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Suri Cruise Builds A Bear

Suri Cruise Builds A Bear

Tom Cruise takes daughter Suri, 2, for some father-daughter bonding time at the visit Build-A-Bear Workshop on Saturday evening in New York City.

Suri looks sooo cute and sooo happy!

The BAB workshop is the largest create-your-own animal service that sells customizable teddy bears and other stuffed animals. To see how you can build your own bear, visit

Mom Katie Holmes was busy acting in her fourth official performance on Broadway in the play All My Sons (The first three were Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday afternoon.)

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise building a bear…

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suri cruise build a bear 01
suri cruise build a bear 02
suri cruise build a bear 03
suri cruise build a bear 04
suri cruise build a bear 05
suri cruise build a bear 06
suri cruise build a bear 07
suri cruise build a bear 08
suri cruise build a bear 09
suri cruise build a bear 10
suri cruise build a bear 11
suri cruise build a bear 12

Photos: James Devaney/WireImage
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  • EJ

    Cute Girl!!!

  • Erica


  • cute

    awww shes soo cute :)

  • lois

    How cute is that !

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    Wow. Suri pushing that bear is ADORABLE!

  • Gretchen

    Yay, Suri looks happy and Tom is looking young :O.

  • arl.

    look at how she hold that bag. pro-cuuteness.

  • buckeyegurl

    I think this is the first time I have seen Suri smile. She’s a sweetie.

  • laurie

    omg! She’s s the cutest little thing!!
    And she seems so happy in those pictures with her daddy!

  • Kat

    She’s a spitting image of Katie (characters wise more) than ever. Adorable munchkin!

  • suri cutie

    OMG suri so cuuuutttteeeeeee…

  • courtney

    how cute!

  • kuku

    you know I dont really get mushy over kids, I prefer 4 legged furry “babies” over human kids but Suri really is so adorable, probably the cutest I have ever seen. I still prefer kittens though!

  • Stefanie

    omg I love that store!! those bears are sooo cool! HAHA!
    too bad they weren’t there when I was there a few weeks ago :)

  • hypnotikal

    cutest hollywood baby :) soo cute

  • kelly

    You know whatever anyone says about them Suri always seems to be cared for and looks happy and thats the most important thing.

  • !!!

    Wow, she’s smiling, cute!

  • dido

    adorable this father and daughter time is really adorable and when ı look at suri’ s face ı can both see tom and katie, she is a very beautiful combo of them and the cutest thing

  • coco bean

    she sure built a lot of bears that day!

  • macshill (chris mccaw)

    Wow. A ScientoloBear. How creepy. I wonder if Tom will be threatened that the newly-built bear is already taller than he is. Has more brains, too!

  • non

    At last a real kids’ expression in her eyes. She’s gorgeous! They should keep her away and protect her more from being photographed so much, especially at night. The kid has nothing to protect herself from all those imposing situations. Let her be a kid, like she is enjoying it on these pictures, without all that stress. I wouldn’t mind not seeing baby pics from celebs anymore if it means they receive the relaxed life they should have.

  • Mary

    and since Connr and Bella are homeschooled in Scientology by his dumb sister, they weren’t availble to travel on is this the 5th NYC trip for Cruise hmmmmm…….WHY??????

    Yo, Tom, Nicole dressed you in old faded Levis for a reason…..designer jeans look gay.

  • zoe

    this is such a CUTE baby. she looks like a beautiful doll in the first picture which red lips. this is also the first time i’ve seen suri smile so geniunely. she’s going to be so gorgeous when she grows up.

  • divya

    so sweet..
    cute girl :))

  • cheryl

    wow haven’t seen her smile in candids for a quite long time, and she is truly adorable!

  • Indonesian Girl

    nice to see her out with her dad
    she is adorable!

  • Larice

    She is smiling at last, because for once she is doing something right for a child, instead of attending soccer games, flying, or whatever.

  • CC

    Suri is adorable! She looks like she had fun, aw.

  • Stefanie

    Suri looks cute there.

    I love Build a Bear. I was there a couple of month ago in London, I created a Monkey. It’s a cool thing to do no matter if you are a kid or an adult.

  • Ryan


  • jenna

    She is so gorgeous I want to steal her. She is gonna be a knock out.

  • KLL

    Most adorable thing ever! I agree with non, though. I feel a bit bad for her, she’s constantly being photographed, always being followed, no one can take that without breaking one time or another. She should be protected from it. She’s a child, come on.

  • kay

    I gotta agree she is the cutest little thing in this town. She is so full of life here. She gets agitated when there is a crowd. She seems a lively thing when no one is watching her or taking pictures of her. The excitement on her little face brings a smile on my face.

  • danielle

    How cute. She looks pigeon toed just like her mom! Glad to see her smiling for once.

  • my takes…

    See, the baby is smiling and happy when she is doing baby stuff ! Stop with the old lady shopping and visit at night and keep on doing baby stuff with your little one !


    Her personality is her dad all through and through. She is though mummy’s girl. Very girly. Beautiful too. Love the smile and all that gorgeous hair. She getting to be my absolute favourite celebrity baby.

  • my takes…

    jenna @ 09/21/2008 at 6:54 am She is so gorgeous I want to steal her.
    No offence but that’s sick !

  • gee-em

    Suri is a cute baby and she seems really happy in these pictures!

  • ALEX

    Jared I wanna see the new pics of sunday rose and nicole, please put them!!!

    and suri is cute like always

  • krung krung

    she’s so cute and pretty

  • megg

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but she seems to be much happier in this pics with Tom than when she’s with her mom. She’s smiling AND even walking!

  • kismet

    I have never seen a child in the modern world wear dresses every single day of her life. Children wear play clothes not designer dresses. Let the kid be a real child for crying out loud!

  • nda

    she’s soo cute…
    glad to see her smiling..

  • Jonas brothers small weiners.

    Beautiful, and Tom look handsome as ever!!!!

  • aram

    I love Suri, she is adorable!
    I can’t say the same about Tom…

  • barron797

    I hope she grows up okay. The constant hounding by the paparazzi has got to have an effect on an individual, even if you get used to it and grow up with it all your life.

    She’s just a little girl and she’s gorgeous! Maybe she’ll grow up to be some kinda mega movie star. Katie and Tom should have more kids!

  • well well

    I guess the other two adopted kid don’t get any love or attention anymore!

  • me

    Well, I guess Tom got enough attention on Thursday night so he didn’t show up at the theater again. Maybe John Lithgow told him to keep his ass out of the theater ? Maybe both John and Patrick threatened to kick his ass?

    Tom makes a good Mr. Mom. It looks more appropriate for him to be in the toy store than on a movie screen.

  • me

    i agree completely with the person who said Suri looks happier with Tom than with Katie. I hope he gets custody when they divorce.

    She’ll need her “dads” money to help out with the psychological counseling that she’ll most likely need as she grows up.

    She’s such a pretty little girl. It’s nice to see her smile and act like the kid that she is.

    I agree with whoever said to quit putting the stupid designer dresses on her. How about some cute tights or socks, shorts and sweat shirt.
    I guess dresses are the easiest.

  • Anon

    I think there are two shots there that make me angry. It’s pretty clear Suri spotted the paps and got scared. I love seeing pictures of cute kids, but I think that taking pictures of the minor children of celebrities without parents’ permission should be illegal. Against the law. They need to let be.