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Ashley Tisdale Records For Rehearsal

Ashley Tisdale Records For Rehearsal

Ashley Tisdale makes her requisite coffee stop in the morning and then heads off to the recording studio for rehearsals in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Beginning at 12 p.m. PT on Sept. 26, 2008, tickets for High School Musical 3: Senior Year be available for advance purchase on the movie’s official website.

If you purchase your tickets between Sept. 26 and Oct. 23, 2008, you will be able to download, “Can I Have This Dance” from the original HSM3 soundtrack, for free.

“We’re giving our devotees an opportunity to get their tickets now, a month before the movie opens, to show them we appreciate their loyalty and recognize their excitement for the movie,” Jim Gallagher said, president of marketing for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

10+ more pics inside of Ashley Tisdale recording for rehearsal…

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ashley tisdale recording studio 01
ashley tisdale recording studio 02
ashley tisdale recording studio 03
ashley tisdale recording studio 04
ashley tisdale recording studio 05
ashley tisdale recording studio 06
ashley tisdale recording studio 07
ashley tisdale recording studio 08
ashley tisdale recording studio 09
ashley tisdale recording studio 10

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  • stephanie

    A month before? More like they are depending on this movie to make it big. So they need people to start buying tickets now. I wouldn’t.

  • distorted girl

    Love Ash!!

  • distorted girl

    wow 2nd!

  • jessica

    HSM3 is not even that serious to but tickets a month before.

  • Dot

    She looks fabulous

  • aaaaaaashley

    i love her soo0o0oo000o0o00o0o0ooo much
    she is PERFECT!!!!!!!

  • MoNessa

    do1 all u hsm haters

  • Jen

    High School Musical haters? are you serious by saying that?!?!?
    Who really cares about a lame teenage movie…
    If you are a sheep and retarded enough to spend your money making Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens and Zack Efron RICHER…then go ahead…be stupid and stay in line for that movie….

  • iona

    buy tickets in advance? Get serious, who cares about them or this over-hyped movie? #8, you got it absolutely right girl!

    Hey Jim, don’t hold your breath waiting for the sales of those tickets! Disney went to the well one time too many with HSM. Tisdale, Hudgens, and Efron are yesterday’s news.

  • sarahi

    just because you guys don’t want to see the movie doesn’t mean everyone won’t. How naive of you guys to even say that! That’s just like me expecting you guys to WANT to see it just because i do. I know a lot of preteens who are exicted to see this movie, and that is who the movie is marketed to so what is wrong with that? Grow up.

  • vanessa


  • Aliya

    Now why would anyone want to buy tickets in advance to go see hsm 3? And seriously, somebody needs to tell this girl she is not that great of a singer. Despite her “corrective” surgery, she still sounds very much nasally and chip-munk like.

  • James Mason Fan

    I wonder if she gives good tips?

  • Lana


  • nourhan

    ashley looks amazing

  • laguna

    she’s very pretty. once again =)

  • ash rockz

    She looks sooo pretty <333
    Ash is perfect!

  • Take it easy!

    Absolutly Gorgeous!
    Love you so mich girl (:

    #11 (vanessa) SHUT UP, You are UGLY haha xD

  • εїз Butterfly εїз

    i LUV her hair (is not like miley’s)!!!
    She is sooooooo pretty.. not prettier than vanessa but soooo close! =P
    i like her style too!!!!!

  • blondee

    she is ttly awesome!

    haters need to get a life! =]

  • …Ashleylove….

    Oww , Ashley is really fabulous,i love her soo much :)) (L)

  • Miss::CulleN

    ohh, just because some people don´t like the movie doesn´t mean that we are stupid for buying the tickets a month before! it´s amazing how closed mind you are! i LOVE Fellini, Kubrick and Bergman´s movies, but i also enjoy seen this kind of cheesy films, so stop caring what everybody else do with their life and get one of your own.


  • Miss::CulleN

    btw, those hats are hot! :) she´s looking really nice.

  • http://justjared cool cool

    haters just shut your faces now and get a life . ashley zac both rock and hsm3 is cool . love u ashy

  • kimmy

    Ashley is so cute compared to Vanessa who always looks so messy and thrown together. Gonna pass on the movie…….great for TV, but not good enough to actually pay REAL money to see it.

  • yoli

    She is pretty but can’t sing very good. She and her bimbo friend, Hudgens, will fade into obscurity once all the HSM frenzy is done.
    Neither one is outstanding at singing or acting and are actually mediocre at best.

    Haven’t seen or heard much about Vanessa these days…….must be time for some more naughty photos to surface to put her back on the radar.

  • To the ignorant small minded

    Are many of you that stupid. HSM has been a world wide hit. The franchise has made a fortune. HSM3 will also do great. Ash, Vannessa and Zac are already landing roles in non-Disney related movies. Their careers are taking off. Ash and Vannessa’s CD’ sell very well. To say they are old news is beyond retarded. Everyone has a right to an opinion but, needs to be based on facts. You must have a sad pathetic life to feel the need to make up negative lies for no apparent reason. Try to get a life.

  • Nono

    It isn’t true, ASHLEY ISN’t perfect but in this picture, she looks a little pretty

  • Zanessa-love4life

    I soooo wanna go see HSM3!
    Is Ashley recording another CD? Cool if she is ♥

  • ughh

    She really needs to choke on that coffee now. She looks ridiculous and why is she recording. She cannot sing.

  • JONH

    ashley i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zara

    omg!!!Love her she’s very stylished

  • hater

    hsm3 rocks!
    ashley sucks!

  • Tizzfan

    She looks so cute! Love her!!!


    ashley tisdale is way too old for disney channel she needs to get a real job i hate her shes a ugly horse vanessa hudgens is way prettier and much more better
    people i agree with:


    and i agree with #33
    besides wasn’t she wearing that outfit where she had on that one outfit a week ago?
    ashley tisdale is ugly

  • Blue-eyed gal96


  • Chantal

    She is soooo ugly and stupid she needs stylish!!!!!!!

  • girlleader1

    she looks fabulous!!!
    i luv her!!
    i cant wait 4 hsm3!!
    it comes out on my bday!!!!!
    but more importantly, i cant wait 4 her cd!!!

  • aNGIE

    she drinks alot of lattes

  • newport beach, 92660

    For some strange , strange reason…

    and obvious reason of course…

    she never does hang out with Vanessa anymore…

    dun-dun-duuun! :O

    Maybe she’s too busy recording albums… but still.

  • suck it.

    haha, hsm is gay -.-
    like who cares about these fricken people. go get a life people. you people need to go make some friends now.

  • grape

    i love Ashley!

  • charlene

    I love ashley. she looks great hear. cant wait for more stuff from her. I am dying to see hsm3 and will have to buy tickets in advance as they are bound to be sold out and i must go opening day. This is going to be a big hit i cant tell you that right now. I just hope nobody starts screaming at the screen or anything i want to hear the actores not you, you stupid people. anyway i have heard asley does tip good and she gives donations. beautiful girl great actress and singer keep it up ash

  • charlene

    i meant ashley not asley i would never insult her so love you girl


    HSM 3 will be great !!!!!! xD
    For the haters : “Shut up and drive..”

  • baby

    look if u hate ashley then why are u on this post???????????


    WOOHOO i have my ticket and im goin to see it on the 22nd of october

  • Savannah

    like UNfabulous. She’s Stupid ‘n’ Ugly.

  • w/e

    i luv ashley she is so pretty