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Taylor Momsen Takes On Opera

Taylor Momsen Takes On Opera

Gossip Girl sweetheart Taylor Momsen successfully busts out a new look at the Metropolitan Opera’s 125th season opening night gala at the Lincoln Center Plaza on Monday in New York City.

The 15-year-old actress looked glamorous from head to toe in a sweeping red Marchesa gown with tiered ruffles. Earlier in the day, Taylor was seen looking much edgier in casual wear–leather vest, rolled-up denim shorts and ankle booties. She sipped on some Red Bull and also munched on a muffin while strolling through the SoHo neighborhood of NYC.

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Momsen taking on opera…

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Photos: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage
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  • stephie

    FIRST! :) she looks so pretty… i like her dress!

  • rachel

    Remind me again why we are being told that the 90210 girls are too skinny but the Gossip Girl girls are healthy and “meatier”…?

  • Masha

    Oh dear, what the hell have happened to you Little J? :( Please dress your age

  • michelle

    No no no she looks horrible!

  • dee

    ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dress your age kiddo

  • Jacqueline

    the cut of the dress is way to low for my taste

  • Katie

    She is very pretty but I don’t think a 15 year old should look like that. Too revealing

  • tom c

    Uhh… she’s 15 yrs old and she’s wearing a strapless push-up your bosom dress?? Doesn’t she have parents? Do they care at all about her??

  • chloe

    ew. this girl always look SO whoreish these days! her parents as so freakin effed in the head!

  • tia

    she looks like shes 30. her parents must be SO proud

  • kylia

    red lipstick is so trashy

  • Winsome Audrey

    Taylor is the only scary skinny girl on Gossip Girl. That’s why 90210 is worse. They have at least 3 scary skinny.

  • Soph

    can’t believe i’m older than her :O

  • Sezza

    she looks ano

  • alannah-jaide

    Same here

    Right now, I look younger than her

  • just me

    Beautiful look—-but WAAAAY to much for her age. Doesn’t she have parents or someone to guide her?

  • hilary

    Oh come on people, she looks gorgeous!

    Obviously you haven’t ever been to the Met, because this dress is fairly par for the course for the opening night gala, even for a 15 year old.

    She looks fabulous, so haters stop hatin’!

  • SF

    How old is she again? 15? Why is she dressing at least a decade older than her age complete with cleavage? What happened to cute sweet 15 dressing like any cute sweet 15? Is this the new trend perhaps?

  • Sara

    Firstly Jenny is too skinny maybe not as bad as some of the 90210 girls but she still is. Her parents need to have a word with her. Secondly she is only 15, why are they making her look way too old for her age. I have a bad feeling about her in hollywood and her parents need to step in and remind people that this girl is only 15. She has gone from the sweet, 15yr old girl next door image to trashy, on the verge of a history of substance abuse, overtly sexy, rock chick in her 20s/30s. She seems like a sweet kid lets hope people remember that and allow her to be her age for a while.

  • Kiley

    too pale!!!

  • mslewis

    hilary, it’s true that people dress to the nines at the Met Opera but not a 15 year old. They dress appropriately for their age. This child looks 30 year old. WHY do these young stars want to look like that? And wear all that make up?? I don’t understand.

  • Knight

    My gosh..
    She totally freaks me out…

  • dkj

    she looks hot, fuck all you conservative bitches.

  • Avelien

    ok, I’m 15 too (in 4 months 16, btw) and I just don’t grasp that girl’s sense of…of apropiatness at all!

    I mean I feel uncomfortable wearing a low-cut t-shirt in summer and here we have a kid my age showing off her strapless dress and obiously a push-up bra! and god, that make-up! i siriously can’t imagine what she naturally looks like!

    I’ve never watched a single episode of ‘Gossip-Girl’ but that Taylor-kid is getting on my nerves!

  • lola

    wait shes only 15? crap i would have said she is 25 that dress is incredibly ugly and i have the feeling that the trend involving this red carpet disaster will be to stay away from this frumpy frock.

  • luna

    she has an awesome style and is really really beautiful and all pretty! love u taylor, u rock!!

  • ranna


  • sophie

    that dress is amazingggg, her makeup is prettty, but everythings not right for her age, she’s 15!

  • lindsay

    im sorry but girls that are 15 should not show off cleavage.

  • the real emma lee

    Speaking as a mom of a 15 year old, that dress would be on the “no way” pile in the dressing room, also known as the “over my dead body” pile.

    That dress in one arm movement away from a fashion malfunction.

  • erin

    she is totally channeling Erin Wasson…a model/designer thats 25ish just a little older than this tweenster. She is trying too hard on the street and too grown up on the red-carpet. Is that dress Marchesa? It’sjust too sophisticated for her age..and yes she is scary skinny!

  • highten





  • the real emma lee

    I am not so sure that she is too skinny. She is only 15. Many 15 year olds are very thin. She has filled out in certain places and they have accentuated that and the rest will fill out in time.

    She just turned 15 this past July 23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At that age most young girls have more boobs than brains and it is the parents’ responsibility to guide them in the right direction. Young teens don’t quite understand what messages they are sending.

  • Miss::CulleN

    i still hate that hair…

  • tiffany

    shes hasnt looked this good in along time! total upgrade

  • hot4u

    you people need to realize that this is a new generation of young people and they dress more mature and I thinks she looks fabalous

  • tilou

    Every time I see her now, she manages to look worse than the previous time. What a waste! She used to be so cute and looking her age…

  • t.

    c’mon!! she looks awful, the dress is pretty, but she’s just strange!

  • Noelle

    I should bring up the word “compensating”. I definitly think the dress is a little too revealing for a girl her age, but I think the fact that it’s floor length definitely compensates for the diving neck line.

    Plus, Taylor Momsen is a 14 year old girl trapped in an 18 year old’s body. It must e hard to find wholesome clothes, unlike Miley Cyrus, who’s a 16 year old trapped in a 15 year old body, yet she still manages to fins inappropriate clothes.

    And to everyone calling Taylor “scary skinny”, the girl is 15 and 5″4. She’d have to eat 5 cheeseburgers a day to keep fat on that physique.

  • lindsey

    i used to think she was really pretty but honestly, not anymore. =/


    she’s gross

  • Holly

    Can i have her boobs?

  • milli

    I have more innocence and less veins than this ’15′ yrs old, and I am 27.
    Jeesus, is her mother not concerned about all the pervs and pedos out there and letting her daughter go out of the house showing this much boobs??? Is she really 15? What is she trying to prove by all this skin show? The girl is craving wrong kinda attention.

  • Sarah

    Shes my age!
    and she went to the MET opera!
    and I perform in operas!

    SO I LOVE HER :)

  • deezy

    how old are most of you commenters? because that is not a lot of cleavage for a 15 year old.. especially one in show biz! girls are maturing a lot earlier than back in the day and her dress is totally appropriate now. and yeah she’s skinny.. she’s a model!

  • paola

    ok if she’s not “so skinny” there’s really something wrong…because the part of her shoulders and neck they joint extremly weird, adn look at her arms in the 4th picture they look like uhm i don’t know haven’t you seen Teri hatcher’s arms lately? … ok maybe not at that extreme but there’s seriosly something wrong. Come on just look at dakota fanning she’s healthy skinny” if there’s something like that or I don’t know does taylor can’t see her co-stars leighton an blake! they’re are not starving to dead and showing everything and if they are showing anything they are old enough.

  • paola

    ah and other thing at least if she wants to be conisder a mature person she shuold be acting her age and if she wants to look older she should stand and walk straight not like she does with that dress

  • tha

    that dress is dreamy but taylor looks so weird!
    she’s changed so fast in no time!
    where did those boobs come from? O_o

  • massie

    Her hair looks fake.
    Look at the hairline.
    And she looks messed up

  • Notmyrealname

    When you peak at 15, wtf will 30 look like? That kids has some rough road to travel. I can see it not… poor thing.