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Violet Affleck Loves Learning!

Violet Affleck Loves Learning!

What a smile!

Mom-to-be Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet Affleck share a smile as they head to a nursery school in Santa Monica, Calif. on Wednesday.

Jen, 36, will be hosting the first “Voices for a Senate Majority” fundraiser to support Democratic senatorial candidates. Over 50 Hollywood mainstays will attend the event including: J.J. Abrams, Martin Short, Diane Keaton, Tom Hanks and Larry David.

10+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck loving to learn…

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violet affleck loves learning 01
violet affleck loves learning 02
violet affleck loves learning 03
violet affleck loves learning 04
violet affleck loves learning 05
violet affleck loves learning 06
violet affleck loves learning 07
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violet affleck loves learning 09
violet affleck loves learning 10

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  • lena

    aww how cute


    Isn’t she a cutie pie ???…….Jennifer looks happy and appears to be such a wonderful mother….Baby Affeck number # 2, is a very lucky child!!

  • Rita

    my favourite celebrity baby (well not really anymore)!! already knows how to work the camera. other kids like maddox and beckham kids should learn.. hah joking

  • Daniella

    jennifer garner is simply an amazing mother and violet is probably the cutest thing in the world.

  • mike


  • : )

    I love how Violet is always smiling. She’s such a happy kid, and I’m sure Jennifer is a great mom

  • boogie

    now, that is a happy looking child! (compared to poor Suri Cruise)

  • Sunny

    Rita, what do you mean anymore? You mean not a baby anymore?

  • Sunny

    NVM, I understand what you were saying. You mean not a baby anymore.

  • helen

    just because suri doesn’t smile when the paparazzi is taking her photo doesn’t mean she isn’t a happy child. there have been photos taken of her where she didn’t know her photo was being taken and she looked really happy.

    what a stupid thing to say “favorite baby”. you can like more than one. how would you determine such a thing anyways and find it necessary to say who your favorite baby is or not? why compare babies? they all have their unique personalities and are cute.

    anyways….violet is adorable. :)

  • ebmo

    She just looks like she has personality plus!

  • meri

    Mom and daughter are adorable.

  • b.

    well, i love suri cruise, but violet is so adorable! I love the relationship between she and jennifer, and is not concerned what the baby favorite. the two have different personalities and are created in different ways. are just kids, and both are beautiful!

  • me

    Violet sure is adorbable.

    I wish Jen wasnt a Democrat though, but most celebs are.

  • Mothers for Obama

    # 14
    me @ 09/24/2008 at 8:45 pm

    Violet sure is adorbable.

    I wish Jen wasnt a Democrat though, but most celebs are.
    I love Jen. And I am glad she is a Democrat.

  • someone

    helen, first of all it’s not that serious. We’re not the child’s parents; we can have a favorite if we want. Just like we have favorite celebrities. Secondly,

    “what a stupid thing to say “favorite baby”. you can like more than one.”

    That’s the whole idea behind “favorite.” You like more than one but have a preference.

  • a realist

    Jennifer is a wonderful person, and I am glad she and Ben are working for our party, the Democratic Party. Jen and Ben are my favorite Hollywood couple.

  • Maggie

    … Is it really necessary to turn this into a political debate? Everyone is entitled to their political beliefs. Violet is soo cute.

  • a realist

    # 11
    ebmo @ 09/24/2008 at 8:34 pm

    She just looks like she has personality plus!
    lol, yeah, I bet she’s a pistol.

  • Maggie

    someone, I’m just saying it’s stupid to have a “favorite baby”. It’s different from celebs because celebs actually do things. Babies don’t do anything for you to determine them as your favorite. It’s just my opinion. I’m aware it isn’t that serious. I never said people couldn’t have their favorites, I just spoke my opinion on the matter.

    I’m aware what favorite means, thanks.

  • Rita

    I meant that she is my favorite celeb child, but she is not really considered a baby anymore. That’s what I meant by “well not really anymore”.

  • helen

    I meant to type under this user name. My mistake. I usually switch between my name and middle name for different posts on different celebs.

  • helen

    And someone my comment wasn’t directed at you, so I don’t know what you mean by “we”. But anyways, I don’t want to turn into an argument so I’ll leave it here.

  • Adoring Fan

    AWW. Violet seems like such a delightful child. So adorable, fun loving and happy. I would love to babysit her. Jen and Ben are doing a bang up job with her. I like the way they are teaching her how to be down to earth and low key like them. I can’t wait for the newest little Affleck to get here.

  • Rain

    What cute photos. Violet is a cutie & Jen looks great.

  • willow

    Happy mothers create happy children. Jen is a positive person, one of the reasons why Affleck married her. She helps him be a better man, husband and father. Men want to be with happy women who make them feel good inside. That’s Jen.

  • oxa

    I love to see this kid, she too has had a camera in her face since babyhood, but, she is always smiling and happy. Jennifer is a great mom and very hands on, which in Hollywood is unusual.

  • anticult

    Suri being raised in that nutty cult religion is scary. You can tell on many photos …..somethng is off. Sort of lacking a “natural child look”…..

    Gives me the heebie jeebies when I think of Scientology.

  • McLovin

    She’s pimping her daughter out! Can’t you see?! She just doing that so she can stay relevant! It’s all for publicity! Why didn’rt she use a backdoor?

    By the way, I made all that up. Just trying to point of the hypocrisy of TomKat critics that who suffer from this same irrational drivel.

    And that coment makes absolutely no sense, #28

  • Adoring Fan

    Afflecks and Cruises are two very different families. Their lifestyles couldn’t possibly be more different. I think the same could be said for their parenting styles. No need to make comparisons between the two as they are as different as night and day. Given a choice I’d take that of the Afflecks any day.

  • Garnaffleckfan

    Why post pictures that invade the privacy of this child, where is the news or interest in her going to school. Leave her alone to go to school without a camera in her face every damn time.

  • ooooohhhhhlalala


    ooohhhhh…yikes….you must be part of the nutty cult…..

    you’re nuts!

    I don’t understand YOUR drivel……

    anyhow…..Violet is adorable.

  • lee

    yeah, go try to get more democrats in the house and senate so they can get even less done than they have for the past 2 years. The morons had hearings on baseball players. yep, that’s the democrat-lead house and senate’s major accomplishment in 2 years.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I love them :P :)

  • :)

    ^^^^^ yeah :)

  • anna

    #26 willow

    I agree, I love this family

  • annie_sez

    Geez get you lips off of Tom and Katies behind for once you sound like your obsessed with them either that or you on the scientology pay roll, Get a life already anyways what I really wanted to comment is cute Violet is. I bet baby #2 will be just as cute.

  • nikomilinko
  • Love them

    so so cute :)
    I just love JenG, I want the baby to be a little boy this time but another girl would be cute as well :)

  • Rain

    Sickitten, your name fits you well. Who would call a baby ugly? Violet and Shiloh are both adorable children.

    Miami, Jen looks gorgeous and it even appears she’s not wearing any make-up. Why do even care how she is dressed? The fact that you keep using the term “ret*rd” for everything says a lot about you and that you’re the “ret*rd”. And your last comment is beyond sick. You are obviously one of Ally’s accounts. Pathetic.

  • http://allyal16 allyal

    Rain, i totally agree with u! Shiloh and Violet are adorable!

  • http://N/a Mary

    Ally is who is sick. She is obsessed with Jen. It’s pathetic how she comments on her every post. If she doesn’t like her, why does she always look her up? She is obviously a stalker with no life. Jen is far from fugly and nobody said she was an A-lister. Who cares about being an A-lister? Only obsessive non-celebs like Ally do. Angelina didn’t even become an A-lister until she hooked up with Brad. Nobody is using different account names, except Ally. There are many fans and one obsessive hater — Ally. She should stop accusing people of what she’s only guilty of. It’s pathetic how she counts the amount of comments Jen gets. Rachel Bilson isn’t the only one who has gotten less comments. Most people, except Brad who have been posted recently have gotten less. The amount of comments on one site is irrelevant to someone’s popularity. Even so… she’s still more popular than no-listers like Ally. She doesn’t call the shots on who is “in” and “out” because Jen and Ben are still in or they wouldn’t get posted all the time. Taking your daughter to school isn’t “pimping” your child or being a “media wh*re”. Ally’s comments come off as that of a jealous hag, which she obviously is. Don’t bother responding… I can’t be bothered to argue with morons like you.

  • Susan Lee

    Sickitten is obviously a very fugly person to call babies fugly behind her computer screen. It is a horrible thing to talk about baby’s looks and you’re obviously a horrible person, not something to be proud of. Violet and Shiloh are beautiful children. You obviously haven’t seen many children.

    Same goes for Miami and Ally. Jen is probably way prettier than you losers. Your last statement doesn’t even make any sense, as you’re saying what type of girl she is without even knowing her. You’re obviously talking about yourself. You’re the fug men because Jen isn’t. It’s amazing how pathetic jealousy can make people.

    Sherlock it would only break your heart. Since you brought up such a sick thing.

  • yajaira

    i dont want to cause any problems but i think that jennifer needs to stop carrying her daughter, shes almost 3 years old, i know shes doing it to protecter her but shes pregnant, is not healthy for the back to be holding her all the time, but they look really cute

  • http://allyal16 allyal

    i agree with u yajaira! it seems like all celebs are always carrying there kids.

  • Jane

    You would too, if there were a bunch of men holding cameras following you around everywhere. She’s just trying to keep Violet safe, like most celeb moms are doing when they hold their children.

  • allyal

    ur right Jane.