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Robert Pattinson - "Interview Magazine" October 2008

Robert Pattinson -

Michael Martin interviewed Robert Pattinson for the October 2008 issue of Interview Magazine (with James Franco on the cover). Here’s the article:

– Alert the tabloids: Harry Potter actor linked to drug house! Twenty-two-year-old Robert Pattinson fondly recalls his time living in a “cool little ex-crack den” in London with best friend Tom Sturridge. He’s joking (we think) about their bad behavior as struggling young actors. “We spent the better part of a year just getting drunk every night,” Pattinson admits. “I don’t know if that counts as ‘struggling.’” After the debauchery ended, Pattinson co-starred as Cedric Diggory in two Harry Potter movies. A former child model–he posed professionally from ages 12 to 15 (“when I stopped looking like a girl”)–Pattinson has been dubbed “the next Jude Law” in the British press. “I don’t really see the similarity,” he says. One opportunity to break out comes via next year’s Little Ashes, a Spanish drama in which Pattinson stars as the young Salvador Dali. But first, there’s the vampire thriller Twilight, based on the popular teen books, in which Pattinson plays Edward, a 108-year-old bloodsucker in love with a high school girl. Horror fans are already stalking him. “It’s funny,” Pattinson says, “because teenage girls would say,’ Oh my God, you’re Cedric!’ It switched in a week to ‘Oh, my God, it’s Edward!’ Allegiances change to freely in the teen-girl world.”

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308 Responses to “Robert Pattinson - "Interview Magazine" October 2008”

  1. 1
    Angeline Says:

    Dude I love him <3

  2. 2
    Anaid Says:

    LOVE HIM!!!

  3. 3
    maggie Says:

    WTF?!!? Not really digging this photo…

  4. 4
    bri Says:

    holy cow!!!!!!! sooo incredibly adorable and hot and sexy and omg …..PANTS!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 5
    Leah Says:

    I somehow don’t think he has given up drinking every night. Maybe he really is an alcoholic. He’s a damn hot one though.

  6. 6
    natasha Says:



    Rob is a god!

  7. 7
    MoNessa Says:

    Wara wimp man! But atleast hez more of a man dan zac efron wil eva be!!


  8. 8
    Natiii Says:

    Rob is amazing

  9. 9
    courtney Says:

    do i ever looove this dooode.
    just jamaazing 24/7 365.

  10. 10
    fdadsjkl Says:

    he’s so hot
    and amazing

  11. 11
    fdadsjkl Says:

    he’s so hot
    and amazing

  12. 12
    Victoria Says:

    My God, that’s a hot picture.

  13. 13
    Emmie Says:

    OMG I cant wait for Twilight!!!!! he is the perfect Edward!!!

  14. 14
    gina Says:

    I just don’t see his appeal.

  15. 15
    Vfan 4ever Says:

    damn, he´s HOT!

  16. 16
    lizi Says:

    silly Robert say whatever you want you cannot scare off your fans. We love love love love love YOU!!!!!!!

  17. 17
    Cami Says:

    God I love him sfm

  18. 18
    nina Says:

    haha, him and the tom dude have the ultimate bromance. I almost picture them all austin powers, asking a bunch of girls to come back to the crack den for a shag and crap in London.

  19. 19
    andrea v Says:

    that guy is freaking .. als;dfjalskdfj
    so hot.

  20. 20
    ceila Says:

    Dude, mijo’s chonies are all sticking out…and those chonies are all gauzy and baggy like the chonies Ghandi used to wear!

  21. 21
    Twifanatic Amanda Says:

    Nuff Said.

  22. 22
    Jojo Says:

    Well, there goes all of my respect…..
    *sigh* too bad, I was starting to think he was a really decent actor with morals intact and all…
    just my luck :(
    I’m still excited for the movie though.
    *crosses fingers*

  23. 23
    Caitlin Says:

    he is so refreshingly cool

  24. 24
    maria Says:

    Where did it show his morals being amputated in the article exactly?

    He just made a joke about what it means to be a struggling actor. I thought it was a funny response. I’d rather hear a snarky answer like that instead of hearing some overly self indulgent answer about how much he’s struggled for his art.

  25. 25
    jen Says:

    he’s one pretty fella

  26. 26
    Cee Says:

    Oh, hi.
    I love you.

  27. 27
    corona Says:

    RP is a really funny and handsome lush.

  28. 28
    Bella Swan Says:

    Dear Edward:

    It’s so ironic that you won’t even let me unbutton your buttons in bed when we haven’t even made it to first base. And yet you turn around and model for INterview Magazine wearing your pants all low Lil’ Wayne style. You are such a crotch tease.

  29. 29
    Reneesme Says:

    Dear Daddy:

    You may be Edward Cullen to everyone else, but you’ll always be “DILF” to me.



  30. 30
    bels Says:

    OH. MY. GOD.
    why ddint the pants just come off?

  31. 31
    wow Says:

    I was sorta hoping that friend of his was lurking in the background all unabomber style:

  32. 32
    seriously Says:

    instead of playing edward, he should play wolverine. His hair just does a natural wolverine already, it’s uncanny.

  33. 33
    MIRIAM Says:

    HE IS HOT <3
    LOVE HIM !

  34. 34
    Twifanatic Amanda Says:

    OH god! Renesmee should totally not be thinking that! She’s got Jacob! And even though we all know that Edward is better Jacob is her soulmate bahaha

  35. 35
    Twifanatic Amanda Says:

    btw maria, totally agree! His humor is so sarcastic haha it’s great

  36. 36
    lily Says:

    wow, can that kid grow a five o’clock shadow in no time flat or what?

  37. 37
    jan Says:

    why is he in sweatpants, we know that he doesn’t workout….hahaha

  38. 38
    june Says:

    it would be so great to see Robert and Tom together in a movie….

  39. 39
    Shannon Says:

    OMFG!! the hottest i’ve ever seen him

  40. 40
    Kourtney Says:

    HAHAHA I laughed so hard at the Renesmee thing.

    his hair makes me melt. theres just something about his crazy hair that can drive any girl wild. seriously. not too found of the law pants but oh well.

    hes becoming a bigger and bigger star every day twilight gets closer to release. and he’s a pretty private and low key guy, hopefully he doesn’t become too overwhelmed!

  41. 41
    amber Says:

    Hahah the Renesmee thing was priceless.

    I do think Robert will do a great job as Edward. Obviously nothing will be better than the books but I’m still so damn excited for the movie!

  42. 42
    helen Says:

    How crap. He’s the sexiest actor in the whoel wide world

  43. 43
    Jen Says:

    he’d be a very sexy wolverine. pattinson is nearly too hot. Its a wonder the magazine pages dont burn up

  44. 44
    Kristine Says:

    Okay, he’s gorgeous, as usual. But I’m not digging the sleeveless shirt. His arms are lumpy.

  45. 45
    alison Says:

    Dont quite get what the photographer is getting him to do with his arms. He looks like pure sex though.

  46. 46
    Hol Says:

    You just know he’s brilliant in bed with a lot of imagination

  47. 47
    nona Says:

    hahah, lumpy. I wouldn’t call them lumpy. He’s just not a real naturally toned kind of dude, between the genetics and lack of gym time and all the coronas he’s probably smacking down with that bff. It’s okay, though, he doesn’t have to be toned or ripped though when he’s got that hair. The hair is the great neutralizer and equalizer.

  48. 48
    sol Says:

    So, how do you get a job as the chick who drops his pants down like that? I’d work for scale and everything.

  49. 49
    pena Says:

    IT’s funny how he can look so good one minute, and then the next minute he’s totally channeling the dueling banjos with that Tom dude. Those two sure know how to turn down the heat in terms of looks….

  50. 50
    sunshine519 Says:

    that is HAWT.

  51. 51
    soya Says:

    Holly mother of god he’s hot. Still rather the cleaned up look though.

  52. 52
    Carolyn Says:

    Dont get what the photographer was up to but Rob woul dbe sex on legs hanging upside down.

  53. 53
    Kate Says:

    I hope th EW cover which he will be on the front of of by himself is a smart looking one. I dont think this pose makes any sense. I suppose Rob is stuffed if he gets asked to pose in odd ways.

  54. 54
    Kate Says:

    The dualing bongos comment was funny. But must admit I wish he’d clean up his act.

  55. 55
    Kate Says:

    I think I’d faint from shock if he ever went to the gym

  56. 56
    judith Says:

    You do jut want to throw him on a bed and have your wicked way with him. Those pants are asking to be yanked off.

  57. 57
    SSE Says:

    He’s fine, I’d love to tap that

  58. 58
    judi Says:

    We need the next photo.. where the pants are actually off

  59. 59
    Andrea Says:

    Oh man, he’s so HOT.

  60. 60
    Erica Says:

    My jaw just hit the floor. I need to mop up all the drool. Wow he’s sizzling hot.

  61. 61
    Erica Says:

    I’d love to see the shot face on too.

  62. 62
    Erica Says:

    What’s the photographer up to with the arms though.

  63. 63
    Joanna Says:

    He’s a complete stranger but I want to jump on top of him and do naughty things.

  64. 64
    Joanna Says:

    Love that vest. Hope he got to keep it.

  65. 65
    sandy Says:

    OMG I’ve just DIED. Rob you turn me on like no other film star

  66. 66
    sandy Says:

    Thanks Jared

  67. 67
    Tania Says:

    Sexiest picture ever. Raw sex.

  68. 68
    Tania Says:

    I say again that name gap az the top of Jared’s page is waiting for Rob.

  69. 69
    Tania Says:

    I cant wait to see him as Salvador Dali. The film Little Ashes and Rob looks hot,

  70. 70
    Julie Says:

    Thats beyond sexy. It goes off the scale.

  71. 71
    Wendy Says:

    This guy is going to be the hottest and best actor in Hollywood. He’s as quirky as Depp, as versatile as Di Caprio. As sexy as Pitt, infact sexier than Pitt. Has Damon’s dry sense of humour and is musically gifted.

  72. 72
    Wendy Says:

    Not sure I liked the underpants. I’d love a semi naked shot on a bed.

  73. 73
    Wendy Says:

    The little ashes film has a fansite

  74. 74
    Ruth Says:

    Sexy shot but not fussed on the facial hair. He is the sexiest actor alive however and I hope he gets some wonderful roles. I’d love him to play John lennon.

  75. 75
    kerry Says:

    Photographers lack such imagination. They could have had him virtually with no clothes on. Roll on Rob in Little Ashes. Much prefer that to Twilight.

  76. 76
    robertpattzlover Says:

    ROBERT PATTINSON is damn hott!
    i LOVE him dmn much!
    love you!he will be great!

  77. 77
    emma-australia Says:

    I can’t find the cover picture of James…or hasn’t it been released yet?
    That’s a hot picture of Robert though :D

  78. 78
    kerry Says:

    His liver must be pickled as he’s still getting drunk every night

  79. 79
    Emily Says:

    Has Parts Per Billion been cancelled? I was looking forward to seeing him film that. But Olivia Thirlby is now doing a play off Broadway so confused. I;d rather Rob do some other blockbuster films though. Play the lead in a graphic novel film.

  80. 80
    Emily Says:

    He’ll be an amazing Salvador Dali. HOT photo.

  81. 81
    Emily Says:

    If girls ever see him in the street they need to shout cedward.

  82. 82
    Dara Says:

    Next Jonny Depp. Certain of it.

  83. 83
    shelley Says:

    Could this man get any hotter. Only in a tux

  84. 84
    melissa Says:

    I agree he’s the next big actor and not because of looks but talent. The guy can seriously act unlike most of the next big things. Hurry up mid October so we can see the trailer for Little ashes

  85. 85
    melissa Says:

    i wonder how they had him dressed for the solo EW cover

  86. 86
    Ski Says:

    I hope we get lots more photoshoots and interviews. Cant get enough of Rob

  87. 87
    Ski Says:

    Strange underpants, they look like a diaper

  88. 88
    janeb Says:

    No actor shrieks SEX as much as Rob. You want to drag him to bed when you see him.

  89. 89
    janeb Says:

    I’d like him to work out a bit to get firmer arm muscles. Not OTT but just enough to define them more.

  90. 90
    davina Says:

    I want to find out what his new roles are. Hopefull they are flooding him with work as he;s so talented. Wonder if his agent is making him be choosy. His next few roles are so critical.

  91. 91
    davina Says:

    Nearly forgot smokin photo.

  92. 92
    Holly Says:

    I cant get enough of looking at this photo. Many thanks Jared

  93. 93
    Cressy Says:

    Artistic and sexy photo all at the same time. Phew. Fan me.

  94. 94
    Cressy Says:

    I love his dry sense of humour

  95. 95
    Betsy Says:

    What a great way to wake up looking at Rob Pattinson. They should put him on all the magazine covers. Then they’d sell like hot cakes.

  96. 96
    Betsy Says:

    I’m dying to rip those pants off him

  97. 97
    Sarah Says:

    An incredible actor and with looks like this he will go all the way ot the very top.

  98. 98
    Sarah Says:

    Is this the only photo in the mag of him. I;d have loved more. But then I’m never satisfied. Can never get enough Rob

  99. 99
    Judithb Says:

    I couldnt be more turned on

  100. 100
    katy Says:

    wow can oct interview issue be any better JAMES FRANCO and ROBERT PATTINSON all in one. that is sooo hottt

  101. 101
    Hdelen Says:

    This will give fangirls a hot flush. I’m off for a cold shower. he looks like he can give girls a very good time.

  102. 102
    sYLVETTE Says:

    … More Twilight movie posts please….. I am so excited to see the movie…

  103. 103
    barbara Says:

    Oh, my God, it’s Rob!
    not Edward or Cedric!

  104. 104
    Susie Says:

    Its Rob I fancy not the characters. I think he feels fans only see the character. He’s so wrong. i want to enjoy all hsi roles including the Dali one, art in How to be and lots of others. He’s a fab actor as talented as Di caprio. He’s only 22 so in a few years will have some incredible performances under his belt started with his Salvador Dali. I’m not fussed on Twilight but can see he needs that role to get the US to sit up and notice. Its the equivalent of Di Caprio’s Titanic.

  105. 105
    Susie Says:

    I’d like to see him take up Boxing like Hugh Laurie does. Woudl be a fun way to get fit and useful for roles.

  106. 106
    Maria Says:

    that photo is one of the bests!!rob looks sooooooooo hot!!:D

    i really like his interviews…he always gives that answers X)
    but i really love that side of him…he can be true, funny and everything!!and what´s the problem of driking a couple of shots?XD he is at the must do age….:

    love hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmm

  107. 107
    talia Says:

    I have so naguthy thoughts…

  108. 108
    maureen Says:

    if that isnt a photo to get us to shove him up against a wall and shag him senseless I dont know what is. Bloody hell.

  109. 109
    katie Says:

    Emma Watson In Harper’s Bazaar

  110. 110
    maureen Says:

    noones remotely interested in sour puss watson. Stop spamming

  111. 111
    Melanie Says:

    His pr team are clearly trying to show he’s an edgy young actor and not stuck in Harry Potter land. It needs to be done so good for them. Still like to see him in a cool suit photoshoot.They dont need to try quite so hard.

  112. 112
    Kikigirl101 Says:

    Cool! He’s hot! I’m mad though cuz he called Edward a Bloodsucker…. that’s usually what Jacob calls him…. I would’ve preferred vampire not blood sucker but w/e!

  113. 113
    eira Says:


  114. 114
    afer Says:

    Gorgeous photo. Hope to see lots more of him. My favourite actor.

  115. 115
    ailylovesrob Says:


  116. 116
    bettina Says:

    I LOVE ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. 117
    zanessa&edwella luva Says:

    OH EM GE!

    rob & zac are my two fave celebs :D

    rob looks so incredibly sexy in this picture. he’s an amazing actor and hes BRITISH :D i love british ppl <3

    i looove the picture! ♥rob♥

  118. 118
    smurfette Says:

    OMG!!! He’s such a Greek God! I try not to fantasize about him anymore (my husband gets jealous), but every time I see him, I just can’t help it! Sorry hubby!

  119. 119
    asnandara Says:

    LOVE HIM!!

  120. 120
    lurker Says:

    “cool little crack den”? Dam.

    HBO beat Twilight to the punch with their new vampire goth show called True Blood.

  121. 121
    Amy Says:

    I have no problem with Robert. He’s pretty cite. I hate the Twilight series. Horrible message for teenage girls.

  122. 122
    maddie Says:

    does anyone else think penn badgley would be a good edward cullen?
    idunno i just thought about it yesterday

  123. 123
    blah Says:

    Holy Hell. You made my morning.

  124. 124
    to Lurker Says:

    True Blood is really cool but the actors really need to get their French/Louisiana accents down better.

    Robert looks sooooooooo good!

  125. 125
    Lili Says:

    I wish he talks about his other new movie too.”how to be”.It looks great.I think Robert has amazing talents and ofcourse he is gorgeous.

  126. 126
    jen Says:

    to the girl who said he had lumpy arms i dont agree, his arms looked perfectly fine to me.. Robert looks great! he is sooo damn naturally sexy! goodness, could he get any hotter? hes killing me here lol….thanks for this post jared!

  127. 127
    Me!! Says:

    He is the epitome of pure, raw SEX energy…how is it that Rob is not accosted all the time everywhere he goes with women begging for sex from him???? I am a sensible happily married women with a good head on my shoulders, but one look at him and I turn into a silly non-sensical 12-year fangirl….YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. 128
    Twilighter Says:

    Thanks for this Jared —- he is incredible!

  129. 129
    Anna Says:

    He’s gorgeous. Just really actually smokin’ hot.
    LUFF HIM <3

  130. 130
    LC Says:

    Magnificent!!!!!!!! That is all I can say.

  131. 131
    black Says:

    Wearing pants like that, looks plain disgusting.

  132. 132
    sarah Says:

    To be honest, i still have respect for him, I always knew Rob was a party animal. This changes nothing.

  133. 133
    Saraaa numba 600000 Says:

    Even if Rob and Tom did crack, it wouldn’t be something unheard of. Actors and singers do that as well as normal people, though I strongly oppose it. Robert is still Robert and Tom is still Tom.

    Anyway, he could have been joking so I won’t jump to any conclusions. XD

    I came to read the article but was automatically distracted by the picture. I think this picture really compliments his looks…He always seemed more brooding and internal. Bringing that out into the picture was a very good idea, I am certain you will have fan-girls (and women) around the world swooning. Lol.

    I’m not going to comment to talk about his sweatpants hanging low….That man is turning thousands of young girls into perverts before they reach the age of 20. Too sexy. XD

  134. 134
    afer Says:

    He said it was an EX crack house- read the article properly. I dont think Americans have a sense of humour.

  135. 135
    JC Says:

    oooh – if that shirt were white it could be the one from the meadow scene!! Toooo HOT!

  136. 136
    dani Says:

    he looks very good in this pic

  137. 137
    Gemma Says:

    He’s gorgeous . I dont like the photoshoot but thats the magazines fault for the odd photo.

  138. 138
    Anna Says:

    I adore Rob but I dont always agree with the scruff look. He’s too classy for the longer facial hair. Stubble is fine but thats way too long

  139. 139
    Naomi - Australia Says:

    I really like this photo but as a photographer myself, I would turn him slightly towards the camera not showing to much of his arm. But all in all I do like this photo.

    Most of you on here would love to have him in bed, I would love to sit, chat and have a drink with him.

  140. 140
    Elizabeth Says:

    This man is pure sex!

  141. 141
    analine Says:


  142. 142
    loveestory xo Says:

    HE is soo gorgeous!! its unbelieveable!

  143. 143
    Dani Says:

    Amy–The Twilight Series are NOT a horrible message for girls.

    Bella’s weakness does not come from her gender. It comes from h er humanity among inhumans surrounding her.

    The vampire females and the werewolf females in the books are strong characters .

    Bella’s strong too—just weak physically in comparison to the vamps and the werewolves. She’s not a damsel in distress either – half the time she’s the one saving others, including her suprnaturally strong boyfriend in New Moon.

    The twilight series is a feminist friendly series–only people with poor reading comprehension skills or else havent’ read the books are the ones making such critiques of the work.

  144. 144
    Edwardhearrtsbella Says:

    OMG…i think my heart just started pumping 100 MPH!

  145. 145
    rina Says:

    it’s an ex-crack den he said. Not like he was living in an active crackhouse. lol

    Nice picture, wth kind of tighty whities are those though?

  146. 146
    S_M_G Says:


  147. 147
    geez Says:

    great another rp picture, another 10,000 10 year olds he just pushed into premature puberty and another 10,000 menopausal women he just pushed back into pubesence……the dude’s like ruining Western Civilization, one photoshoot at a time.

    Seriously, the CIA’s gonna kidnap him to stop the national upheaveal of horny girls and women he’s causing.

  148. 148
    Anna Says:

    I love geez’s comment. All true.

  149. 149
    Anne Says:

    The photographer should have turned him more to us. Its too impersonal the way he has positioned him.

  150. 150
    anna Says:

    Ok he is just not cute. This is an awful photo. I’m sorry, I try so hard to find him attractive because I like the books, but I just can’t. People will only find him attractive because of the character he will play.

  151. 151
    Justine Says:

    Rob’s unusual and rather exciting. He doesnt fit into any mould and I find that intriguing. I dont like the photoshoot but Rob is edible however he’s shot.

  152. 152
    andrea Says:

    I love him
    I want his pants
    I love him so much
    he looks so hooooottt…
    oh yeah!!!!!

  153. 153
    yo anna Says:

    I get that not everyone’s gonna think he’s cute, but I don’t find him attractive cause he’s playing edward cullen.

    RP jumped off a tree at the beginning of that Harrry Potter movie and all I could think was, “Hot Diggory Dog, we have a hot boy finally at Hogwarts!”

    RP is just pretty. Pretty hair, pretty eyes, pretty lips and a big ol’ masculine jaw to butch up the pretty nicely. Great combo.

  154. 154
    gossipgirl Says:

    is he wearing a

  155. 155
    jenny Says:

    wuaaa .
    rob is a god , gosh, i love him so much <3
    and twilight is my bible +thihi+

    he is so freakin hot <3<3
    i would marry him, if i could !!!

  156. 156
    lindsay Says:

    He is seriously gergeous im counting down the days till Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. 157
    Maggie Says:

    :) he’s so hotttttt and seems really genuine.

  158. 158
    Steph Says:

    but still hawt :D

  159. 159
    penn? Says:

    Penn Badgley would make a good MIke Newton, but I so don’t see him as a Edward Cullen. Edward should look like the vampire next door, not the boy next door. Robert Pattinson has a very ethereal look to him that makes him Edwardian, and just really pretty and brooding looking and mysterious. Penn’s definitely more snarky Mike Newton material.

  160. 160
    pauline Says:

    He’s a greek god and the photo is sexy but I’d rather the photographer had picked a different pose. Also hate soo much beard.

  161. 161
    rafaela Temporim Says:


  162. 162
    diane Says:

    Jeeez so HOT. I want to tug the chord on those pants.

  163. 163
    dora Says:

    He’s showing he’s Robert Pattinson and not the characters he plays. He’s the best young actor in Hollywood and I cant wait for everyone to find out how good he is

  164. 164
    Lindsay Says:

    he’s sooo hot

    i love you

  165. 165
    ROSA Says:

    SPUNK RANSOM!!!!!!!

  166. 166
    ROSA Says:

    SPUNK RANSOM!!!!!!!

  167. 167
    jessica Says:

    he’s bffs with tom sturridge??
    i always thot tom sturridge would make a good edward too.

    Anyway hot picture!

  168. 168
    becca Says:

    he looks like pure perfection!!!

    i’m swooning…. ahhhhh….

    this is the best pic he’s ever taken. EVER.

  169. 169
    LEah Says:

    so hot.
    I love him.
    AHH spunky! <3

  170. 170
    Kris Says:


    I love how there are no haters on this thread at all! Rob is such a likable guy who could hate him! and with the way he looks it’s even harder!

  171. 171
    Lindy Says:

    I agree with an earlier comment which says he’s a mixture of Depp, Di Caprio with Damon’s dry humour.

  172. 172
    Zanessaluver xoxo Says:

    I just died..
    He’s gorgeous!!
    Twilights gonna be awesome!

  173. 173
    m.f Says:

    OH.MY.. what i’d do to get him to look at me that way! he’s simply amazing

  174. 174
    kiki Says:

    HOLY….FRIGGIN…..CRAP…..i didn’t know if he could do it but that man pulled it off…..i don’t see why ppl hav a prob w/ rob…..if you don’t like him then don’t waste your time by commenting…simple as that. there, i just made your life easier w/ a little common sense.

  175. 175
    falon Says:

    agreed. he is a crotch tease.

    especially since NONE OF US can get into his pants.
    Robert Pattinson, you are the biggest tease I know of.

    and it excites me ;D
    more. MOREEE!

    Gah he’s just soooo adflkkljdghlskjdfhglakjf;gha amazingly sexy.

  176. 176
    Lydia cullen Says:

    I LOVE ROB!!

    Hes amazingly hot!

    Cant wait for Twilight!

  177. 177
    aly Says:

    im not digging the photo either. its not him. hes hot n stuff but i think he should just stick to acting..
    OMG its edward!
    love him
    cant wait for the movie.
    he knows hes hot.
    and so do we.

  178. 178
    aly Says:

    yeah just pull the pants all the way off robert!

  179. 179
    newport beach, 92660 Says:


    HE’S MINE!!!!

  180. 180
    Kelsey Says:

    I love him!

    ….Okay I’m sorry, but ANYONE looks idiotic with their pants falling off. Why did he agree to posing that way……..?


  181. 181
    cammywamy Says:

    It’s Edward!!!! *drools*

  182. 182
    Saraaa numba 600000 Says:

    LMAO. I misread the article. I thought he said he used to do crack. XD I should wear my glasses more often. My initial response without glasses: “Rob lived in a crack house and did crack? Well, okay…He’s still Rob.” lol.

    And…Yeah, I liked Robert before Twilight also, but I am more of a “Twilight” fan rather than an HP. My sister, babysitter, and myself used to fight over a Cedric Diggory key-chain…That lasted over a YEAR. It was some funny **** because I was, what, 12/11? Now at 15 I would still steal that key-chain if I got the chance. XD

    And the majority of us like ROBERT, not just because he plays Edward Cullen ( though I love Edward Cullen) or because he’s extraordinarily sexy. :/ If he was a ******** I wouldn’t like him period and would avoid looking at anything with him in it. He’s really interesting so it’s nice to see interviews so we can ‘get into his head’ a little more. Personally, I have a better grasp on the other cast members “flavor” except for Kristen, Nikki, Jackson, Ashley, Elisabeth (who has been hiding from us!) and definitely Rob….He confuses me, but in a good way as do the others. xD I don’t know…I’m half-dead right now so none of this may make sense and I am seriously just rambling so I’m gonna…shut up o_0

  183. 183
    Kelly Says:

    as much as i love the bigger pic. im a bit creeped out! LOL

  184. 184
    Kelly Says:

    as much as i love the bigger pic. im a bit creeped out! LOL

  185. 185
    madison Says:

    wat the heck?? he’s really hot, but god, he isn’t hot in this pic. plus i had no idea who he is until my friend told me he’s starring in the twilight movie. (wich, i just read twilight and now im on new moon!)

  186. 186
    cammywamy Says:

    WTF! Does he have a beard! Shave!

  187. 187
    mrs.cullen Says:

    i don’t like the pic… he has a beard… i don’t like his beard!!!!
    I also don’t like that his pants are falling off… am i the only one who doesn’t like that his pants are falling off!??!?!? I mean, seriously!
    I still love Rob, though. He’ll make an amazing edward in the movie. just maybe not in real life. lol

  188. 188
    Faith Says:

    I love him

  189. 189
    SpunkyMonkey Says:

    HE LOOKS LIKE a fricken’ Rapper wannabe..
    Geezuz, Jared, this is NASTY.
    i mean, ugh.
    Rob is such a MANWHORE..

  190. 190
    Paige fan Says:

    Yep, another TM (Twilight Mom) here. I actually showed this one to my husband, and said, “See this brooding look? That’s the one you give me that makes me want to throw you on the bed!” Yeah…Twilight made me totally appreciate my AWESOME husband. ;P

    I’m also a fan of RP ~ not just Edward. Go to google video and watch The Haunted Airman and The Bad Mother’s Handbook. Anxiously await Rob’s upcoming projects with the rest of us. He’ll do Art & Dali as well as he’s done all his other characters.

    And finally ~ he’s 22, people. He’s gonna do some things we don’t approve of. Get over it. He’s talented, he’s ridiculously HOT and hopefully, he’s here to stay. LOVE this photo. Haters, go away.

    Love to Rob! :)

  191. 191
    tiff Says:

    Daang! i didnt know white boys could pull of the sag! lol he works it well

  192. 192
    tha Says:

    Oh, Jojo.. don’t be such a prude, will you?

    Personal opinion: loooove him!
    I thought he was all sweet and stuff but apparently, there’s a bad boy side to him. Love me a bad boy.
    Picture? Not so great but..

    Robert: you can have me any day. ALL DAY.

  193. 193
    mrspattz Says:

    i’d tap that.

    my god, im losing sleep because of this guy. robert pattinson is way to sexy for his own good.

  194. 194
    vanessa Says:




  195. 195
    birda Says:

    He’s freaking hot-I love his brooding looks and he has nice hands.
    But hey should hit the weights with Kellan hehe
    He’s so skinny :)

  196. 196
    jojo Says:

    well, I wasn’t referring to the article…
    more of the imagery…
    I’m sure he is a great guy, but with all this attention being thrown at him and some of the things I’ve come across recently, it seems that it’s taking it’s toll. But honestly, it’s none of my business.
    It’s just kind of..sad, is all.
    But again, none of my bees wax.

  197. 197
    Emcee Says:

    OME! I love Rob. The picture left me breathless. This picture is sex.

  198. 198
    ivyleague Says:

    RPattz!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! Such a dirty hot piece….but why the f7ck is he wearing Granny underpants??! his hair looks x-tra delish……

  199. 199
    Kiretta Says:

    waaaah very hot, very beutiful!! I luv this boy! <3

  200. 200
    Jude Says:

    He shouldn’t be posing in that sleeveless shirt with untoned arms like that. Tsk tsk.

  201. 201
    xbmxlover13 Says:

    I freaking love both Rob Pattinson and Tom Sturridge, two of the most gorgeous brits I’ve ever seen in my life!

  202. 202
    lau Says:

    OMG he’s very georgoussss !

    I’m waiting with impatience that Twilight come out !!!!

  203. 203
    Brianna Says:


  204. 204
    Kyle Says:

    WOW He looks great in that photo! I just love him!

  205. 205
    Chrissy Says:

    *sigh…* I love him…..yepppp lol

  206. 206
    denis Says:


    he’s so…… HOOOOOOT!! LOVE HIM

    i wanna get drunk with him every night LOL!!

  207. 207
    Jess-Edward-lover-x Says:


    Beautiful pic! Love it love it love it!!!!


    Can’t wait for twilight!

  208. 208


  209. 209
    Ashlynn Says:

    O am convinced, i will mary him!! He just doesn’t know it yet… :)

  210. 210
    Courtney Says:

    OME. i love him.
    so much.
    hes so beautifully hansome.
    hes so funny.
    hes soo…real.

    and most importantly…there is no other person in the world that could be Edward CUllen THE hottest, sexiest, most ideal husband/lover/boyfriend/everything vampire [which adds to the sexiness] in the universe.

    love you rob.

  211. 211
    Teodora Says:

    haha thats friggin funny

  212. 212
    Lucia Says:

    All I can say to this picture is—–> OH MY GOD!!!!
    Best ever!!!

  213. 213
    dazzledbyedward Says:

    The picture is just so damn sexy=]

    he’s so funny and irresistable<33

    I love SPUNK RANSOM!

  214. 214
    mother hater Says:

    Oh My Lanta .
    That may be the hottest picture i have ever seeeen .
    and lmao, he issss a crotchtease! dayum .

  215. 215
    MJ Says:

    Hey Jared! Thanks for the hot photo! Any luck lining up another interview with Rob since the one you did at the VMA didn’t record due to technical difficulties? As always, thanks for all you do! Love JJ!

  216. 216
    DANIELLE Says:

    uh why didn’t you take a picture of his pants off? and his sexy boxers too!

  217. 217
    amanda Says:

    OMG!!!! i didnt even know that was him in the picture!!! super freakin smexy!!!!! SUPER SMEXY!!! love you, ROBERT!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 that pic is soooo lyk lil wayne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON!!!! lllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  218. 218
    gReciia! :) cuLlen Says:

    dude he is so hot!! ^^
    i reaLLy Lovee hiim :)

    taKe caRe.

  219. 219
    hello. Says:



  220. 220
    hello. Says:



  221. 221
    SO HOTTT! Says:

    “When I think about you, I touch myself…”hehehehehe…Rob just oozes sex…question: Why is Rob Pattinson always surrounded by women??? answer: Because they all want to f@#k his brains out…I really cannot think of another celebrity in last 20-years who has been this freaking sexy…seriously…

  222. 222
    kayla :) Says:

    ojoy, he’s so beautiful.
    and talented.. so artistic.
    DROOL. life is so unfair..
    why can’t THAT be every
    boy at my school?

  223. 223
    gracie Says:


    for about twenty minutes i just stared and sighed. AHHH. very nice. VERY nice. muy bien. AHHH. SEXY MOTHER FUDGER. he looks a little drunk here but i like it. i can take advantage of it. im stalker :D

  224. 224
    Lissete Says:

    OME! I am hyperventilating RIGHT now. O_O *faints*

  225. 225
    Heather Says:

    ^_^ /sigh

  226. 226
    Elena620 Says:

    how about “oh my god! you’re robert pattinson!!!”? that seems fairly constant… :D:D

  227. 227
    amoremorte616 Says:

    …0.O X-O I can not even type a full response to that pic… wow. No words are coming to me. gawd this man is hawt.
    and I liked the answer he gave. wut-ev. lol. I mean, atleast hes not giving some press ready think-what-fans-r-gonna-think answer. He is an actual person. And btw, isnt it legal in europe to get drunk if ur over 18? So yea…. it kinda makes me like him more….
    *drools* oh man I turn so immature when I c him…its involuntary!!

  228. 228
    Jess Says:

    DO NOT compare him to Brad Pitt! Robert has more talent in his pinky than Pitt will ever have!

    What is it about him? I’m a 27 year old adult married to a very sexy man, but every time I see a picture of Rob I turn into a 16 year old fangirl who would be willing to offer him my virginity! He’s illegally gorgeous.

  229. 229
    Elizabeth Says:

    one word…. DAMN!!!!!!!!


  230. 230
    eh........................... Says:

    I’d hit that. HARD. Twice. At least.

  231. 231
    isabella Says:

    robb is flippin awsome. hope hes a gppd actor. i havent seen harry potter becuase i hate it so i havent seen him act but im still exited.

  232. 232
    sbk Says:

    I loved the article on Rob! Just one word for the pic…”wow!”

  233. 233
    jessicaa Says:

    omg i CAN NOT wait for twilightt i love love love those books and robert pattinson is so beautiful i cant wait to watch an hour and a half of him and then when midnight sun comes outtt..!!!!! lovee it!

  234. 234
    niki Says:

    WHOLY CROW thats a whole bunch o’ sexy!!! but i just dont see u as my edward when your but is fallen out of your pantz!! ha your just lucky u have a cute behind!!

  235. 235
    Shirlz age 16 Says:

    Hes okay for playing Edward. In my opinion they could of chose a better looking Edward. But in the Twilight Previews i have to say, hes looking really handsome.

  236. 236
    Shirlz age 16 Says:

    I have to say, I personally think that they could of chosen a better “Edward” for this movie. Robert Pattinson is an “okay” guy. But in the “Twilight” movie previews he look handsome.

  237. 237
    Sara Says:

    WOW!!!! he is most definately the most gorgeous man ever

  238. 238
    pinky Says:

    oh Rob.

    How old are you? Pull the britches up boy! Handsome English 22 yr old does’nt need to act so gangsta!

  239. 239
    Carol Says:

    Four things, why is it sexy to show your underwear? Seriously, I don’t get that one. Second, he is really cute but I think he is really not sure of the path he wants to take in life. Third, alcoholism is no laughing matter. He is so talented, I hate to see him drink himself into oblivian. There is so much more you can do in life and why didn’t he help the girl up off of the sidewalk? Lastly, I really want him to succeed. I hope someone in this business cares enough about this guy to help him learn to deal with fame. I just don’t want to wake up and hear that he has gone off the deep end. Rob, you are a talented guy, the party scene is such a dead end way to live. I truely believe from listening to you in interviews and reading about your past performances that you can do good things in this industry. Find some other interests besides clubs every night. Be good to yourself. A concerned Mom.

  240. 240
    ms. obsessed Says:


  241. 241
    cheskaculllllen. Says:

    fuckdamnyourobertpattinson. hes so amazingly gorgeous, sexy, & GODLIKE! hes the perfect edward, & he should be proud hes been chosen as the role :D teenage girls everywhere are in love with edward cullennnn<3 and now theyre in love with this man who screams sex when you look at him.

  242. 242
    Rachel Says:

    OMG he is soo hot. I got the twilight shirt with him on it and I was like OMG I HAVE ROB ON MY SHIRT!

    pants + rob = sexxy


  243. 243
    LaTuaCantante Says:

    i just wanna say hes gorgeous ;)
    kay thxs bye

  244. 244
    Zoey Says:

    First I want to say that I think by saying he lived in an ex-crack den, he probably only meant that he lived in a bad neighborhood, not that he’s done crack. Also he’s *probably* not an alcoholic, it’s just that in general the British people drink alcohol more often than American people.

    I could be wrong, but those are just my initial thoughts on the article!

    I think Robert is awesome because he’s a geek for computer games!

    Oh and it kind of looks like a diaper, sorry ;x *runs away and hides*

  245. 245
    spunkie Says:


  246. 246
    Jennifer Says:

    It’s amazing how he can sex you with only his eyes.

    So yummy…

  247. 247
    georgie Says:

    omg. he’s so hot XD

  248. 248
    calyapie Says:

    Omg, omg, he is sooooooo hot i cant believe it

  249. 249
    sara Says:

    wow that picture is ok but i still do not like him, but i loveeeeee tom sturridge, he is sooo hot!!!

  250. 250
    Chelsea Says:

    He may be nice looking, but I am totally not digging the exposed chonies bit. Still, I’m excited to see the movie and I’ll be one of the millions of fans lined up hours before the midnight release.


    p.s. My name finally made it into the book series! A member of the Volturi. Not as good as a Cullen, but definately better than a human. :)

  251. 251
    Lili Says:

    He is so hot and sexy and ofcourse a great actor.

  252. 252
    Jennifer Says:

    Is it wrong that I want to lick him a little? That’s a normal reaction, right?

  253. 253
    spunkie Says:

    #252 It is normal. This man is sex on legs!

    Licking him, just a little…. XD

  254. 254
    x2tz Says:

    I think he is adorable. Such a beautiful and soulful man.

  255. 255
    LC Says:



  256. 256
    Samantha Says:

    I want to lick him a little bit, too.

    Wow…he just sexes you with his eyes…what a talent.

  257. 257
    Lili Says:

    Robert has won award for his performance in hOW TO BE in Strasbourg international fil festival in France(sept 26)

  258. 258
    krstn Says:

    EW! He needs a serious shave and a shower. And I like him when he isnt talking and is sitting in a hole. Robert might look like Edward but he will never be Edward…He is to much of a butt to be considered such. He sits pretty in his very high chair and overlooks all of us “minions”. To mock fangirls in saying their alligence changes to frequently is just all kinds of wrong. Sorry we like you Pattinson; I’ll let your publist know you dont want to be a hot shot and get paid anymore. I bet you liked it better when you were off getting nice and drunk with your buddy.

    And Im glad the pants did not come off….If his face is any indication of his shaving abilities, then thankfully the camera man saved us all from seeing what type of forest fire has spread down below.

    Do me, a fangirl, a favor Pattinson. The next time someone talks to you, just smile and nod; dont answer their questions. You sound like a ******….Take some pointers from the character you are portraying…Edward will always be better then you :]

  259. 259
    mylisa Says:

    Hes hot but looks wierd in this pic. His arm looks flabby, his hair looks funky, and the sweatpants falling off his ass look kinda gay……but hes still hot…..

  260. 260
    Kelly Says:

    I think he is super hot, but he looks sooooooooo gay in that picture.
    Sorry Rob, but I don’t like it. I love the beanie and all that. Not his pants falling down his butt.
    He looks a little like Prince.

  261. 261
    aa Says:

    he is a hot mess!i love it. he looks so yummy in every single thing i see of him!!!!

  262. 262
    aa Says:

    he is a hot mess!i love it. he looks so yummy in every single thing i see of him!!!!

  263. 263
    mickey Says:

    Omg!! he is soo sexxy & Vibe I would die of happiness just to see him in person!!! Love You Sexy!!!

  264. 264
    evelyn Says:

    i love him!!
    its amazing!!

  265. 265
    Mia Says:

    HAHA! ‘bromance’

    nina, I’m borrowing that word. What a crack up.

    Man, this guy is such a hottie. I must say too that I prefer him drunken and with facial hair. That’s who he is and he’s imperfectly perfect.


  266. 266
    natalie Says:


  267. 267
    lauriee Says:

    sorry, i swooned.
    he’s too beautiful for his own good.

  268. 268
    theresa_cullen Says:

    omfg he is soooo hott!!!! but edward is hotter….lol!! he’s gonna be so good cant wait!! ilysfm ec

  269. 269
    sarah Says:

    pattinson! you are my number 1 fav actor! i so want to hug you!!! guess what?! i have twilight poster put up in my room. can say good morning and good night to you every night =)

  270. 270
    Nivia Says:

    woww thattss hottt

  271. 271
    Nivia Says:

    wowww thatttss hott!

  272. 272
    Emmie Says:

    Awesome Actor and adorable…but I’m totally 100% TEAM TAYLOR!!!…though…lolz

  273. 273
    Jordan Says:

    All I’ve heard for the past few months is how bloody gorgeous he is but never does Rob receive any credit for his general disposition. I just saw twilight tonight and I decided to do a little research so i watched some interviews. Very few times have I enjoyed celebrity interviews but throughout these I couldn’t help but smile. He is extremely articulate and real, but what I love most is how completely humble he seems to be. Not only is he the best looking being I’ve ever seen, but he’s probably the most interesting as well. well lately at least. He’s really a swell guy

  274. 274
    nowayyyyyyyy Says:

    gay photo, hot guy.

  275. 275
    mARILYN Says:

    I think they picked the perfect Edward Cullen. I love the books and I’m sure everyone has their own version of what Edward should look like. Unbelivably I believe he looks like my Edward, the one in my head that is. His a very good actor. Bringing this character to life is probably going to be a great challenge. He is really good looking.

  276. 276
    Siepacz Says:

    omg what a photo! i love him *-*
    he has very sexy in Twilight :D

  277. 277
    jason Says:

    small ****

  278. 278
    nejdawi Says:

    i love him sooooooooooooo much!!!!!!! i cant spent an hour without lookin at his picx!!!! i spend like atleast 3 hours just lookin at his pix on my laptop!!!!! i loooooooooooooooooove him very damn much!!!!!!!! i want him soooooo bad!!! he is sooo totally hot and sooo damn sexy!!!
    edward : if u read this message, please i need 2 be ur gf.!!!!

  279. 279
    Mrs edward cullen Says:

    LOVE him.

    he is so SEXY.

    Cant get over Twilight.

  280. 280
    Renesmee Says:

    Dear daddy

    I hate what Jacob gave me for christmas and i hate him im glad u gave me a ipod with your fav songs on it i listen to it every night :)
    Please bite jacob and poison him
    Your the best daddy in the world edward my edward :)
    And mommy she told me that when she was human and before u got her pregnant welll really before the weeding she was always trying to take your shirt of and have sex with you and u dident let her and then here u are with your pant down to your waste :(
    but i dont care

    Love u heaps

  281. 281
    Mell Says:

    Ahhhh! So hot and so funny I love him !!

  282. 282
    edwardluvr101 Says:


  283. 283
    edwardluvr101 Says:


    BITE ME!

  284. 284
    AJ Says:

    OMG !
    can everyone just get over themselves ?
    i mean, dreams come true….yeah, they do, but when you push it and act like ROBERT will love you back…*cough*, you’ll just hurt yourrslef !

    ROBERT PATTINSON is a pretty boy though, but, he has a life too, he wont love every single one of his fans the way he loves the girl that he loves…
    thats just ridiculous !
    alright ?

    i’m not trying to ruin your self confidence and all, i’m just trying to explain my point of view !

    heaps of love,
    AJ !
    mwah mwah mwah

  285. 285
    Kaitlyn Says:

    Awh:] he’s so cute..

    oh and also:

    Note to self: Pull your pants up:]] lolololol

  286. 286
    max Says:

    What you should be concerned with is that at the end of it all, the author used the incorrect for of to…..which should have been “too freely”…..dumbasses

  287. 287
    animor d' cullen Says:

    rob drogadicto?? :O ni parece.. aun asi lo amo!!

  288. 288
    Katharine!!!! Says:

    omg Rob is 1 hot one!!!!!! hes like totally my type!!! lol.. did u guys no tht he might not be in the next couple of twilight movies.. :( tht makes me sad!!!!!1

  289. 289
    alicia Says:

    I so badly want to RIP those pants off of him. He has no idea. Anyway. Looking good here!

  290. 290
    Rob lover Says:

    HOLY CRAP! Rob is THE God I want him for me!

  291. 291
    Rob lover Says:

    ROB is a God…

  292. 292
    Rob lover Says:

    a really hot GOD!

  293. 293
    doris Says:

    I love him in Twilight, Edward, the bloodsucker…
    It just took so long to come to China, but I can wait, wait for him…

  294. 294
    maeva Says:

    he is very beautiful !
    it’s a super actor
    sorry I’m french alors pour les fautes d’anglais …
    il est trop beau il joue super bien on na se lasse pas d’aller le voir au cinéma !!

  295. 295
    Ttf Says:

    Fellow Vampire thinks hes HOTT!!

  296. 296
    Brindah Says:

    WOW he is beautiful…. is all i can say…..

  297. 297
    the real bella swan Says:


  298. 298
    :) AU!! Says:

    ¸OMG hez not just hot hez super sexy!!!!! And sweet!!! why the pants didn’t just come off?!?!?!? hez such a babe!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish i were kristen steward then i get to kiss HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I LOVE YOU ROB!!!!

  299. 299
    alex Says:


  300. 300
    nashabiccie Says:

    TomStu is WAY better looking, but i think they make a really sweet duo…

  301. 301
    serena Says:

    robert pattinson çoook yakışıklı ve seksi

  302. 302
    kate Says:

    I love robert!!!!!!!!!!!

    but i am insulted to be called a ‘fangirl’

  303. 303

    OMG, I LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON, He is such a good actor and a major hotty, EEEEEEK, all his pics are gorgeous, I LOVE HIM LOVE HIM LOVE HIM

  304. 304
    claudia Says:

    OMGGG! he is soooo GORGEOUUS!

  305. 305
    pau:) Says:

    He is freakin cute…. I super AdoRe HiM :))
    He’s gorgeous of course.
    so hot
    im melting

  306. 306
    alice hunt Says:

    Robert is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  307. 307
    stiger Says:

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  308. 308
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