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Rachel McAdams Goes Undercover

Rachel McAdams Goes Undercover

Rachel McAdams tries to go incognito as she touches down at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday. The 31-year-old Canuck cutie stayed camera shy in a pair of dark shades and a hat.

Just one month ago, Rachel and Ryan Gosling served up public displays of affection at a diner near Rachel‘s home in Toronto, Canada.

Rachel‘s latest dramedy The Lucky Ones opens this Friday! The story revolves around three soldiers”Colee (McAdams), T.K. (Michael Pena) and Cheever (Tim Robbins)”who return from the Iraq War after suffering injuries and learn that life has moved on without them.

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Credit: Sleigman/Vickers; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • wtf

    i liked her looks more in mean girls. she looks old now

  • jackie

    welcome to 2008 , five years after Mean Girls was filmed.
    also let me introduce you to a little something called ”make up” so of couse she would look very young on Mean Girls, considering she was playing a 17 yr old…

  • Olivia

    Interesting that she has a movie coming out on Friday and she just happens to get photographed at LAX. What a shocker – not! It’s been quite awhile since she’s been seen or photographed with Gosling. That didn’t last long.

  • terry

    me either

  • fuuugz

    what is that god awful thing she’s got on

  • jackie

    yeah…because LAX isn’t always full of papparazzi…
    if she really wanted/needed atention that much she would have dragged Golsing to her Toronto Film Festival premiere, and he would be on LAX today on full SPEIDI style probably wating for her with flowers and a huge teddy bear…with McAdams looking all nice and well dressed…

    I think is just hard for some people to believe that not everyone in Holluwood is that desperate to get atention

  • #3 is correct

    Unfortunately this does look like a planted photo shoot. I work for an airline at LAX and the paparazzi aren’t around all the time. Only when they get tipped off (usually by a publicist or a contact they have at another airport) that someone big is coming in. 99% of the time there are no paparazzi around.

  • H

    yuck she looks awful

  • jackie

    I do know people get sent there…specially how by a coincidence there are people with glossy photos to be autographed

    however ,I still doubt Rachel is that desperate to get atention…
    specially since what some people call a publicity stunt that was her PDA with Gosling last month and them being seen all around Toronto still didn’t get promotion for her movie…so I don’t see why out of so many others stunts she would chose being spotted at an Airport.
    specially not looking her best.
    if being seen with Gosling didn’t help, that will?
    yeah right

  • #9

    I agree with #3 and #7. She’s got a movie to sell and you have to admit that more people are talking about Rachel McAdams over the past month than the past year. I agree that she doesn’t seem the type to have the paps waiting for her at LAX, but all actors do it – especially when they have a movie coming out 3 days later. It’s an easy way to get into the tabloids and blogs.


    GOOD HEAVENS !!!…..NUMBER # 5…..I don’t know WHAT you call that mess either, but if she wanted to fly incognito, there are alot of things she could have done, including wearing something that didn’t look like she fell in the ” WONDER PET’S BOX”……( cartoon )……She had to have really worked at that fiasco to get it that messy and trashy!

  • peta

    forgettable actress and not pretty at all

  • Hillary

    What? They have pictures of her to sign? Nice Rachel! She definitely called up someone on Team McAdams to have a photo agency or two wait for her at the airport. But agree with everyone else – she has a movie to sell and you do what you have to do. I’m not hating on her for it.

  • jackie

    Hillary , like I said ,I know that happens…like everyone else
    but go look at people getting photographed at airports, almost always you see someone holding out photos to be signed

    so ”nice Rachel” I don’t think so…more of a” nice every famous person that’s seen at airports.”

  • kay

    I love rachel!

  • theantiregina

    She is one gigantic fashion emergency. I now have officially lumped her into the most boring person club, which includes reese witherspoon, jennifer garner, and katie homes.

  • danni

    Maybe her publicist phoned in a tip without her knowledge. It looks as though she’s unprepared for the attention and I would think had she known she’d look a bit better than this.

  • buzzy

    WTF is she wearing?? What a mess.

    What’s the deal with her and Gosling? Together or not?

  • ALEX


    You’re a retard and,if you’re male,you’re gay.

  • meg

    Just because Ryan isn’t attached at her hip doesn’t mean it’s over. Couples who have to be all over eachother all the time are the ones with problems, and maybe she was at LAX because she was coming into LA for work? She is not a forgettable actress, she can actually act unlike most women her age who people call actresses.

  • just

    I just traded in the Notebook at an exchange store and only got $1.50 for the movie. I’d say she’s forgettable.

  • Nicky

    Doesn’t Ryan live in LA? If she’s in LA just for work, kiss McGosling goodbye.

  • Glenn

    The paparazzi definitely knew she was coming in to Bradley Int’l, but she might not have tipped them off. Usually that’s a publicists job.

    I assume that since she has a movie out this week, there is a premiere this week? The movie is probably why she’s in LA which is probably why the publicist called the paparazzi.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • JoJo

    I like her dress, I like her scarf, I like her hat, I like her sunglasses, I like her hoodie, I like her shoes – but not all together! She has really aged the last year or so, but she has Ryan Gosling (maybe?) and I don’t so rock on Rachel!

  • ….

    Love seeing talented actors with no make up, no fake breast implants and whatever the hell is up these days…compared to a bunch of druggies and their DUI/Rehab issues.

    It’s nice seeing a REAL beautiful inside and outside person once in a while.

  • sue

    My oh my, how the jealousy bug is running rampent on here tonight Jared.

  • Snowflake

    She’s so pretty. Just dresses like a homeless person. But seriously to the important stuff – is she together with Ryan Gosling? They haven’t been seen together in quite awhile.

  • kel

    I really hope to God they end up together.
    Funny as it sounds, I picture their relationship like the notebook.
    they can just replay it, and actually live the notebook, like so many wish they could.

  • michael

    rachel is awesome! she was at the store i work at on sunday and wanted to buy a picture we had and she said she had to go out of town for business and would be back to pick it up this weekend. love how going to la is just business for her and she didn’t make it a big deal! she’s so great.

  • shirelle

    Hahaha…at all the conspiracy theorists and green eyed female fanbots. Who cares how she dresses…obviously you guys do, but at least….

    ….Rachel is beautiful, talented and most of all she has Ryan Gosling.

    Yay Rachel. Hahaha

  • Jenna

    Ryan lives in my neighborhood and is always at the cafe my roommate works at. I see him and his cute doggie a lot, but I’ve never seen Rachel with him. He’s hot and tips well!

  • jackie

    well Rachel lives in Toronto and she was in Spain between late last month until she had her premiere at Toronto Internacional Film Festival
    and they have been back together for what a month-ish ,maybe a little longer?
    so is not surprising she hasn’t been seen with him in LA recently, since she was just shooting in Toronto for the past couple of weeks after being back from Spain.
    but someone here said they say Ryan and Rachel together in a Cafe in Sherman Oaks in July/August

  • JLS

    Wow Jackie –you know a lot about Rachel’s schedule! So, she hasn’t been with Ryan in over a month?? And people are saying that they are still together? Whatever.

  • ???

    she was seen with him on the 8th in L.A (Sherman oaks) at a real estate office.

  • Jenna

    Well, no wonder I haven’t seen Rachel with Ryan! Are they even dating? Because he hasn’t been in Spain or Toronto or any other exotic place that Rachel has been. My roommate seriously sees Ryan every morning and he’s been in LA. Now I’m bummed. I was hoping to see Regina George in the ‘hood!

  • Jenna

    Wait? Sherman Oaks? That’s right down the Boulevard. There is hope for me seeing Regina George yet!

  • jackie

    yes JLS I happen to frequent her IMDB boards from time to time so I saw there
    in a interview she said she just got back from Spain
    and even JJ posted about her shooting in Toronto
    so those two aren’t any ”news”

    I know as much as any fan taht read artcles on her would…probably less since I didn’t know they were in Sherman Oaks on the 8TH

    and Jenna I don’t think anyone knows if they still are together or ir they ever were actually dating again so who knows?

  • ???

    Jenna, if you do let us know.

  • @


  • ??

    how can these pictures be from today when it’s dark outside? i don’t think it gets dark at 4:00 in the afternoon in los angeles. and if it is dark outside, why is rachel wearing sunglasses?

  • James Mason Fan

    God, Marie-Kate Olsen has so much to answer for! I love Rachel though.

  • Mary

    She looks just — eh! I’ve seen her look better.

    All you people that are doubting if she actually is together with Ryan better watch out! You will have the McGoslings down your back! Heh! I personally think they are just friends with benefits. If it was more serious, they would spend more time together.

    Oh, and to give my opinion on the pictures and whether it was planned— of course it was. You’d be naive to think that pictures like this just happen.

  • Lily

    she needs to lose weight…

  • http://@Julie Julie

    I love Rachel Mcadams. Why is everyone hating her? has Rachel and Ryan broke up? :( hope so not. Love the, they’re a cute couple.

  • ivon

    Fantastic actress!!!

  • bitty titty

    she’s got a great indie fashion sense to her a bit urban hipster. It’s fresh and I like it, so get over it people. No she’s not some mega super star dressed head to toe in designer garb.

  • Lauren

    i’m with a few posters – not convinced at all that rachael & ryan are a couple again. i doubt they broke up – just were never serious about getting back together in the first place. too bad because they are super cute together.

    i actually like her style. if ashley or mk were wearing that – they would be on some best dressed list!

  • James Mason Fan

    Well I was pretty convinced by the PDA pics that they are back on again, and Rachel and Ryan don’t seem to me like the kind of people that would be into playing those dumb publicity games, but I could be wrong. Actually though, I never much cared for Ryan Gosling (though I guess be the only one in the universe who feels that way) Big fan of Rachel though!

  • Meredith

    I don’t think the PDA pics were for publicity, but I’m thinking that everyone might have jumped the gun in thinking that they were back together for sure. The pictures I think convinced everyone that they were back together, but there’s been nothing since. If you are dating someone – don’t you attempt to spend time with them and not spend most of your time countries and oceans away from each other?