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Jamie-Lynn Spears Breastfeeding Baby Pictures?

Jamie-Lynn Spears Breastfeeding Baby Pictures?
  • A Wal-Mart employee is selling pictures of 17-year-old Jamie-Lynn Spears breastfeeding her baby.
  • Kelly Ripa lets it all hang out.
  • Magic man David Blaine will be hanging upside down for the next 60 hours.
  • Samantha Ronson puts her head on Lindsay‘s lap.
  • Peep grainy pics of Jessica Alba‘s post-baby bikini body.
  • Taylor Swift will debut a new song on Grey’s Anatomy.
  • Mariah Carey lands another movie role.
  • Kim Kardashian is so excited about the DWTS premiere tonight!
  • Your first look at Oliver Stone‘s Bush Administration
  • Mad Men made Emmy history Sunday as the first basic-cable show to win top drama series.
  • Michael Phelps is auctioning himself off for charity. The Olympian, who’s on the committee for an Animal Care and Control board, will offer two adults and one child time in the pool with him during a charity event at Pressure on Thursday.
  • Sen. John McCain and his wife, Cindy, who will appear on The Racheal Ray Show today, have 13 cars – including a vintage 1960 Willys Jeep, Newsweek reports. The magazine’s search of public vehicle-registration records found Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, have one car – a 2008 Ford Escape SUV Hybrid.
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  • camila

    She is 17!
    Who can be that sick to take pictures of a 17 years old mom breastfeeding her baby, and even sell them!

  • tia

    thats pretty tacky. ppl need to leave this girl alone. unlike most hollywood teens who make mistakes, she is keeping her life OUT of the spotlight. seriously, i respect her for that

  • JAmes

    yay first to comment
    and thats sick!


    really that’s sad.

  • Zanessa-love4life

    I agree with Tia =)

  • becca


    Jessica Alba looks AMAZING!!!!!!
    she looks like she has never seen a child in her life, let a lone BORE one recently….

    go Jessica!

  • andy

    First off no one in Chicago has a car and if they do it’s only one. Secondly, John McCain lives in Arizona wear everyone drives, plus he is seventy years old and prolly as his cars for his children and wife registered in his name. I think its ridiculious the media is making a big deal out of this!

  • ASAP

    WTF! When I was in college, I worked at an hour-photo place – the law/regulations are that if the person developing the pics sees something that he/she thinks is in any way pron, he/she *must* turn it in.
    Turn it in to the authorities, not the tabloids, though. Just check out that JAMIE LYNN SPEARS BREASTFEEDING VIDEO+PICS:

  • sillyme

    Wow, this news about John McCain is disturbing. I say we have a new rule. The president can’t have more than one car; can’t have more than one house; can’t have their kids in private school; can’t have an Ivy League education; can’t have more than a $250K in the bank; only shop at KMart; eats lettuce, not arugula. After all, we want our president to be just like the rest of us, right? But, oops, I guess that means Barack Obama doesn’t qualify either. Darn.

  • alannah-jaide

    tia @ 09/22/2008 at 2:58 pm
    thats pretty tacky. ppl need to leave this girl alone. unlike most hollywood teens who make mistakes, she is keeping her life OUT of the spotlight. seriously, i respect her for that


    I totally agree with you Tia. I feel bad for her

  • britney fan forever!

    wow. Its not uncommen for there to be picture taken of a woman breastfeeding her child, especially if it was in the hospital. She should sue wallmart!! I feel so bad for the spears family!! Britney is climbing her way up to the top and she will once again be america’s sweetheart, as for jamie, shes being a mom the best way she knows how and people are picking it apart! Thats what happened to britney too! (while I know britney made more PUBLIC mistakes then Jamie Lynn, the media needed to know when to back off, like when her children were involved) I wish them all the best!! :)

  • parker

    Re: sillyme
    You got one thing right, silly you!!! Why don’t you move to China? There you can have one of everything, just the way you like it.

  • As a former nursing mom….

    I will say that many nursing moms have pictures of themselves nursing, I personally do, so I don’t blame Jamie and Casey for taking the pics. However, I do blame the sicko Wal-Mart employee who stole those very private pics and tried to sell them. I hope they prosecute this pervert to the fullest extent of the law!!! Just when you think people can’t get any sicker….

  • lauren

    wow taylor swift is getting huge! this is just gunna make her career even bigger since greys is played ALL over the world.

  • Lisa

    only a creeper would stalk out a photo of a young girl breastfeeding her infant …please say authorities can fine him or somethinggg

  • diane

    Has Taylor have another new record she sure is a busy girl

  • Emily

    That is soooo sick Just leave her alone

  • Paty

    Famous people like them should have theyr own printer at home, why send to walmart? I don’t even get my photos developed there.


    AGREE PATY NUMBER # 18………You have to be careful when you have your pictures developed!!…….I cannot believe that Casey would have dropped them to a large chain store with turnstile employee’s going through day to day…….Especially knowing what could happen to them, when his girlfriend ( EX NOW ), is Jamie Lynn…..That is despictable and thoughtless, especially when the pictures show his baby daughter also……….You could have guessed what would have happened to them………I hope this person is caught and punished…Jamie Lynn has had enough trauma in her young life, without worrying about her private pictures being sold!!

  • anonymous

    John McCain has 2 cars. His wife has 11. She also has a company that uses some of these cars. Plus 3 of them are those little electric cars people use at resorts and elderly communities. Also she owns her daughter’s car and they have another teenager at home who presumably. One of the vehicles is a pick up truck.

    McCain drives a 4 or 5 year old Cadillac. Plus I think the old 1960 Jeep Willys is his or maybe it’s the old Maverick? LOL.

    Obama just bought that car recently. Before that he had a gas guzzling huge Chrysler sedan. maybe he got that car because that’s the same car Hillary had been driving. He also lives in a city with great public transportation. How DOES he get around if he loves in DC (again with a metro and private drivers) and Michelle lives in Chicago? Of course, Obama started running for President soon after he got to Washington. It isn’t like he’s really working in the US Senate.

    Another stupid distraction during a campaign full of stupid distractions.

  • madmaxx

    poor JL!!! Trying to be a decent mom and getting harassed! that sux

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    Poor Jamie Lynn indeed. Also, this employee must be ridiculously stupid. Doesn’t he know that he’s not allowed to have possession of any thing that resemblance under-aged nudity?

  • Nel

    that’s pretty screwed up. seriously people.

  • Amy

    I find it hard to believe that a couple with money would SHARE a car, unless it’s because Barack gets driven around in a limo all the time anyway.

  • krung krung

    i would do it, if i’m in dire need the money, why not….

  • mdc76082

    Who cares. That’s the price you pay when you are a celebrity, no matter what age. Someone will always be making a buck off you. Suck it up. Life’s a bitch.

  • kaat

    this is frigging messed up, people need to back off..

  • christine

    this is why women are afraid to breastfeed in public. and it is a shame. there is nothing wrong with a women having a picture of her breastfeeding her child. the employee at walmart should be ashamed and prosecuted

  • Gene

    I don’t understand why ANY celebrity would take their film to Walmarts to be developed. If you’re a celebrity, even the most vanilla of photos are going to end up on the Internet or sold to the tabloids. Haven’t these people heard of digital cameras? Take the pictures, download them to your computer and develop them on the printer or one of those photo developers and cut out the crooked middleman. And if I were a celebrity, I would have a separate computer to do this on that isn’t connected to the Internet so that hackers wouldn’t be able to access the computer and the pictures.

  • Gene

    By the way, if any blogger posts these pictures, aren’t they guilty of distributing child p**n? After all, Jaime’s a minor.

  • to gene

    you ask a good question. if anyone posts those pictures of jamie-lynn nursing her baby then i guess that would be distributing porn. but i don’t know about the “child” bit. i mean, if jamie-lynn is an emancipated minor doesnt that change everything.

  • kalen

    ok, a guy didn’t take pictures of her while she was breast feeding and started selling them, what happened was..her boyfriend the father of her baby took the pictures, he got them developed at a wal-mart and they guy who developed them made copies and is selling them

  • june curzon

    it’s a long time since i had my last child, could one of the ladies
    put my right please.

    my daughter-in-law had her first baby in january 08 she is breast
    feeding, now she thinks she is pregnant again. I was led to believe
    one could not get pregnant if one was breast feeding.
    help, if you can.

  • june curzon

    mr bush has his hat out trying to get his country out of debt.
    like wasn’t it him and his war in Iraq that got them into the mess
    they are in now, they should make him run another term, without


  • Bella

    That is SICK. Regardless of who she is (famous or not) . . . she is 17 years old someone is taking and trying sell pics of that. How pathetic and sick!


    hey camila she is 17 which is illegal but u react as if she was 12 or something if u didnt know there is porn with girls at the age 18

  • She deserves it..

    If she is gonna be a slut and get prego i think that she deserves every thing she gets just like her fucking crazy sister…..after disney drops her she is gonna become a stripper/porn slut any way.

  • christian halloway

    hey thats is pretty sad and gross who would want to do that its sick and wrong

  • gary white

    jamie lynn spears is so hot

  • Alicia

    omg she may be 17 but she is like a mother der this may be the first 17 year old mother to breastfeed

  • hannah

    ewww! why would someone do that to james?

    i’d rather feel sorry for her, and im pissed cuz’ casey just left her and maddie breann!

  • http://none ???

    i want those tits too :(

  • baby pics

    What are people thinking, or not thinking for that matter. Those are pretty personal pictures no matter what the age.

  • http://jajfdka sam

    she is hot

  • mae

    those r all stupid comments and the truth is u should just show the baby not those nasty things

  • ARIEL&rachel

    Hi we are girls and no what is going on….(lol) and um if you cant handle a baby now you have this whole life time just wait for the right time…. Kids are born and not raised right not feed or dont have supply’s. Jamie Lynn Spears Has Faith and family just go alone and be faith ful as can be, proud, and keep your head held up high!!!!!:):):):)

  • ARIEL&rachel

    HELLO EVERYONE, we love you JAMIE you inspirer us keep doin your thing girly lol lylas RACHEL,ARIEL HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • http://myspace sis

    u have a cute baby maddie

  • Janelle

    Ya, I totally agree with Camilla!!!!!! they need to leave her alone!!!!!!!!! SO BACK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • big wang

    @As a former nursing mom….: send them to me so i can wack to them