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Robert Pattinson is Teddy's Trippin'

Robert Pattinson is Teddy's Trippin'

Robert Pattinson leaves Teddy’s nightclub in Los Angeles on Friday with Kait Weiss (blonde), Ashley Meyers (brown jacket) and another female friend who all seemed to have trouble standing up. (It doesn’t look like he helped any of them to their feet either!)

The 22-year-old British actor recently joked about living with best friend Tom Sturridge and their bad behavior as struggling young actors. Pattinson said in the October 2008 issue of Interview Magazine, “We spent the better part of a year just getting drunk every night.”

Twilighters can catch RPattz when he hits the big screen on Friday, November 21. It was also announced earlier this week that Paramore has been confirmed to appear on the upcoming Twilight soundtrack. They’ll be contributing two new songs including one called “Decode”.

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    sh7tf&ckwhaaaaa??? U’ve seen him wasted????! do tell!

  • Peace

    I don’t think they fell
    it looks like one was bending down and the other was sitting to get a cig.
    i think he would have helped it they fell.
    but keep posting more of these kinda of people jared!
    no disnney stars who won’t have a job in five years…

  • http://n/a anoymous

    omg another one whose into skanks! cannot believe it!

  • http://n/a anoymous

    cannot believe my comment was censored! what ever happened to freedom of speech!!just was stating the truth!

  • diane

    who is his girfriend?

  • Yuppers!

    Rob plz stay home this week so everyone can move onto judging someone else…move on ppl there’s nothing to see here!!!

  • Jennifer

    Just don’t end up like Lindsay Lohan, Rob. Not the greatest comparison, because Lindsay is talentless and marginally attractive, but she could have had a decent career. You’ll only be the ‘it’ boy for so long so don’t waste the opportunities. And he is still really young so hopefully he’ll grow out of the club scene and pick friends that at the very least remember to wear shoes.

  • ellie

    why do people think he has a drink problem? he’s just british… it’s the norm for us to go and have a good time!

  • LC

    I agree with ellie, I have been to England several times and Brits love to party, the only thing I’m sad about in this picture is that I’m not in it. I would love to party with the hot piece of A$$ that is Robert.

    Who wouldn’t, look at him, I’ll drink to that

  • Taryn

    You guys need to chill.
    First of all, he’s young.
    Second of all he’s probably drunk so he probably would have fallen down if he had tried to help her up.
    This isn’t gonna destroy his career, every other young actor out there goes out and parties.
    He probably did this before he got famous anyway!
    And I don’t think some of you realize the amount of stress the paparazzi put on these stars, not to mention the fact that he’s new at this and is just beginning to be stalked.
    So, until he shaves his head and hits cars with umbrellas let’s not say he’s ruining his career.

  • fay

    whoever said it looks like jen bunny.
    it does not!

    hes sooo gorgeous.
    i like him better when he has on his liuke edward make-up.
    and who cares if he wasnt helping her.
    i mean wow.
    shes just some trashy drunk chick.

  • cieraz

    I think I would be all dizzy and wasted (not necessarily drunk) if Robert was around.,His presence would be enoght to get me intoxicated. WOW!

  • Havensnowflake

    robert is so DAMN HOT!!! but i think his to self center and mean I LOVE HIM but he needs to change how he is

  • kaz

    for some reason this makes me more attracted to him
    he’s so hot holy motherrrrrr!


    Just because he doesn’t help them up doesn’t mean people have to think less of him. If you met him in person, you’d think differently. Hearing everyone say how kind he was when they met him, makes him seem like a pretty nice guy. I haven’t heard one person say he was rude to them. So, the girls were being stupid and couldn’t stand, that’s not his problem.

  • vanessa

    robert has a girlfriend ?

  • vanessa

    robert has a girlfriend ?

  • Lorena

    I know who he is dating! She’s some girl in Hollywood who is apparently also an up and coming actress. I’ve seen them together multiple times and she’s gorgeous. I LOVE RPATZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I work at a Bar in LA and I always see them, they are like the REAL bella and edward! SOooOoo excited FOR TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOO soon guys!!!!!!!!!

    mwah mwah
    - Lorena McCarthy

  • Isabel

    If you love paramore vote for them to win ‘breakthrough artist’ at the AMAs!!!

  • Taylor

    Ha-ha! It looks like she was trying to pick up her cigarette that fell on the ground. Funny stuff!! I like the girl without her shoes on. So hilarious!!

  • nowayyyyyyyy

    That’s what you get in LA – dumb drunk hos. He probably is a jerk, but he’s gorgeous! Hopefully he’ll grow out of the bad things…in a few years we’ll see what a dick he really is.

  • sott

    I actually know the girl in black, her name’s angela ciciriello. She’s nothin but a slut and a drunk!

  • nora

    he is so hot! for a 22 year old he looks so young! i love him and his movie twilight! i love him and his super hot hair! super hot rob!

  • zaffy

    i hd a crush on him. but not anymore. he’s a total jerk!

  • shahira

    he must have a reason rite…

  • nat

    he’s hot but i dont think he should be drinking now they have considered firing him off new moon.

  • selena

    @Daniella: i really want him to be good. i dont want him to smoke do drugs or drink every nite. i cant belive he would do this. i switched teams from rob to taylor. every time i looked at rob i melt and every time i look at him now i just feel like he couldnt be worse. rob changed everything. if rob keeps this up he is just going to be another washed up hotty. taylor is going to take his place by the 4 movie. no dout.

  • selena

    if they want to fire rob off the new moon set they are going to lose EVERY SIGAL FAN. i will stop watching if they do. they couldnt of picked better people to play the part. here is a little note to the people who want to fire him if you do i i will tell ALL OF MY FRIENDS AND THEY WILL TELL THERES. AND BY THE NEXT FEW MONTHS YOU WILL PROBABLY HAVE ABOUT 100 FANS LEFT. I HATE THE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO GET RID OF HIM.