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Reese Witherspoon: From London To LAX

Reese Witherspoon: From London To LAX

Reese Witherspoon puts on a big smile for the photographers as she arrives at LAX on Monday.

The 32-year-old actress carried her own handbag as she made her way to a limousine after a 12 hour flight from London.

Reese‘s latest movie, Four Christmases will be released on November 26th. Four Christmases also stars Vince Vaughn, Robert Duvall, and Jon Favreau.

10+ more pics inside of Reese Witherspoon going from London to LAX…

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  • highten

    she’s ugly…a spoonlike chin..

    she reminds me of an orangutan..

  • pinkydoo

    Don’t see her with Jake anymore, I wonder if they are still together?

  • UK

    Jake is filming a movie pinkydoo. Reese just got back from visiting him in the UK where he is filming (He was in Morocco filming). No pap pics because they weren’t in London. Now you know why she has a big grin on her face!

  • camila

    She already 32?! I thaugh she was younger….

  • camila

    oops Thought*

  • valentina

    she look’s really good and young

  • Ivana

    Smile on her face tells everything …. Lucky girl !!!!
    Sorry to all who love Ryan, but she newer look like that, when she was with him… now she look so fresh and lovely especially on this pics….:-))))

  • diane

    I like both Reese and Ryan just because they are such good parents but it is nice to see her looking happy

  • Kris

    I can’t stand her. She must have laced Jake’s food with an ectasy tablet.

  • Ivana

    Agree Diane they are still great parents, but as couple… I don’t see chemistry….:-))) Ryan always looked so distant…

  • Ewwww….

    Hideous bumpy forehead, thin lips, ugly mouth, deformed chin ….

    Reese Witherspoon is dog ugly!


    So Reese is promoting her “relationship” with Jake and her stupid new movie.

    What a dull PR wh*re she is!

  • reese is a phony

    “Now you know why she has a big grin on her face!”

    Yes, Reese is happy to be home WITHOUT HER FAKE BOYFRIEND!


  • Kristen

    #1 and # !11

    I bet she’s better looking, smarter, and a much better person then either of you.

    Post pictures of yourselves if your so damn gorgeous

  • Give me a break!

    You shouldn’t believe everything you read in the tabloids.

    Those who know her said that Reese Witherspoon is a b!tch and a lousy mother.

  • blackworm

    Reese Witherspoon is a great mother.

  • Chloe

    To Give me a break. ( #15)

    You shouldn’t believe everything you read in the tabloids.

    Those that know her said Reece Witherspoon is a bitch and a lousy mother.

    And you know this how?By reading a tabloid that told you so !

    No one outside of her,Ryan,and their children know what kind of mother she really is. I myself would tend to believe Ryan in his interviews ( on air or live ) when he talks about her . He has always said only good things about her . A lot of celebrity divorces can get very nasty .Just look at Charlie and Denise .So I tend to believe she is a good person and mother based on what he has to say. Not what a “source close to the couple ” which in tabloid language means the guy writing the article, has to say.

    Anyhow , I think she is very pretty and lucky to have a hottie like Jake and to have had a hottie like Ryan. Lucky girl.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..that forehead is – dis-gus-ting!

  • Anon

    I once saw her in person in a public place. She stopped for a bit to look at some things, then walked right past me! I was too shocked to say anything, but she is gorgeous in person. She has beautiful skin.
    She looked about 5’3″.

    I don’t know a thing about their private lives, but in pictures, Ryan always looks the same. He never looks smiling or happy or fun. He looks always kind of pouty and upset. Always. Even in pictures where they are posing.

    Reese does not look stressed out anymore. She seems to be a happy person in a happy place in her life. If she went to visit Jake in London, and they were never seen or photographed at all, then it is hard to say they are in a phoney relationship. I think it is very real! I think Jake is hot. He also looks like he has fun and is a very down to earth guy. I like them together. Yay! Reese!

  • Jean dimaria

    Cute sunglasses! Leave her chin alone.

  • sa

    This women became older and all money that she has don’t help her appearence.
    Come on Hollywood!. This is a women for old man whose can sleep or have lot of sexual adictions. Her money can pay only sheap boytoys in bed but the young men must drink lot of to go to bed with this shea&t and after sex must smoke lot of too!
    PersonAL OF hOLLYOOD. You forget how to select the people whose work for you?

  • CelebrityFanChat Rap

    she looks good

  • sa

    Come on! This %bitch$ has two §puppies. It is time to work at home and let her 2 $Basthar&ds with Nanny to become sex of a Boytoy another part of world is ridiculous!
    It is because the americans has lot of $so%n of $Bit%ch!

    Come on Reese Witherspoon you will be very old and at this time the men wouldn’t sleep with a old women. If you don’t build the love and respect of their children for the future you will be alone with lot of money!

  • wtf

    @ sa: please learn how to speak english because that made no fucking sense.

    @ [☆I n F a m o u s☆]: your herpes is dis-gus-ting so quit judging other people bitch. your comments on here are always pathetic.


    ” REESE CARRIED HER OWN HANDBAG”?…………Why wouldn’t she carry her OWN handbag………….. I NEVER see other celebrity women have a bodyguard or a HANDBAG GUARD, carry their purses……That was a silly statement JARED!!!!……..Reese is cute, and I hope she has a success with her Christmas movie!

  • beardanyone

    Must be nice to have all that money you can have a nanny take care of your kids while you wisk away to London to see your fake boyfriend.

    I hope Jake wises up before he becomes another hollywood statistic. Marriage kids divorce

  • curlygirl

    Whats with all these big ugly scarves these people wear? Why are their necks so cold…just an ugly uncomfortable look…trying to look stylish but just looks stupid….

  • zanessaluv4ever

    shes awesome

  • angelmom

    she looks younger than what her age really is…. btw, who did jake gyllenhall used to date? was it kirstendunst? thanks

  • Liz

    I’m sorry, but Reese looks her age, and at times older than she is. What’s the deal with the scarves? They are ugly and not attractive on anyone. Reese needs to fire her stylist, as her clothes are very boring and do nothing for her.

  • zoe

    people really need to leave her alone. i think she looks good for her age. im really beginning to love her haircut. its right for her age and its fresh. i like what she’s wearing. the scarf is kinda badly placed though. #30, her clothes are boring? seriously? what do you expect her to wear when she’s on a plane. the airport isnt always a runway you know.

  • Hayden

    she’s ugly…she was never attractive…her chin is awful…i still like the old days, when she was with ryan

  • aimee

    She’s very bland and her new movie trailer looks terrible. She is the new Meg Ryan.

  • sa

    You are the typical so$n or daugh$ter of bi&tch, aren’t you?
    You think that with money you can buy everything. The people can buy only a che&at like you Ass%Li&cker!

    Look at another basthar%ds of Hollywood Robert Downey Jr, the prostitute men Jake Gyllenhaal etc, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie …
    with problems with drug etc…

  • Kristen


    If you know so much about her answer this…

    And you know her friends how?

    When was the last time any of her friends or associates made public statements about her being a bitch and a lousy mother? Hasn’t her own ex-husband commented on the fact that she is is a great mom.

    What exactly makes her a bad mom? Because she tries to shield her kids for the paparazzi and keep her relationship private?

    As far as for the tabloids – I think your the one who needs to stop reading them.

    She obviously is smart because she is the highest paid actress in Hollywood and you don’t get that way being stupid.

    Secondly, regarding her charity work
    My guess is that you never have so that does make her better than YOU!

  • jimmy

    Imagine carrying her own bag, without a serf to do that for her. I mean she is just Miss Democracy personified. I wonder what she’s got in the bag. Jakeypoo? She probably went to make sure he was coming home eventually and not settling down with Hussen ibn whatsit, his friend from Moroccoco. She has to keep her eyes on that boy or he might just jump the fence and go the other way, if you know what I mean.

  • Elien

    Sorry to say this, but all you haters, please go diaf. Thanks.
    Reese looks wonderful and you’d never say she’s 32!

  • sa


    It isn’t necessary to be inteligent to be a drug dealer and win lot of money. I have known people whose became very rich when they sell only one product for lot of people without any kind of backgraund. You can be a president of a country without culture and background…Nowadays you can betray the people without problem. Hollywood are making only ch§eat films without any kind of value…

  • sa


    Reese Witherspoon practice prostitution and sleeped with the right men in Hollywood whose gave her good places in films and prizes without prestige.
    Look at old Jennifer Jones in The song of Bernadette in youtube and another films that she acted and Reese Witherspoon in Rendition…

  • sa


    When we lot the contact and respect with our children..We will have a bad surprizes in future!

  • Miny

    Sheeeee great:D i loveeee her

  • Miny

    Sheeeee great:D i loveeee her

  • sa

    She is a mediocre person whose betray the people in their mfailure films!

  • jimmy

    My dear Ellen. well I for one would say she is 32. In fact I think she looks 33 or even 34, so take THAT! Hollyweird makeup people can do wonders and take years off a person or put years on a person. You don’t think she travels without a makeup person in attendance, do you? If you do, you don’t know Hollyweird. I think it odd however that she didn’t take the dog for Jakeypoo to see. I am sure Jakeypoo would have preferred to see the dog than see her.

  • huyt

    She is NOT the highest paid actress in Hollywood and her charity work is tied to a 30 million dollar deal with Avon cosmetics. Go ahead and worship her fangirl but give the rest of us who aren’t impressed a break will ya? She is just another actress and she is getting older, is not pretty and her movie looks like it is a pure piece of s hit made solely to make money.

  • Anonymous

    Huyt #45 – Amen to that !!!!!!

  • jimmy

    huyt….. yeah, I mean, most movies aren’t made to make money, are they? Imagine making a movie to make money. What crazy things with Hollywood do next? Pay actors lots of money just to stand in front of the camera? Charge moviegoers money to see their products? Geez.

  • Kristen

    HUYT ~

    Do you research Avon is NOT the only charity she supports. Check your facts – she supports

    Afghanistan Relief Organization
    Children’s Defense Fund
    Food Bank for New York City
    Declare Yourself
    Lunchbox Fund
    Toy Mountain Campaign

    You might not think she’s pretty – but I find her to be very attractive.

    And she is the highest paid actress according to MSN in November 2007….

  • Kristen


    What the hell are you trying to write. I can barely understand your comments.

    And you know so much about Reese…. if you do , which men did she prostiture herself with?

    And I don’t think you get an Oscar for by sleeping with the right men. You might get roles but you don’t get awards.

    I respect Reese for keeping her bitter divorce private and trying to keep her relationship quiet. Wows I guess your right that does make her a bitch and a lousy mother.

    By the way – why do you keep referring to Americans…. What the hell does that have to do with anything?

    WTF was right your comments are pathetic

  • jimmy

    Kristen, I bet that Witheringspoon woman is one busy dame. I mean all those causes. I am sure she gives hours and hours and hours to each one and lots and lots of her money. PS Did you ever notice that most Hollyweird actors have lots of causes? Most of them are arranged, I have no doubt, by their agents who do all the work if there is any. I doubt any of these stars spend more than a few minutes a month, if that, on their causes. They just lend their names. For the publicity value. And then they can go round Hollyweird telling everybody how civic minded they are. Looks good. You surely know that “looking good” in the public sense is what being a movie star is all about, don’t you? Unless, as in some cases, there is more money in looking bad, in which case they change gears very fast.