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Kim Kardashian Covers OK!

Kim Kardashian Covers OK!

Dancing With the Stars contestant Kim Kardashian takes the latest cover of OK! magazine. Here are some interview snippets:

Did you physically prepare before heading into dance practice? Knowing that I was going to do this, I started heavily working out in the gym all summer. My boyfriend [NLF star Reggie Bush] taught me lots of weight training exercises that I didn’t do before.

What is your fitness goal with DWTS? I really want to be toned. Every girl has her insecurities, whether she is skinny or not. You want to look good when you’re on vacation in a swimsuit.

Do you want to lose your famous curves? No, not at all. I don’t even think that’s really possible. I’m going to probably have kids soon, so I want to have the perfect body before then. It’ll be harder to get in shape afterward, so why not do it now.

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  • tia

    its disgusting that this girl gets any attention at all. shes famous for her sex tape. shes also done playboy and a reality tv show…wow! what an accomplishment!

    btw who the hell willingly goes on DWTS’s?? I mean, thats basically like saying ‘Im a D list celeb with no other options in life’

  • anotonia


  • Tara

    shes such a hoe. she should go hang out with vanessa hudgens.

  • hmmmmm…??

    shes so getting kicked off soon. then again, america seems to always support the skanks. jamie lynne/vanessa/miley/kim/paris etc. so who knows, maybe kardashian will win..

  • jyotsna

    oh her fame is increasing now
    see her more pics and news of dancing with the stars at

  • ella

    wtf she is such trash. ew. however OK! magazine is the perfect place for her

  • Ihatekimkardashian

    This girl must be the most disgusting girl in the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Reggie Bush deserves way better than this talentless skank with a fake butt!



    kim you are a stinking wh*re, die already

  • Evve

    wht the hell? If you dont like her dont go and even boather reading about her. And she have NEVER had a operation , I promise. And shes a model! Like Lauren Conrad is also famouse for a reality show , But still shes great. And I love Kim Kradashian , she did the sex tape with her boyfriend , it didnt mean´ to come out , okay?! And yeah , she was discoverd in that / the reality show BUT she wouldnt be his big if she sholdnt be beautiful and be a great model.

  • megan

    i agree with #3 I HATE VANESSA HUDGENS SHE STOLE MY MAN !!!!

  • jyotsna

    she looks beautiful but her lips might be fake

  • alannah-jaide

    What’s so great about this woman?

  • haha

    wow there’s jessica simpson again talking about tony romo, lately all i’ve been reading about her is “tony’s the love of my life”, “tony supports me”, “tony loves me for who I am”, tony this tony that.. wth..

    Kim looks pretty in that picture :P her face looks different there..

  • cute

    9 person vanessa never stole your man he was never with you so dumb hating vanessa beacuse she just is a guy you think is cute and Vanessa is not a HOE she diidt when she was 15 EVREYONE DOES SOMETHING WHEN THERE TEENS DUMB BITCHES

  • julia

    thin??? hahaha!

  • *

    thin??? hahaha! [2]

  • ILovePapaSmurf

    Tara, it’s actually ho if you’re calling her a whore… not a hoe, which is a garden tool.

  • sarahi

    lol. megan “your man” yeah you are delusional.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ;damn, she really sucks @ dancing.

    ..`definitely wont be on that show for to long.

  • just reading…

    JJ-it’s NFL not NLF :)

  • hotbitch

    “I’m going to probably have kids soon”?!?!?!?!!??!?!!?!? This bitch is delusional. She really thinks she’s got Reggie in the bag. I wish she’d go away with her completely fake-ass body. Go get another golden shower, ho bag…..

  • maria

    she “keeps her sexy curves” cause they’ve all been implanted surgically—duh!

  • real world

    Like the show when i can find time to watch it.Pretty girl and a good family life so far.Hope her relationship and Dancing with the goes well.At least she don’t pretend have somthing going on when its not.Like rachel bilson( she’s liar).

  • Miss::CulleN

    why you bring Vanessa Hudgens to this board? you haters have nothing better to do, uh? she´s not a trashy b-ocht as this kardashian chick, so stop being so jealous! Vanessa ROCKS!


  • Miss::CulleN

    btw, this girl is such a drama queen! i prefer her sister Khloe… at least is funny :/

  • random passerby

    From what I’m told by people who work in the plastic surgery field, Kim has never actually had plastic surgery. HOWEVER, she regularly gets laser/heat treatments (invented by companies like Thermage). They don’t work wonders on everyone, but she apparently raises those odds by going extremely regularly. (It’s great to be rich.) If this is true, I think that’s great. I’m a big fan of non-intrusive treatments and find them much preferable to actual surgery.

  • sdkj

    i like kim, fuck all you miserable people

  • Tealeaf

    A miserable a person who leaks a sex tape, wears tight clothes and does ANYTHING for PR.

    I wish this fake, trannyface would go away, All she talks about is her NFL boyfriend for attention

    She is a vapid idiot, just like her hoe ex-buddy PARIS Hilton

    Without the internet, these skanks wouldn’t be famous

  • holly

    “how i stay thin”. thats a joke, right? lol

  • dee

    if there was such thing as BUTT IMPLANTS dont ya think everybody would be gettin em??? Im not not Kardashian fan nor have I ever was but she does have the BEST body in hollywood. she’s just a thick woman..jeez you are all such a bunch of haters LOL!

  • _fail_

    Yes, there are butt implants. Just Google it, and be amazed.

  • theoriginalb*otch

    kim sweetie, nuthin’ about that ayuzz says think

  • meri

    I can’t stand her or her family. She is too full of herself.

  • cori

    thin???…this is her ass last week leaving DWTS dance rehearsals:

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    Michelle Arismendi(K) TisHudSpears’Kardasian* ..

  • http://HollywoodStars michelle tishudspearsdash!

    Britney Spears
    Vanessa Anne Hudgens
    Kim Kardashian
    Ashley Tisdale
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    TODAS! =D Areee The Beeeeeeeeeeeeeest

  • jenna

    People stop hating on her.
    Your just jealous because you dont have a great body.

    I just started working out alot. And i’am starting to get in better shape
    soooo how about everyone shuts up. Sheeee doesnt have butt implants

  • jenna

    People stop hating on her.
    Your just jealous because you dont have a great body.

    I just started working out alot. And i’am starting to get in better shape
    soooo how about everyone shuts up. Sheeee doesnt have butt implants


    Yall just hating on my girl Kim, You guys probably all ugly, with guts. Probably never seen a gym in your life. The reason why she’s on the cover of ok, too show that it’s ok to have curves today. Everyone is to skinny know and it’s disgusting. I happen to have a small waist and curves. I work out constantly. That what she’s showing. She’s not fake, she tonerand healthier, and her ass is real. Her ass moves , and she has celluite. So there it us ladies keep hating, and go eat and keep ur curves.

  • kat

    I think people who can slam a person so much is a really insecure person themself, she looks great and I only wish I was in this good of shape!!!!! kudos Kim for looking like a bombshell !!

  • cutiewithabootie

    i think kim kardashian is gorgeous! i would love to look like her. to all the people who don’t like her, i think you’re just jealous of her. that sounds so high school, but it’s completely true.

  • Katia

    She really thinks people are dumb…where are the pics dispelling the rumors that she got her butt done?
    All the proof is here:–butt-implants

  • Olivia

    Kim, YOU ARE NOT THIN! Geez girl you really do live in a warped fantasy world don’t you? Narccistic sociopath is accurate. I HATE YOU!

  • mya

    Do the world a favor and DO NOT HAVE KIDS! Why would you even think you are going to have kids? YOU ARE NOT MARRRIED! What? not a prerequisite? I forgot, you are a ‘Kardashian’ and you do not think about anyone elses welfare, just your own psychotic dreams!

  • mya

    Kim has only ONE look and and it ain’t pretty. How dare she insult all the authentic models of the world and sell herself as a model when all she does is sell sex? Kim turns EVERYTHING she touches rancid and nasty. Since when did having oral sex with a salad become “modeling?”