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Christina Aguilera - "Keeps Gettin' Better" Album Cover

Christina Aguilera -

Check out the album cover for Christina Aguilera‘s first greatest hits album, “Keeps Gettin’ Better – A Decade of Hits”, out November 11.

Here’s the CD’s tracklisting with new two tracks and three new versions of old hits:

1. Genie In A Bottle (New Version)
2. What A Girl Wants
3. Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)
4. Lady Marmalade (New Version)
5. Dirrty (featuring Redman)
6. Beautiful (New Version)
7. Fighter
8. Ain’t No Other Man
9. Hurt
10. Candyman
11. Keeps Gettin’ Better
12. Dynamite

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  • holly


  • holly

    i kinda like the cover, but too much photoshop
    and i dont think that keeps gettin better is a great song and she totally lip-synched at the VMAs

  • kid kash

    i hope its the VMA version of genie in a bottle.

  • sarah may

    Duh, of course some artist have to lip-sync when they are all dancing and performing crazy. I don’t blame them. Its better than hear them all huffing into the mic out of breath.

    I really liked the remix way she sang genie in a bottle at th VMAs. I recognized the lyrics but the sound of it was pretty cool, I thought.

    The Keeps Getting Better song doesn’t really please me. It actually made me laugh when she belt out “Supeeerrr biiitccchh” at one point. I’m like Oooookkkaaaayyyy now.

  • gh already?

    greatest hits? seems a little premature to me….

  • aska

    err, i was hoping for an entirely new album, i’ll just purchase the two new songs then.

  • Desireé

    can she be any more airbrushed???????

  • Lisa

    She looks like Cher but blonde

  • gina

    I think she picked a good track listing for this greatest hits package. She has a wonderful voice.

  • Tina

    That’s a rubbish tracklist, at least put the new versions at the end of the album and include the original versions of Genie and Lady Marmalade, the ones that actually were hits!

  • gen

    dude she copied britney spears again.
    check this pic of britney and you’ll see what im talking about..
    its not a spam,
    she needs to stop copying lady gaga and britney

  • Shannon M.

    Love her voice. Also she is my girl crush. Wish I could be like her. She is one hot mama!!!!!

  • Shannon M.

    Whatever…Britney copied from Christina cus Christina has been writing since she was preggers…….Britney sucks…..she is a damn psycho….

  • Suzanne

    I only wished she put the original as well as the new versions.

  • gen

    um shanon.
    who sold more albums than madonna & christina ?
    and i agree xtina has an amazing voice but nothing unique at all,
    & christina has always copied britney..
    and i have proof..
    so please dont make me waist my time..
    xtina did that pic maybe like a week ago
    & that pic that i posted before is old.

  • Kenny

    Britney has not sold more albums than Madonna.

  • natalia

    someone needs to tell her that she IS NOT LADY GAGA!

  • gen

    well yes not more than madonna but more than christina

    Spears is ranked as the eighth best-selling female recording artist in the United States according to the Recording Industry Association of America with 31 million certified albums and one of the world’s best-selling music artists having sold an estimated 85 million records worldwide.

  • y

    I think christina has body dysmorphic disorder.

  • Krissy Fantasy

    wow. christina is back :)
    love her <3

    the album cover is sick..and yes, to much photocred.
    How come all her old songs, are starting to become new?
    New album= new songs!!!
    i m not a hater, im a lover of 50% fan..but like seriously doesn’t make sense, to put old recent music, into new styles of art =S
    i mean, there’s like 3-4 new songs on there and the rest is already been done.( should have done this, b4 she got pregnant and stuff)

    Sure she came back and all. But inorder to get her fans, back, she needs to spice it up a bit.

    ya..chris, is not more famous, than brit. SO NOT MADONNA.
    But they both are talented and worked with disney.
    So, since brit had been in a melt down, & now she’s cleaning up her act. ( kids, divorce, her sister, hollywood maniacs )
    Yet, chris.. she had a baby..and it’s hard to be a mother and a singer.

    GL xoxoxo

  • britney’s bitch….

    Considering madonna has been around forever……duh brit hasn’t sold as much as madonna. Madge is 50 and has been around waaaaaay longer, dumbass….

  • jkljkl

    I LOVEDD ¡¡

  • sarah


  • FRAN

    Gen, what are you talking about? Don’t make me laugh, Christina didn’t copied anybody. In any case she copied herself, here’s the proof:

    Now, as you did, I can say that Spears copied Christina (so many times, and I have proof too), and Lady Gaga copied Christina’s look….

    And ok, Spears has sold more albums than Christina (who has sold almost 40 millions worldwide) but she just have 3 studio albums, and Spears is going to release her 6th studio album this December…

  • xd

    i love xhristina she is amazingggggg
    the cover is wow..i liked

  • bestfan

    christina is my idolll i love xtinaaa
    i like cover

  • Damien

    im in love with the cover.
    I though it might be cheesy.. but it’s not.
    She’s the best voiced singer of the decade! :D

  • Damien

    im in love with the cover.
    I though it might be cheesy.. but it’s not.
    She’s the best voiced singer of the decade! :D

  • qboy

    britney lover plzs explain how britney is better than christina?I mean no right thinking person in a correct state of mind could honestly say britney is better than christina.britney is stuck in the hit me baby one more time days while christina has moved on from the genie in a bottle days , she has grown and matured so beautifully while spears is still trying to grow.Christina is up there with the mariah and whitney and celine and aretha and patti la belle and all those incredible icons in music history while spears is still down there with the miley cyrus and all those othe tiney boppers fighting for the princess of pop title.Christina at a very young age has already given her legendary performance but britney hasn`t and never will cause she always need her dancers with her she cannot go on stage alone and sell a performance she always have to be dancing and trying to look sexy but miss christina could single handedly go on stage without her dancers and skimpy clothes and sell a performance , she don`t even need music because her voice is all she needs , example the 2004 grammy awards i believe it was when she sang beautiful she did what only few singer would ever dare to do and that is open a performance for almost a minute singing acapella at the grammys, So i really don`t understand how could any1 come here and say britney is better than christina.britney lover u are truly screwed up mentally like your idol. Oh britney lover do u honestly think those vmas britney got out of pity was an accomplishment?Well if u think so then thats really sad.For your information christina did win video of the year for her contribution in lady marmalade so yeah she beat brit at it.Again don`t compare britney to christina , britney ain`t no legend , does a legend go around town flashing her ****** for the paparazzi? does a legend shave her head bald? does a legend hold her child while she`s driving? no hun a legend don`t do those things.As far as any1 could see its miss psears who`s been acting like a clown and all u brit fans are still fighting so desperately for this pop princess title ah mean oh gosh well atleast fight for the queen of pop title , but my girl christina has gotten a more prestigeous title which is the voice of her generation unlike some piece of crap like princess of pop i mean wtf that says nothing.Britney lover do u get an orgasm when people insult u come on hun why don`t u just try a dildo instead if u are craving an orgasm rather than having some1 insult u.Lets not forget back in the mickey mouse club days who was christina back up?wait i`ll answer that for u it was britney yep britney was a back up singer and dancer for christina cause they won`t put her center stage since she didn`t have that god blessed talent which christina had.Oh your brit has always been second fidle to christina even at the grammys where christina got the new best artist award with that 1 song genie in a bottle , girl didn`t even release her album as yet and was able to pull it off unlike spears who release her album but still wasn`t no match for aguilera.Britney lover i pity u for supporting some1 like spears even if u don`t like christina there are so much better artist than spears out there, sad isn`t it wait not it more like sad isn`t U.

  • qboy

    britney fan i think its like an orgasmic feeling for u when others humiliate u lol.Again stop comparing britney to christina , its like comparing chalk and cheese with christina being the cheese and britney the chalk.Miss aguilera has moved on from that pop princess nonsense that u brit fans are desperately fighting over.I really don`t know who u are calling a ***** but its you u came here without a clue as to what award your idol got at the grammy but i`ll tell u it certainly wasn`t for best pop video.all you britney fans come here talking about they will never let christina open or close a show and to all you desperate freaks u are rite in fact they`ll let her host an entire award show example the mtv europen awards , so again she still tops little britney the only thing britney has on christina is record sales because she has released more studio albums than christina. U britney fans talks about britney is a better performer but let me make this very clear without her dance routine she`s nothing but miss aguilera sings some and dances some so if her legs are broken she can still go on because she has her voice unlike miss spears her career will be over and lets keep one thing in mind any1 could learn a dance routine but no one could learn to sing , its something u must have naturally so again christina is the best from the days of the mickey mouse club till this very date.So pls britney fans i`ll say it again don`t come here and try to bash christina to revive britney career mayb u guys could go and rigged another award show so that she can win more awards but wait its only mtv who nominated her no other awards show nominated spears , sorry.1 last thing u brit freaks say christina isn`t original but plzs tell me what part of anything britney does is original?

  • LUCY

    GEN#15 Britney put out 4 Cd’s back to back to cash in on the kiddie market Britney and her family and record label had no faith in her staying power they thought she was the next Debbie Gibson because of her limit talent so they work her not to death but straight to the mental ward and with songs like Lucky I didn’t think she would be around either!!!And with Christina the lack of new material has really hurt her star power she should have at least one more CD under her belt…greatest hits album funny she’s only put out 3 and the songs are her only hits…I’m a fan of both girls and would love them to work together but I don’t think it will ever happen again because Britney doesn’t want to share the spotlight with Christina…Did anyone notice not one photograph of them together at the VMAs??

  • willsants

    OMG she is the best of ever, britney needs to be everywhere Aguilera’s name is…. it sucks a lot!!!
    And britney’s fans, please, give US a break okay???????

  • gen

    & look guys seriously i dont want to agree with yall& #30
    at least britney has original Ideas’
    and lucy how come she moved?
    look at her new album..
    the same songs.
    well britney has her meltdown
    but do u guys remember xtina when she used to be that dirrty slutty chick while britney was busy selling albums

  • qboy

    we do remember dirrty and so what ??? it was from a great album, that was sold very well too … and so what ??
    comparaison between dirrty perdiod and brit desaster stories ???

    as i said .. even brit herself doesn’t even want to be on competition with CHristina .. no need to even say why .. we all know …

  • Donna

    I loooove her

  • emma

    i love britney but i must admit that she really can’t sing at all. she does have personality and thats whats gotten her so far.

    her old songs were really good. but the stuff that shes been doin in the past couple years is just generic and shes not really even singing. they change her voice and make it ‘cool’ sounding.

    britney may have better cd sales but the music that she does like “toxic” and “break the ice” is not gonna keep her in the industry. especially when her “singing” just keeps getting faker and faker.

    i dont even look at britney’s work as real music anymore. its to chopped up and messed with.

    as for christina, she’ll be able to sing her butt off until shes way over 50. because she can actually sing.

  • anamalia




  • xuckerz

    qboy #34

    You keep saying brit doesn’t want to be in competition with christina,and you keep saying no need to say why because we all know. Well sorry but it seems you’re the only one who knows the stupid reason.

    So quit being an idiot and substantiate your claim. Otherwise, I think you’re just blowing smoke up your a$$.

  • charlee

    the tracklisting seems incomplete

  • Sezza

    I dnt really like it… it looks 2 fake!

  • breezy b


  • breezy b


  • Megan

    Christina is way much better than that crazy Bitchney!

  • Chinifer

    Christina can sing. Awesome voice. Brittney have producers do music magic behind the scene. that white trash can’t sing and don’t have a voice.

    give me, give me…yeah my give me my @ss

  • white trash brittney

    brittney is an entertainer not a true artist. brittney entertains people with her dance moves and outfits. without them she is nothing. on the other hand, christina uses her voice to sing. that’s a true artist.

  • omg

    oooh i wanna buy it! it has my favorite songs of her since i was young!

  • TERRY- vtc

    loved the music keeps getting better
    and please wtf is this feud between brit and christina
    well , i like them both . and this little feud you are doing is ridiculous
    please give us a break.

  • Maxxie

    I think is a very good idea for Xtina to celebrate her 10 years in the industry with a GH, and anyway she has a new album coming out next year so she’s just using this GH to be in the spotlight again, while her new album comes out.

    I LOVE XTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and it only keeps gettin’ better

  • Lightnin

    I think its gr8 her bringin out a greatest hits, jus long enough so the older ones arent too old and the new ones r still a couple of yrs old.

    Those who r always complaining shes copying, she has no need to, when will everyone stop comparing the 2 when they are nothing alike and one clearly can sing better than the other

  • Warren

    about the comment above about christina copying britney please come back here with ur comments when britney brings her next album out and it has elents of circus and burlesque in which christina did for her back to basics id like to hear your big comments then and to top it off lady gaga come on please, as it has already been explained the vmas werwe based around movies for example being held in the paramount studios and people like pink, t.i and the jonas brothers using sets in their performances, if you look christinas vmas performance up on youtube their is a great explanation about her performance who is has based on comic characters and their proof through pictures and the performance was superhero based e.g the dancers costumes and christina wearin a cape and also to end this when britney can actually sing a decent note and not through her nose then you can comment on who is the best singer. nice to see all you ‘real’ britney fans appear just when shes gettin better at least christina has true fance how support her no matter what she decides to do musically