Asya

    Who is she? she looks aweful :S

  • Vic

    That is NOT strawberry-blonde hair!!!!! That’s auburn. Looks pretty good on her.

  • m

    I think she looks better with that hair colour. But maybe she should stop wearing that very red lipstick… that attracts people’s attention to her mouth and jaw.

  • babie

    That’s (dark) copper and it suits

  • babie


  • Katie J

    She’s really got to stop posing sideways. Her jawline doesn’t look quite so bad when she’s facing the camera straight ahead.

    Still I think it’s cool that she cut her hair short even though it means she has no chance of hiding her flaws. That takes balls. Hell, if she had a little talent I might even like her.

  • stefanie

    Ugh. This is not a pretty girl and no matter how much she tries, she will never be a pretty girl.

    If she wasn’t the daughter of Moore and Willis, no one would pay her any attention. And answer the question…. no, the hair color doesn’t help her.

  • lol

    Thanks for listening jared (hair color);)

  • Melinda

    It’s such a shame she has such delicate features. The shape of her face is actually lovely, even her jaw. Such great cheekbones. It’s just that her features don’t match her bone structure. If she had round eyes, a slightly larger nose and plump lips she’d look fantastic.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, babie! And haha, “lol”, no problem. Apparently I am color blind.

  • lennie

    come on Jared, she is not cute!!!!! She is just ugly from head to toe

  • someone

    im not thinking shes very attarctive at all unfortunatley,
    but i guess its n the eye of the beholder


    she is soooooo ugly ! yeurk!

  • Lelsie


  • Ryan

    I HATE RUMER WILLIS, but i do love the color, length and layers in her hair.

    But the only reason her hair looks good is because shes wearing red lipstick and copper contact lenses, to make her hair color pop…just another hollywood spoilt brat

  • alesca

    she is horrrrrrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ana

    she looks better with that colour

  • xslickx

    gorgeous colour, very striking. girls on this sight are so bitchy lol, so many insecurities, chill girls.

  • cindy jean

    You guys are really harsh; love to see what you look like. The girl has beautiful eyes, the hair looks great… shame about the jawline and chin, small mouth but if you look at her front view, she’s quite lovely. I do love the hair color. She couldn’t help being born who she is, and she certainly couldn’t choose her genetic make up for looks, so give her a break.

  • Ely

    Ouch, her face hurts

  • Vshizzle

    Ah….to have famous parents…it places you in such a bad place…being compared to them and of course being ridiculed…I feel bad for her…I hope she remains strong with all the criticism about her appearance…I doubt like another poster said she would get any attention had her parents been Joe and Irma from Iowa…

  • ouch

    the color does suit her. But, she should wear a different shade of red lipstick that blends in with her new haircolor.

  • denise

    it’s the chin! That is what just ruins her face. If he chin was smaller and her face wasn’t as long it would be better…


    The new color looks good. She now has the same coloring as Isla Fisher. I agree with #11, she does have pretty features, and seeing these pictures, you just can’t help but think what a shame it is about that jawline, because without it she’d be stunning! It’s the sort of thing that’s always gonna get mentioned for her, just like the Witherspoon and Aniston chin, only probably worse.

  • kylie

    I can’t believe how cruel you all are! She look’s great. I can’t fathom saying the types of things that I am reading. She has feelings….. think!!!!!

  • hailie

    she is so ugly. but hair color is pretty.

  • lonestar

    I really like that color but agree that the lipstick should go. She needs to just relax and stop trying so hard. That would be much more attractive.

  • CK

    I’m sorry, this young woman is JUST NOT attractive. It is odd because her father, Bruce Willis, is very hot and God only knows her mother, Demi Moore, is absolutely beautiful. Honestly, Rumer’s face is too large and square and there just isn’t much that is feminine about this young woman. She has famous parents. Whatever.

  • Nanci

    She has a interesting face! Different then cookie cutter cute .

  • TiaBia

    She looks cute with that color!!!! It’s very fitting for her!!!

  • Phelps is the new hot

    Her hair color is a great improvement..
    and the chin is always the same..

    but tell me..Did she have a nose job…her nose looks chiseled down like a pointy pencil?!!!
    lets face it..she is only followed around because of her famous parents and stepdad.

  • spider monkey

    That is the best that I have seen her look. I think that she has some really great features…but the fact that she tries so hard with the posing is a major turnoff.

  • andamentothat

    see pic 14:: she has a sideways tattoo.. I cannot tell what it says but probably some mission statement there…

    Hair color : good
    Forehead: needs correction
    eyes: beautiful
    Nose: good
    lips: good
    jaw: DNA played a mean trick on her.. Needs correction.

    Confidence level: high.. This is a good sign which means that even if she didnt get any surgery she will survive due to high self esteem..

    If she didnt have good looking parents, we would have cut her some slack I am sure but damn that Darwin (or our biology teacher) made us aware of genealogy and all that..

  • missp

    Yikes. Who let her use that red lipstick. It just brings more attention to those thin lips, and her jawline. Poor thing.

  • Hedda

    I think she is very attractive here and this hair color suits her.

  • Vshizzle

    You know? I just thought of something….Owen Wilson…he has a weird face and well it has grown on me and a lot has to do with his acting…so, maybe once we see he more in film etc…it will not be an issue…It is sad though that girls/women are really held to a higher standard of “how to look” I hope she stays strong.

  • denise

    I think the hair looks great. I hope she doesn’t change her features – they are what make her more unique. Remember Jennifer Grey and her nose – she “corrected” it, and wasn’t different anymore.

  • bridget

    My heart goes out to her. She may have money,fame and all that ..but nothing can change the fact that she is an incredibly unattractive girl.

  • my takes…

    It’s not that she has an ugly face, it’s just that her face is masculine.

    If she was a man, she would have lookrd cute, but her body is very feminine and her face overall contour is very masculine…so it makes her looks weird.

  • IDontlikefakes

    jared you’re stupid, you picked the worst pictures..when I looked at other pictures of her she looks so much better, even pretty.

  • Sharrie

    like the hair color on her…but she is unfortunately still unattractive.

  • Angelina

    I like it. It seems to draw attention away from her chin. Looks good!

  • Axxul

    I see the dark…I see the copper….I don’t see the cute?

  • Mary Su

    I echo – she is the ugliest female in Hollywood. Jared, please save your precious space for other pretty ones.

  • Sushi

    That face is just an f -*ing disaster! That close-up 3/4 shot is like some alien from “Deep Space Nine.”
    Why didn’t her parents get that mug fixed before it was too late!!!!

  • nigel

    Rumer Willis’s hair is fine—t’s her FACE that F’s up the hair. As a matter of fact, her hair would look even better if it was MUCH longer and pulled all the way forward, if ya know what i mean.

  • Lisa from indiana

    I think she looks really good with the new color…I also think she is a lot prettier when she smiles.

  • Naty

    ouch! ugly!!