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Whitney Port's Spinoff Series = 'The City'

Whitney Port's Spinoff Series = 'The City'

Source confirm to E! News that MTV is officially spinning off The Hills into Whitney Port‘s own reality TV series.

Emily Brill, the 20-something daughter of Steve Brill, the founder of Court TV (now known as TruTV), blogged about the news last week.

She wrote, “Last night, MTV’s The City (The Hills spinoff starring Whitney Port) shot a dinner party scene at [socialite] Olivia Palermo‘s apartment. Participants included Whitney, Whitney‘s boyfriend and Olivia Palermo.”

The City, which will follow Whitney working for Diane von Furstenberg in NYC, is set to begin airing in early 2009.

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  • b


  • b

    yay!!! lol

  • tbtrfli

    first? are you guys serious? who cares! anyway… why again is whitney getting her own tv show?! her personality is SO bland!!

  • Eme


  • anon

    i love whitney but im sorry, shes just wayyy too boring to have her own show

  • Lauren

    I love Whitney! I’ll probably tune in, but it probably won’t be as successful without Lauren.

  • Nina

    seventh maybe

  • CHeyanne haycock

    um gay.

  • kenzie

    YAY! i’m so excited i absolutely love her
    i’m sure the city will be so much more interesting without lauren and her fake job and her pointless drama

    go whitney!

  • barron797

    tbtrfli – i couldn’t agree with you more, her personality is bland, bland, bland. On the Hills, I don’t think anything that comes out of her mouth is meaningful or sincere. It seems she just says and agrees with things because its the ‘appropriate’ thing to say.

    Whitney is so going to be over shadowed by Olivia Palermo. Olivia is 10x prettier than Whitney. I’ll watch the show because of Olivia, not Whitney.

    Funny thing about Olivia though…i thought she was quoted saying she wants to be a ‘serious’ actress and wouldn’t do reality TV.

  • lauren

    are u kidding me?? like we need more famewhores on mtv

  • tia

    out of everyone on that show, they give THIS girl her own one?? doesnt that seem odd considering she has NO personality whatsoever and just goes along with whatever lauren tells her to

  • katie

    this is SO getting cancelled after season 1

  • jam


    i hate the hills whores jared, less about them in the future please xx

  • jay lyon

    miranda kerrs ex Jay Lyon (the one who she cheated with orlando bloom with and subsequently dumped him for orlando) is Whitney’s new boyfriend, I bet Kerr will be sick as a pig when her ex becomes a celebrity- kerr is such a famewhore she shudda stuck with him, cos being with bloom has got her no where like she dreamed.


  • outsider

    idk, but, she’s mysteriously attractive…

  • hmm

    Yay, 30 minutes of blank stares and her signature lines: Are you serious? So, what are you going to do?

  • Hrmm

    interesting, i don’t know, i don’t dislike Whitney but i thought she said in an interview that she wanted to stay away from reality TV and that she tried to keep as much of her personal life off the Hills as she could, and now she is doing her own spin off?

    It might not be that bad, less LC drama YAY!! also the Hills is based around LC, and Whitney has had less to do with the Hills so maybe thats why we haven’t seen much personality? A show based on her may be a bit more interesting than her one liners and following miss priss LC around and finding her jobs!! Heh heh…

  • Bee


  • FroFro

    LOL! Miranda’s ex-fuuuckk becoming more famous than her. Oh the karma! Boffing Bloom has done nothing but expose her as the hoebag she is to everyone even bothered to pay attention. Not that Jay’s any better if he does the whole reality star showmance crap as well.

    Sigh… there any real talent left?

  • Mary

    I agree, whitney is too boring to have her own show. The whole show will just be her agreeing w/ other people. haha

  • melissa

    oh yay.

    at least she isnt fake like the rest of the hills clan.
    two thumbs up for that alone.

  • bettina

    even if whiteny is kinda boring… well i would prefer watching her than heidi!!

  • Alli

    whitney is my favorite from the hills, but she is a little on the bland side… maybe if its ll about her, or shes the main character they will be showing more exciting parts of her life and she wont be that boring. and that is such a typical title!!!! cmon, they could have done better than “the city”!!

  • holly

    hmm, i like whitney, she is one of the only normal people on the hills. lol.
    but i dont think this show will be a success… but i do wish her all the luck in the world =)

  • rofl


  • k

    i like her more than lauren

  • Dalemurph

    Very Bad name for a show. There was a great soap called The City.

  • @$$m@n

    she looks like she’s about to $u<k a <0<k

  • Umm

    Umm, who is britney port? I must be getting old or out of touch…..or plain don’t care.

  • Taylor

    Oh, don’t be so mean

    I love Whitney!

  • Runch

    I’d do her in a minute ;)

  • kelle

    I’m so excited!!
    The only part I like about the Hills is Whitney, and now she is gonna have her own show. She is such a good role model.

  • GDobbs

    I agree with what people are saying about Whit being boring but I believe that it was just the character she was meant to play (The supporter)
    If you noticed in the hills none of her family or other friends were ever shown on the show, no one that wasn’t associated with Lauren, Audrina, Heidi or Lo was out of the picture.
    Now that she has her own show we might see that really she’s interesting and doesn’t have such a “Supporter” life.