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Rachel Bilson is a Bridesmaid Beauty

Rachel Bilson is a Bridesmaid Beauty

Rachel Bilson serves at the maid of honor at the wedding of her longtime best friend Jill Stonerock on Saturday at a ranch in Santa Barbara, Calif. (For this special occasion, Rachel, 27, designed her own the bridesmaids’ dresses with designer Brian Reyes.)

Jill married 32-year-old Josh Schwartz, the creator of The O.C., Gossip Girl and Chuck. Rachel was a series regular on The O.C. and has made cameo appearances on Chuck (Season premiere on Monday, Sept. 29).

10+ pictures inside of blushing bridesmaid Rachel Bilson

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rachel bilson bridesmaid 01
rachel bilson bridesmaid 02
rachel bilson bridesmaid 03
rachel bilson bridesmaid 04
rachel bilson bridesmaid 05
rachel bilson bridesmaid 06
rachel bilson bridesmaid 07
rachel bilson bridesmaid 08
rachel bilson bridesmaid 09
rachel bilson bridesmaid 10
rachel bilson bridesmaid 11
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Credit: BB/SC; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • haris

    what a happy wedding!!!

  • Frida

    She’s so beautiful

  • Shar

    Rachel is not 32 Jared, she’s in her 20′s!!

  • εїз Butterfly εїз

    she is so pretty!!

  • Just Jared

    Thanks Shar, typo!

  • csxyz

    I really like the bridesmaids’ dresses!

  • S_M_G

    Awww, looks like a fun wedding! Rachel is so unalarmingly beautiful!

  • Nicole

    the bridesmaids’ dresses are really pretty and I LOVE the wedding gown.

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    Rachel looks pretty here =).

  • hmmm

    wheres brody at?!

  • djdfdj

    these are only the photos of the couple, bridesmaids, best man etc.

    im sure adam was there

  • dialectic

    shes very pretty ..ugh weddings…anyway congrats to the new couple

  • liana

    i like the dress

  • sanity

    she has no chest to hold that thing up! nice dress not for her shape!! if wants to get into fashion she needs to learn that critical fact; different shapes on different bodies.

    way too much makeup! youre not supposed to upstage the bride….relax!

  • sam

    midget on cruches instead of normal shoes,
    plagerist – not a designer
    leaches of everyones image

  • ugh

    Why Rachel Bilson had better scripts on The OC??!! It’s simple. You can watch these pics.

  • tina

    her hips need lypo

  • gina

    That is such a great dress! Congrats to the happy couple.

  • rancid turnip

    Unremarkable dress. Not enough chest to hold up the front of the gown. Upstaging the bride on her special day. Overambitious television actress who will exploit anything to get attention.

  • real world

    So i thought Hayden was going to be there.So this prove that she is lying about their relationship.So its true they are not dating.I think that other people looks better than her in the wedding.But congrats to the happy couple.

  • djdfdj

    oh ffs, how is she upstaging the bride?

    she was asked to be the maid of honour, so she was.
    jill obviously would have asked her to design the dresses as she knows rachel is a budding designer and obviously trusted her to make them look nice – which she did!

    shes doing nothing to upstage anyone in these photos, just smiling and having fun with two of her best friends.

    you guys are REALLY pathetic.

  • real world

    So where is hayden i thought he was going to be there.So she lied about their relationship.So its true they are not dating.So i guess this guy from Chuck is her date and hayden.But i thik all she is lie aboout things to get her way.But i think other people ln the wedding look good too. But congrats to the happy couple.

  • Trish

    To # 20
    I don’t like them together either, but how do you know he wasn’t there? They barely showed any pictures. I would love it if he wasn’t there, but I’m going to wait until more info comes out about the wedding before I make up my mind.

  • ana

    Do any of the OC fans find it a little bit creepy that Adam Brody’s character Seth is very similar to Josh Schwartz. A lot of Seth is Josh. And when he was interviewed when the OC was on Josh sounded infatuated with Rachel. Now he’s married Rachel’s best friend who looks like Rachel. Rachel introduced them, helped plan the wedding and was even the maid of honor.

    Not the least bit creepy?

  • kim

    I don’t believe for one second that this fame whore wants to elope. She wants a big public wedding complete with paps in helicopters.

    I think she just says she wants the same thing whom she happens to like at the moment wants.

    And yes, the dresses are fugly. Anderson’s split pea soup green. Yech!

  • Han

    she looks gorgeous !

  • carla

    Now Rachel is assured of permanent employment in all of Josh Schwartz’s projects.

  • lexie

    real worl #22

    What guy from Chuck?

  • 93

    Rachel might as well be the bride. She’s pretty much stole all the attention LOL

    (Don’t get me wrong. I used to really love her, but now, I only like her a substantial amount)

  • toni

    #25 Totally agree. No small wedding for her.

    Everyone looks like they are having a great time. I didn’t look like Adam Brody was in the wedding party. Wonder if he was even there?

    Her friends are pretty than she is and look like the top half of the dresses fit better. Maybe she was hoping to have wardrobe malfunction for more attention. After all, the day was about someone else not her.

  • thule fog

    At least Hayden was nowhere in sight. Of course now that he looks like a zombie sasquatch, I doubt she wants to be seen with him. I hear he has major problem with drugs these days.

  • toni

    It would be a shame if Hayden has a drug problem. But it would explain why a seemingly intelligent man could tolerate listening to this girl and why he lost his good looks.

  • r

    was he there ?

  • hater

    maybe rachel and adam were together=)

  • Curious

    Is that a Rabbi? If so, how could a he have preformed the ceremony before sundown on a Saturday?

  • ATlqueen

    So do any of the people that swore she was going with either Adam (who was suposed to be in the wedding from what you said) or Hayden feeling stupid yet? Goes to show how much we REALLY know, huh? So pathetic I swear.

  • Trish

    How can everyone be so sure who she did or didn’t go with? Only time will tell, especially if and when more pictures come out.

  • Sumo

    I think Mrs. Schwartz (or will she keep Stonerock?) looks gorgeous and I like the bridesmaids outdoor-themed dresses, very casual and Californian. Re: RB and HC, HC was filming in L.A. all weekend, but even if that wasn’t the case I think it shows consideration not to do anything to draw the focus away from the bride and groom…like inviting your elusive celebrity boyfriend.

    “Busy Weekend for Street Closures: Stage 6 Films is the company for 2009 feature ”Bone Deep,” which stars Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen and Matt Dillon. The shoot will be taking two concurrent closures this weekend. On Saturday [20th], 6th will be closed from Spring to Los Angeles from 7am to 10am. The shot description reads: Occasional traffic and pedestrian control. Driving scenes. Camera and equipment on sidewalk, in curb lane & across street. Exterior dialogue. Near hits & misses. Stunt driving. Picture cars driving in reverse flow of traffic”. Generator. Source

  • r

    the raydenites are here defending their beautiful romance.

  • lexie


    The film schedule doesn’t say who was filming this weekend. They’ve been filming since Sept 9 and no Hayden yet so no one really knows yet if he was shooting the movie or out of town or what.

  • thule fog

    I thought that street shooting was happening in October. In any case It’s clear RB was totally immersed in this wedding, planning it and desigining for it and is dying to have one of her own…probably will call her fav papparazzi to cover it when she does. She absolutely loves the attention and the cameras. Hayden the zombie is not cooperating, since he looks so awful and seems to have a drug problem, so she got someone else. EOS.

  • the real emma lee

    What a fun looking wedding. The dresses compliment the surroundings and the bride’s dress is the most beautiful I’ve seen in a long time.

  • fran

    Wow wow wow

    We have like a buch of pictures of the bride and groom and the best man, bridesmaids, etc… Adam, Hayden maybe even both of them might have been there for all we know.

    I’m pretty sure Brody was there. He’s VERY good friends with Josh, he even helped with the bachelor party. The fact that he hasn’t been photographed means nothing. Same thing with Hayden and the rest of the people in the wedding. WHO KNOWS?

    I still find it creepy these pictures leaked. Or whatever… the fact that paparazzi went all the way there to take pictures of people who are not even famous on the wedding day….. LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT.

  • Mothernature

    HC is not filming yet a friend of mine is a PR for Paul ,To date Paul was to film this weekend not Hayden. As for him attending this wedding PLEASE WHY he has nothing to do with RB friends and they are not the couple people pose them to do be denied it more then one time, he is also not showing interest in the woman anymore. I’m sure there are other issues in his life that he rather deal with and not with her and her querky friends.

  • ?

    @ 43

    “I still find it creepy these pictures leaked. Or whatever… the fact that paparazzi went all the way there to take pictures of people who are not even famous on the wedding day….. LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT.”

    they are called paparazzi or more commonly called rachel bilson’ employees. she has to get her name out there somehow. and what better way, than to cash in on her BFF wedding day.

  • r-b-l

    first when I saw the pictures, I got some OC feelings :)
    I love Rachel and the dresses!! you haters are so stupid .. *eyesroll*
    concrats2the couple!!!! thanks jj for the pictures

  • Hamptons bound

    She’s 27?
    She doesn’t look like it.
    More like 19ish…
    Beautiful dress though

  • irina

    very nice bridesmaid, love her dress

  • tessa


    “the fact that paparazzi went all the way there to take pictures of people who are not even famous on the wedding day….. LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT”

    Josh Schwartz is not famous? Hahahaha

    Josh Schwartz is very famous :)

  • Andhra

    Rachel looks so happy and beautiful