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Robert Pattinson is Teddy's Trippin'

Robert Pattinson is Teddy's Trippin'

Robert Pattinson leaves Teddy’s nightclub in Los Angeles on Friday with Kait Weiss (blonde), Ashley Meyers (brown jacket) and another female friend who all seemed to have trouble standing up. (It doesn’t look like he helped any of them to their feet either!)

The 22-year-old British actor recently joked about living with best friend Tom Sturridge and their bad behavior as struggling young actors. Pattinson said in the October 2008 issue of Interview Magazine, “We spent the better part of a year just getting drunk every night.”

Twilighters can catch RPattz when he hits the big screen on Friday, November 21. It was also announced earlier this week that Paramore has been confirmed to appear on the upcoming Twilight soundtrack. They’ll be contributing two new songs including one called “Decode”.

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  • eddie jones

    that’s hollywood, and that’s how the west is shown to other countries. this is what the radical islamsits don’t want their daughters turning into, this is what they see the US as, this is what they will fight against.

  • just me

    Classy group!

  • lol

    lol, I think he looks eurasian too. All the cute people right now who are famous have that eurasian look to them…him, The jonas brother with the really black anime hair, camille belle….

  • mrspattz

    i dont like those girls.

  • awww

    He’s pretty.

  • awww

    and no, that’s not hollywood. That’s youth culture, bub. Kids go out and party and drink and sometimes they are sloppy drunks even. They aren’t doing anything different than what the kids in the midwest do at college.

  • WHAT THE f?

    He should have helped her up, but she probably would have pulled him down with her.

  • ana

    Well you never know the chicks might have decided that sitting on the ground was comfortable!!

    I love Rob though hehe…

    He looks cute even when he’s wasted..

  • Monica

    Oh Lord, please… We don’t even know what’s going on in these pictures and people are already assuming that that girl on the floor actually fell and therefore Rob has the obligation to pick her up???
    Lay off!

  • Chloe

    Rob, please, please rethink this. Too much is at stake for you to be making bad choices.
    You have a loyal and devoted fan following. Obviously from the number of comments, compared to all the other celebs comments. Your fans care a lot about you. Have some self respect.
    Those immature girls are just fools and you can change whom you chose to spend your time with…
    Raise your standard

  • ew

    She needs some parental intervention stat!

  • Stacy

    Oh c’mon. It clearly looks like they were all sitting around and hanging out. (Like a girl could actually fall in that position in heels! Be serious.) Then the paps came and they all took off. Also, I don’t believe he was being ungentlemanly either, since he actually stood there and waited for her to get up, instead of leaving her behind like the other two.

  • Liza

    Rob looked mad in the photos. Do we have a video of this?

  • Christine

    I’m beginning to like him less and less. I know he’s not Edward, and I know that he never pretended to be. But seriously, the partying constantly, and the drinking constantly, what kind of life is that? Maybe everyone’s doing it, but somehow, I don’t find stumbling out of a club late at night wasted beyond wasted ‘sexy’ or even slightly attractive.

    Call me old-fashioned, but I can think of more ways to have fun and be young at the same time. And no, none of them involve knitting.

  • Monica

    Rob is not the one stumbling out of a club.
    Sheesh, they could have been hanging out outside sitting around and tried to stand up when people started snapping photos.
    People have been saying he’s immature, when in fact YOU people who are making stupid assumptions based on these 5 pictures are immature.

  • Kassandra

    I wish he’d make better use of his time. He seems like a smart fellow. With his increasing popularity, maybe he could help out in good causes. I guess it’s time he is introduced to Natalie Portman. He needs some good influences in his life.

  • Karyn

    He’s losing his magic. He’s turning out to be just your ordinary party boy. And I thought he was different. I guess the depth I thought he had was all imagined. Oh well.

  • oh

    newsflash people: Robert Pattinson isn’t just like you.

    He’s an actor with a very different schedule that’s not 9 to 5. He works for a chunk of time, has a chunk of time off. He’s in a “chunk of time off” period it seems, so he’s out and about. WHY?

    Cause dude doesn’t have class or a job in the morning.

    So who cares if he does club, as long as he’s doing it responsibly? I don’t see him fainting on the sidewalk or drunk off his azz or drunk driving. Dude’s taking a taxi everywhere— it’s all good.

  • Caitlin


  • TO oh

    That’s exactly what some people here are discovering: HE’S REALLY NOT AS FANTASTIC AS ALL THAT.

  • yo

    Christine #114:

    Where is he stumbling out of a club? Every photo and video they’ve ever taken of the guy, he is never drunk in them.

    Who says he’s partying constantly? He’s been out clubbing a lot in the past month, but why wouldn’t he at his age and his schedule?

    You are making a lot of assumptions on some guy we don’t know from Adam.

    I don’t drink or club or smoke or anything remotely fun(I’m Mormon), but what he’s doing in these videos don’t look any different than what most people do in college.

    I would only worry if he was like, not showing up for work because of his partying, or making a huge public spectacle of himself as a loud drunk. He isn’t showing any extreme behavior like that—just mainly he’s a night person….lol

  • http://Justjared ivyleague

    RPattz likes to get his party on….I think this has been well establish’d by now…..every time we see pix of him he’s strolling out of a club. It’s all kool….what worries me??? He seems to b hanging out w/fugly skanky-ass ho’s…..WTF????! He is a f7cking HOT PIECE! can’t he find better looking women to hang with?????

  • um,

    seriously….people need to stop acting like Robert’s their best friend and he “let them down” because he’s not whatever they imagined in their mind.

    He’s just a dude getting his party on like any other dude his age….and he happens to be extremely hot enough to play edward cullen.

    Who cares what he does in his free time, as long as he puckers up real pretty on the big screen as our favorite vamp? I know I don’t!

  • lol

    He looks totally annoyed being photographed….

  • woohoo

    Thank God he clubs nightly—how else are our sorry azzes gonna get to see him in print so often!

    So cheers for lushy Robert—it keeps your pretty mug online on justjared

  • SIGH

    people need to stop acting like they know what’s going on in his life because they see a picture here and there of him online.

    It’s weird reading all these comments like you guys have any clue who he is.

    All he is to us is a friggin’ halogram—an image..

    A pretty image, I confess, but we don’t know him, peoples. Give the dramatics and dr. phil talk a rest. You don’t know him.

  • banks

    and this is why, kristen is dating micheal

  • june

    well said “ivyleague”, he’s the best looking guy in Hollywood . why can’t he find better looking girls???? anybody can get these hoes….it just baffles me.

  • me

    please some quality control Robert!!! these girls are junk….

  • aww

    be nice about Robert’s beyotches…maybe they are just his friends.

  • jenn

    yes please post more news about rob! you are the only celeb blogger that i check for rob.. keep them coming!! its nice to see he’s getting more media.

  • cieraz

    Ladies, Ladies Please no name calling …poor girls. Do I detect a hint of jealosy?
    hey, I don’t need to be drunk … I will go and volunteer (sober of course )and sit in the side walk and watch rob all night. heck ,yea!
    sorry that sounds kind of sick.

  • leslie

    How hot do you have to be to dress like the grandma from the “Golden Girls” and still look hot. Robert Pattinson Golden Girl, I salute you and I thank your parents for bumping nasties so that you could be here today!

  • nino

    wow, he just made my left ovary sigh with longing.

  • kristen

    that girl is ridiculous.
    he. is. SO HOT.


  • Twilighter


  • Lil

    You know what I saw? He gave a look like my brother did when he saw some drunken women in sight. I wasn’t thinking about him as a gentlemen or not at all but I was thinking of how shameful it must be from those drunken girls. One question, why does is seem he was just there on the wrong spot in the wrong time for the paps flashing their cameras. Seems like he was just there till the girls shove themselves pass him. Everyone would look if those women are like that, even Robert Pattinson!

  • ana16kin

    wow .. i’m happy that he’s getting a lot of attention in Hollywood .. been waiting for this since 2005.. plus he’s hot !!! but he comes off like a jerk sumtimess .. i mean help her up !!

  • erica

    He has no class. Common as muck.

  • soya

    If he was a gentleman he would go out with girls like that. His mum must be so proud!

  • jen

    He’s not very bright.

  • black

    Hehehehe——–are people here crazy or what?

    Maybe he himself was so drunk that he couldn´t bend down….

    Or maybe it just happened so fast that there was no time to help—-I mean, come on now—the girl tripped, she was probably embarrassed herself and didn´t want any help.

    ———————–still funny as hell————————————————-

  • jane

    Such a fool for throwing away his career like this. His fans are leaving him in droves. I dont like him any more

  • Karen

    He’s too sleazy for my liking. He’d better be practising safe sex.

  • Ruth

    PR disaster – what an idiot.

    Put me off seeing twilight.I’ll just be imagining this!

  • ker

    Focus on acting not screwing around. I thought he could be a Mat Damon but I was so wrong.

  • Elizabeth

    Disappointment, disappointment! Get a grip, Rob. Maybe you should start caring about your fans who truly care about your career. I mean, come on, with pictures like these, projects wouldn’t exactly come in droves. Wisen up, please.

  • laura

    There’s nothing wrong with him going out every night……that’s what you’re supposed to do in your 20′s. Have fun and occasionally do something stupid.


  • robertpattzlover

    i love him!more rob please!

  • RPattsrules

    OMG I love this man sooo much!!

    For me, there is no problem if he gets out with many girls and if he looks drunk (a little bit, imo). I mean, I’m from Italy and here we are different than people in USA, I think.

    Rob is 22. I’m not his mom. I don’t want to judge him If he drunks or smokes. It’s his life. Who cares?? And we will nver know what happened in those pics. I wouldn’t jump to conclusions…..

    I only love him as an actor and musician. I think he is a really good and polite person. And a beautiful man, of course.