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Brad Pitt Films Inglorious Bastards

Brad Pitt Films Inglorious Bastards

Brad Pitt leaves the Vino e Cucina restaurant in Berlin-Mitte and then joins the cast of his latest movie Inglorious Bastards, at Babelsberg studios, Germany to see each other and to receive their copies of the script.

Pitt‘s family will live at a 12,000 square foot mansion near Berlin which comes complete with a helicopter landing pad, boat dock, 14-strong security staff and more than one chef, while he films Inglorious Bastards. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrived in Germany on Tuesday with their children and will reportedly be staying for approximately three months.

In this latest Quentin Tarantino movie, Pitt plays the leader of a band of Jewish-American soldiers sent behind enemy lines during the Second World War to scalp high-ranking Nazis.

10+ more pics inside of Brad Pitt filming Inglorious Bastards

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657 Responses to “Brad Pitt Films Inglorious Bastards”

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  1. 26
    the truth is this Says:

    Meal was last nite and first cast get together and got their scripts.

    Other pixs of Brad at work at studio this morning.

    Qunintin is really intent on getting this film made and ready by Cannes next year.

  2. 27
    angi Says:

    Maybe we’ll finally get more pics of AJ and the little ones. :)

  3. 28
    brody Says:

    CLINIQUA, there are pictures of Brad and Jen together in the med so verify before you open your mouth. If anything he abandoned her by not attending the last taping of Friends. Great husband, “great man”. Be fair if you are to critique a situation. On a side note, i’m really not understanding your hatred towards Jen A. You realise they were married so there was love there and even you can’t erase that, as Brad himself once said i do believe. Move on, clearly they have so what is stopping you?

  4. 29
    Fan Says:

    You are right Angelina is too beautiful but its always good to see them prove the tabs wrong all the time.Soon they’ll jump to the adoption and wedding stories.

  5. 30
    African Girl Says:

    Vodka? Vodka? Are you sure? Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! What was he thinking?


    What were you thinking William Bradley Pitt??!

    Slides to the fall

    Why BP, Why did you hafta go do something like that? Don’t you know a man your age should not be ordering lots of Vodka while at dinner with friends. My God man! You should know better!! You are 44 yrs old for heavens sake!

    Lindsey Lohon drank Vodka before she was 21 but that’s not a problem. Paris Hilton, Mischa Burton, Nicole Richie…drinking and driving under the influence but they are have been at it for a while, so please don’t compare your naive self to them, okay.

    So what… you’ve never gotten into a drunken brawl. Who cares if after 20 years in the business and public eyes, you don’t have a history of drunken behavior like walking bare feet and telling people you’ll pay them for their shoes, you still deserve to be castigated!!

    But all that to the side, What really gets my crow, what bothers me to the morrow of my bone is this – Even if you get drunk, you probably have a driver to drive you home….putting the kibosh on the dreams of an innocent pedestrian and/or driver to get hit by a spoilt celebrity who thinks the rules don’t apply to them. Boy oh boy, I think it is pretty obvious why QT wanted you in the Inglorious *******.

    I love you man but I can’t wait for the courts of law to throw the book at you coz this kinda behavior should not be tolerated. Your offense – Ordering Lots of Vodka!

    It’s tough love baby and I don’t even want to get into the whole staying out late. Goodness, I refuse to let myself go there. A man your age staying up until 2am? Who do you think you are…Paul Newman??? *shaking my head*

    Thanks for the heads up Hax. You are a dear! :kiss: Please feel free to spend all your day and night looking for more juicy tidbits like this. Lord knows we would never find ‘em even if we wanted.

  6. 31
    right Says:

    Brad is the best. But I saw his personal ad on ‘ric h kis s. c Om’. Recently many movie stars and sports stars join it and enjoy theirselves there. OMG

  7. 32
    angel Says:

    African Girl,thanks for the early morning laughs

  8. 33
    Maria Says:

    He is really HOT.

  9. 34
    rien Says:

    I live in Berlin. The name of the restaurant where Pitt was
    Cantamaggio – Vino e Cucina
    Alte Schönhauser Straße 4
    10119 Berlin (Mitte)

    Damn, I should have hanged around there. It is not so far from my apartment!

    A very noble Italian Restaurant. Many beautiful people from Germany were there. Diane Kruger. Daniel Bruehl (He is a very talented young German Actor), Til Schweiger, etc.

    They left at 02.00 am. I suppose they were having fun. Angelina Jolie was not reported there. I suppose she stayed at “home” with their six children.

    What I heard, a lot of people came to register as extras. They are crazy about this film. A complete different atmosphere compares to Tom Cruise’s films.

    I hope they make a good film out of it. Hey, I might not like Pitt, but I love my Berlin.

    If anybody needs the article, I will write the links. But it is in German.

    This comment is a present for Orchid, Dark Angel and OnMyOwn.

  10. 35
    X means past Says:

    As always there is a JENHO on a Brad thread.She’s talking about those pics when Jen rushed to Brad once it became obvious he was having so much fun and was going back straight to Angelina to finish filming Mr and Mrs Smith.She wasn’t scared of fying then.

  11. 36
    African Girl Says:

    #28 / Brody
    Rotflmao! He abandoned her? When? Where? How? Oh wait a sec…surely you don’t really mean when she was shooting the last episodes of a show she’s done for 10yrs? Nah, you can’t be saying he should have ignored his work and parked his behind in the NBC parking lot coz poor little Jennypo was shooting the last episodes of her sitcom? Oh silly me, calling it just a sitcom. I forgot this was the first sitcom in the history of television to ever come to an end. Yep and JA needed her hand held coz she was…you know, boldly going where no man or woman or dog has gone before (God, she is so brave). Tell me, would BP have had to share the bench with CC and LK’s Husbands? Oh don’t tell me they were sitting front and center with waving their “Look at me! Look at me! I am Here For You placards. No? Really?

    Okay, I must be missing something here, so let me start again.

    Rotflmao! He abandoned her? When? Where? How?

    If your answers aren’t

    When she was 2 yrs,
    In the middle of an African jungle.
    By tricking her with the promise of candy and dolls…

    Please, please, please don’t open your mouth.

  12. 37
    brody Says:

    X means past, can you please explain to me as i am new to this type of thing why not overly praising your seeming God mr Pitt renders me a “JENHO”? I’m not a fan of any of any of these people in particular and neither am i a “hater”. All i want to know is why you despise her so much and whether or not you understand that your stance is highly unlikely to be in keeping with how her “x” feels towards her. Another thing, you admonish the tabloids and yet everything, rather nothing in your post is verifiable. What makes your behaviour superior?

  13. 38
    andamentothat Says:

    African Girl @ 09/25/2008 at 8:59 am

    Thank you so much for pointing out our stance towards Brad – yes tough love.. how could he order Vodka in Germany, when Claudia Schiffer was peddling beer at the Oktoberfest pictures last week?

  14. 39
    nikomilinko Says:

    i prfer him without hat

  15. 40
    African Girl Says:

    Oh Angel, not me…let’s all thank Hax, a regular comedian, that one. A dancing monkey in a clown outfit has nothing on her. Nothing, I tells ya!

  16. 41
    Passing Through Says:

    Damn…that Quentin Tarantino is scary fugly! I saw some of these Brad pix last night but thank God I didn’t see QT’s pix before I went to bed or I’d have had nightmares. He could play The Joker without any makeup!

  17. 42
    brody Says:

    African Girl, the length of the sitcom is irrelevant, the fact is it was a huge part of her life and he chose not to be there for her. He could have rescheduled shooting, i mean he is Brad Pitt and he knew of the shows ending in advance. You know what i mean by abandoned so don’t be so fallacious as to subvert my argument. I’m not on here to hate on anyone I just don’t understand your reasoning. You mock her work, referring to it in a condescending tone i suspect, but forget to mention that Brad once appeared on the show. So i’m guessing it wasn’t beneath even him?

  18. 43
    please Says:

    There is always someone planted here to start the X comment. Please stop taking the bait.

  19. 44
    alexanderina Says:

    Thanks Jared for the new pics and thread

  20. 45
    alexanderina Says:

    bdj thanks for the news articles

  21. 46
    alexanderina Says:

    # 30 African Girl @ 09/25/2008 at 8:59 am

    :lol: :lol: AG you ROCK!!! lol

  22. 47
    lulu Says:

    brody @ 09/25/2008 at 9:36 am

    He was not there was another prove that the marriage was almost done just like Jen visited him just once in 6 months while Brad was on location shooting at Malta on 2003. It’s not what the tabloids and Huvaniston told us that the “golden couple” marriage suddenly break apart because of evil Angelina. the marriage was over since the later part of 2003. he can easily took a few days off from OC12 set but nope ! he rather be with George and gang that with Maniston.

    As much as Brad was responsible for 50 % of his marriage melt down, his X should also be responsible for the other 50 %, not just 2% as she whiinned and cried at VF article.

    Can’t stand her passive-aggressive, narcissistic, hypocrite, selffish, vindictive behavior. not a great fans of her before , despise her after her unending post divorce pity parties.

  23. 48
    andamentothat Says:

    Hello Rien,

    Since you are from Berlin, can you tell us more about the Wannsee area that they are living in? Also, are there any kids museum etc around the area because we can be sure of a JP sighting there during off time.. and how far is Babelsburg studio from Wannsee.. this will determine if we will see any kids at the studio lot..

    thanks in advance…

  24. 49
    African Girl Says:

    # 42 brody @ 09/25/2008 at 9:36 am
    Rotflmao! “Fallacious to subvert your arguement?” Why on earth would I do that, when you are doing such an excellent job yourself.

    He should have rescheduled his work for her? Aah, I see you are from the Marriage is a “One person always taking and not giving” school of thought. Let’s forget the whole “Actors work with other people and more often than not, they don’t have control over scheduling…especially when it is because their wife who is also in the business and she should know better, is completing a job, not a ground breaking job like finding the cure for cancer but an acting job like everyone in the business” side of the argument and look at it on a more personal basis.

    Now I am not going to be presumptious to say I know exactly what went down in the marriage but anyone with common sense won’t have a hard time concluding that a woman, who despite having a husband who gave up two years of work to prepare for children, having the writers of her show work a preganacy into her storyline to accomadate her childbearing status…but still holds back, is not the giving type.

    You don’t have to be a genuis to know that a woman who says she had to FORCE herself to go see her husband when he was shooting out of the country for 3 MONTHS is not the giving type.

    You’d have to be a child…a brainless one at that, to expect anyone not to get fed up doing all the giving and getting nothing return.

    So tell me again, how am I being “Fallacious to subvert your arguement?”

    By the way, I am not acting like the show was beneath him. Lol…you say it as if it is wishful thinking on my part or something. Well it isn’t! I am stating the FACT! The show was beneath him and the only reason he did was because they needed a rating boast and she talked him into doing it. Oh my, what do we have here…another “twisting himself into a pretzel, going out of his way to please her” act on his part!


  25. 50
    paige Says:

    I really hope we can see pics of angie and the kids I really miss Shiloh and Angie, I’m not expecting to see the twins so early they’re too young. There’s always the boys or Zahara but no Shiloh.

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