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Bar Refaeli is Session Stoked

Bar Refaeli is Session Stoked

Bar Refaeli catches a departing flight out of LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The 23-year-old Israeli model will be appearing in a new movie next called Session. According to IMDB, it’s a psychological suspense drama-thriller where a psychologist becomes obsessed with one of his patients. The lines between dreams and reality blend.

At the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party last week, Bar told OK! how happy she is to be acting.

“It’s awesome, I’m very excited,” she said of the flick. “I’m just trying to taste everything if I can; if I get the opportunity. I’m still modeling.


Bar wouldn’t reveal if she’s still dating Leonardo DiCaprio or not but shared what she looks for in a man: “Someone that can make me laugh. They have to have a sense of humor, they have to be romantic at times, [and] they have to be a family person.”

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Credit: Gabo/Matingas; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Thegoodbad

    She better thank Leo Dicaprio for her CAREER. This is what sleeping with the elite of Hollywood will get you.

  • Janie

    Leonardo DiCaprio is DISGUSTING.

    She can do much better than him!

  • JJ

    The B*tch is gone out of LA! Please dont come back near Leo!!

  • who am i?

    She looks really bitchy in these photos – maybe Leo got smart and dumped her ass again and she is pissed that the gravy train is about to leave the station without her on it!

  • Amy

    Never knew what Gisele and Bar saw in Leonardo! He is fugly!

  • ivon

    Why is Leo letting her use him like this, now she is acting, because of Leo she was dubbed a supermodel (she is nowhere near super) she is so pathetic. My friend who is from ISrael said she was in a comple of soaps there and she sucked ass.

  • Kel

    Wtf, she looks rough in that picture.

  • Mike

    Nice pictures… thanks for posting them! I see that the jealous gang is here again to write idiot remarks on DiCaprio’s beautiful lady!!!

  • Murphy

    She is gorgeous. DiCaprio is FUGLY and old looking!

  • blah

    shes still dating leo cuz on the 19th they were seen together leaving villa.

  • jpg

    You would look miserable too if you were in a relationship with Leonardo! Ha Ha!!!

  • Leo

    How the helll does DiCaprio get all of these beautiful women!

    He IS the ugliest guy I have ever seen!

  • 123

    She is unhappy because she is with that chain smoking fug Leo.

  • who am i?

    She did suck in that Israeli soap – she is talentless. Photos of her on the runway are hilarious – she has no presence and looks like she is just tromping along like a horse. Supermodel – what a joke! Actress – even more laughable! I saw an interview she did for the Iconic America show – what a moron! She speaks English fluently, but can’t pull a worthwhile thought out of that vacant head of hers – the interviewer had to prompt her for answers and fill in gaps in her sentences – LOL!

  • Sante

    #5, you want to know what they saw in Leo Dicaprio?


    Before Gisele dated Leo, she was NOT a household name. Because of her relationship with Leo, she became REALLY famous. Sure, Gisele had a career before Leo, but she wasn’t that famous or relevant to the media.

    Bar is riding the same wave to FAME: Leo. Had anyone heard of her before Leo? No! Her presence, fame, career is the result of her relationship with Leo.

  • JJ

    Bar is a whore!

  • Miss::CulleN

    to all the b-ocht haters:

    i´m sure you girls can make SOOO much better than Leonardo DiCaprio, uh? jajajajajajaja
    c´mon! tell me another joke :D


  • WingNut13

    Well, it’s confirmed that Mike is blond.

    Get real….that lead pic is horrendous; she looks like she sucked on a prune for a week until she turned into one.

  • null

    She looks scary in that pic. Not ugly scary but very mean scary.

  • null

    She looks scary in that pic. Not ugly scary but very mean scary.

  • She is fugly

    Leo you need to wake up and realise that SHE that ugly golddigger W*ore is just after fame and uses you!

    You can do soooo much better, Girls are screaming after you and you chose a ugly cow who is only using you? Well.. your fault if you cant se her for who she really is.

    Bar if u see this, Get a life! And stop using other people u patehtic ugly cow, Will see how long u will last without Leonardo Dicaprio.

    Good luck,

  • flor


  • Who am I?

    Nah, WingNut, I think it is confirmed that Mike works for Bar and her family. He shows up everywhere posting “she’s so hot” comments. One of her (two? three?) fans! LOL!


    EXACTLEY NUMBER # 4….Bar looks a little pissed off in the big picture………..Sure she is pretty, but I don’t think she has much of a personality!!!….pity!

  • ihb

    Wow, you cannot even say that she looks sad. She looks pissed and mean.
    Maybe she couldn`t put her hands on enough freebies before the Emmys and that`s why she is mad.
    Or on Friday morning she realized that the paparazzi couldn`t take a clear shot of her while leaving Villa with Leo the previous night in spite of her efforts.
    What else can it be? On Friday Leo realized what a big mistake he made again. Who knows?

  • JJ

    I think Leo dumped her again! Thats her true beauty right there!!!

  • WingNut13

    IHB, you’re assuming that the video was new.

    Dontcha find it curious that the press posted it just exactly as it was all over the place that they’d split up? Only one mention of them, and then – poof! – gone from the public eye again. Even though Leo continues to be seen out partying.

    Gimme a break…video was damage control by her people, because it’s common knowledge now that he dumped her.

  • ihb

    You are right, the timing couldn`t have been more perfect. I also found that very interesting. But I kind of assume(d) that the video is new. But I see your point.

  • WingNut13

    I don’t know for sure, of course.

    I just find the timing too much not to be coincidence, and if they were still really together, certainly they would have been seen together more than once.

  • french

    she is ugly and i hope Leo dumped her (she’s a bitc* who use him)

  • french

    If she was really still with him she would go to say it to everybody then why she says it not? Maybe that they are not any more together and then they were in the same car but its prove nothing

  • Laurel

    They are both whores. But then Bar is only 23, so at least she has her youthful naivity as an excuse if she wants to date some jerk who is just biding time with her. But how old is Leo? I really think he would be wise to invest some of his millions in a bit of therapy.

  • James Mason Fan

    Maybe Leo and George Clooney could take over the Playboy Mansion after Hef passes on.

  • anti-bar

    It is a good sign that Bar looks miserable and that she’s leaving Los Angeles which might mean that Leo just dumped her again after some easy sex. Or Bar just has a work commitment. There hasn’t been any sightings of Leo and Bar since Thursday but sometimes those things don’t come out until days afterward.

    If Bar doesn’t come back to Los Angeles or wherever Leo is soon then we’ll know whether they separated again. Leo definately needs some psyhological help because he doesn’t know when to let go. Leo knows how to break-up but can’t seem to make a clean break. I won’t believe that they broke-up until I finally see Leo get serious with another woman. He was seen kissing and flirting with several women but he did go back to Bar anyway, if only for one night.

    The video from Villa is definately from last Thursday. I didn’t want to believe it either but it is Bar in the front seat. Bar’s wearing the same dress and sweater she wore to the Israel celebration. And an “X17″ insider saw them dancing and drinking together in the club.

    Che che; We don’t need that kind of hate around here! No one here dislikes Bar because she’s Jewish. I don’t dislike someone because of their race or religion. I have many Jewish friends and I’m offended that you would even bring up Bar’s Jewish background. It’s disgusting and bigoted.

    Where am I; My Popsugar username is nohype. I just got it. I would love to be in your group!

  • JJ

    Anti-Bar….. easy sex… hahahahahahaha You’re too naughty Anti_Bar I love it!! lol

  • JJ

    Yeah Anti-Bar, we wont see another Leo/Bar sighting till somewhere around december or Jan2009! Some realtionship! They will be in another car looking like 2 strangers leaving villa again!! lol

    Bar and Leo are over!!!

  • dkj

    leonardo is fine, fuk her!

  • laura

    Bar certainly looks unhappy in these pics. I think her comments mean that her and Leo (probably just Leo) downgraded their relationship to extremely casual and they are dating other people now. He is just biding his time with her.

  • Love Leo

    Oh my, look how many gealous people here. Leo is a handsome, smart man and he’s a great actor. He may not have such a good taste in women (not physically: they’re all beautiful, but in the mind department) but you can’t be serious when you say he’s disgusting.

  • vanessa

    your mem is ugly
    bar you are gorgeous….
    i love youu you are the best pretty

  • who am i?

    Anti-Bar, you are in the popsugar group now! :-)

    And Che Che, I second Anti-Bar’s comments here, her race/religion/nationality has nothing to do with who she is and doesn’t affect how any of us here feel about her. Post your racist hatred elsewhere, please!

  • Matingas

    hey! :D .. . i didn’t know u were gonna use my pics!!

    i didn’t recognize her!! thats why there’s only a few pictures! .. i had no idea what she looked like in a normal situation :P

  • french
  • french
  • JJ

    Laura has the right idea!

  • anti-bar

    J.J.; I’m glad you laughed because I had second thoughts about writing that. I really didn’t mean to be naughty, honest. I was only writing the truth because Leo has been acting like a horndog the last few months and took the opportunity when Bar called him. (I’m pretty sure she’s the one that called him).

    I hope you’re right about them being over but with Leo’s history you never know. I was skeptical about a split until two weeks ago and then, bam, Leo is seen clubbing with Bar. I don’t know what to believe now. Like I wrote before, I won’t believe it’s really over until Leo or Bar are in committed relationships with other people. It’s good that Bar left town but she could be back tommorrow. I won’t get my hopes up again.

    Laura; I hope you’re right!

    Who am i: Thanks! I’ll be over there when I get a chance.

  • jennifer

    If leo is the uglist man, I don’t want to see the most beautiful, give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tato
  • jennifer

    What Jennifer is doing in Leo’s house? I don’t know if they are “friends”, I never heard that they are close or something like that. Hey people, what you think?

  • jennifer

    I read in a website now that Jennifer and Leo met up to shoot a commercial for voting, something like that, but they have to met up at his home?