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Bono is a Global Initiator

Bono is a Global Initiator

Bono attends the opening session of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) on Wednesday at the Sheraton Hotel in New York City.

President Clinton is hosting the fourth annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, a gathering of politicians celebrities, philanthropists and business leaders to discuss pressing global issues.

“It is extraordinary to me that you can find $700 billion to save Wall Street and the entire G8 can’t find $25 billion to save 25,000 children who die every day of preventable treatable disease and hunger,” Bono told Clinton‘s fourth annual philanthropic summit in New York. “That’s mad, that is mad.”

“Bankruptcy is a serious business,” the 48-year-old U2 singer said, but added, “this is moral bankruptcy.”

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Photos: Spencer Platt/Getty, L. Gallo/ WENN
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  • Lauren

    Go Bono! I totally agree about how screwed-up our spending priorities are!

  • Seth

    Totally agree. This guy is a gem.

  • jane

    You tell them Bono!!
    Only hope they listen………

  • jane

    You tell them Bono!!
    Only hope they listen………

  • ms. o

    I agree with him completely…. What does it tell you about this government..when RICH people come first and everyone else is not important.

  • missalice

    How many children could Bono save if he gave some real money of his own, instead of keeping houses all around the world and not paying his taxes to Ireland, because it was too much for him.

    He obviously doesn’t like democracy because he thinks paying taxes is not fair for a millionaire.

  • mike

    Love him…although I’m sure someone wills say something bad…

  • hippocricket

    Of course everyone agrees, but…… what will anyone do?!!!!!

  • dialectic

    hes such a self righteous ass hat ,if he cares so much im sure that he can call of his extremely flithy rich friends , collect a large sum of money and pay for medicine for chidlren..but they are too busy buying multi million dollar villas and vactioning in gucci swimsuits arent they??? guess what? bono is RICH! so are st angelina and brad pitt yes the billion dollar bail out is disgusting but so are these people..

    its easy to say you can fix the world when you view it from an ivory tower
    besides any minute your going to see stock brokers diving off buildings..hello 1929!

  • nikomilinko
  • Mg

    Sooooo true!!! Sooooo Scandalous!!!

    This song rings true to the times:

    Remember to vote!!!

  • Giovanna-Brazil

    Bono you are the man! You are a very good man! And I’m a fan of U2 too….I love you, Adam, The Edge and Larry!!!

  • !!

    I thought it was Robin Williams, he’s starting to look more and more like a younger version of him. Anyway, I agree with his views, if everyone with a fairly good income and stable living condition would contribute with one single percentage of their income once a month/a few months every year the world would be a much better place…

  • Smarten Up idiots

    I don’t think Bono, or many of you, understand what would happen if the system wasn’t bailed out. I don’t condone the stupidity of the financial institutions but maybe he should stick to singing.

  • marieme

    I’m quite embarrassed with our country. We should be setting examples of economic capital; instead the Bush regime has allowed greed to lead. And what does half of the country do? The allow themselves to be ruled by dogmatic thinking. These people take pride in being uninformed to the larger issues as they sit at home and wait every four years to come out and support a party that has brought us to near ruin. Sorry I neither need nor want their input.

    Until we all take appropriate blame and responsibility none of this will change. Or at least not enough to make a proper impact.

  • i know

    A few good men, Bono hit the nail on the head with his comment, he’s absolutely right. I have always admired Bono and I love U2!

  • sonotfat

    THANK YOU JARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Jack Carter

    Go f*** yourself, Bono, you fat bloated old c**t.

  • eddie jones

    bono is a global idiot.

  • M

    It’s so amazing on how quickly people brush off a good point or do not read properly.

    The point that Bono is making is not that the US government shouldn’t intervene but that he wish they would do the same for children’s issues. It is undeniable (and often a totally ignored truth) that children is not at all anywhere on government’s agenda as a priority. It’s always finance, security and doing what gets votes/approval.

  • Smarten Up idiots

    Did you know that we can stop malaria deaths in the majority of children for far less than 25 billion. Do you know how many lives that would save? 3 million a year. If gov’ts don’t think it’s economically sensible to save 3 million poor kids, then why would they save 25k for far more money? If Bono wants to play Mother Theresa then he should look at what can do the most good for the least amount of money instead of bitching when a complicated plan that costs a lot doesn’t get implemented.

    It’s a fact that most food aid and other forms never reach the people because of the oppressive gov’t in power.


    RIGHT ON NUMBER # 21…… Mosquito nets cost only $ 10.00, and that is only a drop in the bucket…….Angie and Brad have asked everyone who CAN, to buy at least ONE net, to prevent Malaria in these countries… Bono can do some good like the Jolie-Pitts and countless others, if they do it the RIGHT way and campaign the RIGHT way to get finances coming in and going to the places that need it the most…..It is a shame though, when you try and get people to donate, the first thing most of them say, ” how do I know it REALLY will go there, and NOT in some rich person’s pocket “?…..Our goverment is a complete sham and ridiculous…..Will it EVER change for the common good of all?

  • Evil overlord

    I think Bono and the band should sign over all royalties to, let say, “Joshua Tree” and “Rattle and Hum” and his buddy Clinton should commit he and HIllary’s book royalties to start attacking the problems! They all sit around scratching their collective chins in a hotel in NYC bitching about all the worlds problems and what others aren’t doing, well why don’t you geniuses step out front and LEAD THE WAY? You don’t need to be in charge of a government to effect change. I’ll bet the carbon footprint coming out of that room from all the hot gas being spewed was incredible.

  • Kent

    Look, Bono is one great man with a generous heart and is one of few artist that uses his influence in a positive nature. I have absolute respect for this fine gentleman and wish I could meet him one day and talk for hours on how to make the world a better place. As much as I respect him, I kindly disagree with his argument on bailing out Wall Street. Yes, a plan must designed to punish those who took excessive risk to the detriment of others! But we must also realise that it was not just Wall Street but also ordinary Americans who bought things they knew they couldn’t afford. We are addicted to consumerism and debt and most of us want bigger and better things even to the detriment of our own environment. We must come to realise that we all must take part in a social and environmental solution to our problems and not just rely on Wall Street or the Government. All indebted Americans must focus on fixing there own balance sheets but also realise that a we should still modestly&wisely spend to keep the economy floating. We should tell our youth to restrain from playing video games, even quit reading celeb gossip, etc., and focus on excelling at education, because the frank point is that our long-term sustainability is going to be challenged in the future!
    A friend posted this article on facebook so I dont read celeb gossip, but what if millions of Americans took the time to read more constructive articles and books to learn how to make the world a better place and become more knowledgeable of best practices before we voted. DEMOCRACY IS A FAILURE WHEN WE VOTE IN IGNORANCE!
    Unfortunately if we do not come up with a solid plan quickly, there will be a global financial meltdown and billions of people around the world needing help. Instead of helping 25,000 children, there will be 100 of thousands of people to aid. With such a meltdown, where will we find the resources to help those in need? I dont like the current plan but something has to be done or the world could possibly hit an all time low. Its time for all of us citizens to Cowboy the *beep*-Up and challenge all of us to study and learn about our issues and rise above them with wise, unemotional choices. And although I may disagree with bono, cheers to this fine gentleman for trying to make the world better!! we should all do the same!

    ps…I wonder if this post will be deleted by this magazine?

  • diane

    Why does’nt Bono put some of his money where his mouth is

  • houbabouba

    hungry children in 3rd world-countries are not (only) a problem, but the result of another problem….
    and thats not (just) wars or not having enough to eat
    BUT the injustice of the rich countries: US, Canada and EU and others protect themselves against competition from 3rd w countries through high duties on manufactured goods and hinder them in developing a real infrastructure.

  • carron

    why is this world so full of people who want to cut all the poppies down. some of you guys talk about bono like he does actually sit on his arse and does nothing, he gives of his wealth and he also works for his wealth and good on him! if everyone of us gave the same percentage of what we have as he does, the world would be a better place! so if we earn $10 bucks a week and give 1% and he earns $10,000 and gives and gives 10% (as he does and more!) we may see change. The thing that gets me about bono, is he doesnt ask for cash, he asks for your voice, so that the higher powers can hear the voice of the people and make a change! He may not save everyone but at least he is doing what he can and he is making a difference to thousands of people, so to the evil lord, jack jones and carter, do your home work and stop showing wot idiots you are, didnt your mother ever tell you to think before you speak?