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Britney Spears: Dance, Dance, Revolution!

Britney Spears: Dance, Dance, Revolution!

Britney Spears arrives with her Blackberry and sneakers in tow at the International Dance Studio in Hollywood on Tuesday.

The 26-year-old singer has recently put her Beverly Hills estate on the market for $7.9 million. Purchased in Dec. 2007 for approximately $7 million, she would stand to gain about $1 million in profits.

The house totals 7,500 square feet with six bedrooms, six and half bathrooms, a media room, library and maid’s quarters. It also contains a balcony, screening room, pool and hot tub.

The pop princess is reportedly looking for a new place that would be better suited for her two sons, Sean and Jayden.

10+ pictures inside of Britney Spears starting her dance, dance revolution…

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britney spears dance revolution 01
britney spears dance revolution 02
britney spears dance revolution 03
britney spears dance revolution 04
britney spears dance revolution 05
britney spears dance revolution 06
britney spears dance revolution 07
britney spears dance revolution 08
britney spears dance revolution 09
britney spears dance revolution 10

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  • stefanie

    I read that she never liked that house and thought it was haunted.
    Perhaps selling the house and getting something else would give her a chance for a fresh start.

  • Duke

    Old,rough-looking HAG. She looks like a SHE=HULK. Yuck! Thank god her “career” is over. She’s mentally ill.

  • cain

    She’s looking great.

  • t


  • laurie

    DUKE: shut up you stupid jealous loser!

    You wish to have all that she has acomplished in life! That mental illness and problems are thing from the past, now she’s back! you like it or not!

    I feel sorry for you, you’re sad and obviously a talentless person with no brain and job! Fuck you

  • happy

    Britney Is Back , Bitches!

    She looks great :)

  • tayler (miley cyrus fan 4eva)

    I love Britney though but the lipstick looks a bit too bright am i RIGHT?


  • xtinafan

    she looks fat,tired and too much MAKE UPP…

  • marc

    oh she looks bad..i dont know but she looks fat..

  • emily

    mmmmmmmm she looks tired and fat..
    to make up..

  • Ryan

    She looks fitter than ever!

    Like the how the outfit is not over the top or tacky.

    Her hair is in place and her clothes look nice, she still looks a little sad though

  • beby

    ..she looks not good :(

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    Wow. That’s one expensive house O_O.

  • jughed

    Brit’s looking good for the amount of s**t she’s been through.

    She’s a survivor :)

  • Megan fox rocks

    britney looken so pretty her

  • katie

    yuk she is so not attractive

  • tia

    her hair still looks like sh!t. someone needs to fix her groose a$$ extensions.

  • lalalove

    Oh, my!
    BritBrit looks super duper ugly!

  • mUFFY

    She cannot dance!! *beep* moves like a cheerleader

  • http://justjared zanessa lover and im proud!!

    i just wanna say she is probley exhausted dont say bad stuff because u dont know what happend maybe somethin bad happend plzz think be4 u say somethin and she does look bad but i bet it’s just for a while.. everyone has off days .. u have 1 finger pointing at the other person and 4 pointing at ur self!!!
    lv u brit brit ur a savivour keep doing ya thing gurl!!

  • Brittany

    Britney is over!!

  • A.J.

    Her hair is brushed and her body parts are covered (in clothes that actually fit–even if they don’t match). I don’t believe it. She actually looks decent. It’s a miracle (especially the brushed hair part)!

  • Ben

    OMFG Britney looks soo awsome and decent!!!

    I think shes absolutely NOT Ugly or fat!!!!!


    APPRECIATE IT!!!!!!!

    She will look soon like before i swear :D


  • laura

    britney is the hottest chick alive!!

  • CrownJewelz

    OMG, she looks sooooo good right here. Fat? Now that is just out of line. Compared to what she used to look like, she looks fantastic. Her hair is actually brushed and not a greasy mess on top of her head. Im so proud of her that she has pulled it all together. I knew she could do it. TEAM BRITT BRITT!!!!

  • anamalia

    she still looks abit fat…………………………………..and pasty

  • anamalia

    she still looks abit fat…………………………………..and pasty

  • sasha

    SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luke

    I have a theory on why this woman — who has pretty much tried to
    take herself off the radar screen for a couple of years — is so
    incredibly popular. No doubt, young girls who loved her back in the
    day still do. But the fascination is much broader.

    I don’t mean this disparagingly, but Britney Spears is a real life
    Beverly Hillbilly and the only roots she’s lost are on top of her
    head. When she told Matt Lauer that she’s “country,” it’s true.

    A few years ago, I was working out at my gym in Los Angeles. The
    workout floor is fairly small, so everyone sees everything. Suddenly,
    I see Britney enter with a very large bodyguard, who stood his

    It was utterly fascinating. I’ve seen plenty of stars cop an attitude
    in public but there was none of it with her. She was completely real.
    For starters, she was not looking in the mirror to see who was
    looking at her. She went about her business, smiling, chewing gum,
    doing her thing. At one point I was on a bench next to her and it was
    “hi, how ya doin’?”

    Every guy in the gym looked but tried not to and she was just as
    regular as people get, with one exception — she put headphones on
    and shortly thereafter started to dance.

    I know she’s taken her lumps on TMZ from time to time, but I actually
    love her — maybe the most “real” young star out there.

  • Luke

    She dont need to look spectacular on the STREET look to yourselfs shit faces

  • Me

    How does a half bathroom look like?

  • Sheens
  • Jbo

    I’m sorry, but she used to be HOT??? I’ve seen prettier homeless women on the street. Her make-up looks like a clown did it, her hair looks toe-up, her style is UNBEARABLE and her forehead has gotten huge… I’m sick of seeing that ugly LV purse and those HORRIBLE brown shoes. WTF is her fascination with UGLY BROWN shoes? They never match her clothes or shoes?

    I agree, she doesn’t have to look “spectacular” on the street, but this old hag has TOTALLY LOST ANY APPEAL SHE ONCE HAD! It’s very SAD when women age and try so hard to still look 21. I look great whenever I leave the house, I guess b/c I love myself and care about my image….

  • Zanessa-love4life

    I like her top
    She looks great!

  • Darrell

    Britney looks fat and tired? You people amaze me sometimes. Britney looks quite trim and toned and its people like you that have 15 year old girls bending over toilets after every meal. You are disgusting and you should be ashamed

  • britney fan forever!

    you people must be anorexic freaks to think she is fat!! SHES GOING TO THE FRICKEN DANCE STUDIO NOT THE GRAMMYS!! shes just hanging out and being herself, nice and comfy. I think the lipstick is a little bright, but I like the outfit. SHES GOING TO DANCE AND GET SWEATY AND WORK HER A** OFF IN THE DANCE STUDIO SO I DONT THINK SHE WAS GONNA PUT ON A TON OF MAKEUP AND A NICE OUTFIT FOR THAT DO YOU??? jbo, obviously you have never seen a britney spears video (specificly “I’m a slave 4 u”)???? she was AMAZING and she still is. People who say she looks bad, do me a favor and look at pictures of her from january, febuary, even march! Look at how chubby, how she dress innappropiatly, and how bad her skin was!! THIS IS SUCH AN IMRPOVMENT, ACCORDING TO PIECEOFBRITNEY.COM, BRIT AND KEVIN HAVE RECONCILED AND ARE TRYING TO START FRESH AND REBUILD THEIR RELATIONSHIP!! I think thats great :) she is such an amazing, dancer, pop star, and mother. The magazines can say what they want about her parenitng, but her boys love her! You can see it when they’re with her and when she holds them. shes amazing, shes BRITNEY! and no one NO ONE can take that away from her or her fans!

  • Kayla

    Britney looks fantastic! She’s been to hell and back, criticized for everything and anything, and she’s still standing babes!!! Not just standing, DANCING HER BUTT OFF! Literally! You are hot britney! Welcome back! Go girl! BEST WISHES TO BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!

  • whatsthiss

    She is selling her house because her boys have NIGHTMARES there. But she can move where ever she wants and they will always remember when mommy kidnapped them and held them hostage in the bathroom.

  • yeah

    She looks like hell.

  • mike23333

    she looks good it takes time to go back to normal so dont be mean and let her live!!!!!!!!!!


    Britney looks amazing and she is getting her figure back. At least she has put her life back on track. She DOES NOT LOOK FAT!! OMG, some of u people can be so mean….not everybody wants to look like thin sticks!! She has a great figure. Obviously she isnt standing on the red carpet now so she dont need to look all glammed up.

  • Anna

    Does anyone know what designer shoes these are? I love em!


    KK Britney I like that !!!!!!!!!!!!!