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Nicole Kidman Plays Ivanov

Nicole Kidman Plays Ivanov

Nicole Kidman and country superstar husband Keith Urban catch the play Ivanov at London’s Wyndhams Theatre on Saturday.

The play is by Anton Chekov in a new version by Tom Stoppard. Kenneth Branagh plays the title role in Chekhov‘s explosive portrait of a man plagued with self-doubt and despair which vividly captures the electrifying atmosphere of Russia on the brink of change.

To buy tickets to this play, visit

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Credit: Gorilla Pictures; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • my 2 cents…

    Nice to see them making time for each other. Both are so busy. I thought it would be a slow down time now that they are a family of 3. Maybe after this current movie commitment is over for Nic.

  • Jamie

    I’m in love with Keiths hat =) Could he be any hotter?!?

  • lila

    oh my god!! she gave birth like 1 month ago(i think ) looks good

  • Daviii

    Nicole You rock my world s2

  • mamamia

    Damn, he look handsome in that fedora.

  • Joe

    She didn’t give birth..a surrogate did.
    It’ll come out one day soon.

    but..they look happy. Keith is short in real life.

  • Helena

    I really want to see that play. I heard that Kenneth Branagh is excellent.

  • daisy

    They both look wonderful. I hope they enjoyed the play.

  • hostas

    Kidman wears the pants in this relationship, and now Urban wears her hats too. Please Urban, you have your own fashion sense that was cool, don’t wear what your wife tells you to wear. Haven’ t you seen what she’s been wearing lately?

  • gina

    Nicole is amazing. I finally saw The Invasion last night, and I loved it. She looks great here.

  • Butterfly

    My, gawd, that man is gorgeous (and talented as well). Why is he not in the movies? The hat looks beyond handsome; thank gawd he does not wear a cowboy hat!! I would like to see more pictures of Keith up front; I enjoy Nicole, but would like some pictures of her in the background and he up front!!

  • col

    nicole and keith looks great!!

    lovely couple…

  • Mary

    They are lovely. Nic introduces him to London theatre, he gives her a country home in Nashville. Great couple.

    Stop the fake preg BS, Nic was pregnant, she simply has the abs of an Olympic athlete.

  • ionic

    I can’t decide which one looks more ridiculous.

    Yes I can – Urban does.


    Keith Urban is a sexy man.. He is also one of the nicest guys out there.

    Didn’t she do a movie with Tom Stoppard.. Who directed Shakespear
    in Love.. Thanks Just Jared for the photos..!!

  • diane

    If kidman makes her lips any bigger her head will be all forehead and lips soon

  • Butterfly

    Oh, Mary, you must be from the USA. European influence in style is far ahead of the USA. I suppose you think a cowboy hat is stylish (it is for people riding horses and chasing cattle).

  • shea

    bravo Kenneth Brannagh!

  • Vasco

    they look great, specially Nic, i love to see her with those sunnies!

  • Patty

    Kidman seem to be such a sweet and nice person, she has always a simle…i imagine it’s because she is really in a happy fase of her life.

  • Lauren

    I love Nicole’s style, casual but always elegant! I have a sunnies just like hers, i love them too!
    I’m so happy she is in my city!I hope see her around!

  • George

    I really need to see that play.i read it’s great! I would love to see Nicole in real person, she is my favorite actress!well but i don’t have so much lucky like that…

  • Marly

    the hats are to be incognito during the perfoemance it would be rude to cause a stir an someone else’s play, ahem….tom cruise.

  • Kelly

    Is she in London?my God, i didn’t know…..that’s what happens when someone doesn’t visit JJ for weeks. Anyone know what is she doing there?

  • kesington

    She is in amazing shape, i envy her.I just loved she return to a reedish hair…she would be perfect!

  • Mary

    Wel, Buttterfly, I never mentioned hats at all.

    What a rude poster you are !

    I live in Chelsea and see jo reason to insult american western wear. Afterall, they gave us blue jeans and very cool boots.

  • Vasco

    nr 24 she is in London shooting “Nine”, her next project, along Daniel day lewis, Marion Cotillard, Judi Dench…it’s an amazing cast believe me!

  • Galey

    Beautiful, Happy couple. I am happy for them. Can’t wait to see baby Sunday picture.

  • Kat

    my 2 cents, the only way they make time for each other is because Keith Urban has been putting his job on the back burner. His schedule isn’t as busy as you make think. He should be working on his new CD, but here he is in London.

    Kelly, she’s been in London for more than 3 weeks already working on yet another movie. She went back to work 4 weeks after having the baby. This is Sunday Rose’s 2nd movie set and she’s not even 3 months old yet.

  • Lisa

    Oh he looks like the fool that he is. He is such a joke.

  • jkgfrtses

    Nice, great pictures!

  • beth

    I love the hat keith

  • Cherrie

    I am a fan of both, and i’m glad to see them spending some time together,A baby with 2 months needs a lot of time and it’s great they have same free time to go to an amazing play! i already saw it in Russia, of course the actors were not the same, but the play is very good!

  • paul

    she is always wonderful

  • rose

    Keith and Nicole look so cute together

  • Vasco

    “my 2 cents, the only way they make time for each other is because Keith Urban has been putting his job on the back burner. His schedule isn’t as busy as you make think. He should be working on his new CD, but here he is in London.

    Kelly, she’s been in London for more than 3 weeks already working on yet another movie. She went back to work 4 weeks after having the baby. This is Sunday Rose’s 2nd movie set and she’s not even 3 months old yet.”

    Kat first of all Keith can perfectly work on his new CD in every place of the world, he knows how to do it better than both of us. Second Sunday is on her first real set because Nicole only staied 10 days in reshoots for Australia….Nicole is a professional, she is an actress, why would you suggest?she left her work for what?women can perfectly do both things, and she has a small role in Nine…as you can saw here in JJ she has having many free time to be with her daugther around London…

  • barbie

    Nicole looks great as usual, i’m not a huge fan of Keith, but they seem really love each other, so i’m happy for her!

  • nancy

    I adore her bag, can annyone ID it?she is always so fashion, Mrs Robot Katie Holmes should have some lessons from Nicole!

  • vivi

    they look great and happy

  • Dniil

    She is so beautiful, i love Nicole too much. I think Keith is not dressing properly for a play, but i suppose he is dresses like that because he is a country music.

  • vanessa

    they looks adorable

  • mary

    cute together

  • notbusy

    Kat, there are recording studios in London! Keith has already said during his time off he will be in the studio finishing his CD! Keith has not put his career on the backburner. He has a brand new single with Brad Paisley that was just released and is getting great reviews! Keith could have finished his CD while Nicole was pregnant seeing that she was not working from January through August. Keith wants to take his time and not rush this CD. They look really happy. I can’t wait to see little Sunday.

  • leila

    I need to see that play too, but when it comes to
    Love Nic’s clothes here. she is always great, in the street or in the red carpet! I like Keith hat!

  • janeth

    They are perfect together, great pictures!!

  • Jenix

    I miss a photo of Urban and Nicole together.they are always so lovely and sweet!

  • larry’s brother larry

    Goes to show how little you know. Urban has been on tour. He’s extremely busy, yet they make time for each other.

  • dancer

    Thanks JJ for the pictures and the coverage. Nice to see them happy and relaxing in London!

  • twinkle

    #6 Joe, I’m no conspiracy theorist, but I think you’re right. I don’t think she gave birth either. OK, she carried small, but her boobs didn’t grow either. I don’t care how naturally thin someone is, but there is no way the human body can bounce back that quickly after giving birth. Also, new mothers don’t have time to go to a play because their bound to the babies feeding schedule. You’ve got to stay close to the baby when you’re breast feeding. OK, maybe she pumped before leaving the house, but then the timing is wacky because newborns are feeding like every couple of hours. I think her baby is formula feed. I don’t think Nicole was pregnant either. I just don’t understand why the big coverup. It ain’t Roswell. Lots of people hire surrogates.

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    Kidman never worked with Tom Stoppard, #15. And Stoppard only wrote Shakespeare in Love. He never directed it.

    If she did use a surrogate, it’s no one’s business but the parents, #49. Not being able to give birth is a very demoralizing thing for a woman and not something that she’d want to share with the world.