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Lindsay Lohan: Thank You For Smoking

Lindsay Lohan: Thank You For Smoking

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson do a little shopping at Maxfield on Melrose Ave in LA on Saturday.

The 22-year-old actress was also joined by her guy friend, and then stopped off at a deli for lunch. After enjoying her meal, Lindsay smoked for a few minutes outside the deli.

Earlier that day the couple was spending some down time together at Sam‘s place this afternoon when they realized that her car was getting towed!

Lindsay was also spotted at the Roxy in Los Angeles on Friday night with Ronson, who performed a deejay gig at the rocker hot spot.

10+ more pics inside of Lindsay Lohan smoking up…

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lindsay lohan samantha ronson smoking 01
lindsay lohan samantha ronson smoking 02
lindsay lohan samantha ronson smoking 03
lindsay lohan samantha ronson smoking 04
lindsay lohan samantha ronson smoking 05
lindsay lohan samantha ronson smoking 06
lindsay lohan samantha ronson smoking 07
lindsay lohan samantha ronson smoking 08
lindsay lohan samantha ronson smoking 09
lindsay lohan samantha ronson smoking 10

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  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    Smoking = BAD … Bad Lindsay.

  • alanna

    It looks like she matched her earrings to Sam’s shirt.

  • Donna

    awful couple

  • jfdks


  • jfdks


  • AeH

    I saw them at Fred Segal today eating at the cafe. I’m pretty sure these pics are from yesterday because Lindsay had a pink shirt on today. They looked very in love and cute together.

  • k

    that’s disgusting. the smoking and them together. gross.

    what kind of shoes is she wearing??? they’re hideous.

  • DesireĆ©

    she FINALLY found a bra!!

  • anna

    Sam will be out . Once Linds starts missing men again. This young lady doesnt know what she wants. I think she is odd

  • JMF

    Well if that happens and Lindsay does dump Sam, she better watch it, because I get the feeling Ms Ronson is the sort of girl you don’t mess with.

  • Darius

    They are a cool couple, I like them together. It’s nice to see people happy, and they just look happy together, so who cares what went on before with LL or how long it’s gonna last. People need to relax and just let them get on with it and stop hating on people they have never met and most likely never will.I mean blah blah blah her shoes,blah blah blah bra, blah blah blah men….zzzzzz

  • Courtney

    Hey, smoking cigs is WAY better than doing cocaine!

    You can give her that people haha

  • gemma luikens

    These filthy fake lesbians are putting one over on all of you doe eyed schmucks.

  • evie

    she looks awful, never mind the smoking she seems to be constantly chewing her nails, yuk. She won’t get away from Ronson she is a control freak.

  • candy

    There are some great pics from last night at the Roxy.I realy wonder why Jared choose these pics,as always the worst pics of Lindsay to make her look bad.No matter what happens she seems healthie she works and she isnt taped fucking around.
    I do believe Samantha has calmed her down.

  • barron797

    Lindsay, if you’re reading this, you need to hire Rachel Zoe back as your stylist. She did such a fabulous job of putting your outfits together. Now that you are on your own, your style has really gone down hill.

  • Helen

    i love Lindsay much better now than before, she has gotten so “normal” since being with Samantha… but i thought she wanted to quit smoking? smoking just makes you look disgusting!!

  • stefanie

    I guess Lindsay isn’t hawking that anti-smoking gum anymore. Remember that gum she’s walk around with? I forgot the name.

    Anyway, I thought she quit.

    Well Lindsay does have an addictive personality. Poor girl.

  • Chrystina

    Samantha looks like a man !!!!!

  • Chrystina

    i hate the way she dresses and i hate her hair too

  • ew

    wot a skank

  • gael

    @evie: I am guessing you’re getting your “inside” info about the controlling ronson from the honourable joe francis and the upstanding michael lohan, those beacons of credibility.I have followed LL’s career since I was a kid and have to say that the idea of her being controlled by anyone is kind of laughable. But whatever you want to believe you know, at least you have got to admit that ronson is doing a far better job at “controlling” her than all those douches that came before. Girl looks happy and healthy and is working again, and as fan I hope to see less of her in the gossip columns and more in the movie theatres!

  • irene

    whet zoe was linday’s stylist, it was a time when lindsay lookes anorexic, maybe she pressured too much into being thin, I read somewhere that she was also Nicole richie’s stylist at the time

  • tha

    Lindsay, girl.. stop smoking.. your skin looks like shit.. it’ll only get worse.
    You used to be pretty, for God’s sake!

  • hkjlnk

    I only came to check this article to drool over the yellow shoes..

  • dialectic

    they look cute and happy…so what if she smokes? its her life and its alot better then doing blow and flashing her cooter…

  • sent

    I know you can make your own decisions Lindsay, but please don’t smock!! You are very HOT, don’t get worse, and find a better GIRLfriend, Samantha looks like a tranny!!

  • bridget

    Samro is wretched. I cannot see what Lindsay finds attractive about her. She looks like a dirty 14 yr old boy who never showers! YUCK


    That is a good one NUMBER # 28. Samantha has no good looking genes in or on her body. She always looks unbathed, no matter what the occasion. And Lindsays nails are disgusting looking. Short and ” bit off”, as someone else said, is not the way to an attractive hand, and you would think with her in the public eye every day, she would want to present herself a little better. Coming out of the restaurant with her ” guy friend”, she was already waiting to light up with a butt-stick in her hand. No wonder she has ” terrible asthma attacks and suffers from them”, according to her mother.

  • victoria

    lindsay lohan used to be okay, but now she’s just awful.

  • sdf


  • larry


  • joan

    trailer parks finest.


    They do, don’t they NUMBER # 33?….Our little ole Parent Trap Cutie has gone by the wayside…..Too much alcohol and nicotine!…She has a sad looking life now, even with all of her money.


    I dunno- LL has gotten incredibly thin recently- again. She looked thin enough back in March when I ran into her at Chanel. But she’s looking really thin and I don’t know, she has that ‘unhealthy’ look all over her. Oh well. I agree, she was a fashionista when RZ was her stylist, but, I still think she manages to pull off quite well. Overall she still is a fashion icon. Well, at least to my eyes. And I don’t think SR is all that bad. She has that cool vibe which I can’t really describe in words. If she was a boy, she would be the type I would go out with and have fun. She seems nice.

  • carter

    Just love to hate em’!