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Shanna Moakler: Devasted But Lifting Travis's Spirits

Shanna Moakler: Devasted But Lifting Travis's Spirits

Shanna Moakler is seen crying after visiting ex-husband, former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia on Monday.

On Friday, Travis was involved in a plane crash that left him and pal D.J. AM badly burned and killed four others.

“[Shanna's] there trying to lift his spirits,” a source close to Moakler tells People. “She’s there for him and will be there for him as long as it takes. She loves him… When she got the call, she was in shock. She was very upset. It was devastating for her. But she knew she had to keep it together for Travis, her kids and her family.”

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Credit: Ralph Notaro; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • katie

    awwwwwwh =\

  • hater


  • hater

    ireally hope they get better.. and without scars, traumas etc..

  • PardyHardy

    Those pictures are disgusting.
    That’s a highly personal moment and they should be taken down.

  • Amanda

    i agree … this is personal and should be taken down ASAP!!

  • terry

    hope he gets better soon,
    Cant’ believed a plane crash???

  • cris

    life will never be the same again for them

  • mimi


  • null hater – I don’t think it’s possible not to have scars and trauma after surviving a plane crash where four people died and the plane was in pieces. At least they’re alive. There are four families who lost loved ones permanently.

  • Betina

    i feel bad for her :/ poor girl

  • sillyme

    Those photographers should really give her her privacy.

  • Car

    I think this is so personal and should be taken down.

  • ranna

    omg I can’t believe people would even take these pics let alone post them on a celeb blog. Jared I hate it when you do stuff like this. seriously, this is so personal. Poor woman.

  • Car

    Should be taken down, personal

  • MEL

    That’s so sad..
    I hope they are alright.


  • mary

    First of all, for all those who are raggin’ about the pic’s of her at the hospital, this happens daily. When a police officer or fire fighter is injured, the media usually covers the family, and it’s very personal. But it is what it is. This is journalism to some.

  • rose

    please take these photos down. they are unbelievably inappropriate. there shouldn’t even be photographers there.

  • tracy

    ridiculous parasites. how can you sleep at night- what a piece of sh*t you are.

  • tracy

    this is it for me for good. i’m deleting this site immediately. I hope more of you do the same.

  • johanna

    I feel so sorry for Travis and his children. I have mixed emotions about shanna being there. Everyone who knows these two knows that she’s a hanger on, and she’s a pain in the assss. As much as I feel that she’s deeply concerned, I can’t help but wonder if she’s going to try and control all his company and visitors. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

  • hmmm

    The paparazzi suck!

  • sam

    This is a trying time for her and no one should have taken these photos, shared them or posted them. I’d recommend they be taken down b/c this site is not trashy like other sites.

  • ranna

    mary – fuck off, you dont know what yure talking about. They dont take pics of people crying, not without a model release if its not a celeb and for JOURNALISM. This is an obvious invade of privacey from the paps, not for some journal or newspaper.

  • camila

    poor shanna… I hope travis gets better soon…
    I support him with all my heart… :)

  • Kathy

    Take this pictures down! This is the most disgusting violation of someone’s privacy!

  • britney’s bitch….

    Tracy- you will be missed, bye! Im sure jared is devastated. Dumbass.

  • Cayanne

    Please take the photos off the website please!

  • stella

    Mary is right,,,,most of you scum bags continue to look at this website for the same reason…an invasion of privacy. What’s the diff between a pic of Shana at the hospital or invading britney spears in her backyard or Lilo getting tanked at a bar….what a bunch of hypocrites!!!

  • Robin

    I have never written on a blog and think just jared usually toes the candid celeb line well, but these photos are really, really inappropriate to post.

    Any person- celebrity or not- deserves the privacy to grieve without this kind of invasion. If these photos were taken in a hospital without her consent, it’s not even legal. And beyond that, it’s cruel.

  • ranna

    STELLA. Theres a difference between looking at someone get their coffee and looking at someone crying at a hospital. This is TOO MUCH. If you don’t understand that, you’re crazy! Any invasion of privacey is an invasion of privacey that’s true, but this feels too wrong.

  • becca

    i think this is a private matter that shouldn’t be exploited by photogs!


    AMANDA NUMBER # 5………..This really WAS a true invasion of privacy!!……….AGREE with you !!!!………How thoughtless and uncaring to show her upset and crying when visiting him….WHAT NEXT????….PICTURES OF THE BURNS AND TREATMENTS ????

  • Alice

    - Travis will be ok, Shanna Moakler! Don’t worry! =/’
    We love him soo much! :(

  • jk

    I would like to see them get back together.

  • .

    i don’t know what’s worse, the people who took these pictures or you, jared, for actually posting them

  • Dawn

    ohanna @ 09/22/2008 at 8:13 pm

    I feel so sorry for Travis and his children. I have mixed emotions about shanna being there. Everyone who knows these two knows that she’s a hanger on, and she’s a pain in the assss. As much as I feel that she’s deeply concerned, I can’t help but wonder if she’s going to try and control all his company and visitors. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

    I just have to comment on your comments. Do you know them PERSONALLY? How could you say something so shallow about her? Do you really know her or just the felling you get from the media? I get the feeling that these two really love each other and that she is there FOR HIM, she loves him, whether they are together or not is really no concern of mine..(although I have read they were just seen together on Wed…so there must still be love or at least friendship there) I don’t really enjoy my ex, but if this was me I would be there in a heartbeat…..Don’t judge her!!! Specially at a time like this.

  • dimples

    I agree with several other posters…. These photos are quite tasteless, a person deserves their privacy at a traumatic time such as this. A person deserves their time to grieve without this invasion, it is immoral and cruel.

  • kg

    These are wildly inappropriate and I think they should be taken down immediately. These are pictures taken during a horrific time in this family’s life and the last thing they should have to worry about are paparazzi following them and documenting this tragedy.

    This site is so much better than this.

  • keyla

    omg i feel soo bad for Travis and Shanna, also DJ AM.

    i hope everything come out ok.


  • Spicylily,bkk Thailand

    Please please take this photos down.
    You should respect them and thier families, Jared.

    I wish Travis and DJ AM are getting better and better.

    And for the four that passed away.
    Rest in peace..

  • mz Sass

    This is a very painful moment that should’ve been private. Makes me feel bad for looking at these.

  • Very sad

    I really think that these pictures cross the line. We really don’t need to see her coming out of his hospital room.

    I have liked this site for some time, and I understand that Jared puts on photos that he thinks people will find interesting, however, I think that these pictures should be removed.

  • marisa

    wow these really should be taken off, these are too personal. if my ex was in a plane crash, i would want to be photographed crying about it. that’s just disrespectful of the paps

  • maria

    yeah, jared, let’s pass on these types of photos next time. I feel creepy just looking at them and just want to voice my opinion that personal photos like this should not be put up. Thanks.

  • Julianne

    Oh, come on…it’s like the accident on the side of the road – don’t want to look, but keep turning your heads…

    When you have your own site, you can decide what you post. Until then, Jared will enjoy your “outraged” hits…..

    Recovering from a burn can be a real challenge – hope they both come out of this OK.

  • Kerry

    Jared, I agree with a lot of these people. This is just WRONG. Please take these pictures down.

  • Suzy q

    Jared are you even reading the comments on your blog – TAKE THESE PICTURES DOWN! It’s so over the line. It’s not even debatable.

  • WHAT THE f?

    johanna @ 09/22/2008 at 8:13 pm

    You are very imature. How old are you? 14?

    Shanna is the mother of his children. Despite the troubles between them, during times like this, he needs her to be there and she needs to be there for him.

    Johanna, FINISH Jr. High and get back to us in 25 years or so.

  • abc

    This is a personal situation that should be handled with more privacy.

    However, I feel that this site and others should also stop posting celebrity baby photos as well. How many people here ohh and ahhh over suri and shiloh etc.

    That is just as disgusting and I think people are sick to keep making these comments. The more comments you leave the more aggressive the photographers are to stalk these people because of all the $$$.

  • tim

    Terrible to take pictures of a woman in such pain. Please remove them.