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Meg Ryan - "InStyle" October 2008

Meg Ryan -

Meg Ryan calls out ex-husband Dennis Quaid as a big cheat in the October 2008 issue of InStyle. Check out what she spilled to the mag:

On Dennis Quaid having affairs behind her back: “Dennis was not faithful to me for a long time, and that was very painful. I found out more about that after I was divorced. [But] I am not a victim. I was there. I was in that marriage for a really long time.”

On her divorce from Dennis: “It was also incredibly liberating. Now I was utterly free. I didn’t have to care about what people thought. I have gotten to do what I guess I secretly wanted to do. Be totally under the radar and live my life.”

On her affair with Russell Crowe in 2000: “Russell didn’t break up the marriage. I was a mess. I hurt him too at the end. I couldn’t be in another long relationship. It wasn’t the time for that. So I got out… My time as a scarlet woman was really interesting. As painful as it was, it was also incredible liberating. Now I was utterly free. I didn’t have to care about what people thought.”

On her daughter Daisy, a baby girl from China, whom she adopted three years ago: “I don’t feel like I adopted a child. I feel like I just got this unbelievable companion. Daisy is brilliant. This kid says things every day that make you just stop and stare at her.”

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Credit: Robert Erdmann; Photos: InStyle
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  • um

    I think everyone in the industry knew about Dennis’ cattin around. The sad part is that the tabloids looked the other way in that case but when Meg was having her fling with Russell Crowe it was like POW all over the media. It’s good to see that all have moved on very nicely.

  • queen bee

    I appreciate her honesty, and the fact that she adopted as a single parent and gave an orphan the gift of love and commitment…..something other selfish, rich celebrities who ‘claim’ to want children have YET to do….

    She would be the essence of a liberated and empowered woman if she hadn’t had so much plastic surgery that she resembles the JOKER in Batman. It’s a bit pathetic….

    ..but good for her for coming clean about her marriage….they BOTH cheated, and they BOTH moved on.

  • :P

    i hate it when celebrities air their dirty laundry like that
    she shouldn’t open up about her personal life so freely on a magazine interview

  • hi

    Exactly #4; I wonder how her son feels about her letting the whole world know that his Dad cheated on her? No class and totally disrespectful. What does she have to gain from this?

  • bee bee

    there’s nothing worse than having such personal bits of information known by the public eye : /

  • the real emma lee

    She doesn’t look like Meg Ryan anymore. Her looks have completely changed. She does have the Joker’s mouth.

    She and Dennis have been divorced for a while. Time to let it go and not talk about it but I do agree that her affair with Crowe turned into media frenzy while Dennis was made to look like the innocent one. Hmmm!

  • kristi

    What a douche.
    I mean Dennis, not her


    EXACTLY NUMBERS # 4… # 5…AND # 6……How many times can she say, ” liberating”, and ” not caring what other people think” ?…..Is she still trying to convince herself of all this ?…..Looking back at archived pictures, she really has had some plastic surgery, hasn’t she?……It is hard to tell, if she has had cheek implants ( think so ), but the nose and eyes and lips and even chin is different……….I’m glad that she adopted Daisy, because it seems to have settled her down some……..The little girl is precious, and I read on another site, that she MAY adopt again to give Daisy a little sister!!!…I bet she adopts much faster than us mere mortals……She received Daisy in less than half the time of what my friends had to endure when they adopted from the same place….Money definitely talks I guess!!!!!

  • Miss::CulleN

    she really made a mess to her face… it´s a shame, she was pretty cute in the past.

    The Joker smile, uh? jajaja a lot of people say that!


  • rayanne

    I don’t know if to believe her – she shouldn’t talk about out of respect for her son. Dennis didn’t speak about it and it has been so many years. No one cares about her anymore all they see now is her plastic surgery mistatkes. She must have felt insecure to go get her lips done so badly.

  • Kada

    Most likely the pictures were photoshopped and she may or may not had plastic surgery so how come she still looks terrible.

    The aging process has not been kind to Meg.

  • Seth

    #4, #5, #6-

    Well, she should have done this at the time when tabloids were bashing her for her fling. Otherwise the son will end up thinking mom is bad and that he was cheated out of a good stable home because mom could not be true to his innocent daddy. I am sure the son already knows about Dennis’s drug problems (past, I think) so why not this. In any case he is going to hear these things one day.

  • ouch

    But Seth, it’s hard enough being a teenager without having to read in every major tabloid about how your parents cheated on each other. This should have been left a private family matter. What good did it do to air out her dirty laundry—–more publicity I guess?

  • meg

    why is she whoring out her private life now? To promote a film and get back in the spotlight? It’s as if she is trying to say it’s liberating to cheat. I think celebs should shut their mouths about their private lives and just act. This only just opens up criticism and attention on her private life, when she should have always kept attention on her career and acting, not her problems with her husband and her affairs.

  • huh

    I don’t understand all the talk of plastic surgery. I seriously don’t see it. I think she still looks incredibly beautiful, just aged a little. You haters are so highly critical, probably just really jealous!

  • yup


  • RIckles

    Meg sure gets a LOT of plastic surgery
    for someone who doesn’t care what
    others think.

    Clearly you DO care what others think,
    either that or you walk around looking into
    a mirror 99% of the time.

  • RIckles

    and #16 huh,…… are either incredibly naive or incredibly dumb.

  • huh

    naive and dumb just cause i think she is still beautiful; beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you Rickles have a very ugly soul

  • alexkziel

    She needs to talk about this now because….
    Iam sick of this passive aggressive behavior on some women in Hollywood, look at her, wearing white and talking about liberation and s h i t only for publicity, give me a break!

  • gnmc

    Oh my God. Now she opens her yap about it all. Pathetic. How the hell did she get the cover of InStyle?? Must have some friends in high places….
    She publicly cr***** on Dennis Quaid and nothing she says will ever change that.

  • The Mummy

    Celebrities shouldn’t HAVE to adopt not to be thought of as selfish, #3.

    I gotta agree with #4 and #5.

  • Linda

    I agree # 5. Looks like she’s trying to shift blame IMO, guess she never heard the expression two wrongs don’t make a right. She has a child by Dennis for crying out loud! Is she so selfish she did’nt consider his feeling. Why rehash this and put it in the public eye now! Oh I know, his career is going better than hers so out of jealousy she’s trying to tear him own. She should marry Alec Baldwin, they’d be a good match.

  • Walter

    Dennis Quaid kept a house in New Orleans back in the late 90′s. I worked at blockbuster down the road, it’s a very small town, especailly the white section Uptown.

    I personally saw Dennis hit on many women and pick one up in the store. He was a hound dog. He loved to ask about the female customers.

    The rumour was he had herpes and was suedby a local for not telling one of the girls. I don’t know if that’s true, but I saw him hit on several woman over the years and leave with quite a few. This was during his marriage with Meg and long, long before anyone ever heard of Russel lCrowe.

  • marilee

    The writer/reporter shapes the story and Jared’s people choose that particular part to emphasize

    My take is that she was cheated on for years, then she fell in love on the set with Crowe. After years of emotional abuse, she said what the heck. At least Russell didn’t cheat on her.

    It’s horrible to be the wife of a serial cheater and stay quiet while raising the children. It’s never a good thing to discuss private matters in public, but maybe after 20 years, Meg had enough and set the record straight.

    I, for one, also knew Quaid was a major cheater. If you spoke anyone who worked with him, it wasn’t a big secret.

    Don’t forget the new remake of “The Women”, on of the funniest movies ever made back in the day is about marital infidelity. I’d guess that’s how the subject was brought up by the interviewer.

    Also, their son is much older now and probably knows., back then he was a little boy.

  • hmmm

    I see Jennifer Aniston’s future article before our eyes. Very soon she will be doing a tell all article as well because her career is in the toilet and she is getting older.

    Nothing like a I was wronged article by “america’s sweethearts” or the “girls next door” to get some attention.

    Meg should be ashamed. I know she was asked this due to her character in “The Women” but she could have generalized the question not bring up her past experience. To me it shows immaturity, her inability to move and possible jealousy because her ex has moved on. Not including what she is doing to her son, who no matter what you say will be affected by her interview in some way (think about his peers, kids are cruel).

  • lulu

    hmmm @ 09/24/2008 at 12:16 am

    Jennifer Aniston already do those ex hubby backstabbing back in 2005, probably will do it again with her new reconstructed face this coming December. she had a movie coming out this year end. expect another round of how she’s coping with the divorce of almost 4 yrs.

  • groundcontrol

    Does anyone think that Meg would even have this cover if she hadn’t been willing to give the mag a juicy interview? She traded her Crowe and Dennis stories for that cover.

    And as I said on another thread here, Meg knew full well about Dennis’ indiscretions. My friend knew her and her sibs from high school in Connecticut and stayed in touch over the years. I tried to get the scoop while she was with Crowe but all my friend would say was that Meg thought of Crowe as a fling and that she dumped him. I wanted sexual details. LOL!

    I hope Meg has been able to reconcile with her mom. Her sibs never had a problem with their mom.

  • Peppo

    The great thing about Dennis Quaid is that he never, ever said a disparaging word about Meg to friends and acquaintances, much less to the public. He was actually quite well known for that, so much as he seems to have cheated on her, at least he respected her enough to not add to the burden.

    For Meg to open herself up like this and air her laundry about Russell Crowe and Dennis Quaid just makes her look classless….she must need the attention badly, now that her career has gone to shit.

  • Kiley

    I want the old Meg Ryan back… the one that was sweet and lovely…

  • Cara

    Jared – please could you post the Kate Walsh Hollywood pin-up photo from this issue ? Thanks

  • real world

    why is she bring this up now.Both of them have moved on.Dennis Quaid is happy with his life. She must not be happy with her life.Why haven’t she find someone to be in her life? She would be a better person for it.Why don’t she just say i mess up. That’s what happen when break-up they start blaming each other.Just walk away quietly like hayden christensen do.

  • andamentothat

    Meg Ryan feels liberated now that she has let in her private side to the whole world.. Good to know. Perhaps out of courtesy to her children, she could have spared us the details.

    In style is not a tabloidy mag, i am surprised she bothered to spill so much for them. She should have chosen People mag so the whole world could be sure of the details and we would be spared round 2 when the next movie (if there is one) comes out.

  • Katie N

    Peppq #30

    Why would Dennis say a word against Meg. He had been chating for years and doing drugs, hurting her. He must have been releived when she followed suit.

  • magnolia

    Real World what happened to hayden Christensen?

  • magnolia

    Meg ryan is similiar to Jennifer anniston in the way that they were both branded Americas Sweetheart but I think that is were the similarities end.

    Meg Ryan can act, I cant say that about Jen who is still trying to.
    Meg ryan was actually wronged by a man she was devoted to, helped get of drugs and bore a child with.
    Jen was devoted to Jen and was never wronged by Brad.
    Meg does not have a relationship with her Mom but that it because her Mom left her when she was just a child.
    Jens Mom never left her, infact she raised her single handedly and now Jen won’t talk to her.
    Meg has adopted and Jen says she never will
    Meg was allways more succesful then Dennis when they were together. He would ride her coat tails.
    I think Jen actually has more similarities with Dennis.

  • voe

    #37, Dennis now has a wife and two babies. How is he similar to Aniston? Just because you think he rode Ryan’s coat tails.

    Dennis was not Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt hot but he was a good actor and got steady stream of roles. Personally I think he has more depth than Pitt and Cruise with Cruise at the bottom. Ryan too was not sizzling hot. To be fair, Aniston generated more public affection, albeit on the account of being Pitt’s wife (now ex) more. I did not and still don’t think either Ryan or Quaid rode each other coat tail.

    Dennis never said a word about his divorce or the fact that Ryan left him on the account of a sexual fling (as she now claims). Whether he cheated on Ryan or not, he keeps his mouth tightly shut; this is a conduct of a gentleman. Ryan, by trashing him now, has washed all her goodness toward him away. This is unfortunate for her because real men don’t really want to hook up with a woman who will likely to air their dirty laundry in public. If she wanted to be alone, that is a good way to get her desire met. Here, she meets her rom com American Sweetheart squarely.

  • voe

    I meant to write “she meets her fellow rom com Sweetheart squarely”.

  • voe

    By the way, I was comparing the three men as actors only.

  • Mimi

    Meg really needs to stop living in and dredging up the past. Her divorce from Quaid and fling with Crowe was 8 long years ago.

    Obviously, they are well rid of her and moved on with their lives some years ago. Neither talks about her and has exhibited far more class and maturity than this clueless self promoter.

  • vd

    She has the right to clear up the story. I mean her ex cheated her on for years when they were married and when she had an affair, the media branded her as a bad wife and made dennis look like he was a victim. We never knew why Meg left Dennis or why she had an affair or if Dennis’ affairs were true. She never even once said anything about her husband wandering eye when they were married. . She is trying to tell her fans that its not fair what happened to her and how her career changed when her affair with russell became known .yet with Dennis’ affair-it never affected his career. Men seem to survive scandals when women in the entertainment industry don’t. Look at Winona Ryder vs Robert Downey jr. Charlie sheen vs Tatum O’neal,

  • Seth

    He won’t talk about it but quietly kept doing it; that is cheating on his then wife. That is not classy. that is down right ugly. Some of those above commentators have such a low measure of ‘class’, ‘gentlemanliness, and great men.

    Having said that it is to be said, that it is Meg Ryan’s own problem that she did not have the guts to leave the unfaithful husband. Yes, her child was small then. but it is not an excuse to stay with someone who is cheating.

  • Janice

    I don’t feel Meg cheated at all.

    Quaid lived in New Orleans and was screwing everything in site for years. Been there, seen that.

    Meg was alone in California for years, for all purposes single, home alone with her so and ignored.

    She finally just left a fake marriage when someone loved her again.

    Hollywood tabloids branded her an adultress becuase it made $$$ on the newstands, but it destroyed her “girl next door” career.

    Meg has every right to answer questions that set the record striaght.

  • voe

    As a stranger who only know about their private business via their own interviews or news, I don’t and didn’t know Quaid cheated on Ryan. Since I wasn’t not inside the room where he did the dirty deed, I will never say that he did it. Ryan’s cheating on him however was splashed all over the news and she did file for divorce to take up with Crowe.

    I know women who were cheated by their husbands, got fed up and cheated on their husbands. Unfortunately for these women, they left evidences (baby or, in Ryan’s case, news). And unfortunately, no society, even one as liberal as the US’, treat female cheater with evidence so kindly.

    Now, I don’t advocate cheating as a gentlemanly act, far from it. But I do like a man who refuses to join womanly game of whining and airing dirty laundry to excuse his mistake or get sympathy. Such trait is old school genteel and a beautiful trait. It is unbecoming and low for a man to air his grievance or dirty laundry. And I am always giving credit where it is due.

    If Ryan continued to be quiet, I would consider her classy. Since she did cheat and now, without consideration toward her son, airs her ex’s dirty laundry–clearly in hope to justify her cheating, and her own immaturity for having a fling in so late an age, she doesn’t get a nod for classiness. Jackie Kennedy endured greater humiliation from JFK and yet she stayed mute till the end. Jackie is classy, not Meg.

    My opinion does not mean that I think Ryan is a bad woman however. Nor do I think a gentleman a great man. If by having one or two or a few gentlemanly traits a man can be deemed a great man then the whole world is filled by great men. I wonder who has the “low” measurement.

  • magnolia

    I do agree that there was alot more public sympathy for Jen when she and brad divorced.
    She worked the media did her pasive agresive thing.
    meg on the other hand really didn’t seem to care at all about the way the media was branding her.
    I don’t think she relized the effect it would have on her career
    I mean this woma by all accounts was a star, she had carried many movies.
    I do not believe Jen has really carried any movies, the ones that have done well were allways done with co stars who could carry the movies by themselves.
    I think the one excception was the break up which it could be argued had alot to do with the success Vince Vaughn had at the time.
    He was just coming off wedding crashers which did real well at the box office.
    I guess what I am trying to say it that Jennifer is alot of hype but Meg ryan actually had real success.
    they are similiar in the fact that they both have bombed at the box office when they have tried to play bad girls.
    I think the only reason meg brought it up was because it pertained to the story line in the movie.
    It just came out and she is not as gaurded as she used to be.
    Maybe she has forgoten how the media works and got a little to comfortable spilling it.
    I personaly enjoy Dennis acting, I agree that he is a great actor.
    I do not agree that he has more depth then Brad.
    I really don’t know how you make that assumption. He does play some intense characters but a man who does not know how to keep his dick in his pants does not have more depth.
    What I meant by he has more in common with jen was by the mere fact that he was the less famous partner in a famous marrige and that when it broke up the media pinned him as the victim.

  • liz

    good for her ! I adore her, she is soooo adorable.

  • voe


    You forgot to read my next posts. I did not mean Dennis is deeper a man in private life and characters. I don’t know him. Nor do I know Pitt. So I was only referring to their acting.

    Indeed Meg didn’t seem to care and really back then I didn’t give the divorce much thought. Still don’t and this is to all divorces. People have their reasons to end marriage and these reasons are always justifiable to them. I like people who give no explanation to non-involved parties (meaning us) about their actions. This is why I find Meg’s airing old laundry disappointing (because I did like her). I do like Dennis and Pitt (Spielberg, Hanks, and a few more (Cruise excluded)) for keeping mum about their divorce. Some said Dennis was quiet because he cheated. Be that as it may, if he were nasty he could have milked the Meg’s public evidence of cheating. He didn’t and for that he deserves the credit of keeping with old South’s gentlemanly conduct.

    I did enjoy Meg’s movies and thought she was quite charming and cute. Can’t say the same about Aniston as I could not watch more than 15 minutes of movies with her in it and don’t find her look cute or charming.

  • Old Donk

    #16 – you are right on target. Where on the earth so many people can see these signs of some fantastic “plastic surgery”, i could never understand.
    I can see just the same Meg Ryan – as she always looked; a bit aged maybe but nothing more.
    This “plasic surgery” crap is just a good illustration how zombying can be the circulating tabloid BS being endlessly repeated – so then people starts to assure each other, enthusiastically, how they as if can “see” something – that actually just does not exist. Weird.

  • Old Donk

    And it is totally shameful how a lot of people here enthusiastically trashes Ryan, in a most ugly way.
    I bet in their real life they would never dare to say anything like this to a real person – eye to eye; even to those who really did something bad to them.
    In Ryan however – who obviously never did anything bad to them! – they obviously just see a sort of “easy target”.
    Because of
    1) it is safe – as of course she will never respond, and
    2) it’s just a trivial jealousy! – so sepf-petting and “satysfying” for a spoiled weak natures.
    Many people, especially such ones who are just loosers in their real life, somehow feels it makes them “better”, “higher”, “more perfect” and successful – if they will trash a famous person in a dirty way.
    Ha-ha… as if they themselves are really so much ideal, perfect and beautiful in their real life… ridiculous.
    If these Ryan “critics” would be really such a moral, highly-etical and perfect person themselves – they would obviously NEVER permit themselves such an evil, bitter and obviously jealous remarks.
    Truly a “test for ugly souls”.. and a few passes :>

  • Erick Bandeira

    AWESOME ISSUE …a claasic lady Meg Ryan became. I hope that Meg had enjoyed her these GEM´s moments while She make off into the mag. MEG RYAN REALLY DESERVES reveal everything about her true life not faking feelings as a kind of handling through their” sayings fans who say” like amr and Meg Ryan but are real snakes vipers”” Wanting only to destroy and to tarnish the image of Meg Ryan. Come on Meggy, rehearse more, break everything! ~ Meg rocks!