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Robert Pattinson is Teddy's Trippin'

Robert Pattinson is Teddy's Trippin'

Robert Pattinson leaves Teddy’s nightclub in Los Angeles on Friday with Kait Weiss (blonde), Ashley Meyers (brown jacket) and another female friend who all seemed to have trouble standing up. (It doesn’t look like he helped any of them to their feet either!)

The 22-year-old British actor recently joked about living with best friend Tom Sturridge and their bad behavior as struggling young actors. Pattinson said in the October 2008 issue of Interview Magazine, “We spent the better part of a year just getting drunk every night.”

Twilighters can catch RPattz when he hits the big screen on Friday, November 21. It was also announced earlier this week that Paramore has been confirmed to appear on the upcoming Twilight soundtrack. They’ll be contributing two new songs including one called “Decode”.

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  • robertpattzlover

    do rob has a girlfriend?

  • diane

    does rob has a girlfriend?

  • charlie_is_a_girl

    okayyy, they are obviously all wasted and it doesnt look like the girl fell, it looks like she sat down for a cigeratte so why would he help her up. also, hes 22 so he should be out clubbing and partying. hes not working so dont make a big deal out of nothing. when he is acting hes serious about his career. hes on a break dont make a big deal about him having fun lik other 22 year olds. and hes sooo fukin hottt.
    god dont turn this into such a negative. plus, he looks a bit blinded from all the cameras.

  • lyla

    How lame are some of these comments that he’s ruining his career cause the guy clubs.

    You guys realize that he’s not doing anything different than every other star his age in Hollywood right?

    He’s just getting a lot of pap attention right now cause he’s getting that “next big thing”momentum from Twilight.

    Seriously, get a grip people. Unless he was fainting on the side of the road or getting in drunken brawls or driving drunk, there’s not much to worry about. It’s not like he has work or school in the morning!

  • ohhhhh

    sorry to bust your little delusional bubbles, fangirls. Did you really think Robert stayed at home twiddling his fingers until you were old enough to date? Half you broads sound like jealous girlfriends. You’re just angry cause he’s got the females around him. lol Like that wasn’t hard to figure out already.

  • ppl please!!!

    hehehehe..this is so hilarious (but in a sick and twisted way)…why is it that we all feel the need to pass judgement on everything this poor guy does????? I am truly awestruck at the fact that people are so “disappointed in him”…wtf did he do…its not like he was drowning kittens and beating babies…so he went out for the third time this week…who cares…does it make him any less of an actor…NOOOOO…I am so sorry for the ppl who feel like he misrepresented himself…but check out any of his interviews, he has never tried to be anything but himself…a sexy guy with a wicked sense of self-depricating humour…so everyone untwist your panties from the uncomfortable knot and just relax…refocus your energy on stuff that really affects your life like the sorry state of our economy and environment…there are bigger things out there then whether or not Rob Pattinson should or shouldn’t have picked up an intoxicated “lady” off the ground…Rob no worries, not all your fans are so fickle….and p.s never cut your sex hair…ever–ever!!!!!!!

  • ker

    People want him to take his career seriously. He’s wasting his talent which is considerable. Show some class for a change Rob and stop turning uplate to photoshoots. He was sacked from his only theatre role so what does that say about him.

  • Rosalia

    GOD people he freaking British it’s like whats expected of him… It’s like that one SNL skit about Peter O’toole and Michael Cain when there drunk all the time. It’s a European thing they can consume more liquor than us because they have a headstart by 4 years! :D

  • me

    oh for heaven’s sake stop asking if he has a girlfriend. The answer is a big NO! HE has hoes!!!!

  • http://Justjared ivyleague

    @ 152

    Yeah, i’m w/u…..doesn’t he have a g/f?? I thought he wz chill’ng w/Camilla Belle??? what happen’d there? At least she’s better looking than the fuglies he’s been keeping company with……………….

  • cieraz

    with all this drunken girls around … who needs a girlfriend?
    be safe Rob.

  • cieraz

    all I hear is “he is british” that is normal, in other interviews with british actors, it seems that they always goin to or getting out of a bar. How accurate are those impressions. Anyone is british here, clarify this mess. I just don’t think that most british or Europeans are that cazy. who can keep up with that kind of life style.

  • S_M_G

    I’m European and I can’t count the times I stumbled out of a club, sat on the floor and had a cigarette :)) Just be safe Rob and enjoy it.

  • andrea

    I really love him
    I don’t care what he is doing there

    I just like his way to be


  • http://Justjared ivyleague

    Rob’s having a good time which is totally kool, but i wonder……..if his PR ppl will b reining him in soon???? if his slobbery drunken sidewalk hijinx w/ho’s starts to become a habit, his PR or the Twilight execs will b sure to have something to say about it. This sorta thing starts to look nasty if it’s not kept to a minimum, yes????

  • Andy

    He is only young. Do you have 22-years old friends? Probably he only wants to be on the loose. Every young person wants the same. :)

  • jeeh

    he just wants to show that it is equal to any other person of 22 years. what we tell him he definitely is not, but for him .. well, never mind. I can not read his mind to know what he definitely thinks. I mean, don’t matter. Let him have fuuuuuuuuuun! “Everibody likes a fiesta :9 everybody wants to have fun”

  • LC

    I agree with some of the comments that Rob is 22 and enjoying life, also that he did get expelled from school and been fired from a job, so there is definately some bad boy behavior. I mean who hasn’t had that when they were 22, I know I had some bad girl behavior. However, I was not in the spotlight nor did a movie that cost millions hang over my shoulders. This publicity from the paps is good for the movie because its free marketing and also free marketing for Rob. It could also backfire because he could be labeled and turn out to be the male Tara Reid (yuck). I think some business planning is necessary to evaluate and balance his personal and business life. He’s still hot though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kam

    re: Brits/Europeans

    I lived in Spain for a job for 8months, and here’s my take.

    Europeans are more casual about drinking and clubbing. I never really clubbed. But when I lived in Madrid and worked with other kids my age from the states?

    We were out clubbing after our job there almost everyday. It’s just what you do there. You go out more.

    so, seeing rp out all the time doesn’t seem odd to me. He gets his job done it seems(Catherine Hardwicke has commended him again and again for taking his role so seriously and preparing so well for it), so he’s having some fun now.

  • kam

    ps: Before people make judgements on how he’s blowing it and not taking his career seriously.

    Try to keep things in context guys.

    From what I’ve read, he can be a little flighty in some ways(being late,etc.) But in other ways, he’s very serious about what he does. Kristen Stewart and Catherine Hardwicke have elaborated time and again about how much preparation and thought he put into playing Edward Cullen.

    He’s a pretty guy- he could have simply gone in there and posed and that would have cut it. But the background and research and though he put into interpreting the role is really impressive.

    He’s a smart guy, when you hear what he used to reference Edward Cullen in a more accessible grounded way.

    Keep that in mind along with pictures of him having fun at night with friends.

  • Hamptons bound

    Rennesmee…. I love you’re comments.. haaah.! although Renesmee is spelt with one “n”.



  • cieraz

    Rob we want to have you , and your liver around for a little bit longer.
    Have fun, we don’t want you to see you at AAA, so be careful
    Ah! please let us see more of your wonderful sexie hair.

  • bruna

    okay he does not have a drinking problem that is how Brittish people are……i do feel that he shouldn’t be doing that (not that i am saying clubbing is bad it is just too much) i mean c’mon when am i ever going to see a picture of him just sitting down at a coffee shop or whatever drinking coffee and talking to a few buddies….hey it’s normal.

  • Ally

    Oh quit using the excuse that he’s 22. It’s getting tiring.

    And yes he does have a girlfriend.

  • http://Justjared ivyleague


    he has a g/f??? hmmm…….i’ve heard diff stories…that he’s w/Nikki Reed, but then i heard, Camilla Belle… it one of them????

  • meh

    what a classy bunch


    Guys we are not going to see pics of him at the coffee shot, because they are not the money shots…what sells pics and gets ppl like us talking are the ones of him s#$t faced drunk and doing stupid stuff..come on…when would a pic of him sipping on a cup of tea merit 200 comments??????

  • wendy

    They don’t catch him at the coffee shops because paps go to certain places that are going to have a lot of stars in one place. Robert frequents some pretty high profile clubs, so of course that’s why we only see him in clubs…..that’s where the paps are!

    He’s not high profile enough to have paps following his every move throughout the day , folks, so that’s why we get the club shots…cause they are taking pictures of him along with like dozen other celebrities in one spot on a given night.

    And what’s wrong with saying he’s 22? When I was in college, me and my friends were out a good couple nights a week–and that’s with a school schedule and side jobs. He doesn’t have a normal job and he’s not in school. So, he has even more opportunity to go out more.

  • intheknow

    if he IS dating someone, its probably one of those girls! so watch who you call a whore. we love rob and shouldnt be judging him or those girls from the pictures, its just a picture, we dont know what is actually going on.

  • I know secrets!

    if he IS dating someone, its probably one of those girls! so watch who you call a whore. we love rob and shouldnt be judging him or those girls from the pictures, its just a picture, we dont know what is actually going on.

  • i know secrets!

    if he is dating someone, its probably one of those girls! so watch who you call whores. we love rob and shoudnt be judging him or those girls form that picture, its not fair because we dont know what is really going on in the picture. lets just support him.

  • i know secrets!

    if he is dating someone, its probably one of those girls! so watch who you call whores. we love rob and shoudnt be judging him or those girls form that picture, its not fair because we dont know what is really going on in the picture. lets just support him.

  • Alice_Cullen

    dude, are these really his friends? or just random peeps he just met? i noticed that one of the photos has a girl barefoot? what the crap – that’s just nasty!!

  • hA!

    You people really need to get a life, seriously…
    Being worried about an actor who doesn’t even know you or care to know you probably, and judging him??
    COME ON PEOPLE, HE’S 22, he’s in his twenties, I’m 22, life is a f*cking party at this age…he’s just being a normal 22 year old dude.
    Yeah these girls are pretty trashy, but it’s his life, once you teeny boppers reach your twenties maybe you’ll understand better.

    Leave the poor guy alone, let him live his life!!!

  • Monica

    OMFG!!!!111!!!11!1oneone!1one!1! Rob’s going out with drunk girlzzz AND ARE NOT HELPING THEM STAND UP!!!111oneone1!

    Bloody idiots making groundless speculations based on photos taken by paparazzis who may have been drunk too.
    “Oh, I’m so disappointed, why Rob, oh why??”
    You fickle fans, back off.

  • kerry

    Tacky guy

  • Joy

    Caz, he doesn’t have a drinking problem… he’s just English, you know?
    It’s what English guys do every night. Get wasted! That’s probably why he didn’t help her up.. he was too wasted to understand what’s happening. Besides, I mean all 3 of them are falling down??? Geeeeeez And he’s out with them because…??????

    Thank God he didn’t fall too… that would have been bad! Even though I’m ROL right now… it’s still very disappointing… he’s throwing his career away like this. Pretty soon, the tabloids will start calling his a “party boy” and stuff.

  • alison

    Fans cant keep making excuses for him. His agent needs a word with him.

  • shel

    He does seem to be trying to destroy his own career.

  • Jill Kates


  • oh please

    You guys are being so dramatic.

    The guys goes out at night. He parties.

    This is only a problem if it starts to affect his work directly. Shia La Beouf has done some dumb stuff where it’s affected his work.

    Or else, is making a total public spectacle of himself, like picking fights with bouncers who try to throw him out of the club(which, Shia La Beouf has done as well…lol…and I say that as a Shia fan).

    Robert’s not filming right now though. He isn’t being photographed falling over in a drunken haze. He’s always taking taxis or getting rides with people, so he’s not drunk driving. And he’s acting like an ahole in public.

    So calm down.

  • maria

    You guys realize NO ONE ELSE is following Robert Pattinson closely enough to think he’s “ruining his career,” right?

    Just us horny broads on justjared are watching his every step.

    Everyone else doesn’t even know who he is basically.

    We are all just being too obsessed with this guy cause eh’s pretty and he plays dreamy characters.

    So, he really isn’t a virginal vampire—big surprise.

    He likes to party and club and be around girls_–big flipping surprise #2.

    What evs, I think he’s fine.

  • cieraz

    Rob, this is gettng old. Please visit some other places in CA, museums, amusement parks, Theathers, The wineries ( I bet you would like that), Hollywood.
    ooops! No,not Hollywood. Is a bad Influence. LOL

    Do you excersise. I would love to see you a picture of you all sweaty, after a morning run, ay ya ay!

    maria said:

    “Just us horny broads on justjared are watching his every step.”

    We have no idea what are talking about, so stop that.!

    Ok, we are a little obessed, nothing wrong with that, This is a healthy obssession.

  • cieraz

    how about Monterey, Carmel lots of fellow actors have restaurants there, Big Sur is beautiful. The hunted light houses.
    How about San Francisco. China town is amazing, alcatraz, The wax museum,etc.
    sacramento is beautiful with a big russian population. Wonderful food
    There is a lot to see in CA.
    Please Focus!

  • eh………………………

    When I was 22, I was out having fun just like Rob (except on a college campus). He’s 22- let him have his fun,- and hey, if the girls want to put out, as long as he is SAFE, I say he should take it! Why the hell not?

    That said, I agree with poster #168 – I hope he has fun, but at the same time, doesn’t turn into the male Tara Reid. He strikes me (based on interviews, seeing I don’t know him) as someone who is kind of shy, and really isn’t into all this attention. And seriously, I couldn’t even imagine if I was that wasted (and I have been) and having a pap camera in my face. I’d be annoyed too!

    While I say “kudos Rob” for being himself and having a wicked sense of humor, he does have to realize he is representing a film/a film studio/a movie franchise/etc- and unfortuantely in Hollywood, people talk. Talent only gets you so far….

    So I guess what I am saying is party on Rob, just don’t let it screw your career.

  • alisha

    OMG!!!!! I love Robert pattinson!!! He is so freakin hot! I can’t wait to see him in twilight!!! I love the book series!! Even though I love rob I wish he would stop going to clubs almost every night and getting drunk

  • Natalie

    The guy is awesome. Plus, he’s hottttt. Who cares if he was drunk anyways? lol I don’t think he’s an alcoholic, he’s just havin’ some fun.

  • Coolperson1

    I love the pic of Rob in the Interview mag. Anyway I don’t think he was being mean by not helping the girls. He was just, well, stunded when the paps randomly showed up and started taking pics of him. I’ve seen him drunk, and he doesn’t get that wasted, just enough to have fun and be safe at the same time.

    I guess what I’m saying is party on Rob!!!

    And if Rob ever reads this, don’t drink and drive, it’s your funeral.

  • Emcee

    HAHA he is always partying, who can blame him, he’s 22 years old and he is probably the sexiest guy alive.

  • hayley