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Katie Holmes' Fan Frenzy

Katie Holmes' Fan Frenzy

As Katie Holmes leaves the theater after performing in All My Sons in New York City, and is approached by several fans to whom she is nice enough to give autographs to on Saturday.

Tom Cruise was spotted leaving his apartment in New York City, presumably to meet up with Katie.

Fans have been lauding Katie‘s performance, amidst protesters that have showed up attacking Scientology. The group of protesters call themselves Anonymous, wearing V for Vendetta masks, holding up signs shouting “Save Katie!”

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  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    Those protesters were so unpopular…unlike Holmes

  • holly

    katyie is soo boring
    and why do you, jared, always post about her? like “katie walks on the street” or “katie wears normal pants for once”?? no one cares! i`d rather see interesting news about beyonce or sth…

  • terrible

    So, big deal, she “didn’t embarrass herself”, well high school students pull off good or better performances too. She is nothing, why give her all this attention.
    She has a very troubled daughter who needs her attention.
    She didn’t pay honor, not one word or gesture, on 9/11 even though she was blocks away. She seems to exist just for herself.
    She is gross.

  • my 2 cents…

    I love the color green she is wearing. It was cool here in NYC today. Perfect blazer and scarf day!


    I’m glad that Katie had a somewhat acceptable performance, from what I have read…..She certainly was excited to have Tom back by her side, and he SEEMED please by the outcome!………But, I heard that it was NOT a sellout performance…OR was it?

  • my 2 cents…

    terrible @ 09/20/2008 at 8:03 pm

    She didn’t pay honor, not one word or gesture, on 9/11 even though she was blocks away. She seems to exist just for herself.

    It would have been inappropriate for Katie or any celebrity to be a part of the 9/11 memorial ceremonies. It is not about them! It is about the victims of that tragic day and their families.

  • loly

    tom is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot

  • Michell

    At first glance I thought both pics were Katie

  • why?

    Why can this broad get a leading role???? Because she sux!!!!

    Both of them look quite miserable in these photos.

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    The complaints about Holmes that people like #3 keep spouting gets dumber and dumber.

    Stop sayings eh can’t get a leading role when you don’t know that yourself, #9!

  • to #6

    It would have been inappropriate for Katie or any celebrity to be a part of the 9/11 memorial ceremonies. It is not about them! It is about the victims of that tragic day and their families.


    But if the fame whores (aka Tom, Katie) could have been a part of the ceremonies they would have just to get the attention. There is nothing these 2 desperados wouldn’t do for fame.

    Do they ever help anyone but themselves? I think she is the worst thing that ever happened to TC and he is the worst thing that happened to KH. I believe that together they are EVIL!

  • why?

    Why can’t she get a leading role, Creature? LMAO…you know the reason…you just can’t say it. She sux!

  • JoJo

    Tom and Katie make a great couple. I hope her show does very well!

  • Christine

    Who cares about Katie Holmes? I’d be excited to see Patrick Wilson in this!!!

  • Helena

    Katie Holmes has fans? I care more for Patrick Wilson, Dianne Wiest and John Lithgow!

  • intheBiz

    I’m guessing the opinion that Katie doesn’t deserve her status is based on her marriage to a superstar. It would be easy to believe that his “pull” got her the lead.

    But it’s well worth pointing out, she had built an impressive resume before she ever met Tom Cruise.

    Check out her IMDB or Wikipedia pages. It’s all there.

    I think she’s a fine actress and by all accounts is a very decent human being. Give her a break. Go see her show at least, and THEN presume to assess her skills.

    She’s a working actress, so she’s always going to be doing SOMETHING. Her tabloid index is high now, sadly for her, so nothing she does will go unnoticed, and all too much of the junk-food rag propaganda will be negative or wildly suggestive (that’s their meat and drink). The fair thing now is to try and be objective as best we can, and if she’s doing a good job, then give credit where due.

  • larry’s brother larry

    Did he have to say she was good for her to be good? That’s the impression I get by reading alot of these comments. He controls her life.
    Both of them seem to be self-absorbed individuals who go out of their way for paparazzi attention so it’s hard to give them a lot of respect.

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    You keep saying they’re fame hungry yet you never explain how, #11. Simply accusing them of being fame hungry is one thing but don’t you have to back it up.

    But why do you keep saying she can’t get leading roles, #12? How do you know she can’t?

    Apparently everyone since the crowd was going crazy only for her, #14.

    Right, #16.

  • .

    tom cruise wears air force ones ahahahaha hes cool

  • Jill

    Katie Holmes leaves the theater after performing in All My Sons in New York City, and is approached by several fans

    LOL!!! “Fan Frenzy”? Jared, please. Several fans hardly equals a frenzy.

    This tired, boring woman hardly rates a thread.

  • Mary

    I think what Jared meant to say is Tom Cruise was spotted leaving the Carlyle Hotel (not leaving his apartment). Remember, Tom and Suri are staying at the hotel and Katie lives at her apartment.

  • Dancer

    Hey Good Victoria–
    It may not have been sold out in the morning. I believe this show is at the half price tix booths in the city, so by show time people may have gotten their half price tickets thereby “selling” it out. Less money for the backers, but it looks better to have an audience as well as a fuller audience provides more support to the actors on stage.


    I just read from someone’s post that Katie seems to exist for herself. I think she is barely existing day to day by the stoic expressions on her face every time she is photographed. Tommy Culty’s reaction to her play was so forced and rehearsed sounding. What else did people think he was to say about his robotic-programmed wife? ” she was a total diaster” OR ” this play is a waste of everyone’s money and time, including the tickets I purchased to make it look good.” I said earlier on another site, that the Blonde woman is probably a minder-trainer-programmer of some sorts, to be able to get a ” peck on the cheek” from Tommy Culty. She is re-training Tiny Tom to show approval and affection for his manly wife, while he wittles away his ” own time”, at the Carlyle Hotel. That is also where blondie is staying according to poster ” Carlyle Queen”. I bet she quickly re-programed Tiny tot Tom, to react to Katie’s performance, so everyone will know ” how much he loves and supports her”. ( for now ). He is ridiculous looking and sounding, and obviously arrogant ( really? NO WAY LOL ) for him to walk down to his seat with bodyguards and hold up the play. He couldn’t stay backstage and out of sight, if he was truely supporting his wife? NO, Katie was in the spotlight and he felt left out. That walk down the isle was to show everyone that he WAS Number # 1, and always will be.

  • 2 creature

    creature– if katie was talented enough to get a leading role, she would have already got one. Let’s see…she’s been acting like she can act for at least 12 years now and has not had a leading role in a motion picture, muchless a major motion picture.

    For comparison purposes, by the time Nicole Kidman finished her 12th year in Hollywood (year one was Dead Calm in 1989), she had won an Oscar for The Hours (2002).

    What’s Katie waiting on? LMAO

    Just look at what a REAL actress can accomplish in 12 years!!!!!

    # The Hours (2002) …. Virginia Woolf
    # Panic Room (2002) (voice) (uncredited) …. Stephen’s Girlfriend on the Phone
    # Birthday Girl (2001) …. Sophia, alias Nadia
    # The Others (2001) …. Grace Stewart
    … aka Autres, Les (France)
    … aka Otros, Los (Spain)
    # Moulin Rouge! (2001) …. Satine

    # Eyes Wide Shut (1999) …. Alice Harford
    … aka EWS (USA: promotional abbreviation)
    # Practical Magic (1998) …. Gillian Owens
    # The Peacemaker (1997) …. Dr. Julia Kelly
    # The Leading Man (1996) …. Academy Awards Presenter
    # The Portrait of a Lady (1996) …. Isabel Archer
    # Batman Forever (1995) …. Dr. Chase Meridian
    # To Die For (1995) …. Suzanne Stone Maretto
    # My Life (1993/I) …. Gail Jones
    # Malice (1993) …. Tracy Kennsinger
    # Far and Away (1992) …. Shannon Christie
    # Billy Bathgate (1991) …. Drew Preston
    # Flirting (1991) …. Nicola
    # Days of Thunder (1990) …. Dr. Claire Lewicki

    # “Bangkok Hilton” (1989) TV mini-series …. Katrina Stanton
    # Dead Calm (1989) …. Rae Ingram
    … aka Dead Calm: A Voyage Into Fear (USA: poster title)

  • gina

    The protesters are actually more of note than her and Tom in this post.

  • Lemonyfresh

    Repeatedly, spokespersons for the masked terrorist organization “Anonymous” have promised that they weren’t out to ruin the lives of individual Scientologists.

    And yet, now they have announced their intent to disrupt Katie Holmes’ Broadway debut in All My Sons by protesting that a Scientologist should be allowed to take part in a Broadway show. These hateful psychotics have made it clearer than ever now that they hold anyone who is a Scientologist (or just married to one) to be “fair game” for destruction. Funny how the people who rant the most about “fair game” are the ones who are actually practicing it against innocent citizens.

    Are we going to allow this gang of thugs to continue to harass innocent people over their religious beliefs? Can we allow people to have their safety jeopardized and careers ruined simply because they choose to believe in Scientology?


    Hey Dancer, thanks for the info, and it makes perfect sense…..did you have a good time?…..was it better or worse than you expected….I really wish I lived closer to New York, so I could attend some plays…That is a dream of mine……So for right now I will live through your views and what happened at the shows………..I got slammed by Kristina and Tammi on the ” celebs love Katie” site………They think I made up THE MARY story ( LOL ) and I wrote back to them, that I could NOT have conjured up a stupid story like that if I was PAID to do it……………And that I NEVER, EVER said this story was true….I wrote them back on that site twice, because they could not let it go…..If anything, THE MARY is a psycho and TRYING to get IN among the Scientology creepies, and was rejected, so she is making crap up to get even…………….I apologized to everyone for asking for opinion’s because according to them, I was viewed as a freak wanting attention for myself. ( hence always asking for your opinions )…………….So, THE MARY stories will end, and I will keep them to myself for my own enjoyment…OR get Susan to stop going…..Have a great Week-end Dancer!!

  • defap

    at least all Tom’s exes have always remained friendly to Tom. what does the fact say about Tom?

  • bb

    Katie has had leading roles in films like First Daughter, Abandon, and most notably Pieces of April. But anyways, who cares if she has leading roles or not, and why do people always have to compare her to kidman?
    It seems like the haters are really grasping at straws to find things to criticize Katie about. sad really.

  • TO #26

    If you want to be taken seriously, you definitely need to change your name to something besides “Lemonyfresh”. You are kidding, right!!! LOL LOL


  • It’s all about him

    His platform tennis shoes are just hilarious!

  • Joe American

    God loves and blesses those Anonymous protestors, Jesus and the FBI are on
    their side, they are the definition and the look as classy as Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn put together

  • just me

    Love the green on Katie. Pretty color for her!

  • so what

    #24 ,so what if Nicole did all those movies , almost all of them sucked! Katie did have a leading role in Pieces of April, which was outstanding , even the precious critics thought so.

  • Joe American

    Whoops, meant to say,”these protestors are the defintion of normal”.

    Love this Anonymous family

  • what?

    Joe American @ 09/20/2008 at 9:55 pm

    Even your clarification doesn’t make sense. Try again. We are operating under the “leave no child behind” act and we will allow you to make corrections until you get it right!

  • Nanci

    TC is aging up fast!!

  • TO “so what”

    “so what if Nicole did all those movies , almost all of them sucked! Katie did have a leading role in Pieces of April, which was outstanding , even the precious critics thought so”

    You say “almost all of them sucked”! So you must be a fan of Nicole’s if you watched them all!!!! lol

    Katie Holmes’ only roles have been written for the teeny-bopper crowd (16 years old and younger). Most adults wouldn’t have the slightest interest in watching any of the B movies she has been in. If that’s the kind of “entertainment” you want to watch..whatever floats your boat.


  • another point

    I bet Tom wishes he had never divorced Nicole. When he was on the Oprah show, I noticed how he looked sad when some of the guests talked about the old times (when he was married to Nicole). It was so obvious!!!

    See what you got Tom. You had it great and you didn’t even stop to realize it.

    He should have dumped Scientology instead of Nicole. He knows that deep in his heart but he would never admit it because he is too egotistical.

    He really screwed up when he let that lady get away.

  • stop the madness

    Why does everything have to come down to a comparison between Katie and Nicole. They only have Tom Cruise in common. The women aren’t feuding, the fans are!!!!

    BTW, another thing to chew on: Tom’s forgotten first wife, Mimi Rogers is 52, Nicole is 41 and Katie is 29! At the rate Tom is going with getting younger and younger wives each time. Brad and Angelina better keep Shiloh away from him!

  • Donna

    I saw the play today, all of the characters were perfectly cast, and Katie was definately up to the task…They are all great actors and the play is one of the better I have seen in a long time… Arthur Miller is very powerful and the cast lived up to the task. Forget anyone’s personal life, just enjoy the play.

  • pinochio

    Is it just my imagination or is Tom’s nose getting bigger all the time?

    Next time he has his face lifted, he needs to have his banana nose fixed too! He’s got the time and the money.

    He would definitely be more attractive if he would do that and get his chicklets downsized.

  • Mary


  • what?

    Mary @ 09/20/2008 at 10:33 pm


  • dean

    It SO lovely to see the WHOLE family out and about on the streets of NYC. The picture of Mommy Katie walking between her two children, Bella and Conner and Daddy Tom and little sister Suri walking and laughing right behind them, is the picture of a PERFECT FAMILY!

    And then the picture of Katie and her daughter Bella walking down the streets of NYC as they go shopping together.

    It is SO LOVELY that the WHOLE family is in NYC “TOGETHER”,
    just like tom and katie had announced!

  • To Dean

    I’m so agree with you, Dean. It is so nice to see Nicole with Sunday Rose in her hands and smiling Bella at her side, and Caner at the side of his step-Dad. What a great picture! Do you know where can we see it?

  • The Wolf Man

    If he was truly supporting his wife, he WOULDN’T have staged backstage #23. Quit find excuses to slam him.

    He’s famous enough. He doesn’t have to steal anyone’s spotlight.

    She has gotten lead roles in the past, #24. Like First Daughter and Pieces of April and Teaching Mrs. Tingle.

    It’s pointless to compare actors. Some are more prolific than others. Holmes has as many credits if not more than Daniel Day-Lewis and we know he doesn’t have trouble finding work.

    Just because Cruise looked like he was nostalgic about the good old times with Kidman, it doesn’t mean he regrets divorcing her and now he’s pining for her, #39. You read way too much into things.

  • Trip

    Dean ,what pix are you talking about?


  • so what ,again

    Yes #38 , I am a fan of Nicole and yes I did watch the movies . I enjoy movies by a lot of fine actors.I think she is a very good actress , but that doesn’t change my opinion that a lot of her movies sucked.

    My point was that to try to compare one actors work to another’s based solely on the amount of work , not the actual work itself is stupid. Katie was good in the movies she has been in , and Pieces of April wasn’t by any means a teeny bopper movie.

  • ok

    Katie is still a C lister with A lister fame. That is because she is married to a not very much liked A lister. Most of her roles in the past were not leading roles and most of them suck. She had to prove herself yet to claim the status in her own status.
    The sad thing is everthing she is in because of whom she is married to and their stratagie it always get hyped very much more than it needed for C lister .I really thought with that all hype and her likealbity( as they say), her movie Mad Money (that came out earlyer this is year) going ot become a success but it didn’t