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Lauren Conrad Has Best-Selling Celebrity Line

Lauren Conrad Has Best-Selling Celebrity Line

Good news for The Hills star Lauren Conrad. Her contemporary collection is selling up a storm!

“The sell-throughs have been fantastic,” said Frank Doroff, vice chairman at Bloomingdale’s, told WWD.”We got it in and sold out immediately. We can’t get the merchandise on the floor fast enough. It is, by far, the best-selling celebrity line we have. It’s so much better than I thought it would be.”

Executives at MTV Networks, which backs Lauren‘s brand, projected it would reach around $2 million in wholesale volume during its first year at retail.

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  • a

    first. and hate this girl. ha

  • Christine

    Love her…And I’m really happy that the
    colthing thing is going sooo great…

  • Daniella

    i like lauren, but i her clothing line’s success is all cause of the hills. if it wasnt for that i think she wouldnt be doing as well as she is.

    if anything, whitney’s really talented when it comes to fashion, and i hope she succeeds.

  • jasmine

    i’m sorry but who the fucks cares if a person is number one? it doesn’t matter any who hate this skank

  • ant

    good job lauren =D

  • a

    she’s so awesome, good job lauren

  • bri

    because her clothes are actually really nice
    well deserved lauren
    congrats! :)

  • Darren

    i love her <3
    nice line too.

  • Frenchy

    her line is good for wal mart

  • marisa

    hate her.


  • hillsfan

    Fantastic news for her!!

  • Lea

    I have to agree, The Hills factor helps her for sure. But I credit her effort and for doing that without putting anybody down……the true opposite of Heidi who is as trashy as her so-called clothing line! I truly think LC is genuinely involved in the project……. That being said, I won’t buy anyting from her. I won’t spend $200/a dress on an every day look!!! Also she did an interview in a mag, and there were pics of her sketches for the Emmy dress….Jeeezh, girl can’t draw, I was quite surprised. I thought it was an 8 year old drawings. Didn’t she learn how to sketch in her fashion school.

  • Helena

    Why?! Who is actually buying her boring clothes? Go have a look in the mirror and slap yourselves for making this cúnt rich.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


    ..`so sad how they gotta lie about “her line”.

    ..they think buy saying it selling out people are gonna wanna run out and buy it.

  • Tina

    Well there is plenty of availability of stock on Her clothes are also very affordable for most pockets, so it’s not like she’s apparently selling out with a premium designer line here.

    And looking at the list of designers stocked at Bloomingdale’s the only celebrity line I noticed was L.A.M.B, and I seriously doubt she is selling more than that line overall.

  • tia

    wow im surprised because her things are ridiculously overpriced

  • lilly

    her stuff is so damn expensive! there is NO way in hell that if she wasnt a recognisable figure that her things wouyld be selling. no way at all.

  • ella

    who the hell goes to bloomingdales and out of everything u can buy, choose to get laurens things? lol thats really funny.

    oh and i agree her things ARE too expensive! she has basic black leggings that u can get at forever 21 for 12$, she sells them for 70$!

  • xoxogossipgirl

    Well there is plenty of availability of stock on Her clothes are also very affordable for most pockets, so it’s not like she’s apparently selling out with a premium designer line here.

    when you think about it, her target audience is 14-22 year olds, so $300 for a basic dress is really not afforadable at all…especially when you can get the exact same things she sells at any cute store at a mall.

  • Grace

    That has to be a LIE because her clothes are disgusting…I don’t know who in her right mind would spend over 20 dollars for those hideous outfits…

  • Mat

    yeah this is a cover up for her poor sales.

  • wtf

    who the hell is paying all that money for her clothes??? i will pay alot for Chanel…but not for Lauren Conrad!

  • jp

    Her designs suck . I don’t buy ANY celebrity clothing lines/products.

  • marissa

    this is a complete lie!! they are trying to drum up press after her line was dumped by kitson…how convenient! this is what they WISH was happening at bloomies but its totally false. guest #15 brings up a great point…how many other celebrity lines does bloomies carry?? are they not comparing it to L.A.M.B because it doesn’t carry gwen’s name in the label? what a joke. no more bloomies for me.people need to stop being up this girls a**!

  • sharon

    what makes her any different than rachel bilson at least laurens isnt copied or fabacated .

  • clements

    oooh mary kate and ashley’s lines are WAY better….in fact the row was just in American Vogue with Keira K on the cover! do they compare it with those lines?

    because then i would think that this wouldn’t be true…her line doesn’t compare to the row and elizabeth and james – not even close.

    i think she has only ever used like one or two fabrics for her whole collection. strange. anyways its way over priced.


    DO AGREE NUMBERS # 18…# 22.. AND # 24……Someone posted that her clothes would ” fit most people’s pocketbook” ?…..Well, I guess I’m in poverty, because there is no way I could afford HER clothes………And she is the last person I would go to for fashion sense and a wardrobe change…………In fact, I have NEVER seen ANY celebrity item that I had to have or wanted to buy in fashion…Bloomies has SO exaggerated her line ” being bought out “, in hopes that everyone will run in to get the ” must have’s”, and the ” in”, thing!!!

  • yes

    I never realized how “large” her head is. It is anatomically wrong. Adds to the creepy look. She’s boring. I”m tired of her creepy smile and dramatic dreadlock curls. We need some new meat on MTV. And, just a side note, I’m tired of that “perplexing music” they play at the end of every segment of the HILLS. That little song was at the end of every NEWLYWEDS segment as well.

  • angelmom

    true….her line is way too expensive!

  • AeH

    I work in the fashion industry so I know that her line actually does really well. Although it’s very basic, it sells! The fabric they use is nicer than average and that’s why it’s more expensive.

  • twilighter



  • TrueTwilighter


  • katie

    I work in the fashion industry so I know that her line actually does really well. Although it’s very basic, it sells! The fabric they use is nicer than average and that’s why it’s more expensive.

    is that you, lauren conrad?

  • @

    I cant stand her.

  • nidyzylc



  • lily

    i think laurens clothing line is really nice.. although it’s a little too exspensive.. nice work xo

  • paulina

    love her! great sense of style, and great job!! woho, really happy for you.

  • Julie

    Stand up straight Lauren. You are the same slouchy self in EVERY picture. Change you facial expressional every now and then as well. YOU LOOK THE SAME ALL THE TIME!!!

  • kim

    Wow some of you are so bitter! Spokespeople for a store like Bloomingdales are not going to lie! Her line is doing better than Gwen Stefani’s line and Mary Kate & Ashley’s “elizabeth and james” line! That’s amazing for her. The chairman is not going to lie about her line doing well, he has nothing to gain from it, if her line wasn’t doing well they would drop it. It’s more practical than Elizabeth & James and LAMB. It’s overpriced, but so is $200 leggings from Elizabeth and James, to be fair.

  • Elizabeth

    Our daughters watch the show, so I’ve seen a little of it. Lauren Conrad is not only gorgeous, she’s a class act !

    Heidi is a whack job, and Audrina should get a job in a strip club.

    p.s. Lauren, do you want to meet our son, he’s gorgeous and is going to be a surgeon.

  • yeah

    LOL at Elizabeth. Georgeous surgeon? Yeah right.

  • corn for dinner

    really? prolly umm .. bought her way into the industry dontchya think?? hmmm … anyway, saw another fashionista show on its way for 16 yr old Kira Plastinina … wow. booooring…

  • jealousy much

    Good for Lauren! I’m really getting tired of you haters putting her down. Apparently a lot of people like her clothes and are willing to pay for quality. If you think they are too expensive then stick to wal-mart. Some of us want quality and not crap that falls apart.

  • sandrizle

    when is bloomingdale’s inexpensive and affordable???
    70 freakin dollars for the bottom part of a bikini is not affordable…at least not to the majority of the people living in this country…rich brats…bt laurens alright her cloting isnt exceptional!
    rather buy at JCpenny or sumting

  • Jen

    Hi! For all of your die hard fashionistas and LC fans, here’s some food for the soul. Lauren Conrad is the celebrity endorser of College Tonight, Inc. Check out the CEO’s blog. There is a lot about Lauren and her upcoming “Lauren Conrad Collection College Fashion Tour”. See if her fashion show tour is coming to a city near you. If you are interested, here is the link

  • Evgeny

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    That’s funny because an LA based trendy boutique up in Nor Cal said that a lot of the stores are dropping her line because it’s so expensive.

  • bill cowel

    Great outfit? Can I still get it for my girlfriend?