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Gwyneth Paltrow Gets GOOP-y

Gwyneth Paltrow Gets GOOP-y

Gwyneth Paltrow has launched her very own lifestyle website called

Here’s how the the 35-year-old actress describes the site: “[ is] a collection of experiences [of] what makes life good. My life is good because I am not passive about it. I want to nourish what is real, and I want to do it without wasting time. I love to travel, to cook, to eat, to take care of my body and mind, to work hard. I love being a mother who has to overcome my bad qualities to be a good mother. I love being in spaces that are clean and nice.”

She continues, “Make your life good. Invest in what’s real,” Paltrow writes. “Cook a meal for someone you love. Pause before reacting. Clean out your space. Read something beautiful. Treat yourself to something. Go to a city you’ve never been to. Learn something new. Don’t be lazy. Workout and stick with it. GOOP. Make it great.”

The first email newsletter will launch on Thursday. Sign up today!

To check out Gwyneth‘s new site, visit

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  • jean

    Oh yeah, you can really feel really good when you don’t have to worry that your losing your job…can you really think about cooking for someone when you don’t have money to cook for yourself and living on Ramen noodles. Can you really think about traveling when you don’t know how your’e going to pay for your college books when you have been going to classes for the past three weeks…F#ck you b#tch!!!keep your s#it to yourself…or maybe your dumb hollyweird friends can go to your web site, they seem to have more in common with your self observe self.

  • hmm

    It would be nice if the website actually worked or was ready. Regardless of what I click on, I get the same into page :/

  • Kandi raine

    She is the type of person people really love or really hate it seems. Anyone that I know loves her or they HATE her so much and think she comes off as this spoiled little bitch. She is ok if it was not for who her parents are where do you think she would be???? I am not “hatin” I think her husband rocks!!She seems sweet. Not that i know her. Jared Rocks

  • Brit

    Some one is trying desperately to stay in the public eye. She was so annoying in Ironman. It would have been so much better with out her in it. She and her media team should stop fooling them self, a lot of people saw Ironman because of Robert Downey Jr. She looks so stupid trying to hack her dress up to show her legs-She is so pathetic trying to show so much of her skin. Dresses hiked up all the time now look at how much skin she is trying to show-what a desperate cow. I guess she and Chris Martin really need the money bad.

  • Diana

    I think she only get rolls because of who her parents and that’s still the only reason she is getting rolls today. I think she is a bad actress. Can she please see a speech therapist or get her teeth fix so as to sound better.

  • girl

    Must be a slow news day. JJ is copying US Weekly.

  • run bambi run

    jean, i agree with you 100 per cent

  • LT

    I actually don’t have a problem with her but…this does come off a bit pretentious when most of us regular folk are struggling, out of work, just living paycheck to lousy paycheck. What the heck does GOOP mean anyway???

  • me

    GOOP …like GOOGLE …

  • angie

    ok thanks for that gwyneth

    meanwhile back here on planet earth…..

  • sickitten

    She thinks she’s so smart but she can never do anything right. She nearly cut her finger off on Oprah because she doesn’t know how to use a chef’s knife. Her outfits are always mismatched & wrong. Just watch, this site will be a big diasaster too. The fact is: Gwyneth can never do ANYTHING right. Being that she drinks like a fish could have something to do with it. Pretentious drunky.

  • chris

    I guess I can’t GOOP, I’m too busy tring to pay rent, bills and keep my car. She should trade places with me for one day and see how far her GOOP will get her!

  • so….

    ive been to goop and signed up (thanks JJ) and while at first i thougth PRETENTIOUS I have had second thoughts. who doesnt want a better lifestyle? who doesnt want to live / look like a vip? thats why were here after all. i mean on JJ, my guess is that this will be a site with lifestyle enhacing ideas like O magazine. i like her, i like the fact she is so accomplished (oscar winner, great actor, mum, cook, linguist) and figure hey, who wouldn’t want a bit of that in their life? i doubt it will be condescending in it’s tone. i imagine it will be uplifting and fun. bring it on!

  • why so mad?

    does anyone object when Oprah does this? or Martha? or anyone else? get a life people. she means no harm. those of us without chips on our shoulders will enjoy it.

  • Kate

    She is an idiot. I wish she would get lost.

  • andamentothat

    Thanks for all the advice Mrs. Martin.. We will try to only go to clean spaces, travel to new places, eat good food, work out, learn languages and treat ourselves. Your advice would be so useful if we had a bullish economy.. BAD TIMING lady.. and you aint no Martha Stewart so go scoop the GOOP yourself..

  • yawn


  • annie from montreal

    Gwyneth, as you can see… people are mean & jealous. They prefer seeing stars going down instead of way up & shining…. I have faith in somebody who’s trying to make a change in this messed up world. Of course I’m a single Mom without any money but I CAN TRY TO BE A BEAUTIFUL & BETTER PERSON TOO if I really want it and this you can’t buy. And as for you “the people” if you don’t have anything POSITIVE to write, please try another sick site because this site is for good people trying and hoping to get better….

    best wishes for your new site… Annie xxx

  • pinkydoo

    Hmmm..I guess it helps to have money so that you are able todo the things she advises you to do. I am willing to give her a chance, I signed up for her newsletter. I will either hate her more, or like her more. Let’s see what she has in store.

  • gepeto

    Annoying and nauseating.

    Oh no, does that mean she will be back on Oprah in a lovefest to discuss her new site, can’t stand either of them. Wish they would understand that no-one cares about what they have to say.

    It is a good follow up to the “how great motherhood is” when she used to sit and rant about being a mom as if she was the ONLY person EVER to have a child, talking down to the average mom who has to really and genuinely look after their kids, taking the good days with the bad, not a nanny to use when out of the puplic eye.

    Who cares? Is she famous due to her parents, or maybe her famous godfather Stephen Spielberg? Hmmmmm…………makes you wonder.

    Yet another one trying to be a “Brit”. She needs to understand that the Brits don’t want her over there either, like Madonna and all the other wannabes.

    They have too much money and bought everything they can think of so then have to go and try and “own” some culture which they have never had. Their inner void will never be filled.

    Nothing personal to anyone, we all have our own life journey, but enough is enough sometimes with celebrities.

  • Ha!

    Just to be the devil’s advocate; the things she suggests are in no way novel and really don’t require a whole lot of money – just to those complaining because she happens to have money. You can get a good book from the library, take a walk, buy yourself flowers from the grocery store, etc… Why don’t you think outside the box instead of searching for reasons to hate this woman. So sad.

  • bien

    Agree, Gwyneth is no Martha Stewart or Oprah. If she had some level of expertise or accomplishment like those ladies, I might be interested in this but it sounds like this is more for the sake of building a brand/making some money than sharing a genuine level of interest and expertise .

    She is at an age where movie roles are not as great, plus she’s up against a lot of great actresses for those parts.

    At least she understands that she needs to start trying other things.

  • Belle

    GOOP? Awful name! She should have put more content on the site before doing a press release.

  • Nicole

    I doubt Gwyneth will be the next Martha Stewart or Jane Fonda but if she can carve out a niche for herself in the overcrowded celeb lifestyle market, props to her! She does seem to be trying very hard to remain in the spotlight.

  • LuvJolie-Pitt

    did yo0u guys see this pic of paltrow on huffpo? Whats with her neck? is that REALLY her age showing. How awful for her. Guess neither she nor her agent had a say about this photo!

  • lalala

    LuvJolie-Pitt:: the lines on her neck are shadows from the light filtered through her hair.

    Jean:: I feel really sorry for you. If your life and financial situation are really that terrible, then you ned to be more proactive in improving your life. Only YOU are responsible for it, so stop acting like a victim and do something to get yourself out of it!

    Anyone can succeed it they try hard enough and persist enough. ANYONE can.

  • mickey

    She looks like a dude in that picture.

    It’s funny that a person who has been privileged her entire life–in every possible way–is giving advice on how to make life good. It’s rather easy when your life was good upon conception. Try giving that same advice if your circumstances were more difficult and then it would be worth something.

  • kelly

    ^That’s an ugly photo of Gwyn.

  • Shannen

    I think she’s a terrible dresser. The borderline side boob in that pic is tacky.

    She does seem a decent mother so hopefully her site will give some good advice on parenting.

  • marianna

    What ?! That’s what We need another Hollyweird…
    Goop, so boooooooring!

  • sickitten

    annie from montreal, this is a gossip site. reality check for you. and if you are really from Montreal then you would realize what a plain Jane this Gwyneth is especially compared to how beautiful most people from Montreal are.

  • curious

    I like watching her movies. I find her interesting. Although she is not in the same league with Charlize Theron whom I adore, or Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway… from my point of view.
    Many people seem to not like her though. There must be certain reason for that. Some friends of mine say she behaves like a snob.
    Regarding acting, she speaks with the same intonation in all of her movies which is not right for an actress, especially if that actress is Academy Award winner.

  • insight

    I’d rather have her explain why she’s eating animals and wearing fur. She’s flip flopping more than John McCain. Appearing on talk shoes acting like her thinness is so healthy. She ended up in the hospital because of her diet last year. There are zillions of glossy magazines covering these same topics. Don’t add to the garbage with a self-indulgent, self-advertising website.

  • selva

    Gee, does Gwyneth think we Americans are up for this? After saying we don’t discuss important things at dinner, she sets up GOOP?! This from a woman who couldn’t get into a decent college and had to be tutored through high school? She puts her foot in her mouth every time she opens it.

  • Erin

    I think it’s really great she has launched a website. It’s not about staying in the public eye–it’s about sharing with her fans, friend, and anyone else who may be interested, how she does it all. She is a Very interesting woman and although I cannot say that I am a true fan of GP, I am interested in her lifestyle for the sake of my health.

    Gwyneth has many haters and I have always felt people cannot accept a tall, thin blonde who may or may not have it all. That means they’re jealous, and that’s a sin. She is Really down-to-earth which I have observed from her television interviews with Conan, Letterman, and other talk shows she has been on.

  • gepeto

    I think most of us do what she suggests on a daily basis and have done it for years. My point is enough of these celebs thinking they have come up with some great new idea, and then try and push it in our faces. Like when she had a baby and spoke as if she was the only one ever to have one.

    The concept has absolutely nothing to do with money and yet those of us who just about get by on our incomes have been doing the same thing for years, enjoying the simple pleasures.

    I do think that some celebrities, or anyone for that fact with a lot of money, maybe haven’t even been in the position to enjoy the basic simple things in life and when you struggle to pay for them, they are so much more enjoyable than if you can snap your finger and they appear.

    I would imagine the average mom enjoys 5 minutes to herself, and loves every single second. How different that would be maybe in Gwyneth’s case when you have a nanny.

    Have you noticed that people like Gwyneth and Oprah, etc., start to push the simple things once they have bought and owned and saturated their own material needs. The void is still there and they look for the basic, simple things to feel fulfilled. Do they ever stop and think that maybe the average person does what they crave, on a daily basis. They speak of going back to basics, well, most of us live “basics”, and at the end of the day, really, that is all any of us have.

    I find it nauseating when they push it in our faces as if they have just had a brainstorm and a flash of inspiration. Like Oprah and the Secret or how to be good to others. Barff. Okay, I know, this isn’t an Oprah post, I just tie Gwyneth and her together after the sickening show they did together a few years ago.


  • Annee

    In most of your films, you have a way of makeing people feel good
    after veiwing them. Good Luck in your new venture concerning your
    new website “GOOP. com” I have a feeling it will be most enjoyable reading. Looking forward to it.

  • Michelle

    I don’t see anything to be jealous of with respect to Gwyneth. She’s average looking and hasn’t really had a great career, especially for an Oscar winner.

    I’ve seen two episodes of her show so far and found her surprisingly boring.

    Right now it seems like she’s really trying to stay in the public eye. The website seems to be a primer to brand herself/launch a product(s). We shall see soon enough.

  • tupelo honey

    can’t fathom all the “angry” resentful folks out there.. what’s with that??? Best wishes Gwyneth…

  • Michele

    I’ve received 3 issues so far that consisted of a few recipes you could find anywhere plus a list of very expensive places to stay and things to buy.

    GOOP is disappointingly shallow. So much for nourishing the inner aspect.

  • Barbara

    Stop your whining! She made a choice to work at what she works at and good for her! I have no whher near that life style but can not stand anyone who who resents those who do. give me, give me”s. Green with envy.
    I DO want to see this site. I keep getting a car ad.
    What’s up with that.

  • Zana

    People are not whining. They’re just pointing out the very obvious. The newsletter lacks substance and gives very little impression of Gwyneth Paltrow as a person except what she likes to buy. Really, what does she work at? Do people really think she writes Goop? All she does is sign off on the final draft and it shows in the content.

    Most of the stuff she recommends is way out of the average person’s price range and seems to be a promotion for Tod’s. In the latest edition she tries to be a bit deeper, but even then she doesn’t share her own thoughts and ends up extensively quoting other people.

    Gwyneth and Goop both don’t have much substance.

  • RaNdOm_meee


  • RaNdOm_meee


  • RaNdOm.meee


  • DMS

    OMG – very negative people here.

  • poppy

    Most of the commentary come from functionally illiterate folk, ie: #5: “rolls”, so I find it difficult to criticize too much. That said, no matter what Ms. Paltrow’s personal or professional life may be she hosts a website which may be helpful to some. Given some of the horrific and sadistic things I’ve had the accidental misfortune to encounter I feel this benign website could do a LOT worse.

  • Terry C – new Jersey

    Leave the girl alone, please.

    At least SHE doesn’t go around stealing other people’s husbands, like Trout Mouth Jolie, who I am sick and tired of hearing about.

  • Terry C – new Jersey

    Some nasty, jealous people here.

    Get a life, folks, and stop being so bitter.

  • Terry C – new Jersey

    Some nasty, jealous people here.

    Get a life, folks, and stop being so bitter.