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Nicole Richie Goes Beyond Shelter

Nicole Richie Goes Beyond Shelter

Nicole Richie just posted a personal video of hers visiting the Beyond Shelter in Los Angeles on behalf of her and rocker boyfriend Joel Madden‘s Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation. Check it out below!

RMCF provides general and program grants to nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and abroad primarily in the areas of healthcare, education and human rights. They recently announced the launch of their “Text CHILD to 90999″ fundraising campaign. (Each text message will raise $5 for the cause, billed directly to the donor’s phone bill.) The campaign will raise funds for kids-in-need. Nicole and Joel‘s s first goal is to build a playground at Beyond Shelter.

For more information of Nicole and Joel‘s cause, visit

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  • HH

    I think thats awesome!

  • nicjoel

    it’s so great they’re doing this!

  • jo

    good for nicole. but those kids aren’t exactly poor. they have a house and a library.

  • J J Lurker

    What a bunch of phonys. She’s trying to change her image by copying Jolie. At least Jolie’s was sincere and honest. Hers is just for PR.

  • katie

    lol copying angie. yeah sure. then it means all the other people in this world who help the poor are all copying jolie.

  • Josh

    That is great!
    People should stfu and do something themselves.

  • jj


  • lene

    Copying Angelina Jolie?
    I didn’t know she was the first to do charity work…..

    I love Nicole, and Joel. They seem like really great people. : )

  • Sammie

    JJ Lurker, you are the most retarded idioot in the world.

    Nicole is simply amazing!

  • Lexi

    Nicole is just an inspiration.
    she always had such a good and giving heart.
    anybody that really knows her from the start should not be surprised she was always an angel. she just has a bad reputation.

  • kate

    Awwww….. i love nicole.
    she is an amazing role model.

  • LUCY

    No thank-you! I’ll give to my local charity I wonder how much she gives from her own bank account??Haven’t you ever heard Nicole your suppose to give without wanted anything in return that includes media attention.

  • Mothers for Obama

    What a sweet and loving couple Joel and Nicole are. Bless them.

  • melissa


  • lo

    It’s great to see them doing good with their fame! No matter what people say I think it it is wonderful of them to help people and their family; kids!

  • brwneyes

    s#!t, more than what I had growing up.

  • eddie jones

    out of rehab into the shelter? Isn’t it just lovely how people that have been blessed with all the worlds givings, totally abuse them and make fools of themselves then try washing it all up by going to shelters. all nicole richie is an burned out cokehead, what she she done with her life?

  • Jesse

    well at least nicole is doing something….what about her so called former bff paris hilton who claimed after she gets out of jail she is a change person and will do more charity work…well guess what shes still the same stuck up rich spoiled bitch that she is…instead of putting good use of her time shes having a stupid reality show to find her bff…and to her the worse thing in jail is having to use their pay phone because its disgusting she needs a real reality check

  • nikomilinko

    EDDIE JONES NUMBER # 17…..What is wrong with Nicole trying to better herself?……It is like JESSE NUMBER # 18, SAYS, At least she is NOT a Paris stupid ridiculous Hilton!…..Paris has never kept a promise in her life to do anything good…..or has never followed through with it when she DOES try to do some good……Nicole is trying to put her life back in order for her daughter AND herself, and has done an excellent job…..Don’t put down past ” cokeheads”, when they are finally coming into their own, and helping others who are less fortunate….Thank God, SHE is doing this, because her charities are worthwhile…..Good for you Nicole!!!!……keep up the great work!

  • shell

    lol at all the people being all ‘no thanks’ or ‘what does she do?’ well what the hell are YOU doing? that’s right, nothing so stfu. and please, nicole and joel donated so much of their own money already.

  • michelle

    Now Paris Hilton can learn a thing or two from Nicole. Remember how Paris wanted to have a humanitarian trip to Rwanda and blah blah blah? At least Nicole is doing something good in her life and is not a hypocrite.

  • Patrick

    I support Nicole and joel 100%. they give their own money to causes and they work hard to get other people involved. We need more role models like them. Everyone else trys to get us to buy crap we don’t need and makes everyone more phoney and unhappy. Joel and Nicole are for real.

    i texted child to 9099 5 times.. and it made me feel really good. Thank you to both of them for making my day and showing somebody out there cares.