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Rihanna is Fur-tastic

Rihanna is Fur-tastic

Barbadian beauty Rihanna sports a humungous fur collar as she leaves the ITV TV studios in London on Monday.

Maybe it’s faux fur??

And no wonder Janet left Def Jam–they are busy pimping out their precious Rihanna. And why not, she’s a bona fide hit maker!

Check out the video below of Rihanna performing her smash hit “Disturbia” on ITV1′s For One Night Only.

Rihanna Performs “Disturbia” on For One Night Only

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  • 19


    “she’s a bona ride hit maker!”

  • Zanessa-love4life

    ♥ her sunglasses!

  • enoughalready

    The only thing nice you can say about Rihanna is that she looks nice in them free clothes. As far as the singing and performing goes?

  • emilie

    ew fur

  • *

    Fur? I think they should kill her and “wear her” to =)

  • enoughalready

    I’m sorry I forgot to watch the video and now that I have I want to know why this girl is still in the Business?

    She only sang about 15% of the song actually and she messed that up, no vocal skills at all. Rihanna has fooled a lot of people I just hope her time is coming to an end.

    She should end every performance like: I want to thank the technicians for the backtrack vocals and most of all the real singers of my songs, the backup singers cause she gets no credit with them cat vocals.

    Def Jam is not footing her bills, she is…

  • tia

    she makes it very difficult for me to try and defend her sense of style..

  • lauren

    omg the british actually said her name right! freakin americans dont even say it right! lol.

    americans say ‘re-aw-na’, and its actually ‘re-anne-ah-’.

  • Une

    She looks FUG-tastic!

  • peta

    She’s wearing fur? That’s so tacky!

  • melina flynn

    FUR? WTF? i thought she was smart, but i can see she isn’t.

  • Zee

    If Rihanna were a boy, she’d be pretty cute.

  • enoughalready

    Prince, minus the talent.

  • wtf

    What is she wearing?



  • j

    Shes awesome. The new Britney. I would love to see the showdown between these two when Britney comes back if they preform at the same event. Rihanna rocks!



  • danz

    I thought she did a better job here than at the VMAs. I really don’t get how she can mess up this song though because it’s really not very difficult to sing. She doesn’t even dance very much so she doesn’t have any excuse.

  • haha

    Someone should e-mail these photos to People!

  • ny

    I think Rihanna has reached the limits of her talent and style.
    Stick a fork in her…she’s done.

  • Helena

    Hideous. Wearing animals is UGLY!

  • Regina

    I can’t wait for PETA to start bashing this fugly outfit.

  • furies

    Rihanna is a cute girl. Why is she trying to dress like a female Lenny Kravitz?

  • Robin

    This little brat, who is only talented at ripping other people’s songs off, needs to visit a “fur farm” pronto.

  • Mac n Cheese

    That thing on her neck may have cost a fortune but it’s ugly as hell.

  • just wondering

    How did this dog killer make People’s Best Dressed List?

  • Just Jared

    Haha, whoops. Horrible typo.

  • Danielle

    You ignorant crackpipe douche’s need to shove it! Rih is fierce. And ya nit wit’s didn’t even take into consideration that the jacket could be faux. Geesh, you retards fail to use your brains (if you even have one). Go Rihanna, let the haters do what they do best…WHINE.

  • PMill

    She is an ignorant person. There is no execuse for wearing fur. It is is absolute evil. She is trash just like her music.

  • gina

    Rihanna is nothing compared to Janet Jackson..

  • LINA


  • Ingrid

    You ignorant crackpipe douche’s need to shove it! Rih is fierce. And ya nit wit’s didn’t even take into consideration that the jacket could be faux. Geesh, you retards fail to use your brains (if you even have one). Go Rihanna, let the haters do what they do best…WHINE.

    Doesn’t excuse her for being so talentless. She can’t even write her own songs.

  • t

    She would have looked fine without Sparky around her neck.
    Rihanna cannot dress herself.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …for someone so talentless she sure is popular. like extremely popular.

    .,`that poor talentless girl has had hit after hit after hit after number one single after number one single. lmbaoo. why does she even continue.

    all those millions sold, all those awards won, all those records broken… how can a hack like this even be allowed to breathe?

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    jared, bajan… ok?

    bajan, jared.


  • M

    I’m going to say it’s faux. If it’s real, it’s very cheaply made.

  • kan

    I like her songs but I just got don’t care about her as a singer/celebrity since she’s a major b!tch. New Britney or new Janet or new whoever, my ass. She is untalented compared to them.

    And fur. Ha! If that’s real, let me call animal activists. Let me see if she can get away with them. She can’t sing or dance to save her life.

  • rashuan


    I agree with #6

  • Ingrid

    …for someone so talentless she sure is popular. like extremely popular.
    Pathetic logic. Why are the girls from The Hills extremely popular? Are they talented? What about Miley Cyrus?

  • terry

    love this music

  • holly

    i used to love rihanna, but now i think she is just ok. i dont like her hair, her voice and her clothes are starting to get a lil weird. but i do like her songs

  • Jamie Renee

    I think Rhianna is really pretty.
    And I love her music.
    But I really hope that its faux fur.
    How can you have a pet then wear
    fake fur? Even though its not a dog.
    But still. I wouldn’t even wear fake fur
    because it just says, hey fur coats are know what I mean?

    And though she has worn some awesome
    outfits I really don’t know how she got named
    peoples best dressed. Because most of the
    time her outfits are so wacky and horrible.

    :Ducking for Cover:
    I’m prepared for the bashing coming
    towards me if it happens.

  • anastayjah

    It’s not real fur morons. The girl looks great. Some people are always looking for something to criticize.

  • lalalove

    OMG, #6 basically summed it up for you guys!
    Thanks, babe!

    Couldn’t have stated it better myself!

  • Mark

    Ok, I don’t know who that dude is, but it’s not Rihanna.

  • tyra banks

    why would she, her annoying fuk buddy chris brown, or whoever wrote it, name the song disturbia??? all i think about is shia when i hear this.

  • becca

    she’s been wearing some awesome sweaters lately!

    i just hope that’s not a real fur vest because that would SUCK on her part.

  • missy

    glad to see her tracks are in place and her hair doesnt look like a toupee like before.

  • rafa

    Riiri looks strange like always!
    I like her songs but she cant siing!



    NUMBER # 26…I cannot believe either, that she made ANY list of ” best dressed women “………..That fur though really looks faux…..I know it is hard to tell from a picture, but it just has that fakey quality about it…………..I don’t think she would be THAT stupid and thoughtless!!……NUMBER # 6….LOL..LOL… SO TRUE THOUGH!!!!