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Jennifer Garner Expecting a Boy?

Jennifer Garner Expecting a Boy?

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are reportedly expecting a boy according to CelebTV.

The couple reportedly went to the baby boutique Petit Tresor and bought a number of things including: a Kensington chocolate playmat and matching Plain Mary items (bibs, burpcloths and t-shirts) emblazoned with the word “hunk” on them!

Jen is due sometime this winter. Sounds like little Violet may have a little brother to play with in a few months!

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  • Lisa

    I would take this with a a lot of skepticism since isnt Petit Tresor the store that Tom Cruise sued because of lies they told about them being there buying $150,000 worth of merchandise and they had actually never stepped inside. I believe they also said Britney bought a bunch of p ink things so she was having a girl before she had Preston.

  • t

    I don’t believe it. And who in their right mind would put “hunk” on their little bundle of joy. They actually sell something that stupid?

  • someone

    ditto about that “hunk” thing. That’s so stupid. Not that people don’t do stupid stuff like that but I doubt JG would do that.

  • geez

    If it is true that Jennifer & Ben were there shopping and this news came out, this store would no longer be receiving any patronage from me. To me that is something private and I would not appreciate them telling the world what we purchased.

  • boogie

    #2- I agree!

    If she has a boy- wonder what they will name him?

  • piper, with a low

    Seriously… celebs need to stop shopping at Petit Tresor. Their employees can’t keep their fcuking mouths shut.

    So much for customer service.

  • a realist

    # 2
    t @ 09/22/2008 at 11:07 am

    I don’t believe it. And who in their right mind would put “hunk” on their little bundle of joy. They actually sell something that stupid?
    The same people who would put pants on their little girl with “cute” blazened across the butt.


    Where are the photos of her in her hometown.. At the big Gala in
    honor of her friend.. And to get a new wing at the University..

    Petit Tresor…What tabloid is this going to come out of…

  • yay!!!!

    I’m so excited :P :)

  • rebecca

    Yes, Yes, Yes! I knew it was going to be a boy. Jen’s been wearing blue constantly that was a clue as is the way she is carrying this baby, you carry boys differently to girls.

  • Tina

    I read they have picked out the name “Blue” if it’s a boy and “Pink” if it’s a girl. Gotta keep the color thing going so Violet will be happy 1


    AGREE NUMBER # 1… AND NUMBER # 6………… I would not trust that baby store for any amount of money………..Didn’t they do the same thing for Gwen Stefani?……( bought opposite color from what they were having ), the store apprantley told the media……….IN FACT, if I could go back and archive old Brooke Shields sites, they had HER buying blue, complete with the BLUE bedding…. ( sheets, curtains, boy-themed )……….I can bet for sure, that Brooke had TWO girls!!!! ( LOL )………..I think the employee’s just like to have the opportunity to be able to chat with the paparazzi’s, and garnish all the attention that they can get, after a celebrity visit’s…………OR someone’s bank account in that store just got a little heftier!

  • Adoring Fan

    I’m with the majority on this. Looks like the store is trying to get in a plug for the store as well as get their name in the gossip rags. This is probable nothing more than just pure speculation.

    In any case, I just hope they have a healthy baby. Love them. They are my favorite celeb couple.

  • Adoring Fan

    Betsy Smith #8, you can find pix of them at the event this weekend at Jen-Fans. They actually engaged in a little PDA.

  • Ali

    lots of wrinkles on her face? congrats to the couple and Violet!!

  • Bea

    Well, I don’t believe in this comments.Let´s wait to see.

  • ally

    A whole day posted, and Jen Garner could only get 16 comments- with a cluster from yesterday morning that came from the same person.


    P.S. Oh, and Jen, next time you get your lips injected, you may want to see about something for the eyes- those crow’s feet are pretty noticeable.

  • @$$M@N

    i would bend her over and st!<k my <0<k in her pregnant @$$

  • Marie Claire

    LMAO @ pathetic Ally counting the comments Jen gets. Don’t talk, until you are on this site and are a star, until then your opinion is null. You really can’t resist to read every post about this woman, can you? You really are an obsessive-stalker and are pathetic and have no life.

    And how do you know they were posted by the same person? You’re the only one who goes on here using 9 accounts to post on here.


    PS Over time everyone gets crows-feet.

  • Marie Claire

    Also LOL @ you typing on here to her, like she actually goes on here. I highly doubt it, and if she did she wouldn’t take anything you type seriously.

  • Adoring Fan

    Ally #17 is consumed with Jen Garner. She would do anything to be in her shoes. Poor dear. So sad.

    On a more positive note, I think it would be wise to wait until the new little Affleck gets her to see if it’s a boy or girl. Doesn’t matter really. To quote Ben “All that is important is that the baby is healthy”.

  • Rain

    *Yawns* at Ally. If she doesn’t like this woman why does she look her up all the time? It shows she has too much time on your hands. She really is pathetic. Most people choose not to comment on this site to avoid morons like her. I know I barely come on here to comment. This site doesn’t determine the popularity of a celeb. This is only one site and the amount of people commenting — isn’t the amount of people who view the photos. She’s obviously very popular and one of the most viewed people on this site. Ally is so stupid that she is only adding to the views Jen’s photos receive and more photos will be posted of her. She can keep ROTFLMAO at her comments because anyone else reading them is too.

    As for the news, it just sounds like a self-promotion for the store.

  • Rain

    Oh… and I wasn’t responding to Ally. So — don’t waste my time. I can’t be bothered with morons like her. ROTFLMAO.

  • Mary Jane

    This just sounds like the store trying to get their name out there.

  • vivian

    Well if its true im so happy for her all you people instead of hating you should be making peace with your self’s you know been happy with in ourselfs make us see everything so beautiful about everybody even when us humans make mistakes try it and youll SEE love you all and BEN & JENNIFER Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!