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Robert Pattinson is Teddy's Trippin'

Robert Pattinson is Teddy's Trippin'

Robert Pattinson leaves Teddy’s nightclub in Los Angeles on Friday with Kait Weiss (blonde), Ashley Meyers (brown jacket) and another female friend who all seemed to have trouble standing up. (It doesn’t look like he helped any of them to their feet either!)

The 22-year-old British actor recently joked about living with best friend Tom Sturridge and their bad behavior as struggling young actors. Pattinson said in the October 2008 issue of Interview Magazine, “We spent the better part of a year just getting drunk every night.”

Twilighters can catch RPattz when he hits the big screen on Friday, November 21. It was also announced earlier this week that Paramore has been confirmed to appear on the upcoming Twilight soundtrack. They’ll be contributing two new songs including one called “Decode”.

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228 Responses to “Robert Pattinson is Teddy's Trippin'”

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  1. 76
    bettina Says:

    rob doesnt dress like any typical celebrity in hollywood.
    thats what i love about him. he keeps it real!! he doesnt need to go with and try so much to impress everyone and be a typical celebrity!
    hes british not american. (thank god)

  2. 77
    Nadia Says:


    Your comments are hilarious.

  3. 78
    mina Says:

    Woah, those are some classy broads there!

  4. 79
    omg Says:

    I thought maybe it was because he was British too!lol Like he reminds me of Bridget Jones Diary and she was a lush the whole times with her friends, falling out of taxi cabs and stuff tooo….lol

    Robert Patttinson is Bridget Jones!

  5. 80
    lita Says:

    He always looks a little musky smelling and dirty, but I’d still hit it. Who am I kidding? I’d hit it even if he smelled like rotten eggs.

  6. 81
    ome Says:

    ome, rob is sooo hooootttt

  7. 82
    Me!! Says:

    OMG…***screaming silently**** all these pics and comments are leaving me feeling so sad…let Rob live his life, he is a brillant actor, talented musician, sexy as hell, and an all round geniune authentic “what you see is what you get” kind of guy…what right do we have to judge his lifestyle choices???… just imagine if we had someone taking pics of us all the time and then hundreds of ppl disecting our every move…waying in their opinions and comments..yes he is a performer and he signed up for this, but really at the end of the day we should only be judging him on his performances as an artist..not his drinking, lack of fashion (I think he looks hot no matter what he wears), poor choices in playmates and whether or not he chose to pick up a “drunken *****” who obviously drank too much…I would have left her drunken ass on the ground too!!!! What blows me away is that everyone is now coming down on him for the all the things a couple of weeks ago we adored him for…his carefree, live for the moment, don’t give a f%$k attitude…Rob if you are reading any of these comments, I say all the power to you…don’t change your pants for a month, don’t wash your hair, drink and smoke as much as you possibly can and
    f%#k any woman who throws herself at you, enjoy your fame because as we all know in a week we will all have moved onto someone else who is shinier and newer, and only your work will remain the test of time…which is how it should be….and on a superficial note, you are the sexiest beast alive!!!!!! YUMMY!!!!!

  8. 83
    pFF Says:

    Yeh he’s a brit, for sure.

    and good.

  9. 84
    non Says:

    That guy can’t even lend a helping hand. Says enough.

  10. 85
    Jodie Says:

    Love the Rob news haha. Keep it coming.

  11. 86
    k Says:

    yeah, i agree “sweetpea”….that’s kinda rude that he didn’t pick them up when they’re on the ground. in Twilight, if that was Bella, Edward would help her up like…immediately. haha. maybe he was just drunk. :/ haha.

    but, anyway…i love him! can’t wait for Twilight! i’m counting down the days. 62 more days!!!! :D

  12. 87
    jacob♥lover Says:


  13. 88
    tha Says:

    Oh, people, lighten up a little, will you?
    He’s so not a jerk for not helping that girl up.. she was clearly sitting to have a cig. And even if she wasn’t.. there’s nothing worse than taking care of drunk people.. you’re nice and do it once and then they cling on to you every time they have one too many drinks.

    He really does go clubbing a lot, doesn’t he? But hell no #29.. Rob doesn’t have a drinking problem. He’s 22! He ought to party as much as he can while he’s young and rich.

    *sigh* Oh, how I wish I lived in L.A so I could go out every night and stalk him.. *cough* I mean, dance at Teddy’s, cuz it does like a cool place.

  14. 89
    MARIE Says:

    I was going through the website and found these pictures and noticed all of your comments. I don’t know who this guy is, BUT I can tell you that I am a 22 year old who goes out most nights and drinks, AND I never lived in England. I’ve had friends that have fallen over drunk in bars, clubs, streets, IHop, etc., and you know what the rest of us do when they fall – we LAUGH! Eventually we may help each other, but before that we stand there and laugh, because we’re all drunk and one of us just FELL! Its a funny situation.
    Just because this guy gets his picture taken doesn’t mean he’s not a normal guy who’s acting like any other 22 year old.
    Just another FYI, these pictures never show the ENTIRE situation – just the pictures that they think are going to get the public going (it worked don’t you think?). You never know… There could have been 7 other people out with them, that also didn’t help, and he could have helped them up later. Give the dude a break. Maybe you all should follow in his lead and have a drink and chill the hell out.

  15. 90
    me Says:

    Who wouldn’t fall after having a drink or two then trying to walk in those heels? That sidewalk looks really nasty to be sitting on…ugh!

  16. 91
    Yup Says:

    WTF!!!…are we seriously debating whether or not he is a nice guy because he did not pick up a drunk chick who fell over…welcome to the 21st century..pick yourself up and next time don’t drink so freaking much!!!…give the guy a break!!!!! The Internet right now is buzzing with ppl complaining that they don’t like him anymore because he’s not classy…when did he ever claim to be “classy”???? it is not his fault that ppl have blurred his character “Edward” with the real “Robert”…wow we really are a fickle bunch…love him one day and hate him the next…give him a break he’s 22, he’s not breaking any laws…let him be!!!! At least he’s not drinking while driving….no worries Rob there are some fans out there who love you for you!!!!!

  17. 92
    oh puhleese Says:

    If one of my girlfriends fell on the ground like a drunk outside a club, I’d just laugh at her. Come on, I think it’s hilarious he didn’t help her up. Girl needs to know how to handle her liquor better! He’s not her father!

  18. 93
    who cares Says:

    I just know that stupid beret he wears all the time needs to go so I can get a better look at his hair cleavage.

  19. 94
    tha Says:

    Oh, and I’ll shoot myself if he’s hanging out with Jen Bunney.. how I hate those Hills hoes.

  20. 95
    lol Says:

    I know right about the hat.

    I feel like one of those mardi gras pervs yelling “show us your boobs” and “take off your top” to this guy.

    Instead it’s “take off your beanie!” and “show up your hair s*x!”

  21. 96
    Yup Says:

    Hey Marie @8:39…I loved it…I totally second your comment….the pics never tell the whole story…Plus I always laugh too when my friends make asses of themselves…and yes we all need to have a drink and chill the hell out…well stated!!!!!! Mine’s in the fridge, I’m going to crack it now!!!

  22. 97
    sheesh Says:

    newsflash, people. He ain’t edward cullen. He only plays a vampire on tv…or er, onscreen. Dude’s not a choir boy, nor has he ever said he was.

    So who cares if he goes out a lot? That’s what you do in college at his age, he’s just in the Hollywood set instead.

    Nothing scandalous folks, keep the traffic flowing, nothing to see here.

  23. 98
    as long Says:

    He could marry a goat for all I care. Just don’t cut the hair, Rob! Keep those pretty locks all luscious and you can do whatever you want!

  24. 99
    hmmmm...... Says:

    I think a lot of the judgemental comments are coming from younger people who haven’t gone to college yet. Once you get to college kids, you’ll have a TREASURETROVE of similar photos of yourself looking the hot mess with friends. Yours will stay private though….Robert’s gets published on justjared……lol

  25. 100
    Tess Says:

    He has Asian eye’s… Is he half Korean?? so lovely..hmmmmm

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