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Rachel Bilson Barrels Into Barney's

Rachel Bilson Barrels Into Barney's

Rachel Bilson goes shoe shopping at Barney’s New York after having lunch at Madeo’s in West Hollywood on Wednesday.

The 27-year-old actress reportedly has joined the cast of the new independent comedy, Waiting for Forever, directed by James Keach.

Jamie King, Nikki Blonsky and Scott Mechlowicz have all already signed onto the project. Shooting begins next Monday – Sept. 29th.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson barreling into Barney’s…

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rachel bilson barrels into barneys 02
rachel bilson barrels into barneys 03
rachel bilson barrels into barneys 04
rachel bilson barrels into barneys 05
rachel bilson barrels into barneys 06
rachel bilson barrels into barneys 07
rachel bilson barrels into barneys 08
rachel bilson barrels into barneys 09
rachel bilson barrels into barneys 10

Credit: Zodiac/Fapian; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Ellie

    Rachel needs to start making some more movies. (Good movies, that show she can act!) What does she do?

  • Abbey

    Or at least wash n brush her hair when going out in public. I don’t care if your a celeb or not. It just looks unhygienic and it definitely doesn’t make you look care free and creative.

  • yoyo


  • erik

    I dont think she ever looks good. She is like a slightly better ashley tisdale.

  • kim

    WHY would anyone hire this talentless twit? I’ll never see anything she is in. She is a brunette Paris Hilton – nothing more!

  • Paul

    i think she should get back together with Adam Brody. :)

  • jeeves

    @The 27-year-old actress reportedly has joined the cast of the new independent comedy, Waiting for Forever, directed by James Keach

    A major SUCKFEST or even SNOREFEST…trust!!!

  • Halli

    What happened to her so called ‘relationship’ with Hayden Christensen? Pure publicity for that stinker film Jumper.

  • mike


  • andrea

    i agree with Paul! she looks cute with adam

  • monreal

    Seems like that sort of her “true-to-life” flick was co-produced by (a newly yet covertly established) “Bilson Family Entertainment Production”.

  • Irishdreams

    First off the movie is only has a budget of $5mm Please that is less then a commercial will get..can we say either DVD only or cable..My guess is Daddy got her the job as she sure in the hell can’t do much more then shop..

  • carla

    Rachel plays a 25 year old TV starlet in the movie. What a stretch for her. Just to make it harder for Rach, they should make the character a wannabe fashionista.

  • samy

    ugly hips

  • Annie

    So what. Crash had a budget of 6.5 million. Besides an announced budget doesn’t mean anything. Budgets can and often do change/increase even after a movie has begun filming. As tough as it is to get a job in Hollywood these days, Rachel is working and believe me right now productions are watching their costs and value closely and they’re not in the mood these days to risk any amount on just any cast. If she was hired it’s because they wanted her for her and no other reason.

  • realworld

    Well i guess goes the clothing line thought she only focusing on the clothing line.Don’t think it going to happen soon.You can’t believe anyhing that comes out of her mouth.So which one is she going to be an actress or clothes designer. I thought she really wanted the clothing line .Since she put so much effort in trying to get it together.I m just in what she selling anymore.tried to give her a break.Pretty much lost interest in what she doing.She just don’t seen to be telling true about things.Hope that she can get aongwith the other cast members and think the movie is all about her Just a big liar.

  • ryan

    i think she looks nice, love her sunglasses, shirt, jeans and ballet flats.

  • reedley

    Tom Sturridge is 5 years younger & obviously far more beautiful ( got a more feminine face actually) than Barkson. Looks like she”’ be playing a “dirty cougar” here!?

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    @ # 8

    Those “rational cynics” had “never” even been taken for a ride on all those Jumper hooplas. Even her patronized JJ had always been forever & ever just tagged them as BFF.
    And so not that surprising here that she’s been the one whos’ been receiving all these bashings/mockings; coz isnt it that she’s the one who’s doing ALL those shoddy insinuations about that fauxmanship?!

  • sdd

    does anyone know where those sunglasses are from? some may hate the style, but i for one really want a pair.

  • Annie

    The sunglasses are Wayfarers by Chanel

  • sdd

    thaaank you, annie!

  • Pau_Gasol Fan#16

    Those are not flat’s she has on!! Proof Rayden’s need to have their vision checked. She has Prada brown high heeled Mary Janes on! Sorry to say. The new rumored movie sounds lame. “Waiting For Forever.” The name of the movie is bad and the story of the movie sounds like typical OC crap. I’m sure the movie will fall strait to DVD.

    Yes. The Wayfareres are Chanel and she is even wearing them in the mall. The way she is dressed at Barney’s. LOL! Sorry to say. Looks like no fashion designer to me! I was at the mall today and I wore my best jeans and sleeveless tunic sweater even though it was hot! You don’t go looking like you just went and scrimmaged threw your hamper to throw anything on! Nuff said!
    L ;)

  • haa

    She is a tiny girl, poor thing better watch out if she’s working with monster blonsky.

  • isnt_it


    A “FAUXshion Icon” my azz!!!

  • sharon

    looks like she is wearing the ring again.

  • guest

    LMAO…please the ring is now being sport on her RIGHT hand not the left b/c she was shown by HC that there was never any relationship he PUBLICALLY denied the ring as being anything to do with him to me seems like she is wanting to beat a dead horse here..she wants the attention but knows the interest is dying..

    as for Crash having a small budget please they might have worked on a small one but they had an ALL STAR CAST this has nothing but Her as some dried up OC soap star and the man that should have been in JUMPER damn they should have casted Teresa Palmer in this one at least make LIman look more rediculous then he already did for hiring her..

    I don’t know what style she is chasing around her cross between dirty laundry and tacky La Valley Girl..

  • Jimmy

    Cool, RB has a new movie! This chick is hot!

  • leimore


    So RB got someone new to hook-up w/ (isnt it that she always have a thing for her co-stars). Good thing she now had a back-up coz the last one (?!) had been buried in flames already even if its just written in the water.

    P.S. Never mind the “cougar” thing, just look at Drew Barrymore – lol!

  • elise

    Back to shopping for her. I thought she was going to accompany Josh and Jill on their honeymoon.

    Which costar in her new movie is she going to hook up with this time?

  • AROE

    In this site a person puts many post with different names and with much hatred towards rachel. This person is a fan of Natalie Portman and she wants a relationship of Natalie and Hayden Christensen

    As a pretty girl like Natalie Portman has a fan so idiotic

  • nikomilinko
  • kim

    Rachel looks great

  • irina

    I love her outfit and hairstyle

  • martgist

    @#19 – And so not that surprising here that she’s been the one whos’ been receiving all these bashings/mockings……

    In gist, you could probably called that as a “karma”!

  • sumo

    Love her handbag. She always looks so natural and great.

  • voice of reason

    @31 Ain’t that the truth.

    Rachel looks a bit worn out to me, but still looks like she is having fun, best of luck with the new movie to her.

  • cool breeeze

    Who cares anyway not like it going to make it on the evening news Who gave gig this time.She never be natalie portman cause not willing to work hard for anything.She got to really want it and take it serious.And she have proven that she can’t do it Like fashion line She just didn’t finish it. So that means that was joke about clothing line.So shelied to alot od people that was looking forward to seeing her fashion line.And that was a waste of time to other people that helped get together.When she decide to promote her line nobody not going to care.That says alot about her following things through.She no Natalie porman.

  • Lauren

    gorgeous outfit!

  • Peter

    Love her. Thanx Jared

  • cp

    Don’t know much about her But seen to be ok Maybe if she would get out in public more.People wouldn’t be so hard her about doing nothing .And find something she’s really good at .Besides shopping and taking picture.Hope she can prove people wrong about her in this movie.And try to get a real lovelife.

  • samy

    she is so pathetic

    she is too dumb to go collage, too dumb to come up with her own designs, bad as an actress OMG!!!

    she has very unattractive legs and hips

    Christensen is a looser to date her
    superficial ditz

  • @ 42

    LMAO if you are going to diss someone for being to dumb, you might want to use the correct word

    COLLAGE – a technique of composing a work of art by pasting on a single surface various materials not normally associated with one another, as newspaper clippings, parts of photographs, theater tickets, and fragments of an envelope.
    COLLEGE – an institution of higher learning, esp. one providing a general or liberal arts education rather than technical or professional training.

  • Pau_Gasol Fan#16

    @ 31,
    You make no sense. Between your pathetic bad grammar and your hypocritical speech about Portman. First off. No one brought up Natalie Portman but………… YOU!

    I will agree with on one thing. Natalie is a pretty girl. The only difference between Natalie and Rachel. Natalie has one thing going for her that Miss Rachel don’t. It is called a BRAIN! The next thing Natalie has is acting talent which, Rachel is clearly lacking and the third is true classic beautiful features that Miss Rachel don’t. You Rayden imbecile’s could not handle or even emotionally comprehend if Natalie and Hayden would start dating! HA HA! So…It is comfortable for you to take a low life form like Rachel. PATHETIC!

    Ahem! Plus.. Natalie and Hayden did have the best chemistry on film. Rachel and Hayden’s chemistry in Jumper was a ZERO!! Deep down you Rayden’s know that and that is what pisses you off about Natalie! I LOVE THAT!!

    OH! Natalie and Hayden did have something going on. They were pretty chummy at the 2005 Cannes. There are pictures of Hayden and Natalie even holding hands and naturally doing it too. And it was not because Hayden was trying to help some woman in a Mortisa Adam’s Calvin Kline down the stairs! :roll: I don’t know what happened to Hayden and Natalie after that? Perhap’s no chemistry or not wanting to get serious yet.

    Oh! With the mutiple name $hit! Oh really?! The only typical multiple name or people going under different names here is the pathetic Rayden’s pushing a so called romanace between Hayden and Rachel that, looks like it is so not happing.

    Geez! Some of you get more stupid sounding as it looks like Hayden and Rachel have a dying relationship! Whatever. Think what you wish and dream on in Rayden wonderland! Pathetic! :roll:

  • samy

    COLLEGE – an institution of higher learning, esp. one providing a general or liberal arts education rather than technical or professional training.

    sorry for the typo, referenced above is the entity bilson is unable to complete, she is a disgrace to all young ladies, a fake

  • samy

    i must say that after revenge of the sith it has been downward spiral for hayden, he is not doing well as far as his personal and professional lifes and bilson is not an asset but a liability
    and i dont care about spelling
    kiss off

  • @ 44

    guess you are the only one that sees them as having the best chemistry ever, LOL

    and you are contradicting yourself, how can people be pushing a relationship that’s non existent, but at the same time they have a dying relationship? which one is it lady?

    people need to seriously get their stories straight, lol

  • samy

    Actually, come to think of it, they did indeed have real chemistry, not acting chemistry though.

  • real word

    i agree with No.44 hayden and natalie did have the best chemistry ever on sreen.And he also took her out.

  • Stacy

    This imaginary war between Natalie Portman fans and Rachel Bilson fans is even more absurd than the war between Natalie Portman fans and Keira Knightley fans (more absurd because unlike Rachel, Keira Knightley is a talented actress). Yes, Hayden and Natalie made a stunning-looking onscreen couple and I would venture to say that he harbored a crush on her at one point. But why is Natalie pulled into every discussion about Rachel? They are nowhere near in the same league, they are not rivals, and at best Rachel is a Natalie wannabe. Just cool it already. Whether Rachel and Hayden ARE a couple, Hayden and Natalie ARE NOT, and bringing her into this ongoing discussion is ridiculous.

    That said, does Rachel Bilson ever do anything besides shop?